「中多紗江編 第三章 ヘンカク」 (Nakata Sae-hen Dai Sanshou – Henkaku)
“Nakata Sae Chapter 3 – Change”

We’re three-quarters the way through Sae’s arc and there haven’t been any sign of kinky kissing going on. Instead, they hit us with the tentacle/bondage fetish from a live-action sentai show at an amusement park of all things. This may be a comedic arc, but have they no shame!? In reality, I just wanted to say that for the sake of doing so, because I was laughing at how Sae secretly loves a sentai series just like another quiet girl in Mitsudomoe and winds up getting ravaged and somehow mistaken for a first grader. We’re not talking about first-year middle school either, but a six year-old elementary school one. How a guy in a squid suit can’t put two and two together at the sight of Sae’s curves is beyond me, especially when she’s not that short, but that did lead to an unbelievably cute scene where she called out for the Inago Mask squad (i.e “grasshopper mask” and a likely reference to Kamen Rider) with all the other children in attendance. In fact, Sae proved to be pretty cute throughout this episode, with the scene where she was shaking her head with a sandwich in her mouth to Miya’s suggestion of entering the Miss Santa contest being tops in that regard. There was also her bashfulness from trying to prevent her skirt from flipping up during her early morning interview training on the school rooftop. For that one, her long dress shirt showing instead of her underwear was a nice touch to keep it fairly innocent. That is, unless you’re viewing it from the “hadaka Y shirt” 「裸Yシャツ」 perspective of course, which I may or may not have myself. >_>

Anyway, it was nice to see Sae’s earnest efforts come to fruition with her landing a job as a waitress at a restaurant with cute maid uniforms. Junichi on the other hand proved to be pretty dense about what Sae was implying when she said she didn’t want to be his sister last time, and Haruka was evidently no help since she’s right up there with him in terms of being clueless. What was surprising about Junichi’s confusion though is that it took things in the one direction that I wasn’t expecting this arc — Sae taking the initiative. Granted, she was fairly subtle about it by asking him to continue being her instructor even after she got the job, but casually inviting him out to the amusement park was a pretty bold move. In light of that, it’s pretty amazing how Junichi still hasn’t come to the stark realization that he likes Sae for more than her breasts even after all the signs she’s given him. He looks like he’s on the verge of getting it through that thick skull of his at least, after Sae asked if they look like a couple and asked him to enter the Best Couple contest with her. Gee, if Junichi didn’t even start to figure it out at that point, I would have had to officially declare him brain dead. With all the effort Sae’s putting into making him realize her feelings, I’m going to be the first to say that he does not deserve a cute girl like her. When they do hook up in the Christmas episode next time, it will be all thanks to Sae.

* I just love how Kaoru can laugh at herself when presented with the prospect of her working in a maid uniform. Great personality.




  1. Ahahaha I just love your reviews, I’m always laughing, great humor.
    Anyway, haven’t seen the episode yet, just love to spoiler myself, only to regret it after, but it looks to me that Junichi’s personality changed at least a bit compared to the other 2 episodes of this arc, I was really starting to get annoyed over his stupidity and shameless acting. Well, even tho’ it’s not my favorite arc (yet), it still was a nice change of tension.

    I liked the Haruka arc best yet by the way.. 🙂

  2. This arc is just annoying. Hate the narrator, hate Junichi’s “new personality”, and hate the cheesy attempts at comedy.

    Sae will be a favorite of mine until the end, but this arc is just a huge disappointment for me.

    1. I totaslly disagree with you. The arc is different from the other 2 (but isnt that a good thing). Sae is way too cute. I also love her song thats the ED this time. Can’t wait for the mp3 to come out.

  3. I was killed with that sandvich scene… twice, that was cute as pink hell.

    I was reading Mr. Shin’s review of Amagami 10 and he was displeased with the latest cliches of this arc (girl fell on boy, boy groped the girl and now this tentacle scene). I was sceptic at first but yes, it looks like it has some of your harem cliches. Where is the kiss? next episode?

    I stated that Kaouru was my favorite girl and I feel the pain of her past arc everytime she appears, but I have to agree that righ now Haruka’s arc is still the best one.

    That said, I still love this arc and will wait for the next episode!

    Lectro Volpi
  4. I have to admit, I didn’t wait for Eclipse like I wanted to. >.>

    Haruka keeps stealing the spotlight every time she is around. LMAO the way she’s just as clueless (or is she?) made for awesome laughs. She is definitely kinky that way, so who knows?

    I also wondered where this arc’s fetish kiss went… maybe the others were right in saying it was the fish tickling Sae’s feet… though that doesn’t… um… compute.

    Anyway, awesome review, Divine. I wasn’t initially all too interested in this show until everyone who has seen it just egged me to and now I can’t wait for the next episode. Forgive me, my will is weak.

  5. @Divine: For someone that watches quite a bit of anime. Isn’t pretty normal for Main Lead Characters of Harems and Romantic Comedies to usually be dense? Or for a recent example the last weeks episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama with the lead character Misaki Ayuzawa and the two guys that are fighting for her love.

    Why do I sense that you are expecting more from Junichi or that you are being extra critical here than the other arcs? I believe that the point of this anime was for Junichi to realize his feelings towards the current love interest of the story arc, “Kaoru’s arc for example”. Also its interesting with what you said about Junichi not deserving Sae. I could say the same about Haruka during her arc when Junichi was trying really hard for Haruka and she was playing around with him.

    FYI: You’re saying that Junichi is staring at Sae’s breasts in that one scene up there. I looked at the scene right after that frame and Junichi is staring at the side of Sae’s face and not her breasts. Why is that?

    1. I actually felt he was more receptive to a girl’s feelings in both Kaoru and Haruka’s arcs, so there was some implicit expectation that he would do the same with Sae. Instead, he’s letting the younger girl “do all the work” so to say.

      As for staring at Sae’s chest, it looked to me like Junichi purposely spilled his drink so that she would move in closer to clean it up. It wasn’t until he leaned back that he got a good glimpse of the side of her face. That’s the way that scene played out to me at least.

    2. Its common for the main character to be dense and NOT notice how someone that love’s them feels. Naruto had no clue Hinata loved him, Ichigo doesn’t see how Inoue feels about him, etc… I could go on and on all day.

    3. Problem is that’s pretty “old school juvenile” now… many romances and romance comedies in the last few years have gotten past that. This feels like someone set the “wayback machine” to Year Stupid. 😛 Especially when you compare this Junichi with himself in the other arcs.

  6. The Squid monster thingy reminded me of an upcoming anime this fall season about a squid girl,Shinryaku Ika Musume was it? About the episode,this arc shows how perverted Junichi can get…

    1. “Y shirt” is actually short for “white shirt” (based on the pronunciation of “whi-shirt”). As for the appeal, imagine waking up next to a girl with nothing but an unbuttoned dress shirt on. That, or simply a girl who chooses to sleep in a guy’s dress shirt because it’s comfortable.

      Note: I claim no responsibility in the use of this information in your personal online searches.

  7. ahahaha… lol @ Morishima-senpai’s roleplay ideas, its like shes on another level of perversion, beyond what “pervy” male lead comprehends.Miya and Kaoru ractions at the maid outfit were fun too. And the squid villain and tentacles were just roflmao stuff.
    As for junichi… I think he is misunderstood in this arc as he didnt go beyond holding hands together, and only after some hints. He does some quite pervy stuff, but he does it innocently not even knowing he does it.
    And a final note: we need a T-shirt or demotivator with Junichi portrait and title: SEX Instructor.

    1. Or maybe “AV Idol Scout.” He tests the waters with innocent girls to see if he can get them to open up to the idea of posing in raunchy photos. That’s honestly how a lot of his training came off to me as, hence why I kept calling him a pervert.

  8. Hmmm… What we actually need is to make that maid outfit sexier on Kaoru… For starters, shorten that skirt length and add black stockings with garters… *ahem*

    Cannot…unsee…Rule 34 possibilities… Good gawd…there’s already a pic of Sae’s immodest moegasm shopped with the “I’m getting wet” bit from High School Of The Dead and now this… Damn!

    Anyway, it’s nice to see them toning down the comedy this time around and finally getting on with the drama aspect of Sae and Junichi’s relationship — though they’re already saving the best for next episode. (At least that’s what I hope.) And though it’s true that Sae is the one taking the initiative this time, it can’t be denied that she wouldn’t have done so if not for Junichi helping her along in the first place.

    For once, I’d like to see a happy ending in a harem romance anime between the male lead and a younger, non-loli girl… I wonder why I haven’t seen such an ending in anime yet? Is it a taboo in harem romance anime (or Japanese culture for that matter) to portray a male lead ending up with a younger girl?

  9. “What does it mean when a girl says she doesn’t want to be your younger sister?”
    “She obviously wants to be your older sister!!!”
    *facepalm* Really?

    Other then that, great episode aside from the thickness of Junichi. Seriously, it was acceptable last episode, but this time it was just sad that he couldn’t figure his feelings out. Sae’s moeness continues to threaten to consume all life as we know it, though not enough Miya this time. At least Sae seems to know how she feels though, so there’s hope!!

    1. Lol… I would have faced palm as well if it wasn’t Haruka who said it. I just laughed in enjoyment at how normal manner she wanted to go by it. If not older sister… she want to be your mother. I was like.. oh god… what next.

      Sora no Kaze
  10. Love Sae…. hate the redefinition of Junichi and I feel like the story arc was written by an eleven year old who got a “C” in story writing. Just juvenile and heavy-handed. The other arcs were passable but this is making them look stellar 😛
    What a mistreatment of an interesting quirky little character.

  11. Again, Junichi wasn’t taking advantage of her, he’s just an idiot. It’s made abundantly clear that he only really sees her as a little sister(breasts aside, but he’s a teenager) and that starts to change during this episode(if he didn’t see her as a sister he wouldn’t be so dense here). It’s a refreshing change in that instead of Junichi having to get through the girl’s insecurities, Sae has to get through his with her newfound confidence. She’s really developed as a character.

    Of course, everyone has their own opinions. I like this arc, personally.

  12. I thought it was a great episode, having watched it through. Junichi’s silliness has mellowed out, and he’s starting to act more like a supportive brother, althought it is obvious that Sae wants more. I like that each arc has a very different tone to it, and felt that this slightly annoying Junichi is a good change from Haruka’s or Kaori’s.

    Go for it Sae! You’ll get him in half an episode!

    Albino Troll
  13. I think the key difference this time and the first two arcs is that he didn’t get cheered up after being dumped and thus didn’t start to think about romance again. He is basically just having fun with Sae without any intention of something more serious. It will be funny to see shy Sae pulling out all the stops in proving that she isn’t just a little girl.

  14. Morishima’s advice was hilarious! She’s so useless! XD And Sae was great. She really changed in these few episodes. (I watched her 3 episodes all last night.) And she just kept getting cuter and cuter. I liked how she went after Junichi’s hand twice in the same day. She really is assertive now. And the fact that they held hands.. Doesn’t that mean they’re together now? I’m sure Junichi realizes his feelings for by now. Heck he could barely say anything he was so flustered when he took her hand. (Hell, I would be too~) Sae’s got a glamorous body! <3 Favorite!

    Kaoru's reaction to the Maid outfit was priceless. Not only was it unexpected but it was SO her! Great personality, indeed. Can't wait for the next episode. He better role-play a sex scene with her dammit! I'mean look at what she's wearing in the preview! We need some skinship!!

  15. Sae-chan levelled up. Sae-chan gained +9001 Willpower. Sae-chan learnt Hadaka Y-Shirt Strike.

    Its amazing to see her progress from the usual wilting violet character to what she is now.

    Also Morishima: Stealing the spotlight again. I ROFL’ed at the mention that she won the Santa Contest twice in a row. Not really surprising what we learnt given her cameo in the Kaoru arc.

  16. Ok i take back what i said last week. Now, i haven’t wanted to back hand a MC since watching School Days. Though now it’s not just because Junichi is so full of his self, but also extremely dense. (Where talking the guy/girl from Kamper levels here.) I never understood why there are so many wimpy/dense male leads in anime these days.

    Anyway as for the episode, it was entertaining in its own right. Even with the rather out of place live action ‘kids’ show at the amusement park. (what has happened to your morals Japan?)Except for the reason(s) mentioned above. Though for some reason i found Sae’s voice a bit annoying in this episode. I dunno if it’s because the voice actor kept hitting a high note or something. But it started to get unbearable about halfway through.

  17. Sae has a toe fetish… she got way over-excited by dipping her feet in the fish pond. I think Junichi’s sister probably had a clue or was told outright during some conversation when girls talk dirty.

    We’ve had bellybuttons, back-of-the-knee, and in 12 we will explore toes. That totally explains the ‘Senpai/Sae’ back and forth during the preview. Plus, it’s not so dirty that they can’t show it or would have to sensor it.

    That’s my bet.

  18. Sae-chan so cute >_>… and she tries so hard. I swear, though… how dense could Junichi be. I can’t believe he pondered an entire episode on what she meant about not wanting to be her sister. I mean, he definitely was better with Kaoru somewhat. On another note, Haruka was just hilairous in giving an answer. I was like what… what WHAT! Lol hell no. 1 more episode until Ai-Chan comes. And then I have to watch this in secret, so my girl doesn’t face palm her self in my excitement. Or deny the truth in the similarity XP.

    Rihoko was just hilarious though. I dunno, probably cause I have tons of nephew and niecse and work at a daycare during the summer, well use to… but I just can’t help it but find it amusing and cute (though at times I’m like… oh lol, but still that’s silly) when someone says.. hmm… true, but maybe after some small goal, I’ll reward my self. I’m starting to think that Rihoko will keep me happy after Ai-chan arc is over.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. Speaking of which… was anyone screaming their head out at the whole handing and then, when he finally did.. was like YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I know I was >_>… man I feel like a dork for getting so into it… but you know, it gets to me when this leads dense… I mean I know I can be somewhat dense at times, but I’m certainly not that dense… Oh who knows… I maybe without even realizing it.

      Sora no Kaze

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