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OP: 「Theme for Panty & Stocking」 by Hoshina Anniversary
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「仁義なき排泄」 (Jingi Naki Haisetsu)
“Excretion Without Honor and Humanity”

Gainax’s Gurren Lagann team is back, and this time with a series completely out of the ordinary. In the decade that I’ve been watching anime, never have I seen something quite like Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. It’s been referred to by many as an “ecchified Powerpuff Girls“, a characterization that isn’t too far off the mark. Certainly, in comparison to today’s anime, PSG’s artistic direction is more in-line with western-styled kid’s cartoons, with blocky appendages and uneven body parts making up the series’ overall character design structure. Gainax has even adopted the two episode per airing model with this series, only further enforcing the similarities.

That being said, this show is anything but for kids, with Panty (Ogasawara Arisa) being a sex loving slut and Stocking (Ise Mariya) possessing a mouth that would make Revy herself cry. If that weren’t enough, the world around them is also extremely vulgar, being located in Daten City, a fictional location which lies on the border of Heaven and Hell. In this city, all kinds of unbelievably grotesque and evil “spirits” are born that reek havoc on the populace. As a counter measure against this, the heavens supposedly have sent Panty & Stocking to combat the spirits and keep the city and it’s inhabitants safe. The wisdom of this decision by god may come into question, with Panty and Stocking being a force of destruction themselves. If you were to give this series an airing time and station on American TV, the only thing I could think of is a late night Adult Swim slot with Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which definitely says something about the maturity level of the content.

The first episode serves to demonstrate the destructiveness of Panty and Stocking, wasting no time in showing that even their morning wake up routine isn’t a peaceful affair, and when on the job they’re liable to attack random people out of no where, only to fuck them later on. It’s a wonder that the reverend Garterbelt (Ishii Kouji) manages to get them to do anything helpful, or even productive, at all, with Panty more interested in discussing how great morning wood is and Stocking only wanting to get more sugar in her system. I suppose it must help to have their oddly shaped dog, Chuck, to keep around, who is strikingly similar to the disguise that Gir used to hide his true form in Invader Zim (galaxy hopping perhaps). Of course, when they do move out they do it in style with their Humvee, dubbed the “See Through”.

The madness doesn’t end with the characters themselves, as in a testimony to the possibility that this may be one of the most disturbing anime ever created, Panty is eaten by her own toilet and spat back out in a gush of toilet water and feces. I’m sure I’m not the only one who shared Garterbelt and Stocking’s reaction to seeing Panty walk out covered in shit, which I was amazed was able to get pass the censoring process. Hell, I’m amazed half of the stuff in this pilot was able to get pass censoring. However, not even that showcase could have prepared me for the stripperific Mahou Shoujo transformation we got from Panty and Stocking as they were preparing to fight this episode’s evil spirit. I was pretty surprised, witnessing such a stark turn in animation style in just the flick of a frame. If this turns into a running gag, I’m certainly looking forward to more lovely sudden shifts in the future.

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Episode 2

「デスレース2010」 (Desurēsu 2010)
“Death Race 2010”

I would think that there is a limit to how many times a person can have sex in one day, but apparently Panty knows no such limit, burning the midnight desires in the middle of the day. Never mind we’re talking about an ANGEL here. At the very least I suppose she doesn’t have to worry about catching STDs and AIDs… in theory. You get the sense that she loves wood more than her own sister though, almost being too lazy to get out of bed to help Stocking while she’s busy fighting a spirit on the highway by herself. In the end I suppose she was a pretty cool bro sis, but it’s still suspect why exactly Stocking was fighting all alone in the first place. This time, rather than a toilet dwelling piece of feces, the spirit is a little spider-like creature that merges with vehicles to cause accidents on the highway.

The chase scene in this episode was superb, with a bit of Gurren Lagann coming out of Panty when she hit the train and shot into the window. This action scene caught me off guard a bit, as I wasn’t expecting the action in this show to actually be worthy of calling “pretty awesome”. Even though it’s obviously all in good fun, there was still something exhilarating about watching Panty and Stocking race down a highway fighting against a speeding truck while using guns and swords to tear everything up in their path. The shameless sexual innuendos that were being tossed around while all of this was going on only made it more entertaining for me, making for a very interesting mix of actually good action and laughable dialog. Even though we didn’t get any stripper Mahou Shoujo transformations this time around, I’m hoping they don’t completely go away.

Overall, this first airing has definitely left… some kind of impression on me. On one hand I think the fact that Gainax is able to get away with such brazen material is awesome, but on the other hand I’m left thinking “WTF just happened”. That in itself is not a bad thing, and is really one of the charms of this show. The craziness, from the plot right down to the art style, appears to be the main appeal of this show and is probably what will keep me watching it in the coming weeks. Despite the suspect material, I must admit I was thoroughly entertained by Panty pulling over every man she came across, Stocking raving about sugar and verbally abusing Panty, and Garterbelt yelling at the two to stop slacking off. This show is definitely out of the ordinary and more than a bit funky, but it’s won me over just for that reason.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Fallen Angel」 by Aimee B
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*Note: The episode titles are puns based off of movies. Episode one’s title, “Exertion Without Honor and Humanity” is a play on the movie “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” while episode 2, “Death Race 2010”, is play on “Death Race”.

**Note: The Crunchyroll translation of the anime is very liberal, inserting profanity and making the language used more vulgar than the original Japanese intended. Keep that in mind as you watch the anime if you are using CR’s simulcasts.


  1. Indeed Wat?!? Well I imagine CR’s translation is what it would be like if it was dubbed in English. Also did you notice that the Japanese dialogue was censored even though nothing seemed censored in the subs?

  2. I almost think the environment is funnier than our two leads in this one. I mean I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the fat cop hanging out the window (talk about american police stereotype) I might actually have to add this one to my list this season.

  3. Can’t really see anything good or special about the title. It’s just a raunchified Cartoon Network cartoon.

    If raunchiness is something to be considered as “mature”, then I feel sad for the seinen titles out there which this one clearly is not.

    1. Haven’t seen it (and, depending on my schedule, maybe I never will), but isn’t that pretty much the point of this show: to be so over the top that it manages to leap over its own offensiveness? I liked stuff like Robot Chicken, so maybe that’s why I’m still expressing a bit of an interest in this.

      Captain Guest
  4. “Darkhorse”? Please. From the humor standpoint, this is the only horse, since this horse drugged half the horses’ hay, and has her slutty sister back at the stables f**king the other half’s brains out while the race is going on.

    This was an absolute blast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Japanese studio do such an original (and twisted) homage… And I can’t wait for more… ^_^

  5. After watching this ep.

    First part was horrid except for the transformation scene which was full of win… I didn’t know what to say. 2nd part was fun though I haven’t seen the type of excitement that TTGL ep 1 brought to me.

    Will watch 2nd episode to judge if I should stick with this series.

    1. Completely in agreement with Mega. I went in discarding the fact the Cartoon Network’s graphic style and expecting something different with all for the possible raunchiness and fun action.
      I got to say I tried really hard to just like it but still my impression is pretty lukewarm for this start of the series. The transformation scene is great but that was pretty much the only graphic highlight reminding me I was watching an anime. To be honest, I am not a Ren and Skimpy nor a PPG fan and even if I attempted to overlook the graphic style of things, I really had been lying to myself. I mean seriously, it’s right there, irking right in front of my face.
      I am going to watch another couple of episodes and see if this series will end up in my dropzone.

  6. oh come after seeing ep.1 well um oh KLAC (bleeping) yes now that is the (bleeping) anime really more bangs for your watching your worths.

    cause really this really like another unexpected (bleeping) anime hit to watch.

    besides it’s bring in a new (bleeping) level so far it’s truely of the whole mother (bleeping) anime fall 2010 to watch.

    yea this really f’n rocks as one of best f’n anime ever PERIOD.

  7. 18+ pp girls? what have you all been smoking?? its impossible…
    watches the raw…
    collecting the jaw from the floor…
    last time saw such absurd anime was FLCL
    Gainax strikes again!

  8. Well, this is… weird. Seeing an anime with a Western style! The men have pointy noses and dot eyes on occasion. Though, GAINAX’s animation has been pretty Western to begin with, so I would expect no one but them to try this.

  9. After watched first episode i pass, using yankee stereotype in an anime is not my cup of tea. Hope fot the sake of gainax that this will be the first and the last work with this crazy artwork and animation.

  10. THIS ANIME is A HOLY SHIT! GARBAGE! dropped!

    i hate the style of nickelodeon or cartoon network… this is the super nenas anime!

    An anime for junkies, canis etc etc. i cant find the funny thing or comedy in this bajun anime.

  11. Okay, on closer inspection, it doesn’t seem as bad as I originally thought it was. The only problem here is there seems to be a blatant addition and overuse of vulgarities and American slang. Other than that, it’s respectably accurate.

    Now, on to more important things, it’s actually interesting to see some people go on how they didn’t like how far Gainax strayed from the norms of Japanese animation in terms of style and animation when most of these same people always complain that Anime isn’t avant-garde enough.

    Personally, while this was a huge step away from the norm, I simply loved the Animation style and character designs. Not to mention, the concept and action scenes were brilliant.

    1. Yo, THANKS for adding that extra clip! I was actually going to go back and clip it from the show myself! That scene was HAWTJIZZ! I couldn’t help but smile and laugh from awe and excitement at how the style changed. (I’m actually still feeling the side effects of such awesomeness. That artist is facking brilliant, mate~!) And that SONG! I can’t wait till the soundtrack gets released. WOOOOOOOO!!!! 8D

      MY MAN, Suzuku! Bloggin’ it ROIGHT!!

      1. Yo THANKS Divine! xDD

        On another note, I wanted to ask about the screenshots. When I click on them, they seem kinda fuzzy. Did you upload the images in standard definition? D: (I wanted to put some of the shots on my iPod Touch as little make-believe anime apps.) :3

  12. i wasn’t planning on watching this series but i checked out the first episode out of boredom… mind = blown. the art style isn’t as bothersome as i expected it to be, and the stripper transformation certainly is a nice addition. i’m actually rather glad CR is taking liberties with the translation, being that japanese doesn’t have a lot of words that directly translate into the kind of vulgarities we use in english. like sealouse, it’s the tone of their speech that gives me the impression we’d be hearing a lot of (bleeped-out) f-bombs if the show were originally recorded in english.

    also, strippers. yay, strippers!

    diet otaku
  13. This show has a LOT going on all at once – the pacing is maddeningly fast. There is something to WTF over every…second…prettymuch. I love that this show is here to just provide crazy, violent, indulgent fun. The animation and music are GORGEOUS. It may not be as “anime-like” as some people are complaining about, but that doesn’t automatically make it bad. I like seeing an anime that takes chances with an unique art style~ …That being said, art will always be subjective and it’s pointless to say “you should like this” because not everyone will agree. But it’s just…so…beautiful! XDDD

    …I think I’m still a bit loopy after watching this <_<

  14. At first I fear that this will be one of those weird creepy show catering to some otakus with cute fetish… Now this is something good to watch! I haven’t seen a series with so many ‘wtf just happened?’ scenes before, and that’s in a good way. Vulgar but actually entertaining beyond its shock factor (which is what too many Adult Swim show doesn’t manage to accomplish…)

    I think I can look forward to watching this every week!

  15. Shame on the non believers.. i saw everybody on forums and utube bitching about this anime and his “powerpuffesque” style was shit,.. granted.. u can think this was going to suck with the screenshots only (i was like wtf gainax at the time) .. but after i saw the first trailer i knew this was going to be some crazy awesome shit..its the Gurren Lagann team people!

    im glad they tried something different (as usual in gainax). in an anime world where 90% of the series is moe shit, and retarded fan service

  16. This was so incredibly over the top, ridiculous, and original. I wasn’t planning on watching this but now I HAVE to get more of this. I do question their naming sense though(Garterbelt is such a LOL name for that guy).

    The action scenes were awesome. I especially loved the part when Stocking cut the truck in half with her sword.

  17. Well, from that (very enjoyable) transformation sequence I now know why they are named Panty and Stocking. On that note, I never want to see the reason why Garterbelt is named as such.

  18. I thought this series was pretty funny and the graphics were amazing. The character design made me remember powerpuff girls and chuck as Gr from invader zim. I thought some of tne comedy was pretty funny. I was shocked on some of the sex jokes and reference as well as other things but GAINAX still pulled it off yet again. I especially liked the characters voice acting and the character designs. Especially, when Panty and Stocking tranformed. That was intense to watch. Same goes with the ending song that made the series seem less mature
    I hope to watch more episodes and keep to date with the episode posts.
    For now i must fly away and watch more series at the moment. 😛

  19. I was completely surprised when I watched this. I was expecting a Power Puff Girls rehash taken to 18+ territory, but it wasn’t…

    The humor was there, the action there, the over-the-top animation and dialogue was there. It made me feel good (I guess that’s the right words). It reminded me of simpler times when cartoon USED to be fun to watch in the US.

    This anime was pretty damn good and censorships be damned, I’ll still watch it. And, that magical transformation sequence puts a whole NEW spin on mahou shoujo transformations. XD

    *is reminded of Panty’s transformation…*

    *dies a happy death*

    Damn you Gainax for making another good and equally enjoyable anime. It’s experimental. It’s audacious. It’s brilliantly funny. And, the art style is actually pretty good. You don’t need detailed drawings or fluid animation for this, this was just done right and is completely fitting. It gave me another reason why I like anime– freedom from the norm (aka US-style/US-puritanized cartoons).

  20. LOL!!!!!!! i think i just wtfbombed and second i really like the ending song its really nice.
    and the transformations scene made me feel dirty just watching it I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!


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