(Sore wa Tsuda-kun no Shiyouzumi Tisshu / Shitagi mo Tsuketa Hou ga Ii? / Santa-san no Seiheki)
“That’s Tsuda’s Used Tissue / I Should Probably Put Some Underwear On? / Santa’s Character”

While it’s nothing more than a big tease, I like to fool myself into believing that Takatoshi can actually end up with Shino one of these days. He’s more or less realized that he’d be on a lot of students’ hit lists if he dared make a move, but when there’s plenty of indication that she wouldn’t be opposed to the idea, I think it’s worth putting his life on the line. If we ever need a successor as vice-president, Kotomi has made herself out as a sex-crazed middle schooler primed and ready to inherit her brother’s seat. In fact, Kotomi’s pushing the boundaries of what should be going through a girl at her age so much that I have a lot of difficulty seeing her as a 14/15 year-old. Forget vice-president, she’s the second coming of Amakusa Shino herself. If she’s this bad at her age, she may very well surpass her predecessor in her very first year in office. I don’t ever recall Shino bringing up relationships with teachers for one thing, even though the masochistic enjoyment from being watched is prevalent in them both. Let’s not forget how Kotomi will strip down below — underwear and all — right in front of her brother when she finds the kotatsu too warm though. Give her a couple of years and watch out. Tsuda Kotomi is here to rock Ousai Gakuen like it’s never been rocked before.

In terms of episode flow, I’m kind of impressed by some clever scene transitions without the use of the stamp punchlines to mark the end of one. For this episode in particular, the radiance of Mutsumi in her goal to become a bride blew everyone in the dojo away and looked like it carried all the way outdoors to lift some skirts as well. It’s nothing major, but notable since it actually gave a sense of concurrency going on. As for the jokes themselves, I’m starting to wonder if I should be concerned by how easily they click with me regardless of whether or not they’re extremely funny. They’re generally mildly amusing, but I’m often left feeling like they could have been much more unreserved in terms of subject matter. It’s like I’ve grown so accustomed to the girls’ sense of humor that I’m thinking they can come up with dirtier stuff that will actually surprise me again, much like Takatoshi has to a fair degree from hanging out with them day in and day out. The whole bit about Aria having a small mouth and how it would affect her relationships with guys was definitely one of the more eyebrow-raising ones, mainly because it implied that both her and Shino perceive giving head the way of the world. Now if they ever bring up how they deal with the mess afterward, then I’ll seriously be in awe again.

Finally, the Christmas episode of sorts that took place at Aria’s villa sure made it look like Takatoshi was going to get ravaged all night instead of playing a board game. I would’ve liked to see more karaoke of Kotomi and Suzu singing TRIPLE BOOKING songs; however, the gift exchange where Shino ended up with the pendant Takatoshi bought did provide that additional relationship aspect I was hoping to see. It sure looked like the two of them were going to have a moment together with a gift Shino prepared specifically for him, but that ended up being something that vibrates as well. Even Santa Claus won’t let him off in that regard, dropping an even bigger package from the sky that does the same. Maybe it’s a box of cellphones…?




  1. Whaat~!? Yokoshima-sensei had me in tears. She had a short skit but damn was it FUNNY!! Gum between the legs? If you even say it too fast it sounds wrong! LMFAO

    Shino’s growing fantasies are kinda fun to watch. I thought it was out of place but with all this Amagonna-fall-in-love-with-you-in-three-episodes thing going on over there in the left corner, it’s not SO strange. So yeah, Shino’s cute~ <3

    The whole infomercial skit was pure comedy. The plunger additions had be chuckling but the reduction of ONE yen was hilarious. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in one episode. x'D

    At the end, Santa's appearance was so freaking random and unexpected. I wanted to get mad for destroying the moment but I couldn't stop laughing from the present's contents. Vibrators. Vibrators, everywhere..

    Definitely another LOL episode. God, I love this show. (And Yokoshima-sensei~ ♥)


  2. I think this is the first time I’ve actually watched an episode before you made the post.
    A lot of the jokes in this episode didn’t seem as good as previous episodes, although there were a couple hilarious ones… maybe I’ll feel differently when I re-watch it.

    I have to wonder if they are going to try to bring Shino and Takatoshi together, just let it stay unfulfilled, or have all four girls (include Judo President person) end up falling for him. I just hope they don’t go too overboard in the romance department.

    Lol Santa out of nowhere….

  3. Poor Shino… she’s just too psychotic for Tsuda to ever realize that she might actually really like him. Between her, Mutsumi, and Suzu (possibly), Tsuda might have unintentionally built himself a harem after all! XD Can’t wait to hear Aria’s remarks on that if they ever go anywhere with that joke.

    The vibrator thing got old fast, although Shino giving him one was pretty funny. Kotomi is already bad enough on her own… imagine what’d happen if you put her and Shino together for any serious length of time… Tsuda, prepare yourself to take it like a man!

      1. Which is why I’m hoping that he ends up with Mitsuba, the apparently most normal girl in his life.

        Although I’m guessing that that none the teasing will actually lead anywhere by the time the final episode comes around.

  4. Perfect Christmas Gift for Tsuda:
    A vibrator from Dejima to keep Tsuda from Aria.
    A cell phone to Tsuda from Shino so she can bother him 24/7.
    A hand-held massager from Santa so Tsuda can stay put with the SYD girls acts.

  5. LOL at Takatoshi receiving nothing but stuff that vibrates, even from Santa.

    Shino’s so cute when she got the wrong idea on Takatoshi’s comment on how shiny her windows are, thinking he’s talking about her instead.

    Kotomi will most definitely fit into Shino’s shoes comfortably when Shino graduates. Don’t think anyone (the guys, at least) will complain of nepotism if such a cute and dirty-minded girl ends up succeeding her too down-to-earth brother as vice-prez. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Some of the inter-scene punchlines are also classic, poking fun at itself.

      Like after the scene where the wind nearly blew the girls’ skirts:

      “NO! You won’t see anything even in the DVD version!” (To the response of: “Damn!” ) LOL

      And when coming to the bathroom in Aria’s mansion:

      “There’s no bath scene this episode.”

      What a way to dampen people’s expectations.

      Kinny Riddle

    Anyway, Shino is just so cute… I mean she just keeps getting cuter and cuter the more I see her blush and stuff. And I really hope there’s a second season to this show because I want to see Kotomi with them! Oh the scenarios…

  7. There were quiet a bit of skits without Tsuda being involved, the slice of life part that got to me was when Tsuda was trying to sneeze, I always complain the same way and Shino’s reaction really gave me a laugh.

    1. So… by “removing everything except for Suzu’s head” you mean you want nothing BUT Suzu’s head…

      If I were to ask for a wallpaper of this, I’d simply ask someone to remove Suzu’s head. But hey, if you’re into that…


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