When the nursery goes to a nearby farm to pick some sweet potatoes, Kiyokazu spots a boy not with their group who’s stealing some. The boy runs away, but by chance, Kiyokazu and Kobato see him again later as they’re going around the neighborhood giving away some of the potatoes that they picked. Kobato gets the boy to reveal that his name is Keita and that he’s trying to return to the house he used to live in before he and his mother had to move. He’s lost though, so the two help him find the house, but Keita doesn’t want Kiyokazu breaking into the empty place. As it turns out, Keita doesn’t like his new home because of his strict grandfather, but Kobato and Kiyokazu make him realize that his grandfather just cares about him. Kiyokazu also gives him the sweet potatoes and reunites him with his grandfather who had come looking for him. All of this makes Kobato think that Kiyokazu is actually a pretty good guy, and in the aftermath, she gains another konpeitou.


Although I really want them to advance the overarching plot, I’m fine with them showing Kobato earning the konpeitou one at a time if they can craft a good story around it, like they did with the gingko tree last week. However, unlike last week which had some nice and touching moments, the plot this week was completely predictable and could barely hold my attention. We’ve seen this kind of runaway kid story before, and the only worthwhile things to glean from it are that Kiyokazu is a nice guy and maybe that Kobato feels a little closer to him, neither of which are particularly new revelations. On the bright side, based on the episode titles listed on the official site, there appears to be a two-part story coming in episodes 16 and 17, and that might be something to look forward to.


  1. I felt that almost all those “konpeito of the week” episodes so far have been really weak, predictable and clicheed story-wise. I dunno, usually I expect something less superficial from CLAMP ><

  2. I wasn’t so much paying attention to the plot as to the fact that during the whole episode, while everyone is pigging out, once again Kobato didn’t eat anything. She never seems to eat anything. 怪しい!

  3. I’m wondering if she is some sort of a bird spirit? Doesn’t Kobato mean something like little sparrow and Dobato (when he is mad at her) means dirty pidgeon? Perhaps she is some sort of a bird spirit whos wish is to become human or go to heaven or something like that.


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