…where everyone planned a good five or six steps ahead, only to find out that their opponent had done the same. Gone are the days where a consecutive chain of cliffhangers due to the learning process in fights, as everyone is much smarter now and get straight to the point. From a high-level ninja perspective, it makes a lot of sense that Konan is aware of Madara’s space-time abilities and only attacked him in a way that took that into account. However, the inclusion of her flashback with Yahiko and Nagato after Madara claimed he’s the one that got the former to create Akatsuki and gave the latter his Rinnegan came off as a death flag to me. Furthermore, the mangled state that she and Madara are in as a result of her suicidal attack, plus the parting of the paper ocean at the very end made it seem like this fight will conclude one way or another very soon. So in the span of a mere chapter, the big fight between Konan and Madara began, waved the flashback death flag, and reached its climax.

Normally, I’d still expect the fight to wage on even in light of these rapid developments, but after Kisame’s one followed a similar pattern and ended with Guy’s one-shot wonder Hirutora technique, I really don’t know anymore. Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised next chapter with Konan not getting written off just as quickly as she was reintroduced. I’m not holding onto any hope that it will happen given how the story seems to be tying up all the loose ends character-wise, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing things turn out that way. From an anime standpoint, I can’t imagine these relatively quick fights being a good thing though. When action scenes are involved, chapters can fly by in a matter of minutes, which may explain why Shippuuden has just started another filler arc following the completion of the Pain one. This time, it’s actually a flashback one that goes back to Naruto’s younger years under Iruka’s guidance, which is notable since the Third Hokage is still alive then. (Note: I’m not actively following the anime anymore and simply checked to see where it’s at.)

Anyway, there was some discussion about exactly what Orochimaru’s forbidden Edo Tensei technique is capable last time. As some people pointed out, the actual body of the deceased person that’s summoned isn’t necessary as their souls and abilities are placed in a sacrificial vessel; however, I’m beginning to suspect that condition of their corpse has some effect on the state they get summoned in. Most notably, the resurrected Itachi and Nagato didn’t look like they had their Sharingan and Rinnegan when Kabuto/Orochimaru showed Madara who he had at his disposal. This doesn’t change the fact that Madara wants Nagato’s eyes for himself, but does lead to some interesting questions about exactly what the limitations of Edo Tensei are, if any. For now, the whole Rinnegan angle looks like it’s going to be a key aspect of the overall story, which leaves me wondering if Madara simply wants to transplant it into himself or use it for some other yet to be revealed purpose.


  1. can you get another special body part apart from the eyes?
    still waiting for a transplant of eyes in the nipple region… (danzo failed me)
    hopefully the Rinnegan will not end up with Naruto, although that is prob the most likely is gonna happen.
    what else do you do with a pair of eyes…

    Gundam 00
  2. As sad as it sounds, at the very least, this series shows that important or cool characters actually can die. This does bring, to some extent or another, an emotional impact.
    I do hope to read a bit more about Konan and her reintroduction not being discarded after just a couple of episodes.

  3. Is it just me, or did Madara’s face (from what you could see) look a whooooooooooole lot like Obito? There were rumors circulating about whether Madara used Obito’s body way back when Tobi was revealed to be Madara.

    Let us not forget… if you reverse the To-Bi and add an O, you get Obito. I always found that argument funny.

    1. Out of curiosity, does that theory ever explain how Obito’s body grew up? I find it interesting how people suspect it’s Obito since his role in the story has already been established as a defining aspect of Kakashi’s character.

      Personally, I can’t see Obito having a series-wide prominent role when there are many other Uchiha bodies Madara could have taken over during his reign.

    1. ughh why did madara say that he gave nagato the rinnegan? perhaps he caused the issues and pain that brought about it’s release in his life? much like how sasuke’s sharingan has developed in a couple of key fights? perhaps madara is going to say “I am nagato’s father”?
      who knows. all i care is the story lines up. i aint giving kishi no breaks on this.

  4. This reminds me of the other post of everything can be explained with chakra.

    How come you detected him? Eyes tracking fast movements
    How come you knew i was behind the wall? Eyes with X-ray powers
    How come you saw me behind you? Eyes with almost 360 view
    How come he got stronger? Eyes boosting chakra power
    How come they got resurrected? Eyes manipulating dead bodies

  5. I didn’t really like the twist this took. If the Rinnegan is so powerful, and at some point Madara could give it to Nagato, why didn’t he just keep it himself? His goals would appear to be attainable more quickly if he had it, so why not use it?

    1. well how did Madara get them in the first place, if he gave them to Nagato? did he somehow combine the blood of a Hyuga clan member and his Uchiha blood, and inject them into Nagato?
      I’m really curious, because if they don’t try to explain this it will be a huge plot hole.
      I’m guessing that Madara need them to be put into Nagato because he needed them to grow. A child’s eyes and adults eye’s are not the same size. Plus we know that Nagato had them when he was young, because he was …10? or so the first time he used them.

  6. I for one prefer this kind of fights more than the ones that last for ten or twenty chapters. Particularly because the long battles never involve interesting characters, it’s usually Sasuke or Naruto versus someone else who is obviously going to die. Problem is, shorter fights will probably bring longer filling chapters.

    >did Madara’s face (from what you could see) look a whooooooooooole lot like Obito?
    It’s just you. Besides, they barely showed his right eye and like two squared cms of skin. How are you supposed to compare one face to another with just that?

    Name (required)
    1. Maby she wont die yet…
      Havn’t we seen her in the state she is in now? A pile of floating paper with only 1/2 of her body formed… How much damage would paper take in an explostion? As long as it doesn’t ketch fire it should just get blown away wouldn’t it?

    1. not really you just don’t like naruto you said that Madara is going to kill Konan so far Konan is winning the fight

      i still predict that Kabuto is going to be the main villain and kill Madara off in some way

      1. Konan is winning this fight? where?

        So far it follows all of Madara’s “fights”:

        – Someone attacks Madara.
        – Madara louses a body part.
        – Madara miraculously wins or causes an enemy to kill himself/herself with her/his own powers OR the enemy joins him for no reason.

        Thats what happened with First Hokage, Kabuto, Danzo, Naruto, Shino, Minato, Kushina, random ninja fodder who attacked him, etc.

        This will happen there too and in next chapter after Konan dies and we get another wtf flashback (like the horrendous Kisame character derailment), Madara will appear yet again as nowhere near “hurt”, complimenting of how awesome Konan was.

        And hey my predictions DID turn out correct – Konan failed to kill madara with LOLexplodingtags and almost died by herself and we DID (almost!!!~) see Madara’s face.

        So possibly a few more chapters of Mahou Shoujo Konan, where Konan for no reason shows Madara where nagato’s body is stashed and gets killed.

      2. what are you talking about

        the 1sst beat him
        the 4th beat him
        he beat 2 jonin
        those are his only real fights and he lost 2 out of 3 now watch as he gets 3 out of 4 record for losses after he bails

        because he losing

  7. ok, now this is something thats been plagueing me for a while now, why is it that when madara’s been hurt(its happened a few times in the story already) the only body part missing….is his right arm. during the danzou fight with that aburame his arm fell off, the minato fight, his arm fell off, and now this fight…his arm is blown off yet its always the same arm

  8. 2 things
    1. I appreciate how the loose ends are being handled.. instead of Konan going off to disappear as a recluse.. her death will be something relevant to the story.
    2. if Tobi says “just as planned” and grows a mullet im going to throw my computer out the window! lol

  9. Look, a very different and unusual chapter in Naruto. None of the main protagonist of the manga, the leaf village or Sasuke. Kishimoto dedicated the whole chapter this week to Konan, which in my opinion, I always thought that was one character too much like “background” without having to become so important as Nagato or Yahiko had for the current situation of the story. I remember when he began the saga of Pain in the anime, some readers have commented here as it would be nice if Konan had a fight in this arc, as depicted in the opening. It would be really cool, I think her ability very nice.

    Kishimoto is to be congratulated for bringing the character to the forefront of history, including a fight against Madara, the supreme villain of the story today. A beautiful chapter, blending history and struggle, and still got me totally by surprise when Madara is shown all “exploded” with no arm and destroyed part of his mask. And clubs, again Madara’s face is hidden, destroyed part of the mask is just part of the sharingan we all know. Strange is the band on the forehead, to what use it inside the mask?

    And much intigrante when Madara said that he instigated Yahiko create the Akatsuki, as well as himself who gave the Nagato Rinnegan. He has a hand in creating the Akatsuki really is not really something outstanding, it makes sense to alias, but he has given to Nagato Rinnegan? I want an explanation about it! The chapter does not end this week probably next week we will have the ongoing fighting and the flashback starts here. Want to see how much Yahiko Madara met for the first time and this thing rinnegan.

    Damn, I like this short lease of the Naruto universe, this village of the rain was already epic. The scene when we see the “Pain” for the first time on top of a building, infiltration and fight against the six Jiraiya Pain and Konan vs. Madara now! It must be boring pacas draw rain, wet characters and worry about what effect this question around, as spills and puddles of water, but admit that the feat that gives the reading is the maximum.

    One thing I’ve always been curious, too, and I believe that never has been explained at least not remember having been, is about the skills of Origami Konan. When she learned that? We’re probably talking about a secret clan jutsu, that business bloodline jutsu, but it is too cool, the last frame with the sea of papers was sensational. I even get a little discouraged in the beginning of the fight when Konan already part up, and Madara starts sucking it, I thought “ugh, finished the fight, just missing,” but the idea of the explosion was terrific. I just think Madara strange not to have touched on the “sea of papers,” after all, this is not one of the thousand and one uses the sharingan? Or did he know and not care?

    I think in the end, Konan dies, thus ending the memory of the trio that Jiraiya trained. I do not know if Madara will get rinnegan, I do not root for, he is too powerful and has many features even more dangerous, as the bijuu and Kabuto. Let the rinnegan of Nagato and the abilities of these eyes to the past.

    Great chapter! And Naruto just not doing very much needed.

    Mr. T.A.C
    1. Well you know… haters are gonna be haters. Someones always going to complain about something. No matter what happens. If anything, someone will always have a problem with something… no matter how much the author tries to appeal to the masses or appeals to even certain people.

      Sora no Kaze

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