「ラテ・マジックでメロメロリン♥」 (Rate Majikku Meromerorin ♥)
“Latte Magic Mellow Mellow Rin ♥”

In an unusual case where I’m actually happy about being wrong, the late introduction of Hinata has exceeded my expectations as to what kind of love rival he would be. Takumi starts acting all gentleman-like around Misaki all of a sudden, which made me almost as edgy as she was. In Misaki’s case, she was worried that Takumi was jealous of Hinata just like Satsuki and all the other Maid Latte girls were thinking, whereas I simply found it weird not having our “perverted alien” around anymore. After Takumi made his intentions clear last time, he’s given up on the teasing and dialed up the cool factor to take Hinata’s earnest feelings and childhood history with Misaki head-on. In a way, his new behavior almost seems forced, due to the twenty-three episodes of evidence indicating that he would much rather be teasing Misaki instead. Compared to the unwavering Hinata and his embellished sunset-setting childhood promise to follow Misaki forever in life, Takumi’s sudden change of personality even comes off a bit insincere as well. What’s more, Hinata and Misaki look like they would be a much cuter couple, seeing as Minako and Suzuna have always known that he likes her. Had Takumi not come strolling into the picture, I can’t really imagine anyone not wanting to see a formerly fat kid pursuing the love of his life get the happy ending he’s been seeking.

As such, it’s a bit sad thinking of how he’s almost certainly going to get the short end of the stick in this story. While I have nothing against Takumi and how cute him and Misaki look together, there’s just this innocence to Hinata’s character that keeps me rooting for him in his losing fight. The plus side as I mentioned above is that Hinata isn’t being brushed aside as easily as I thought he would be. At this rate, it’s even looking like he may be the key factor in getting those two love birds together with the way he forces Takumi’s hand into taking action. Admittedly, my support for Hinata couldn’t even help but waver at the sight of Misaki feeling helplessly reassured in Takumi’s arms yet wouldn’t admit it. To that end, I love how Takumi slyly chanted one of the magical spells Misaki used during the magical girl cosplay event that’s supposed to prevent people from lying, making her feel cheated and unable to pull away. It’s sweet moments like those that remind me of exactly why I enjoy watching this series. They make up the interesting developments in their relationship and emphasize how a romantic comedy is all about the character interactions and not the end result. Continuing on with that thought, I firmly believe that when viewers lose sight of that, the whole romantic comedy genre is wasted on them. If there’s expectation on the two of them getting together rather than growing closer together, then the appeal is completely lost.

In any case, it looks like Seika’s culture festival is up next time. It feels a bit strange for it to show up so late, but the school tour episode did have a culture festival feel to it. Hinata looks like he’ll be around and in good spirits, which is pretty much expected when he finally found the cherry tree he fell down and is convinced he and Misaki are destined for one another. Gah, I really don’t want to see a loser in this, so it’s actually nice knowing that Misaki will probably remain fairly neutral for a long time to come.

* The Russian Roulette drinking game that Misa-chan destroyed Kurotatsu with was absolutely hilarious. I don’t think anyone would be able to hide the fact the got the evil drink when it was literally made in hell.




  1. See,s inconsistent. Why as you know this episode is based of ch 33 while the chapters 31-32 will be the next few episodes and those are when Misaki realizes she likes Usui and starts blushing like crazy.

    But what we have in here?

    She already is blushing like crazy and realizing she likes him, but from preview of the next episode she is again fine around him and blushing ios gone like nothing.

    Very inconsistent but you cannot ask anything more from JC Staff as they are just generally bad at animating original sources.

    1. As someone who hasn’t read the manga, I don’t find Misaki’s change in attitude around Usui jarringly inconsistent. It’s been shown that she gets all flustered around him and regains her composure later on several times already.

  2. @Darknemo yeah I thought so too, it’s really confusing to see Misaki act like this in front of Usui, blushing really hard, not looking him in the eye and stuff. Since this actually took place AFTER what we see in the last 2 episodes, I thought that they might adjust it a bit, but they didn’t, so it starts out to be really strange why Usui is in gentlemen mode and misaki acts like she did. Well, since this part wasn’t modified that much, you could just rearrange the episodes once the series is over.
    But nevertheless, it gave me quite the bummer that J.C.Staff kinda screwed it up and i almost wish I hadn’t read the manga yet.

    1. They wanted to push this last minute love “rival” for some extra tension and “drama” rather than worry about some minor timeline inconsistancy. The anime has set this up like the final big hurdle to the main pair with the fact they use it last when really in the manga it’s just a speed bump that was passed long ago.

      Makes me wonder if they’ll even do a s2, of course that depend son ratings and sales but the ending they’re going for is a point I’m guessing where they don’t have to do more, so that’s probably why the picked it.

  3. “Misaki will probably remain fairly neutral for a long time to come.”

    What do you mean? I understand the draw I guess but Hinata’s character is more or less back burner after his arc is done and the manga is way past this part. The reshuffling of things to give us some last min drama if you will is ok, yet in the scheme of things this is just yet one more arc that’s been done with, a bump in the road for the main pair.

    Hinata does lose out, and I can’t see how anyone would expect otherwise, or even like to see otherwise. Old childhood promises and or dreams like that and drawing on some sorta “fate” element are way overblow and done to death. I much rather we keep with what we have, two people who know zero about each other getting closer. The “childhood friend” card shows such a lack of creativity. And you’ll find one in “every” romance show, it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out.

  4. actually, having spoiled myself and read those particular chapters, i don’t really think its that big of an issue. After all, Misaki has been blushing like crazy just about every time Usui has been around her. Sure it might have probably flowed better if they kept it in order but I don’t think this episode which is based on ch 33 will be suitable as an ending. Hence they shifted it forward.

    Either way, now that we know that chs 31 – 32 will be the final 2 episodes, we’re bound to get a great ending to this series 😉

    And i’m hoping they’d maybe release a bonus episode animating the chapter regarding Misaki’s birthday~ unless they intend a 2nd season which i certainly won’t mind XD

    1. You fail to realize few things – Misaki never actually blushes THIS hard and if she does blush then because Usui does something….

      NOW he just comes in and she blushes like she never blushed before. This looks really, really retarded.

      1. well, like how Divine mentioned to ur reply, I still don’t find it so whacked out to the point its ridiculous. Maybe its cuz the only chapters i’ve actually read from the manga series was ch1, 31, and 33. But it still looks fine to me.

        And we are actually already given a few instances where she goes as red as an apple, and that was way back in episode 10 when she starts thinking about Sakura’s words and seeing Usui. Or even episode 17 when they were walking at the beach together. We can count episode 14 too although that incident wasn’t exactly because of Usui XD

      2. Dreams or thoughst are also actions you know. Here we do not have her remembering of the before event and just puff going all red. At the beach they were walking together so its still an action as they are together doing something in here we have Usui just appearing like ten hundreds of time again and she going all red when we have seen all other times she getting irritated and embarrassed but never to this effect. It would be fine if it would be connected to the previous chapter but it is not.

        And what is worse in the next episode she looks fine with Usui again. This is inconsistency.

        Also I do not like how they are forcing the non-existing Love triangle be expanding Hinata’s role (more than in the manga) and cutting out Usui/Misaki’s bits for that.

        And Hinata is not a really childhood friend as again friends are those with whom you hand out more than just one short period and then forget pretty much completely.

  5. Now kids, it’s time for Art Attack!

    At first, take a scissor and cut of this weeks (24) preview! Put this weeks (24) episode aside for now.
    Now, tape this weeks (24) preview over last weeks (23) preview.
    Wait one week, take next weeks (25) episode and rename it into something like this:

    Now, wait another week, take the last (26) episode and rename it into

    After this is done, take this weeks (24) previewless episode and rename it into

    Now, doesn’t this make much more sense? 😀

    Just kidding, it’s really not that big of an issue, at least not for people who haven’t spoiled themself^^

  6. Ah, every week I hate Usui more -_- I suppose that means Okamoto is doing a good job.

    I think Hinata’s honesty and purity is what makes him so much more charming (the cherry tree thing is extremely cute). The dialect bugs me though…It’s not consistent and Abe Atsushi is really doing the nasal thing.

    I remember watching I Can Hear the Sea and being extremely impressed with how natural and expressive the voice actors sounded with the Kochi dialect (though I’m sure a person from Shikoku would be able to tell they’re not natives). Somehow dialects seem slapped on in recent anime as if the region you’re from defines your character.

    1. “Ah, every week I hate Usui more -_- I suppose that means Okamoto is doing a good job.”

      Every week it seems I hate Misaki even more. When guys act like that they’re automatically stupid, or thick-headed, or both. But when it’s a girl, she’s just “thinking it out”, “still undecided”, or “not yet ready.”

      1. yeah i just got start with the show and i got to this point and the show makes no sense to me all it tells me is timid girl who can’t get a clue and guy who is confuse,misleading and hiding a lot of thing. but as far as me finishing the this story im just tolerating it. cuz there not a lot anime that im interested in for this season but i don’t think i want to see the ending

        Asian Ninja
  7. “there’s just this innocence to Hinata’s character that keeps me rooting for him in his losing fight.” Wouldn’t that make someone more unlikely to root for him? He’s the childhood friend, he’s the one closer to the sister and the mother, thus Usui already is handicapped at the start, so Usui is the underdog (pun might not be unintended lol) and not Hinata.

    1. Except Hinata doesnt have all the action/help that Usui has done for Misaki up till now. Cant really call him a childhood friend either when he’s practically been forgotten till now lol.

      I’d say Usui is still has major advantage right now.

  8. Hinata being the same breed of dog as Hachiko (a famous dog they have a statue of in Japan) seems to point out his personality. Its obvious though that Hinata in terms of pure ability is outranked by Usui since even he himself can feel it.

    Zaku Fan
  9. The ending was pretty cute, but I have to agree that there is just something about Hinata that doesn’t want me to see him lose.

    He may be carefree, goofy, the underdog, but he has some game when needed.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      Long story short, I don’t think it’s going down the hill.

  10. hmmmm, im still rooting for usui… the story might goes like hinata been in love with misaki way before usui, and puts in a lot of effort to win her over (finding that tree etc…) … but after all usui has done (jumping off the roof to save that picture, looking after her when she was hypnotised etc…), usui has proven to be the perfect man and put in just as much effort in to win misaki over, if not more… the new approach usui is using has lost comical values, but misaki can no longer just call him perverted alien and brush his action off as a joke because of his serious attitude… so in a way i like his new approach even though it might come across as forced, but nothing wrong with usui forcing himself to action different in order win over misaki, right?!

  11. is there going to be another season to come? o.O” i mean if there is going to be two seasons, i’ll be sad if they end it after Hinata~Usui conflict since they haven’t said anything abt Usui’s past at all…So is there going to be a season 3???

    1. Usui’s story started a few chapters ago in the manga, so it’s not fully written yet. But if sales of the DVDs and stuff are good, there most likely will be a second season once the story is done in the manga

  12. Knowing that this is a shojo and Takumi is pretty much confirmed as the lead male protagonist, there is no hope for Hinata… However, as someone who prefers a relationship with a guy friend I already know rather than a mysterious hot stranger, I still root for Hinata. It is in my firm belief that if a couple started off being a good friend, the relationship would have a better chance at longevity than a relationship forms solely on attraction and such. Attraction normally would either die out or simmer down eventually. I don’t hate Takumi, but he isn’t a character I could picture as Misaki’s friend. Also, Hinata is just plain cute and it pains me a little to see the poor guy being turned down.

    Enough of my random rant. This is a shojo, so I guess it can’t help ‘cos things are more SQUEEtastic this way.

  13. You know, I just have to wonder if ya’ll are watching the same show. Everything with Hinata feels forced, cliched and fake. Honestly, he’s making the entire thing unwatchable due to how fake and crappy he comes across. Heck, he comes across as more of a stalker than Takumi did in the beginning.

    Hinata isn’t trying to win Misa that exists now, he’s chasing after someone she stopped being a long time ago. It’s like he’s not even really paying attention to Misa other than her being in the actual room.

    I can’t wait for this arc to end.

  14. I also like Usui better than Hinata. He may be cute and honest, but something about him just annoys me compared to Usui, whose personality is more fun and mysterious. The childhood friend thing is so overused in anime that it annoys me whenever they use it.

    And again, I love Aoi, especially when he made Misaki reconsider what her relationship with Usui is now, thus giving them another teeny push together. Shoujo series need more characters like these.

  15. For people who have read the manga Show Spoiler ▼

  16. Hate Hinata would happily see him blown up. The late arrival childhood friend cliche winds me up. Stop ruining our perfectly fine light taunting but deep running love from Usui, we didn’t need a lame duck loser to provide a catalyst for him to finally get more serious (even though he’s told Misaki how he feels, she doesn’t believe him, and he’s more then a bit nervous that she’d refuse him.)

    Props for Aoi. I much prefer the Latte girls(and trap) then the clueless female school friends.

  17. Sorry for the lil spoiler that’ll be posted here…

    But Takumi’s bright, engaging, lovable would disappear once they step into a relationship.. which really irritates me because Takumi is really inconsistent..

    Though i know Hinata would fail here in the anime.. My support goes all the way for him because of his unwavering love for MIsaki.

    ***i stopped watching the anime at some point.. just returned because of Kanou and Shintani***


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