Trinity’s trademark line from The Matrix was just begging to be said by Konan when she whipped six billion explosive tags out of the ocean, so I’m admittedly disappointed that all her efforts were for naught in the face of the “get out of death free card”, better known as the forbidden technique Izanagi. While some people may feel differently, I still find the use of a technique that allows a user to overcome death by essentially believing it never happened a tad bit overpowered and a convenient cop-out as well. Even with the cost of losing the use of a Sharingan forever, it seems like a pretty fair trade-off for outright dying. I can’t even imagine it being a difficult decision to make in the heat of a battle either. When presented with the, “Oh shit, I’m going to die” scenario, would any Uchiha who can use Izanagi really hesitate and think, “Hmm, do I really want to give up eye to save my life?” I think not, especially when eyes can be swapped in and out not only without consequence, but actual benefits as well (i.e. the Eternal Mangekyou). In Danzou’s case, it must have been just a routine thing for him, grabbing a bottle out of the back room containing one of the many Sharingan he harvested after Itachi’s massacre of his clan. It was like he had a bunch of extra lives stored but only kept ten or so on him at a time.

Semi-sarcastic observation aside, it did look like Konan killed Madara with her ten minutes of continuous explosions, so I figured the “dodge this” post title was still appropriate. Unfortunately for Konan, her sudden reintroduction to the series ended up being a mere plot device to stress the belief that Naruto is “The One” and to get Madara to divulge a bit more of the history between the Uchiha and Senju. The cost of course was Konan’s life, since information from Madara never comes cheap. We did however learn that he does in fact have two Sharingan, which raises the question as to why he’s chosen to wear a mask with only one eye hole all this time. In addition, he inadvertently revealed that Nagato is one of the remnants of the same Uzumaki clan that Naruto is a part of, which suggests how he was able to “give” him the Rinnegan. On that note, the revelation that the reuniting of the Uchiha and Senju bloodlines does kind of explain why Rikudou Sennin’s legendary Rinnegan is so rarely seen. The two clans have only been fighting one another since well… forever, so I’m it’s probably safe to say that Senju boys and girls haven’t been trying to pick up Uchiha ones or vice versa.

At this point, it’s hard to say if transplanting a Sharingan into a Senju descendant along with some DNA manipulation is enough for it to evolve into a Rinnegan, but that’s definitely one possibility on how Madara “gave” Nagato his eyes. With that in mind, it’s kind of a shame that all the Uchiha in Konoha were killed off, because I’m willing to bet that a quiet and seemingly unreliable one like Hinata would have fallen for Naruto’s headstrong personality. I can just imagine the little Rikudou Sennin running around now. They would be pretty much gods of sorts too, seeing as the legendary sage has now been described as having the power to create life. That was a bit of a “whoa” moment for me, since all this time he’s only been made out to be the “father” of ninjutsu. I guess with everything that chakra can do, he would have had to be a god though. As for Madara’s interest in Nagato eyes, this new info makes it seem like he purposely developed them in a Senju host with every intention of taking it back at some point. Evidently, he has a closed Sharingan that needs replacing, so it looks like the Nagato’s Rinnegan may find its way into a new host soon enough.


  1. hmm.. many more questions left unanswered, like who was the last person in the box that was summoned, who the hell really is madara/tobi and what are his plans really? What exactly happened during madara and senju battle? What will happen to team snake that sasuke formed?

    Will both parts of the 9 tailed fox yin/yang power be ever taken out by madara and how?
    and finally, who the hell was the 4th yondaime’s family or does it even matter?
    hahaha so many questions..

    ive been following the manga ever since grade school, now im in 9th grade of high school, and now im thinking this might go on forever, all the way to my 30’s if not even more, hopefully the world dont end in 2012… hahahahahaha

  2. Well it’s not too late for those “little Rikudou Sennins” running around. Maybe a Byakugan and a Senju Descendant can also produce Rinnegan children.

    The more reason for Naruto and Hinata pairing…

  3. Argh… I mean it’s not as bad as the Aizen thing as he at least got damage, but really? Damn… we got another one of those, that was part of my plan kinda guy? Well not really… but then again, it was like… meh I’m replacing my eye anyways, so you know, that was part of my plan. The only thing that didn’t go according to plan was with our lovely Yellow Flash, I think. I guess it’s not as big of a wow since he’s been living for ages compared to everyone else. He could easily plant seeds for his grand plan.

    Meh don’t mind me anyways, I’m just ranting at the ridiculous technique of Izanagi for only an eye which conveniently made his plan work. I’ll get over it tmr lol.

    I’m glad that Konan went off with a bang full of rainbows though. Just going to point out… I lol so hard if Konan one ups Madara somehow like erasing her memory of where the true body is or eyes. Not likely to happen, but if that body just poofs into sheets of paper, then she really did go off with a bang.

    Sora no Kaze
  4. What a way to go out. Konan is the only character, a female one at that (considering the trend of remarkably useless female characters aside from Tsunade in this series), in the series other than the 4th Hokage to mortally damage Tobi.

    Hurray for Konan – you have now become one of the most endearing characters of the series and who knew you had the wits and chakra to pack such a wallop. She was in such a subordinate minion role before too. As for the Izanagi… the power to turn imagination into reality. Hm. That’s some mighty fine cartoon realism there.

    But I whole-heartedly agree; Sakura’s pretty much been made a totally useless and forgotten character at this point (something that rarely is supposed to happen to a main character…) so I think a new badass Uchiha girl from some deux-ex-machina survival backstory ought to be brought in to take her place. With dark blue hair and powerful Sharingan eyes. That’d be awesome. Sasuke would want her to repopulate his clan, but this time, it could be the reverse Sakura situation, she may instead have feelings only for Naruto inverting the previous love triangle thus entertaining the possibility of the two warring clans reuniting bloodlines.

    1. I agree about sakura’s uselessness, I would have enjoyed the manga more if they had swapped out sakura for someone like hinata, who actually has potential and can relate more to naruto and Sasuke.

  5. The Yin, the Yang, the omnipotent chakra bullshit.

    Madara “giving” Nagato the eyes could just mean he fathered him off a Senju girl; an “I am your father” line would be fitting then. lol.

  6. “…it’s kind of a shame that all the Uchiha in Konoha were killed off, because I’m willing to bet that a quiet and seemingly unreliable one like Hinata…”

    Are you mistaking Hinata for an Uchiha? This part was a bit confusing.

    1. lol yep. This is when I’m starting to dislike Naruto.

      All of a sudden Naruto has a special bloodline like every single other person in the series.

      Kishimoto needs to refrain from doing this all the time.

  7. BTW, did anyone else notice that the Hyuuga clan has suddenly become a big mystery? If all ninjutsu originated from the Rikudo-sennin and his powers were divided into Senju and Uchiha, where the heck did the Byakugan come from? I clearly remember earlier on in the manga that the Sharingan is a doujutsu that evolved from the Byakugan. This stuff does not make sense anymore.

  8. If I had to guess, Mandara wants the Rinnegan to use the izanagi for an unlimited number of times. If what he said is true, about the sage if six paths, then with the Rinnnigen Mandara would be invincible. Interesting enough, now that he saw a majority of the guys face, it makes me wonder if that’s Obito, or at least the body of Obito being used by the ghost of Mandara.

    code fanboy
    1. Rinnegan=Unlimited Izanagi
      theres no freagin’ way they can beat that. If Madara gets it then its all over.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if there were also a technique called Izanami. I wonder what use it would have….

      1. not really cause madara was referring to the uchiha and senju as the first two paths, and then the rinnegan as the third we don’t know what the last three are the madara is going to go on a scavenger hunt for

    1. He meant the Rikudou. Rikudou was the first. Madara is the second as he stole Harashima’s Senju power in their battle at the Valley of the End. He got the Senju part but he got his ass kicked so hard he wasn’t as powerful as before. Madara had to play dead for decades while causing trouble behind the scenes. Since Madara said he gave Nagato the Rinnegan he may have added some Uchiha power to him, Uzumaki’s are related to the Senju. Which brings us to that crow Itachi gave Naruto. This makes him the 4th Rikudou having the power of both lineages. Danzo’s body was an experiment of Orochimaru that included Harishima’s DNA and Sharigan eyes. Oh yeah Oro may have not forgotten about the Uzumaki, Madara says the common trait of a Uzumaki is red hair. Uzumaki’s are known for their longevity thus life force. Karin could be a candidate as well for an Uzmaki given she heals Sasuke with her Chakra bites.

  9. I-Win-Button? check
    It’s-All-According-To-Plan? Check
    Hyperbolic-Time-Chamber?. . . hrmm. . . .maybe Naruto’s time in the waterfall can be used as an analogue….check!

    Now to wait for Naruto to facepalm madara 😀

  10. well, for one thing, divine was saying if a there was an uchiha with the personality of hinata, she would definitely fall for naruto.
    But some confusing things,

    1. Doesnt madara have EMS, how then is he able to not use izanagi unlimited times already, wasn’t that the purpose so he could use ultimate jutsu’s without going blind, or is amaterasu, tsukiyomi, and sussano on a lower lvl than izanagi (in the shinto mythos the Izanagi was the father of the other 3 so it would make sense, and seeing as how its soo bad ass)

    2. Also how was it only one eye that closed, is it a one eye technique thing?…and did the eye actually seal shut really?

    3. If that was not his eye, wat happened to his brothers that he transplanted,

    4. Finally how did he get senju dna since he is a pure uchiha (danzou stole harishima’s cells, apparently at the same sale orochimaru got them from), maybe he stole harishima’s eye?

    5. when he transplants the rinnegan will he have those eyes, the sharingan, or the combo like rikudo sensei, will it make him a god like that too?

    it makes some sense, since none of the senju have the rinnegan, if its supposed to be the eyes only the rikudo senin had then he must have tampered with dna of nagato with some uchiha somehow to get those to come out of him.

    1. From my understanding, Izanagi will consume an Eternal Mangekyou. I can’t imagine Danzou keeping a bunch of eyes on him for the technique if obtaining an Eternal Mangekyou would have given him unlimited uses. Regardless, it doesn’t look like Madara has one in his current state.

      Unless I’m mistaken, the technique requires one eye per use. This was the case with the ones transplanted onto Danzou’s arm and the loss of Madara’s left eye here.

      Seeing as the current Madara has been made out to be only a figment of his former self, I’m under the assumption that his current body doesn’t have an Eternal Mangekyou, as per the above remark about Izanagi.

      As for obtaining Senju DNA, that probably wasn’t too difficult when the Uchiha were at odds with them and casualties piled up on both sides. From the sound of things, the host merely has to have the DNA in their body and not necessarily eye-related genetics.

      It’s been suggested that the Sharingan is a derivative of the Rinnegan, implying that the latter possesses more powerful (albeit different) doujutsu. Nagato probably didn’t have all the abilities that Rikudou Sennin had with his, but they are the same eyes as far as I’m aware. Madara likely wants to take those eyes now and see if he can use them in more advanced ways. As seen in Kakashi, a transplanted eye can continue to evolve in a new host.

      Of course, there’s always the possibility that Madara will have one of each and perform techniques that no one’s seen before.

    2. “1. Doesnt madara have EMS, how then is he able to not use izanagi unlimited times already, wasn’t that the purpose so he could use ultimate jutsu’s without going blind, or is amaterasu, tsukiyomi, and sussano on a lower lvl than izanagi (in the shinto mythos the Izanagi was the father of the other 3 so it would make sense, and seeing as how its soo bad ass)”

      Actually, the main confusion here is how they keep talking “losing the light” in the eye that uses Izanagi while they also said similar things about a normal Mangekyo. From what we’ve seen with Danzo and now Madara, while the Mangekyo may merely cause blindness to the user, Izanagi literally seems to kill off the Sharingan eye that uses it because it’s so powerful. I doubt having an Eternal Mangekyo would’ve prevented Izanagi from permanently shutting off the eye.

      It would seem only the Rinnegan would allow them to use it without losing their eyes in any way if what Madara said about the Sennin is any indication (saying he “created many things” on top of his last act of splitting the Juubi’s chakra and creating the 9 separate Bijuu before his death).

      “2. Also how was it only one eye that closed, is it a one eye technique thing?…and did the eye actually seal shut really?”

      As mentioned, it most likely only requires 1 eye to use for each use, hence why only one eye of Danzo’s shut one by one each time and while only Madara’s left eye closed as that was the one he used. Also, as another mentioned, it’s possible that he was “saving” that eye for the sole use of giving it up to use Izanagi, hence keeping it “in the darkness” behind the left side of his mask this whole time.

      In terms of the use of the Rinnegan, remember that Madara did previously talk about synchronizing Sasuke to Gedo Mazo which would require the Rinnegan to do so, so that most likely is one of the reasons. Obtaining “Hashirama’s power” and the Rinnegan would also make him much more capable of becoming the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki when he would attempt it.

      All I can guess myself is one of my older theories on Madara somehow using the body of Tobirama Senju…

      1.) Tobi…yeah…XD (On top of him being described as having a sense of humor, even in battle, lol)

      2.) With the revelation of him having created Edo Tensei AND using space-time manipulation techniques, which Madara has never been known for. And we’ve seen with Orochimaru that soul-transferring does allow the user to use whatever abilities that person was capable of using on top of their own.

      3.) Being the direct blood relative of Hashirama from the same family line. This could be another way to “obtaining Hashirama’s power” somehow. I mean, just because Tobirama didn’t have the Mokuton and all that stuff, it doesn’t mean his DNA didn’t have the hidden potential to, much like how not all Uchiha seem to be capable of awakening the Sharingan, much less awakening the abilities of the Mangekyo Sharingan as Madara described.

      4.) It’s only ASSUMED that he “died a noble death” in the flashback we see. We see him leave and never come back. Who’s to say that he REALLY died fighting the Kinkaku from Kumo? How can we be sure (yet) that he actually survived that fight and ended up ambushed by Madara after, most likely being weakened greatly? Considering he all but said he was going to die and passed the Hokage mantle to Hiruzen before he left, I doubt anyone would question his body not showing up anywhere and would probably just assume Kumo took it or destroyed it.

      5.) Could also explain why we never see him use his Eternal Mangekyo as “Tobi” or now. Only other reason being that, somehow, Hashirama screwed it up during their battle.

      …of course, this is all personal conjecture based on what we’ve learned so far and recently, and I can’t be sure of anything nor do I believe I’m right. Just throwing the idea out there, lol.

  11. Guessing for a Rinnegan to be born both Uchiha and Senju chakra needs to run through the same vessel thus Madara perhaps implanting Uchiha chakra/blood/dna allowed by chance for Nagato out of possibly different test subjects (and using the great war as a testing field to draw it out).

    I wonder if Itachi knew about the origins of the Rinnegan and perhaps gave Naruto some Uchiha as well some chapters way back. (Naruto with Rinnegan? Hmmmmmm)

  12. Not to bring up the past or anything, abut i fail to believe that all of the uchihas were in the village on that one day and killed by Itachi and Madara….really so no one was out on a mission, there were no other Uchiha kids like sasuke at the academy? So many unanswered questions Kishi, tisk tisk.

  13. I guess Madara only wore a mask with one eye whole so he can prepare himself mentally to sacrifice the light from one of his eyes because in the past he was afraid of losing the light before. He will probably return the light in that eye using the powers of the Rinnegan he now has.

    Otaku ESA
  14. I think Mandara hid his other eye cuz it has to do with his technique of manipulation or some stuff. As to make other people believed he didn’t use any technique but in fact he was using the other sharingan for teleportation, distortion and other stuff.
    Like the time when naruto used rasengan on him, he just distorted and the eye didn’t change at all. So, he used the other eye for it.

  15. Naruto is getting out of controll IMO. The whole if I dream it will come true reminds me of Nightmare on Elm ST. There’s so many ? that I have that I cant make sense of and if Madara can do all of these god like abilities, why does he even need Sasuke. Only thing I can think of is Sasuke being some type of sacrifice to create a new world or something. IDK my brain hurts so I give up.

  16. Well if we are looking for a host the logical one would be sasuke considering he has not had any page time and madara thinks he is important for some unknown retarded reason. But all I know is that the fight between sasuke and naruto is already decided. Naruto > Sasuke

  17. More fuel for Naruto/Sasuke shippers. Sasuke + Sexy Jutsu Naruto + 10 months of survival = a potential god.

    I thought that Yahiko was who Madara was referring to. Nagato’s hair is such a deep red, unlike the Uzumaki shade.

  18. The biggest mindF for me was that Nagato is from the Uzumaki clan…or at least it was implied by Madara’s about his red hair.

    And it’s sad to see Konan go, but at least we got to see her do something, and it sure was spectacular. It’s just too bad that her first opponent was the main villain of the manga 😛

  19. Oh well, my hate for Tobi/Madara is bigger now, if being an Uchiha wasn’t enough. He’s Aizen for Naruto series. Fuck. Talk about ruining my favorite vilain in the series (Pain). I really liked the Konan, Nagato and Yahiko story, it was all beautiful until this last 2 chapters. Fuck you and your manipulative evil plans Tobi, I hope Naruto punch yours and Sasuke’s face to hell.
    I’m really annoyed by all that Senju/Uchiha story with Rikkudou Sennin. I mean, there’s more to the ninja world than the Leaf Village, right? There’s 4 more of them. Why the hell make them so special? I hate over the top protagonism. And it really annoys me that in the begging, the Uchiha was a relative family birthed from the Hyuga.

    1. Yep, inb4 Naruto gets a long haired version/transformation, gets a Rinnegan, uses Shinra Tensei to bring back the whole Uchiha clan, he and Sasuke go BFF and pwn Madara together… めでたし, めでたし.

  20. so everyone caught the fact that Mandara said that Nagato’s last name was Uzumaki right???? so if nagato “got” (Uzumaki Clan’s Red hair) and if Nagato “got” the rinnegan … doesn’t it seem that naruto’s gonna be the New Sage of Six paths?

    that and the similarities between naruto’s life chakra-kyuubi mode and the sage of six paths silhouette? the hair horns, necklace ect…. especially noting that the Sage of six paths could create life (like naruto’s kyuubi mode chakra does)


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