Well that’s definitely a new take on genjutsu — casting it on yourself. It’s almost like putting yourself in denial about your death, except it actually works! Interesting how the technique is basically Sasuke’s “I’ll make my dream into a reality” bit that he was spouting to Itachi before. I made a joke about forbidden techniques last chapter, but given the cost of Izanagi (i.e. having your eye close forever), it lives up to the classification I guess. I’m starting to wonder if “forbidden” is synonymous with “self-damaging” though, in which case Naruto’s original Rasen-Shuriken should fall under that.

In any case, Madara did hint at the idea that the eyes on Danzou’s arms would regenerate over time, but I’m more curious as to why he doesn’t pull off a completely ridiculous attack to end the fight if he can use Izanagi for offense too. I realize the flip side is that he’s using it just to stay alive, but all he’d need is one opening to use the 60 second “cooldown” for a sure-kill attack. I’m under the impression that it’s only restricted by what he can imagine, which should mean the possibilities are endless.

As for Sasuke, having a plan is more inline with what I expected; however, I still think letting it come down to a battle of endurance is somewhat reckless for him. Maybe some of Naruto’s ways that rubbed off on him still remain after all these years.


  1. I thought Madara’s whole “Mooneye operation” was crazy, but man, talk about Izanagi.
    One thing I don’t like is how most of these techniques are meant to be used only once or only against one particular type of enemy, and they seem to match perfectly the opponent they fight with at the moment, e.g when Deidara fought Sasuke, the lightning element techniques of Sasuke allowed him to eliminate Deidara, or when Sakura fought Sasori, she won only because of her super strength, but had he used any technique which didn’t rely on strength to be countered, then it’d had been a completely different story.
    I remember thinking this about other fights but now I can’t remember more than those two.

  2. I forgot to mention about Izanagi: Don’t you think this is a little too stupid? I mean, i remember Rurouni Kenshin when that guy Jin-e had the power to like project his Chi towards people, being able to even paralyze them, and then he revealed his ultimate technique was using this on himself.
    That’s cool, because you know, you have this one guy who can project his Chi, so he one day while watching himself at a mirror thought “Hey I could use this on myself and think HEY IM SUPAH SUPAH AWESOEM IM THE KING OF DA WORLD AND MAH DICK IS BIGGER THAN URS”. And it made sense.

    But we’re talking about an entire fucking clan of idiots that apparently never thought about using the technique on themselves. Either that or it’s necessary to not be an Uchiha to be able to use this technique. But Madara said, “Even forbidden among the Uchiha”. So, one would think: Even Uchiha members are able to use this on themselves. But why was it forbidden? If one is to use illusory techniques on anyone, I’d assume the less evil way to do it would be to use it on one self. It’s like teenagers say, ITS MY BODY YOU KNOW, I CAN DO WITH IT AS I WANT.

    I really don’t know what to expect from this manga anymore.

  3. I loved this chapter. The fight was pretty good and I’m glad that Karin was of use to Sauske here. I didn’t quite understand the dialog that seemed to occur between Karin to Sasuske telling him about the tech, but then Danzo’s dialog with Sauske about him tricking him.

  4. I don’t think you are supposed to expect anything from this manga anymore. >_>

    The manga just keep asking us to suspend our disbelieve. Ie) So what if Sasuke just fought a bunch of kages who are supposed to be the most powerful people in that world? He can totally still fight longer than other insanely strong ninja with generations of experience more than him…

    Oh I give up.

  5. @Name

    It’s just this technique that’s forbidden, not all casting genjutsu on yourself. Making yourself see things that don’t exist is the dumbest thing you could do, because there’s no benefit in battle. In bed, maybe. You could change your perception of pain or your limits, which has been done before. This technique doesn’t do any of that.

    What this does is blur the line between reality and illusion, making real things fake and fake things real in exchange for your eyes. That’s both ridiculously powerful and carries an equally large cost. It makes tons of sense.

    Shad P
  6. Might be better to not use spoiler images in the main page preview for those who aren’t reading the manga. Like Omni does for Bleach…

    Thanks for following the manga though, it’s fun to read others’ thoughts on each week’s chapter.

  7. I really wish the dead stay dead in this manga. But other than that, I wish the manga would also focus on the actual relationships between characters, I want to see an official Shika x Temari conclusion or Naru x Hina is alright too. And I know that was off-topic, but it’s meaningless to say dead characters unless there’s an actual proof… but even then they can still pop back up waaay later on anyway.

  8. I just thought of something. If the jutsu can can even make your deaths’ a dream, seems like it should be pretty simple to bring the eyes fully functional.
    I wonder if Danzo’s got a bunch of eyes in ice box somewhere. He was looking for Kabuto earlier. Maybe the research isn’t complete?

  9. I am just Curious, how all the lose ends come to together. What role will be Sakura play? What will Naruto do, if he found Saskue this worn out? Is the Director just getting rid of “Old Enemys” to going on with a New “Ninja War” ark?

  10. Izanagi is NOT self-hypnotism. Believe it or not, if you got stabbed and said “I didn’t just get stabbed. I’m hypnotized to not feel any stabs or think I’ve been stabbed” does NOT change the fact that you were freakin’ stabbed. You can hypnotize people to think that they did or did not stab you, but that doesn’t mean it actually or didn’t actually happen. Izanagi makes things that you could normally only hypnotize people into thinking REAL.

  11. @Shad P
    I still think this doesn’t make sense 100%. Like Pikow said too, the power of Izanagi is to make fake things become real, but I can’t possibly imagine how is this accomplished. But again, this is a comic, is not supposed to be one hundred percent realistic, right?
    Also, I noticed that when Sasuke cut Danzou’s arm it disappeared, so I wonder, does this technique allows Danzo to create bodies out of thin air?
    Hitherto most of the techniques have had some sort of explanation, but we’re seeing now some weird ones that would require a lot of brain twisting if one tried to make sense out of them. Madara’s weird parallel-universe technique, or how he can walk through solid objects as if they weren’t really there.

  12. so we all notice that sasuke’s body is turned to the side and i really think that at the same time that doesn’t matter seeing how he made that sword using his remaining eyes so it probably has some sort of affect to it

  13. forbidden is just a jutsu that has been deemed forbidden. was it because it’s to dangerous, because it’s morally wrong, or because it harms it’s own user to a great extent, that makes no difference.

    We still don’t know the full extent of Izanagi’s offense, he has already used it for some pretty powerful attacks but, we don’t know how this works exactly, just that Danzou can imagine some nonexistent condition and use them for jutsus.

    What other plan could he have? Danzou is constantly using Izanagi. Sasuke has to continue to force him to use so he runs out of eyes and sasuke is able to do some real damage.

  14. @ Name(required)
    well for starters, thinking that it needs to be realistic is a flaw on your part. Apart from that if your wondering how its accomplished, well the same way all the other jutsu are, hand signs and chakra, but im guessing that it bypasses the traditional standard on which we build our world on and thus allows the user to defy logic in a specific way, either mandara’s dimension tech or Izangi. As for the arm thing, it probably disappeared cause it didnt get cut off anymore. any further questions will be overruled by my use of Izangi

    at least now we know that there actually fighting, or is it a giant genjutsu effecting everyone?

    One Who Answers
  15. . . . wouldnt it make sense to use normal sharigan and counter counter dodge HALF-STEP in this situation. Everyone likes spamming their super power chakra wasting moves. . . then the complain . . . ” DAMN OUT OF CHAKRA”. I’ll give credit to Danzo though he is way smarter than Shinji in Bleach who explained how his shikai worked, Danzo made them figure it out, smart

    Hopefully this arc ends soon, and we get to see more badass naruto or kakashi
    because sauske doesnt know how to be cool.

  16. Yeah, Tsunade immediately told Naruto he was forbidden from using the original Rasen-Shuriken again since it all but destroyed his hand the first time he used it.

    Forbidden techniques in this series really do seem to mostly be self damaging ones. The Shadow Clone is dangerous for anyone without ridiculous amounts of chakra, Mangekyo techniques lead to blindness and death, the Death God technique forces you to sacrifice your own soul, etc.


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