Episode 5

「キャットファイト・クラブ」 (Kyattofaito Kurabu)
“Catfight Club”

A little disappointed after the last bundle of episodes, seeing the title “Catfight Club” on a bar of soap gave me some surprise, never thinking I would ever see such a blatant reference to Fight Club in an anime. Can you blame me for believing a split second that anything resembling a Fight Club-esque plot would surface? Although if that were the case, I’d probably sneer at its attempt, so call me a hypocrite for that anyways. While the “Club” really had no purpose other than reference, “Catfight” is what this first half was all about, with Panty eating Stocking’s pudding as the catalyst to their irritations at each other, inevitably reaching the final straw. While the enemy was interesting this time around, what with the play on Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf (yes, I capitalized those, show some respect to classic tales), sibling rivalry plots are ridiculously overplayed. Perhaps it’s another decided choice to parody American shows, because I’ve seen “siblings fighting each other over a stupid thing” as an entire episode done one too many times. Since I don’t remember it ever occurring in anime (please do correct me if I’m wrong), it must have been in the American cartoons or Teenager sitcoms I inevitably (gee, I love this word) grew up watching. I’m hoping they come up with some more innovative plot lines, because the premise certainly allows it. Surprise us Gainax, or you’re going to lose watchers really really fast.

Fighting the ghouls seem to always be the highlight, with some flashy pans and interesting fight choreography. It’s not exactly near the excitement the speed maniac ghoul gave us, but the Hood/Wolf combo brought out some rather interesting scenes. While not exactly the fully fleshed out design (which should have been the obvious choice, tch), Stocking finds herself wrapped up in ropes while in a sailor outfit and enjoying it. Apparently, the sisters aren’t so different after all. Incidentally, Stocking wears shimapan.


Episode 6

「パルプ・アディクション」 (Parupu Adikushon)
“Pulp Addiction”

Wow, besides the title showing sperm surrounding an egg, this part starts off parodying Saving Private Ryan, with the narrator being “Portschach” (a reference to Watchmen), and sex puns sprinkled everywhere. Having no idea where this was going, all of a sudden gigantic tissue boxes started cumming over the horizon. The white soldiers disintegrate into a fluid like substance as the tissues make contact, and suddenly the metaphors cum together and hit me with the speed of ejaculatory fluid. At this point, I had forgot to take screencaps due to the ridiculous scene presented before me, and rewinded. With the second playthrough, I noticed even more things, such as penis shaped water formations, the mountain ahead forming an unshaved vagina (AND the clit, because obviously Gainax didn’t want us to get it confused for a mountain with lips), and how Portschach’s writing consists of sperm. I believe it’s safe to say now that sex was chosen to be the prevalent theme of this show. I’m sure I missed some things, such as General Scottie (notice how it says they were known for emphasizing their softness) being the name of the tissue brand, but this scene was layered rather thick with less than permeable white.. symbolism.

I had a little trouble holding my disgust with the next scene, with Garterbelt losing his tissues and describing why they’re better than the mouth Panty suggested. Yeah, Panty, I bet you’d like to help take his load off wouldn’t you? (thing is, she probably would, so slut jokes don’t work here) Another half fleshed out service scene with Panty was given, and I’m starting to wonder if they’re avoiding the more human like designs on purpose. Having Garterbelt’s afro turn big because he has sperm buildup made me feel a little vile, and the red color did not help, at all.

Whoever the first scene’s sperm came from, they all ended up turning into ghouls, and raided the nearby Scottie tissue factory in order to stop production. “Fly Away Now” makes a reappearance, and not surprisingly, without an updated stripper transformation. The Ghouls get beaten up pretty quick, followed by the now expected model explosion, and fittingly enough, we return to Portschach’s “world”. Portschach is now the succeeding leader, and with General Scottie defeated, he races forward to reach the “bush”. Things look good, until he gets stopped by a pink rubbery wall. Sperm, meet condom.

By the way, all the movies mentioned here are incredibly good movies that deserve a watch. If you haven’t seen them already, do give them a try, they’re sure to blow your mind, one way or another.



    1. WOW!! talk about feeling “LEFT OUT of the fun” I don’t get it…who is he?? is dat of importance? please share…is it the butterfly dude from busho renkin?? or are u talking bout the dude that appears to be giving “head-wop” to another dude???? either way its crazy

      BROOKLYN otaku
  1. Thank god I wasn’t the only who didn’t get what the opening was until the tissues… then everything made crystal clear sense lol. Ah The first half was meh, the latter was great. P&SwG ftw (wtb more transformation scenes!)

  2. I’M BACK ON IT!!!! this is a GREAT SHOW *adds to weekly get BLAZE list* …..the serene “friendship” ending in the first ep , and the “hitting the Jimmy wall” in the second MADE IT SOOOO.

    BROOKLYN otaku

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