OP Sequence

[flv:Tegami_Bachi_REVERSE_OP.mp4 512 288]

OP: 「小さな魔法」 (Chiisana Mahou) by ステレオポニー (Stereopony)

Mmm, foreshadowing in the opening sequence.

Gauche Suede, who now believes he’s a Marauder named Noir.

「約束」 (Yakusoku)

As a direct continuation to the story that left off six months ago, the only thing that’s keeping this feeling like an actual sequel is the new title, REVERSE. To start, they spent a good chunk of time recapping how season one ended off. Lag had finally come into contact with Gauche after investigating the town of Honey Waters, only to find out he has no memories of his past and believes he’s a Marauder named Noir. In terms of new revelations, the man claiming to be someone who “couldn’t become a spirit” is revealed to be Lawrence (Yusa Kouji), and the one that convinced Gauche he’s a Marauder when he was amnesic. Not all that surprising to say the least, given how the opening sequence and just about everything else makes it plainly obviously that Noir is Gauche. What I did really enjoy about this episode though is how it served as a quick reintroduction to all the characters and the perpetually dark world of Amberground, and how I hadn’t had enough of them in this surreal story. On a subtle level, it got me more excited about this series than I thought I’d be, which yes, includes seeing Lag crying his eyes out.

In the little bit of development that did take place, we had Niche feeling like she failed Lag as his dingo and Sylvette learning that her missing brother’s still alive — the latter of which was pretty cute because Sylvette’s pretty adorable when she’s crying. Hearing Fujimura Ayumi playing Niche again was a bit odd at first, because I was immediately reminded of Ayuzawa Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid-sama after listening to her voice that role for the past six months. The voice she uses is different, but it’s still one that I’ve come to instinctively associate with Ayumi. That’s what having ears for seiyuu voices gets me. In any case, the focus looks like it’s going to shift to going after Niche who’s resigned from her dingo position by giving Lag’s underwear back to him, which probably won’t be too big of a deal but I’m still interested in seeing what comes from that. As for the new opening and ending themes/sequences, I liked Stereopony’s song on the very first listen. The ending song by Piko is pretty good as well, but what really caught my attentiong was the ending sequence itself. The serious-looking shadowy shots of Lag, Niche, Gauche, and Roda were a really nice touch.

As for the rest of the episode…


Lag takes a point-blank Shindan and comes out unscathed for the most part.

A chance encounter with Jiggy Pepper saves Niche from carrying Lag all the way back to the Bee Hive.

Memories of how Gauche became Noir of the anti-government association Reverse.

Lag’s troubled over how he was unable to bring Gauche back with him.

Steak willing to be turned into one to cheer up Lag.

Sylvette and Lag were made for one another.

Zazie arrives just in time to get some screen time in the premiere episode.

Niche at a loss on what to do as she overlooks the town. What a spectacle!


ED Sequence

[flv:Tegami_Bachi_REVERSE_ED.mp4 512 288]

ED: 「勿忘草」 (Wasurenagusa) by ピコ (Piko)

Roda’s a bit scandalous in that pose. I like.


  1. Finally, the best show of the season :3 I’ve missed Dr Thunderland, Lloyd and Jiggy so much T_T Yay! Hopefully, this time it will stick to manga without any fillers… Though even fillers in this series are nice to watch.

  2. Now this is much better. Less text in between pictures other then the caption text if I have to say none. One set of text paragraphs in between, now I definitely loving this format, even though you’re not done yet I think (I’m assuming you’re posting episode summary later on).

    Sora no Kaze
    1. I’m done. This is supposed to be my condensed format for Tegami Bachi. I may have even less screen captures for future episodes. The “summary” if any, will come from the captions while walking through the images.

      1. I see. I was going to mention that, but I wasn’t sure if it was or not as you put for the rest of the episode…, I somehow thought there was going to be a written summary. Still this is great. Hopefully this format will develop and become even better.

        Sora no Kaze
  3. I absolutely love the new opening song! Besides that, I was hoping the second season would get off to a quick start, but after watching the preview for the 2nd episode, it looks like we’ll have to deal with Niche and her pants problem first. Still, I’m looking forward to how the story will play out now that we have a bit more information on Gauche and the anti-government organisation. Hopefully they will shed some light on Lag’s mum as well!

  4. I don’t know why I can’t get into this series. I want to but there’s something about it that doesn’t pull me in.
    I think Shigofumi may have something to do with it. (ADORED Shigofumi & the OST by the way.)

    1. to each his own Dude, ain’t nothing wrong with dat! i personally can’t put into words what draws me in “maybe niche…or more” but i like it. it’s sooo cooooool having different tastes and discovering what they are.

      BROOKLYN otaku
  5. Yay the second season. Okay the ED, I must say that Lag does not look 13, he looks like he’s 15 or older.

    So excited and god if it follows the manga we’ll have a few more seasons.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. I think there will be less fillers this time round, since they don’t have to play catch-up with the manga. And judging by shots from the promo and opening, they plan on covering a lot of stuff =D

    I was a little sad they spent so much time with “last time on Tegami Bachi” (yay reused footage), but guess they wanted to stop at the point to cover Niche’s story next ep.

  7. YEOOSHHH SEASON 2!! It’s just as gorgeous as I remember it~ On one hand the recap was a bit long but on the other hand I like that it opened up with a particularly emotional scene. I have high expectations for this season~

  8. Man, I never knew Nana Mizuki voiced Sylvette until now – mostly because I never paid attention to seiyuu voicing before I actually took notice of all the casting in your posts. Now I’m starting to be able to recognise seiyuu voicing between series.

    See, what you’ve done to me? T.T

  9. Where are the OP/ED links for download? Can you add them to these new posts like you use to?? I thought that was a great addition. Other that that I like the new take to things. Thanks!

  10. D:
    i love stereopony’s op… but piko.
    he can sing way better than this… and he should have been able to use both his girl AND guy voice in one song… or if not, there should have been a larger range… he can do much btr… and the stupid song is restricting it.
    this sucks to the max.
    i thought this was going to be piko’s awesum start.
    lets just hope it doesnt go downhill from there.


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