While the previous chapter had pretty much foreshadowed an encounter between Kabuto/Orochimaru and the Tsuchikage Oonoki, I wasn’t expecting things to cut to the chase so soon this week. Most of this chapter centered around Naruto and Bee’s idiocy, but did set the stage for the upcoming battle with a resurrected Deidara who’s going to be taking on his former village’s leader. Interestingly enough, the whole rogue ninja versus a village leader bit reminds me a lot of Sasori and Chiyo’s fight, so I’m sort of expecting a flashback to Deidara and Oonoki’s backstory at some point in the near future. It would make up for Deidara’s lack of one after going out with a bang against Sasuke, which will hopefully give some more depth to his character’s obsession with art (…even in death). Aside from Naruto and Bee checking out giant animals’ junk, the other big revelation is that Kabuto was able to recreate a copy of Manda after Sasuke sacrificed the giant snake to save his own skin against Deidara C0 suicidal attack.

As things stand now, I really can’t see Kabuto being taken out of the picture when he’s been alluded to as a villain above Madara, which suggests that if anyone’s going to die in the upcoming battle(s), it’s going to be the resurrected Deidara or Oonoki. The series hasn’t exactly been shy about killing off village leaders at the hands of Akatsuki, so I can definitely see the old man with the bad back pulling off some valiant deed to protect Naruto and Bee. Of course, I’d much rather see the bad guys’ plans successfully thwarted for a change, rather than things going exactly as Madara planned every step of the way. For once, it’d be nice to know that something our protagonists did actually set him back. Even when Akatsuki members are killed off, Madara tends to shrug their deaths off as within his expectations. I guess I’ll find out soon enough if this is going to be another case of that, though I’m not holding my breath after learning that this whole arc is intended to get a Zetsu clone in Kabuto’s hands to experiment with and change the tides of the upcoming war even more.

* If it wasn’t apparent already, the post title is in reference to Naruto.


  1. It’s funny, I had completely forgotten that Orochimaru is still slowly taking over Kabuto before I read this post. I wonder how much that will figure into any future role he might have? (In any case, Kabuto should get rid of his glasses. They look a little dumb on his snakey-eyes.)

    I’m not sure I agree about Kabuto being “a villain above Madara,” though. Equal to maybe, but I feel like Kabuto isn’t ever going to be the main villain, no matter how strong he is.

      1. Noooo thanks… Kabuto is a little medical geek with sub-par power levels and wouldn’t have gotten as far as he has if not for his redeeming wit and sneakiness and scientific tampering. If any one should be the villain after Madara, it should be Sasuke, though I figure the series could end with both of them being taken out at the same time. Orochimaru had his day so for him to resurrect himself again through taking over Kabuto, is okay, but for him to return to the main villain spotlight would be just downright annoying considering he’s been several times outclassed by all these newer and more powerful villains, it would just feel like a hack in storytelling for Orochimaru to suddenly be the main concern again; plus Naruto can do without the Harry Potter parallel of having an immortal-hungry snake-themed villain.

        Considering that Jiraiya is already dead, Orochimaru should have his coffin nails screwed shut forever too, and then the question should remain on how to present Tsunade’s final grand stand.

        Tobi thus far has been an amazing villain in that he has a more interesting duality than Aizen – at least when he played the bumbling idiot sidekick of Deidara. Unlike Aizen, he has also been shown to be a highly vulnerable villain who is just as much in danger to falling at the hands of his enemies as they are to him – making him even more impressive in terms of intelligence and cunning.

        I like that he’s got that whole bad-influence dynamic with Sasuke but its not as though Sasuke – one of the most vindictive literary creations ever known to anime – had any trouble steering himself down the wrong path on his own. It’s just like Naruto had pondered about him: his need for revenge hasn’t died with Itachi, it only grows and grows with the hate inside him. He’s only hungry for more targets to distribute and justify his hatred. It may even come down to him turning on Madara again like he did Orochimaru. Madara’s plan of awakening the ten-tailed beast is highly irrelevant to Sasuke’s inherent desire to reciprocate the attempted genocide of his people back to Konoha – especially how it devolves down to a most personal level of killing Naruto and thus proving his point over his old teammate’s.

  2. No way, Orochimaru is immortal now, he’s more fierce than the 9 tails. He’ll come back either through his body parts or soul. Is there anything that can stop him other than the sharingan, I dont think so.

  3. how ridiculous for this chapter, more fillers. Why doesnt kabuto take on someone important. I dont even remember what country that old guy is from, and I already know it will be ignored later. And what is with naruto, studying ecology? Treating him like a kid in a war thats coming for him right now is going to bite them in the asses.

  4. I would like to see what Onoki would do. Dedera is now immortal practically so he can’t be killed, unless one is able to remove his soul like how the Third HOkage was able to do to the 1st and 2nd.

    code fanboy
  5. Somehow, I find it more likely that Orochimaru will join (or at least assist) Naruto’s side over him being a bigger enemy that Madara. Or he’ll be taken care of before the final confrontation with Madara.

  6. can anyone explain why the old man can fly? i hope it doesn’t turn into bleach, where suddenly everyone can use chakra to walk on air.

    anyway, the old man is kinda dumb to use bare-handed physical attacks against a poison user (even if it is a clone)…

    the author should have just let the dead remain dead. this edo-tensei cheat code means that from now on, deaths = no matter, let’s just bring him back again. cheap.

    ok in case kabuto dies, nvm, let’s just edo tensei him to edo tensei others, why not? seing that the jutsu doesn’t need a kekkai genkai, anyone who wants to learn it (with the sharingan) can copy it, no?

  7. I think Kabuto is planning on reviving Orochimaru by using Zetsu Clone. Probably he will offer his body to be eaten and this will create a new Orochimaru that’s fused with all the Akatsuki, that had fallen. perhaps this will create a perfect host?

    If Orochimaru was to reclaim the top as the main villain he will need the sharigan or the rinnegan which will require Either Tobi dead or they team up.

    I think that if tobi is defeated and Kabuto uses the clone to eat tobi than somehow transfers Orochimaru onto the clone who then gets taken over by Orochimaru than i can see it becoming a bit interesting

  8. Orochimaru is more like the brainiac of the justice league, infecting anyone who has chakra, which is pretty much all life forms in this world. Oh boy kishi you sure created a powerful villain

  9. I just come to the realization that the 6th Casket Kabuto summoned might be the 4th Hokage. I mean Madara was shocked by it, and from Naruto’s mom’s flash back, the 4th Hokage definitely is someone Madara would remember. I bet in the future he’s gona be used to fight Naruto at some point. Bastardly move.

    Anyway I really hope the Tsuchikage dont die here also, I kinda like all the Kage’s since the meeting, especially the Raikage’s piledriver and shoryuken, heh.

  10. Really? People still believe that there will be some sort of formidable villain in this manga?

    I mean , come on. kishi is too much in love with his Uchiha “Mary-Sue-I-create-stuff-out-of-nothing-use-cheats-and-have-all-abilities-andplot-moves-along-with-me” Madara, Kabuto will most likely be used to test out Naruto’s new and peaceful Tree-Hugging-Tree-Growing-Jesus-mode.

    1. not really Madara got pretty badly owned by Konan and had to use up one of his get of death free cards forever in order to win the fight

      Kabuto is not going to die here and the 6th coffin is not going to be the 4th he can use the 4th as random solider

      the 6th coffin directly threaten’s Madara’s plans and is somthing we will never be able to guess

      i still bet that Kabuto will take Madara’s spot as the main villain he is smarter then Madara and has something that can ruin his plans

      here is guess to what happen’s (it won’t happen but whatever)

      when Madara actually go’s out to war with his zetsu army. Kabuto sends some Zombies with Madara and stays behind at the base. he then steals Gedo Mazo and the 1st Hokage clone. Destroys Madara’s Sharringan collection and all the zetsu’s that are left and the Black Zetsu.


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