「陽向と美咲と碓氷くん」 (Hinata to Misaki to Usui-kun)
“Hinata, Misaki, and Usui”

While the title had me thinking the love triangle would reach new highs and lows, this episode turned out to be a surprisingly sentimental one revolving around Hinata. His rivalry with Usui remained completely civil like it’s been, so most of the time was spent fleshing out his backstory further. More specifically, it continued to emphasize that his childhood feelings for Misaki are about as genuine as they come. There’s no denying that they’re childish and wishful, but it does say something about his unwavering commitment when the thought of another girl in his life has never once crossed his mind. Even when he was a baseball ace in middle school and had girls flocking to him and giving him chocolates on Valentine’s Day, it was nothing but “Misaki tunnel vision” for Hinata. I almost want to say he’s obsessed after learning that he kept the wrapper from a piece of candy Misaki gave him before he moved to his grandparents’ farm, but it’s kind of hard to rag on him about a keepsake he later used to make charms for his baseball team when Usui’s been a blatant stalker all this time. Oh yeah, Usui made him cry too, by being the smooth criminal that he is.

Starting with the puppy dog eyes that caught Misaki off-guard, Usui even used Maid Latte’s fortune-telling day to his advantage when Erika burst the news that he and Misaki don’t have a future together unless they overcome some big trial together. Compared to Hinata’s being optimistic towards the deflated paper balloon that Erika saw in his fortune, Usui just rode the sympathy card and got Misaki to encourage him not to give up so easily on their relationship. Oh how the mighty have been manipulated, albeit Usui didn’t even expect her to spout out something like that all of a sudden. Clearly, Misaki noticed too late to take it back, whereas Hinata didn’t arrive late enough to miss witnessing it completely. Now I know Usui is the leading male of the series and the one who’s bound to end up with Misaki at some point, but I still feel bad for Hinata standing there in silence before turning around and walking away. He’s not the kind of guy to be irrationally insistent if Misaki chooses Usui herself, so it was like witnessing his heart break right before my eyes. He just can’t seem to compete with Usui even when he finally got to spend some time along with Misaki by helping her clean, as our blond-haired perverted alien comes swooping in to save his president when she inadvertently gets soaked.

To Usui’s credit, he isn’t just a cold-hearted bastard who takes the “love is war” approach. As soon as Hinata was down and out at the relief seen in Misaki’s eyes, Usui gave off a playful bark to snap him out of it and get him motivated to struggle on. Granted, Hinata already feels like he’s lost once reminded of how his middle school friends suggested that he better be prepared for the possibility that Misaki already has a boyfriend by the time he finds her, but it did spare him getting extremely depressed about it on the spot. Regardless, this may very well be the conclusion of Hinata’s role in the anime, as the focus is now shifting to the Yumesaki school festival that Sakura convinced Misaki and Shizuko to come watch Yumemichi perform live and meet the changed Kuuga. The real interest though is Usui ended up alone with Misaki as a result of Sakura and Shizuko getting swept away by rabid fans. With the next episode being the finale, it looks like the time they spend together and Usui giving Misaki a necklace is what this adaptation will conclude around. At this point, I can’t decide if her bright red face is more adorable or the look she has while being fed takoyaki, so it’s nice to know we get both next time.




    1. I hear ya. I’m hoping 100000% that this show gets a second season. Hell, Sekirei, Strike Witches, and Yumeiro Pâtissière were all green-lit for season seasons, so why not Maid-sama, I say? At the least, it stands as good a chance as the latter.

  1. Ah, can’t wait to see this chapter animated. o: I figured it’d make for a good way to end the anime. Sad to see this series come to a close though, but still looking forward to next week. x]

  2. Hinata is clearly done in the anime. I’m pretty sure he’ll feature prominently again in the manga (my prediction is that he’ll play the role of bringing Usui and Misaki back together even though he finally has an actual chance a.k.a. nice guys finish last syndrome)

    In the manga I interpreted that bark as trolling Hinata. Interesting how you took it…

    1. That’s because in the anime, Usui’s “woof” sounded somewhat funny, but when I read the manga, it felt like Usui was really toying with Hinata’s feelings. Well either way, I’m glad Usui is taking this seriously. I’m tired of those unrealistic images of guys and girls in anime who stick back because they don’t want to hurt rivals feelings. Usui isn’t a bad guy, but it’s about love and to be honest, it was Hinata who was butting in.

  3. This show was my favorite this season. It’s been so long since I had so many good laughs, Usui’s expressions are the best ever :] Even tho he is “a perfect guy” he is really different from typically “perfect guys”. I usually don’t like this kind of setting but Usui was really likeable, so was Misaki (tsundere, but she was absolutly authentic, not like a certain pinkhaired magic noble student), and also the rest of the cast. My hidden favorite is Misaki’s chief. Always a good laugh when she was attacked by the flowers of moe.
    As many others, I hope for a second season. There is more stuff to come and to cover,but for now, I’m looking forward for next weeks finale.

    Btw, I instantly felt reminded of Nodame Cantabile, lol.

  4. while I normally would enjoy the male lead completely dominates all rivals to no end in shows like this… I feel really bad for Hinata… guess he is just too much of a good guy to make people hate about him… Hinata, you will be remembered…

    Again, sad that the show will be over next episode… I am demanding for a second season now!!! 🙂

  5. Poor Hinata, you just can’t hate the guy, unlike most other love rivals of other manga romcom protagonists, who mostly just invoke a sense of “OMFG you can’t win so just GTFO already” amongst readers. 🙂

    Many new shows that started this season is in need of a second season, Ookami-san, Seitokai no Yakuindomo, Highschool of the Dead and this. We hardly even touched upon Usui’s backstory.

    (BTW, anyone noticed that creepy Afro moving amongst the crowd of Yumemichi fans during their concert? lol )

    Kinny Riddle
  6. Usui’s “Woof” in the manga was really hostile 😮 I’m surprised it seems so playful in the anime! But as we saw in last episode (when Misaki took out the garbage) JC changed some of Usui’s lines around. I think he’s a lot more likeable in the anime than the manga 😡 Or maybe we’re just so close to the end that JC wants to smooth out any wrinkles between the two characters? I can’t believe it ends so soon, tear.

    Ahh, Hinata ;_; We’ve all been there.

    Bleached Rukia
  7. man, i’m sad its ending soon. But yet happy in a way. The build up is getting very good. I’m really looking forward to the last ep cuz if they follow the manga closely, its gonna be awesome. 😀

    LOL~ Usui’s puppy dog eyes so reminded me of Puss-in-Boots in Shrek. Misaki’s subsequent reaction then proceeded to blow my mind~ XD

  8. And another show is coming to an end… damn. I guess it’s been a good ride so far. Hopefully next episode does bring some sort of closure, or at least sets itself up for a good 2nd season.

    There are a few shows I’d like more of, this being one of them. There’s others that I could care less for. Let’s just say I’m looking forth to next season as there are 3 sequels I’m looking forward to.

    Also… LOL at everyone’s comments about seeing dogs when Usui and Hinata mad dog each other.

  9. not sure how it is in the manga, but it’s kinda unfair for hinata’s past to be fleshed out that good while usui’s wasn’t in the anime. yeah, you’d feel bad for hinata coz you know his backstory, but should you be given the chance to take a peek at usui’s, im sure many will change their minds.

    1. I can tell you something about the two endings, well not much, but some.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  10. They’ll hopefully retain what happens in the festival. All of it. And then maybe this’ll end as nicely as I want it to despite the lack of Usui’s backstory.

    Surprised people thought Usui’s bark in the manga is somewhat hostile though. I took it as a sort-of-but-not-quite encouragement to Hinata. =/

  11. As complex a character as Hinata became, I’m glad his role in the story looks over and done with.

    And by the way the last episode appears to be, we won’t get any clear explanation for Usui’s past and the way he is. That is a definite wallbanger to the fans, especially when the two EDs hinted that it WILL be covered! What a cop out!

    I hope Sakura’s feelings are fulfilled though! I would hate to see a sweet girl be disappointed and used again!

  12. I really hope we get a second season, I haven’t read the manga, but just seeing all the stuff in the intro and end videos makes me want to see Usui’s backstory.

    I really really like that they didn’t try to make Hinata unlikeable. It’s so much better that it’s legitimately painful to watch him realize he’s lost. It’s so rare that we get that in shows, all the better that it happened in a show that I didn’t expect it from.

  13. It’s sad to see this series come to an end. But for love plots anime, it’s hard to continue after having the 2 together, that is to assume that the 2 of them get together. I’m guessing it should be more intense than how Okami ended, which was a little dissapointing.

    Final episode to come!

      1. No, it was episode 6. Btw, revealing a spoilers content with a spoilertag-less comment isn’T always a good thing 😉

        Regarding Kyuusei’s comment (Spoiler contains mayor informations about next episode):
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Usui’s background story isn’t fully revealed in the manga yet, that maybe the reason why they don’t want to make something up and wait for it to be done in the manga.

      2. “Btw, revealing a spoilers content with a spoilertag-less comment isn’T always a good thing ;)”

        Yeah, but if they’ve already kissed once, then them kissing again really hardly counts as a spoiler.

        And for the record, I’ve not read the manga myself, so even I don’t know why they’ll be kissing again, so it’s not like I have or could have revealed anything about the context behind that second kiss, be it a kiss of death, a goodbye kiss, wedding kiss, CPR, etc.

        Kinny Riddle
  14. 可愛そうな!!! I lost count of how many times I said that whenever I see Hinata’s dejected face. In the beginning, I’d love to see Misaki with Usui. But after watching this episode, I think she’d better off with Hinata. And yes, I spoiled myself by reading the manga in one sit. With the way the manga is going now, it feels like Hana Yori Dango all over again. If I were the mangaka, I’d twist the story and give a Hinata x Misaki ending. Lol. And then wait for the fan-rage. XD

  15. I love the running gag of the dogs facing off every time Hinata and Usui glare at each other, and how the other characters talk about ‘imagining dogs’ when that happens. Eventhough I know Hinata doesn’t stand a chance, I still respect the guy… what do they say about nice guys finishing last?


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