As you all know, since Omni’s retirement six months ago, Divine has been covering the past two seasons of anime nearly single handedly, taking on 11-16 shows a season and still managing to get posts out in a relatively timely and consistent manner. However, despite Divine’s seemingly unworldly level of dedication and conviction when it comes to blogging, he is still only one man and can only cover so much at one time. Due to time constraints and other issues, Kiiragi and Prooof are also only able to cover two shows a season, with the indefinitely running shounen series One Piece and Bleach being among them. So, after hearing about how Divine was looking for someone with a diverse taste in anime to cover a more broad array of shows for the site, I decided to offer my help in this endeavor. In doing so, I hope to please the readership of this blog by providing a more broad coverage of anime seasons and satiate my own desire to voice my opinions of the latest anime on a medium other than forum discussion threads.

In terms of my anime history, I’m sure it started out similarly to what many of you reading this post experienced. My “anime fascination”, as I like to call it, began with Toonami (rest its soul), watching great action anime series such as Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo!, and Sailor Moon. While I was a bit too young to completely understand the plot of the shows and what was really happening, I was still fascinated by the artistic expression and emotion in the shows. I didn’t fully comprehend what I was watching, but I knew that it was certainly different from the cartoons I had become accustomed to on Nickelodeon. Eventually, after years of watching the same reruns of anime classics on Toonami and Adult Swim, I wanted to experience more recent anime and discuss them among other fans somehow, as anime wasn’t exactly a widely discussed phenomenon where I lived. After hours of Google searching and Wikipedia browsing, I discovered anime such as Full Metal Panic! and Shakugan no Shana that weren’t aired on mainstream American television. This of course led to even more searching and browsing, and it wasn’t long before I stumbled across the very vibrant online anime community through various forums. I then began a mad dash to watch as many series as I possibly could within my time constraints, watching well over a month’s worth of anime instead of doing more productive things with my time, such as socializing in real life.

That leads me to my history on this site. About two years ago, during the aforementioned anime sprint, I learned of the concept of anime seasons. While trying to find out more about the “season” that was airing at the time as well as past seasons, I stumbled across my first anime blog, Random Curiosity, around the time Divine had just joined to help out Omni. Since then, I’ve followed this place very closely, reading Omni and Divine’s impressions of anime after watching an episode of a series as a sort of ritual. As such, it’s a bit surreal for me to be typing this post introducing myself on this very same blog right now. I can only hope that my thoughts and impressions can influence someone the way that Omni and Divine have influenced me.

As for my specific tastes in anime, you can get a good idea of my past exploits from viewing My Anime List, but as I alluded to earlier I have a very diverse taste and am willing to watch nearly anything short of primary school shows. I don’t mind watching an anime that most people would write off immediately just going off of synopsis or promo images, as I am a firm believer in tasting things fully before declaring they suck. Whether it be action, slice-of-life, drama, romance, comedy, psychological, or even your KyoAni moe shows such as K-ON and Haruhi, I’m up for watching anything.

Concerning a blogging schedule, I plan on covering anything that Divine isn’t. I’m not 100% sure on what his anime list for fall season is but judging from how similar our lists for summer are, I’m imagining we’ll end up watching much of the same shows. As of right now, the only shows that I’m definitely blogging are Index II and Panty & Stocking. Ideally, I would like to cover around 6-7 shows this season but that will have to be left for after Divine makes his final decisions and the rest of the writers divide the remaining shows. That said, the fall season is still a couple weeks off and in the mean time I’m going to bring RC up-to-date on a few OVA series, so watch out for that.

Whoo, that’s quite the wall of text, sorry about that. Thankfully though, the only thing left is the obligatory Japanese. “Kono Suzuku wa mada amai no de yasashiku shite kudasai~” 「このスズクはまだ甘いので優しくしてください~」


*Note: Even though I’m currently studying Japanese, my vocabulary is still not up to snuff to watch most anime without flipping through a dictionary, so I’ll be using subs for now.


      1. Toonami really got me into anime besides DBZ. I think we share that in common with alot of fans but my first anime was when I rented Ninja Scroll thinking it was just like DBZ and boy was I blown away.

      2. Lol. I actually felt the exact same way when I read your post; your anime history sounds eerily similar with mine, though there are a couple notable differences.

        I didn’t see Rurouni Kenshin in there on the Toonami portion, which saddened me a little; Rurouni Kenshin was probably THE anime, along with Cowboy Bebop, that really helped me get more into the anime fandom.

        I was kind of surprised seeing you become a writer here. Although Omni is gone, it’s refreshing seeing new writers on this blog.

        Ganbatte! がんばって!

    1. I definitely agree. I guess most of us started out this way.

      Reading your post reminds me of mad libs. Just replace a few words and bam! You have pretty much my history as well.

      Anyway glad to see this. More is more and is definitely better.

  1. Hahaha, I remembered thinking you would come onboard for the Fall Season, Suzuku.
    Welcome would be a bit off since I’ve shared and read your comments in the past. I’ll just say good luck and will certainly feel you will be a good addition to the RC cast.
    D, do I hear a slight sigh of relief?

    1. Thanks for the compliments, I’m glad someone other than Divine actually read my comments. :p

      And the big guy will still have a lot on his plate this fall, so there won’t be too much champaign popping for him. He’ll probably reap the benefits when Winter Season roles around though.

    1. Well, my tastes and approach to anime are actually pretty similar to Divine’s so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to provide too much in the way of a different perspective, but I’ll try to shake things up just a bit. ;]

  2. Can’t wait to see your first entry! I also grew up on toonami, and now I have this place to help me keep track.

    I’ve found odd that a lot of the people who become bloggers on this site do little to no posting on this site prior to that, but whatever! Maybe I’m just missing something.

    Also, could it be possible for you to blog the Naruto anime? We have people covering both manga and anime for bleach and one piece, but just the manga for Naruto.

    Welcome aboard!

    1. I actually was considering blogging Naruto: Shippuuden for the site and was even going to ask for feedback on the possibility in the post, but ended up deciding against it. I don’t want to make such a commitment as blogging an indefinite series like Naruto, which can get especially tedious when boring fillers pop up after every canon arc. I might consider blogging it every now and then if a part I really like from the manga is animated, but aside from that it’s not happening. Hopefully someone will blog the Naruto anime for RC someday, but that someone will probably not be me. At least in the near future.

    1. Well, Jaalin was the man for laughs on the site but he disappeared (again). I was a 4ch denizen so I could probably do some funny stuff, but I want to keep it mostly srs bsns here. I might do a couple suspect “lol posts” if I’m blogging a comedy though. :p

  3. I hope you cover UraBoku because I loved it when Divine covered it and I was very sad an dissapointed when it was dropped because there was NO OTHER GOOD SITE that covered it with good quality screenshots. So please cover UraBoku!

  4. The moment I saw that Index light novel image I knew something epic was going to happen.

    Welcome, Suzuku! You’re the same Suzuku on animesuki forums, right? I enjoy discussing the Index light novels with you and everyone else there, so it really was surprising to see you sudden;y introduce yourself as the new RC blogger. I’m very much looking forward to your thoughts on how they’ll animate Index II as well as the other shows you’re blogging. Also, I’m glad Divine finally got another blogger because the number of shows he covered before was insane.

    1. Thanks, you’re Yukirosuzuka, right? Glad to see you’re forward to the posts, I’ll do my best to provide insightful Index blogs.

      And Divine will actually be covering even more anime than he is this season (by about one series) since fall has so many anime, but he’ll be able to relax and reap the benefits of having extra hands when Winter roles around.

  5. im just starting to watch Index I so Im really looking forward to each and every Index II posts of yours for its coming season! Good Luck! and yeah, you’re not the only one who was influenced by Divine.. there are a lot of us here! hehehe!

  6. Welcome and hope to read ur blogs soon! ~_^ Any chance you would blog Fairy Tail/Hitman Reborn/Nurarihyon No Mago, those are really good and about the only shounen shows that aren’t being blogged here. Considering that you do give most animes a shot regardless of other peoples’ opinions of them or instead of just deciding by watching a trailer, I thought you might be interested/would blog them. I would really appreciate it if you could and it would give me one more reason to come to Random C 😀

    But I understand if you have a problem or don’t want to. Thanks in advance and welcome once again!

    1. Nurarihyon is already being blogged by Prooof. I did follow Katekyoushi but I’ve put it on my hold list since I lost interest. Fairy Tail is also on my hold list. Even if I were up-to-date with them, I probably wouldn’t blog them because they’re indefinite series and I’d rather not make a long term commitment to blogging a show since it can get boring later on. The only exception I might make for this is Beelzebub when it’s anime airs in January, since the story is still fresh even in the manga.

  7. Welcome~
    Good Luck with all that blogging. X.X It’ll be nice to see a lot of the shows I watch get blogged on here too (I watch pretty much everything (including some kids shows)). Just don’t burn yourself out. 🙂

    Irational Promise
    1. …and i am Happy, how the things flowing… Omni Dream is keeping up. In your Work. Gambata ne. Gambata… *Snief* (Remebers of the Days as Omni was alone bloging. Great that you took some advices)

    1. I wouldn’t mind, but I’d have to ask Divine about it. He doesn’t want me taking on too much at one time especially since I’m just starting, and it would be odd to just suddenly start blogging Shiki half way through it’s run.

      1. I’d be all for someone blogging Shiki, since it’s my favorite anime of the season, but yeah, probably a better idea to start it slow. Maybe you blog about it, once it’s over or something.

    1. Odd question, but the only language I’m completely fluent in is English. I know some latin since I took three years of it (which is why I was able to reply to that Spanish post) and I know a fair amount of Japanese. In the latter’s case, I know the grammar fairly well (although it can still use a lot of work) but my Kanji and vocab knowledge is severely lacking for the most part.

  8. RC was the first blogging site of anime and also the first site that got me fitted into seasons. Hopefully i’ll enjoy reading your posts just as much as Divine, Kiiragi and Prooof’s post. Maybe a possible run through of what happened so far in Shiki and then do the episode summaries if you do consider doing it.

  9. Randomc was my first blog as well and now I’ve fallen into reading the tradition of needing to read the entry after every episode. (Which gets kind of annoying when your trying to marathon. xD)

  10. I recommend you Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal!

    It’s Samurai X but in a whole new level.

    Lots of drama blood and action.

    ps: Just noticed… we like the same characters: Archer / Lelouch / Touma …

  11. Oh this is great! Expand this wonderful site. 😀 And might this be the Suzuku that has been posting a lot in the shoutbox perhaps? You had a blue-ish avatar then (I think) so I didn’t notice at first. x) (if it.. really is the same Suzuku of course).

  12. Welcome! Seeing all these people become a part of RC makes me wish I could contribute as well. Although, I’m not quite confident enough in my writing ability. Perhaps I’ll work at it a bit and send off an application. Maybe I’ll start hosting the site for Divine to save him money=).

  13. LOL!! u nigga’s should get paid for this hahahahaha!! but thanks and good luck! ur tastes seem compatible with mine…meaning, u probably can do no wrong…DAMN I MISS OMNI!!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  14. Oh look, it another one of the usual suspects 🙂

    Welcome, I remember you from the shout box and the AS forums, I never would’ve guessed that you’d consider a job at this blog but here you go.

    I’m certain that I’ll enjoy reading what you have to say, though I’m intrested, will you be doing only anime or will you sneak in some manga? Will you revive the Random Musing section or will you start something new? Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll do good work.

    oh and one other thing
    ”despite Divine’s seemingly unworldly level of dedication and conviction when it comes to blogging, he is still only one man and can only cover so much at one time”

    this made me chuckle a bit, as after all, The Divine is relentless. He(?) can not be bargained with, can not be reasoned with. Doesn’t feel pain, remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until every anime is bloged! How can it be too much for him(?) He is a machine. Anything he watches, he bloges.

    1. I actually started filing some of my recent posts under Random Musings. The category was normally reserved for Omni’s sole use, but I guess it falls on me now.

      As for blogging, thanks for the interesting depiction, but I actually don’t blog everything I watch anymore. We can still pretend that I do though. >_>

    2. RC has always been primarily an anime exclusive blog, and I think it’s best to leave it that way for now. The holy trinity is obviously a bit of an exception, since they’re so popular, but aside from them I don’t think anymore manga blogging is necessary here. So, until the day that Divine decides he wants to expand RC’s repertoire further by adding manga, I don’t plan on blogging any for this site.

      As for Random Musings, I think Divine will have that covered.

  15. I can only imagine that surreal feeling. I always wished to become a better writer. So much in fact that I would have more confidence in my conversational skills. To have something interesting to say whenever I talk to someone. ^^; But I was never good at that. So I gave up on that dream. Your “autobiography” (as labeled) kinda inspired me again though. :] I remember Toonami. I remember watching those shows with childish ignorance, and I remember my time-consuming searches for memorable shows like Big O, Trigun, and Rurouni Kenshin. R.C. was not the first anime blog I have attended but it was the first one I bookmarked. (lol) All the others just didn’t click. At all.. D:

    Anyway, glad to see you step up to the plate. And just in time for the new season! I was wondering how in Satan’s name Divine, Proof, and Omni would cover the overwhelming amount of shows airing this time around. D; To be honest, it made me worry about the stability of the site. So yeah.. really glad to see the staff get a helping hand. :}

    p.s. What ever happened to Jaalin?

    (Big O, Trigun, and Rurouni Kenshin were the first shows I ever watched.)

    1. Those who are familiar with jaalin should know he comes and goes whenever. I was surprised I actually got two posts out of him.

      As for the fall season, I was actually planning to cut back my load even further and would’ve been fine with slightly less content site, but figured readers have grown accustomed to the level of coverage in the past six months.

      1. Really, now? I didn’t know he contributed so little. With all the attention he gets whenever he does come around during the blue moon, you’d think he founded the site. :1

        Your outlook for the Fall Season is kinda tough to take in..(One show a season is a scary thought. >>”) Honestly speaking, I’m glad it didn’t have to come to that. –spoiled
        My gratitude definitely goes to Suzuki-san and Takaii-san for their initial reassurance. ^^;

  16. Welcome aboard, mate. Anyone new contributor that helps lessen the load on Divine so that he does not burn out too quickly and allow RC to last for as long as it takes is most welcome.

    Who knows, Divine may one day have to pass the torch that he received from Omni to one of you guys. 😉

    I wish I could join the contributing, but I’m not yet confident with my Japanese (will be taking the N1 exam in December), as well as other personal circumstances. So I guess I’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I’m studying it myself for now. I plan to take classes when I get the opportunity, although I’ll probably breeze through my first year and maybe even half way through the second at this point.

      1. I also wish to self-study. I have a friend who speaks the language and makes for a good teacher but I don’t see him often. If you don’t mind me asking, what materials and resources are you using to learn?

  17. Welcome welcome welcome! I’m so happy RC is still drawing in new bloggers! Divine has been doing such a superb job, but I’m sure that he could use some help, so a big THANK YOU to you, Suzuku!


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