If Kirino joined the discussion of her geeky classmates, I’m sure they would welcome her with open arms. VERY open arms.

「俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai)
“There’s No Way My Little Sister is That Cute”

A mix of heartfelt drama and the usual comedic flair makes this week’s episode of Oreimo one to remember. I still found it a bit cheesy with the way Kyousuke “put his life on the line” to defend Kirino’s unusual hobby in the face of their no-nonsense father, but the end result that shows exactly where the title of this series comes from was so sweet. It was quite possibly the ultimate “dere to the tsundere” moment of the year. Leading up to their father stumbling on Kirino’s secret, most of this episode was just peachy as far as her relationship with Kuroneko and Saori was concerned. While she continues to argue with Kuroneko about Meruru and Maschera, the fact that Kirino finally has friends to talk to about about anime and eroge, and to hang out with at Akihabara undoubtedly means a lot more to her than even she realizes. She’s just one of those girls who can never be to honest with themselves yet extremely talkative, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it is surprising that Kuroneko puts up with her, seeing as she has more of an elitist attitude towards anime and “unrefined” fans like Kirino. I can’t imagine it being a whole lot of fun listening to Kirino bash Maschera over the phone with a “what I say is right” kind of approach, so I’m starting to wonder if Kuroneko lacks otaku friends just as much as Kirino does.

As for Kyousuke, I find it pretty admirable of him to go out of his way to help his little sister this much, given how they’ve been pretty distant for several years now and how she treats him like complete crap even now. The life counseling is one thing, but going up against their father to make him acknowledge his daughter’s strange interest is something else altogether. Still, I loved it when he had to pull out his last resort to cover for her interest in ages 18+ eroge, simply because claiming them to be his own was the only thought that came to my mind. Watching Kyousuke sacrifice his own dignity to protect Kirino was pretty slick, and I found it especially funny how he used her words to feign his love for them. Except in his case, it came off a lot more like, “I’m a healthy high school teenager who’s into incestuous porn! What are you going to do about it! I’m not giving them up!” Let’s not forget this is in the face of a law-enforcing policeman, which added to the hilarity when Kyousuke forced his hand (or more correctly, his fist into his face). From start to finish, this episode was fairly alluring with the model photo shoot, super geeky in the middle, and overly dramatic and somewhat cheesy near the end, but absolutely awesome once Kirino said, “Thanks, big bro.” I wouldn’t hesitate to take a punch in the face for her either if it meant drawing out that type of reluctant sign of appreciation.


I wasn’t aware that Ayase’s a model as well, but I must say that’s quite a tight butt Kirino has. Remember what I was saying about subliminal brainwashing? Prime example right here!

If Ayase actually knew about Kirino’s secret hobby, I’m sure she’d be thinking that she just got blown off for her geeky friends. *sniff*

Watching Kirino chatting away on the phone with Kuroneko and playing games at the same time reminds me of high school. More specifically, the girl on the other end gets mad at you for not giving her your full attention.

Kirino may be cute as a button, but this is definitely the face of a pervert. A pedophile at that.

Ah, the days of being a 100% completionist. I actually fall into that category.

I don’t know how many people have been to Akihabara, but those display cases full of anime goods are quite the spectacle. It’s like being a kid in a toy store all over again.

Come to momma Kyousuke~ Manami has a lap pillow with your name on it!
It’s just too bad he doesn’t see Manami as anything remotely close to girlfriend material.

For a cute expression like this, I’d buy Kirino all the eroge she wants.

Again, no offline meetings! I’d be reacting like Saori if someone were to get on my case about not watching a certain series yet.

Kirino is almost a pet project of Kyousuke’s, seeing as Saori sends him picture updates on how things are going.

Their father is a strict yet surprisingly reasonable person, but this still warranted the obligatory “oh shit” reaction.

Venting one’s frustration on a Taiko no Tatsujin game isn’t a bad way of going about it. There’s that pissed off, staring you down look again too.

At least we know she can take care of herself. “Oh my god you broke my nose!”

The tears of frustration were one thing, but the fact that it was in a public place actually added to the effect in my eyes.

At least Kyousuke was smart enough to test Kirino’s resolve before putting his neck on the line for her. “If I’m going to die, it better be worth it!”

Confronting their father about Kirino’s hobby probably wasn’t too bad with the support of their mother…

… until you start threatening him to accept it.

Luckily, he’s reasonable enough to accept her hobby except for the eroge, which is something that Kyousuke had to make a pretty quick decision over. There’s no reloading here!

I seriously can’t say that I would be able to do the same and warrant being disowned, but kudos to Kyousuke for pulling it off.

At least we know he can get heated enough to take a good punch to the face.

Everyone’s probably thinking it, so I’ll just say it. “Moeeeeee~”

I absolutely loved Kyousuke’s reaction when Kirino blew his mind with cuteness. It’s like he had heard the most ridiculous thing in the world — his sister thanking him and calling him big brother.

ED Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_ED.mp4 512 288]

ED: 「irony」 by ClariS

With no opening sequence, the main theme of the series was featured as an ending one.

Preview & End Card

Next time is the summer comiket? Kirino’s moving up in the otaku world.


  1. Always leave your phone on silent when you watch anime.
    That whole scene with Kyousuke fighting for his sister, was ruined halfway through when I had to answer the phone. ALL THAT BUILDUP FOR NOTHING.

    I thought it was sweet when she finally called him Aniki. I wish I had a younger sister 🙁

      1. 2 little sisters in my case, one is lovable otaku, other hard drinking metal fan (but watches anime sometimes too!)… but growing up with them was sometimes so much pain. my entire air force of plastic models was devastated when one of the sister (aged 3 at the time) climbed onto bookself and started to let them fly… other time I have been so annoyed with other sister that I’ve locked her down in a sheets storage box under the bed. OTOH the otaku one introduced me to the Sailor Moon and Magic Knights Rayearth. So it is pain ultimately, but sometomes more than worth it.

  2. Just goes to show how awesome 「irony」 by ClariS is, works as both opening and ending sequence. ^^

    Pretty cool episode, some touchy moments but the laughs are still there. I also liked the parent-son confrontation and how Kyouseke took the hit for Kirino, looks like life counseling won’t be over anytime soon though with the unexpectedly adorable “Thanks, Aniki”, I don’t think Kyouseke will mind.

  3. yes, i died with the MOENESS of KIRINO.. *dies again*
    kyousuke was so admirable here.XD he’s the man! XD

    kuroneko and kirino might not admit it.but, i think they’re starting to be the bestest of friends.L0L.

    KIRINO FOR SAIMOE 2011. that is, unless any k-on girl would get to fight against her.L0L. AZUNYAN!!

  4. Every time Kirino calls Kyousuke “aniki” I just kuuuuuuuuuu!! I like that it was “Aniki” rather than some variation of Onii-something, it shows her tsun-tsun side 😀 And I’m loving the Na-Ga eyecatch!!!
    But cutenesses aside, I felt pretty empathetic towards Kirino’s dilemma here. I bet most anime fans have experienced something akin to the frustration that comes from being demanded to defend something they like. It’s much more complicated than defending what you are, because liking something is a conscious decision, though it’s still hard to explain exactly why you make that decision. It just goes to show how ludicrous some people can get when they make assumptions about hobbies or interests and how damaging that can actually be to the people who have these “abnormal” likings.
    I also enjoyed Kirino’s line about how anime and eroge are only one part of her life, but are just as important as everything else, and that all of those interests make her who she is. I think sometimes people forget when looking at otaku-culture that anime rarely controls one’s entire existence. The majority of the time, people enjoy anime as simply one part of their lives, at least I do. 🙂

    1. LOL. that line is akin to a very rare treasure. imagine? kirino actually thanked and called him aniki? now that’s pure gold. yeah, it MIGHT get more views than irony.how sensational XD

  5. “Ah, the days of being a 100% completionist. I actually fall into that category.”

    Lmao, same. Must get platinum trophy for every single game I play… even if those games suck like hell…

  6. TBH, I find it hard to believe that Kyousuke was that disrespectful to his father, and managed to get out alive with only a single punch to the face. I mean, Kyousuke did most of the shouting and physical threatening, grabbing his dad’s collar and all; I’m surprised Daisuke (the dad) didn’t punch Kyousuke earlier for such insolence. Daisuke was actually quite calm throughout most of the ordeal, until the end anyway. This is an East Asian household we’re talking about here.

    1. same here.

      i also thought it a bit weird that the dad acknowledges the problem with kyousuke owning the eroge (“you go into your little sister’s room and play games about doing indecent things with little sisters?”) but doesn’t do anything about it. i think it would’ve been better for kyousuke to offer to hold onto kirino’s eroge until she turns 18. he wouldn’t have to actually keep it from her, just make sure dad thought he was.

      diet otaku
      1. Problem is, Kyousuke isn’t really a standout in the first place. He is the epitome of average after all. The father sees Kyousuke, unlike Kirino, as having not as much going for him, so although it pisses him off, it’s not worth his time, considering that he found out the same day of his daughter’s otkauism.

    2. The light novel (original source of this anime) actually went into more detail. The anime had to cut out a few scenes due to time issues. In the novel, Kyousuke actually took more than a punch to the face, if I still recall. However, the general idea was there in the anime :P.

    1. Hahahahahaaaaaaa ^_^

      This is SUCH a hilarious thought. Keep it in the back of your head when you’re watching the next episode.

      (The relationship between Kyousuke and Ayase is one of the total highlights of this show)

    2. my thought is like this. When kirino goes to kyousuke’s room to find or maybe check on something. then she found a picture book and she was also their but finally one picture that kyosuke has where she wasnt there but another girl(Ayase) and at the back was written me and my sister.
      Lol what a weird thought.

      1. Cute little sister… hehe.

        I wonder if her seiyuu is up for the part in the next episode (and/or the episode after).

        It’s one thing to play Yuuno in MM!. Another thing to play Ayase.

        Actually, I think I like Ayase more than Kirino.

  7. “I don’t know how many people have been to Akihabara, but those display cases full of anime goods are quite the spectacle. It’s like being a kid in a toy store all over again.”
    I have been there and it is sensory overload! They are in several locations (not only in Akiba, but in DenDen Town in Osaka as well) You’ll lose all sense of time there and it makes you wish you had more money to spend…

  8. I first thought that photo album that kyousuke asked from his mom was photos about his dad’s old hobbies before(note. I havent read the manga yet), instead of pics of kirino, to show that he also had maybe weird habits before…

    anyway its amusing that the father doesnt really much care about his son even if he has weird hobbies, he will just throw one punch and he wont throw the DVDs or eroge games away

    I wonder if kirino will call him more stuff like ‘onee-chan’ as the story progresses, that would be so moe

  9. “These eroge are MINE! What’re you gonna do about it?” I LOL’ed just as hard as I did when I first saw Kyousuke go that far for his sis in the novel. He’ll probably never admit, but Kyousuke sure is one badass brother.

    Perhaps Kirino should google for the word “eroge walkthroughs” if she wants to collect all the CG and “flag” all the story scenarios, that’s how I managed to clear Kanon, Air and Clannad. I wouldn’t even have a clue where to go without a walkthrough, they’re a lifesaver.

    No prizes for guessing that even Kuroneko would freak out if she learns Kirino is having dirty thoughts about her and her sister.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. It’s even funnier when you realize it’s not just Nakamura Yuuichi (Tomoya) “reprising” the onii-chan role, Tamura Yukari (Mei) also appears in this series in a double role as both Kirino’s friend and the voice of Magical Girl Meruru – Kirino’s favourite anime character.

      Kinny Riddle
  10. Yes!! In the next two episodes, we should be getting
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Seriously though, it’s hard being an otaku. Went to a gathering, and everyone was talking about study/work/girlfriends/boyfriends/investment/etc. The only topic I was able to bring up was… actually, nothing. I was silent the entire time.

  11. The way they arranged the OP theme at the end credits of this episode seems to indicate AIC has always intended to treat the first three episodes as one long episode, since this first story arc could easily standalone on its own.

    Perhaps it could be arranged as such when they release the episodes on DVD, giving the viewer the option to watch each episode individually or watch all three like a feature-length movie.

    Kinny Riddle
  12. I still find it incredibly weird how much Kirino looks and acts just like my sister(seriously the splitting image), except for being into eroge and anime type.
    Rest ashore she will only and always be just my annoying sister.

  13. Nhelraios
  14. I’m curious though: was the father always so stoic and poker-faced? I mean, we get to see their family when Kyousuke and Kirino were young kids, and he was SMILING in that pic. Did something happen to cause him to just not smile?

      1. True, but I mean come on, the guy hasn’t cracked a smile since when? Cops aren’t all hard-faced, even as heads of their department. I’ll just find it satisfying if they bring some character development to the father of the family.

      2. did you also know that he is the Voice actor for Gendo (Shinji’s daddy from Evangelion) and Zaraki Kenpachi?

        Maybe that will put things into perspective for you lol. I’m surprised ol’ dad didn’t beat the shit out of Kyousuke…

  15. Seriously, if some think that Kyousuke did the best thing – that’s just wrong. No normal parent would tolerate such things. Heck, I wouldn’t even defend my bitch of a sister even if she is the cutest thing.

    And that’s the reason why this is fiction.

    1. I completely agree on this.

      Excellent episode, loved every single part of it. However I truly hope there won’t be incest – can those who’ve read the novels/manga enlighten me on that please?

      1. Dietwarrior, Wikipedia and other sources say the light novels have Kyousuke developing feelings for his sister beyond what he should, which effectively means the anime will inevitably go down that path, too. Which is a real shame.

        Otaku, man. Creepy ass otaku.

    2. Do you mean his aggressive discussion style or the eroges? If it’s the first then I can assure you that there are many ,many people with just as many different personalities and different views about the way you treat your kids. And reacting stoic like that isn’t even that special. I found the strike at the end weird (hitting someone over something so small…) but maybe that are just cultural differences.
      If you are talking about eroges. If I had dropped an eroge in front of my Parent when I was in Kirinos age it would have been akward, but I doubt that it would have been a problem. Sure it partially depends on the culture you live in. If you live in the American Bible Belt there is a bigger chance that the parents have an unhealthy view of sex and in extension eroges, and I don’t know japans culture.

      1. Yeah, bible belt considers sex far more dangerous then murder and mayhem.

        But quite frankly, she is old enough to actually get a boyfriend and have real sex, so playing eroge is more innocent then that.

  16. When I saw Na-Ga in the credits made my eyes WIDE OPEN to see / think what did he contribute and I guessed that it had to be his character art. Despite that the eye catch appears at only a glimpse, I knew I was right! I was happy that Na-Ga contributed his skills and the eye catch looks as if this was a VN done by Key XD

  17. The geeky class mates wound indeed welcome her with open arms. What anime fan doesn’t want a female anime fan that they can welcome into their group with open legs?…I mean arms.

  18. “So you go into your little sisters room, to use your little sisters computer to play a game about doing indecent things to your little sister?” Ouch. I also died after “Aniki.”

    99% completion? Maybe I should give Kirino my K-On game to complete for me T_T

  19. So done with this. This is the ridiculous sort of writing and drama I can’t stand. The “dad scene” was painful to watch. It felt so forced and overblown on the side of the brother and, in all honesty, I was rooting for the dad.

    It’s just stupid. So damn stupid. And it’s a shame the writer doesn’t have the balls to have Kyousuke not end up wanting to bang his little sister, which the show will inevitably have happen. It’s a shame that when you could simply have a show about a brother trying to help out his sister it has to turn into LOLINCEST because otaku have some hard-on for it for some reason I’ll never understand.

    1. What I don’t understand is why you even bother with Anime anymore. If you don’t like it, just don’t watch, don’t comment and/or get out of Anime fandom. Ranting will only fuel the fire and make you look bad.

      1. You emphasized the fact for me just now that, in general, the entire industry is run by the whims of otaku and has completely lost any vestige of originality and/or creativity. Because the “anime” you’re referring to is just that. The “fandom” your referring to loves it, too.

        I’m kinda put back at the fact that by simply voicing a negative opinion the first thing someone tells me to do is pretty much drop the entire industry. But it’s reasonable considering what I just said.

        And I’m not really “fueling the fire” considering everyone here seems pretty gung-ho for the show nor do I think my semi-anonymous internet-posted opinion really has any lasting impact on my image.

        There’s still some good stuff out there in the industry – this is just not one of those shows. For me. This is my opinion. It has no bearing on any other reasonable person.

    2. Seriously for big brother it’s just like man why. Whats his likes, dislikes, hobbies? zip zilch nada nothing. All about his sister. Man I know she’s your sister but please get a hobby or something. be funny, have an adventure, play a sport. your sis isn’t the only person in the world. but that doesn’t mean he should stop caring for her. One things for sure. Kyouske got some nerve talking to his dad like that no respect at all. All that for a “thanks big bro”? Wow i’m thinking kirino could at least tell the truth what is the worse could have happened. Just saying. Girl’s got to own up to what her hobbies are someday why not now. Now then what crazy otaku ventures will happen next. anime convention anyone?

    3. kyousuke does not have sexual intentions toward his sister. If he did he would of blackmailed her. Instead he helped her find friends offline, hide her secret, offer advice, play a galge that he clearly doesnt have any interest in. Please find evidence that supports the belief that he lusts after his little sister…

      1. well you can choose to throw your family under the bus or take advantage of them and then call that a ‘realistic decision’. or you can choose to help someone without asking for anything in return. What you choose is up to you, what other people choose to do, is up to them, but please refrain from calling others ‘stupid’ or try to say ‘well i wouldnt do that, so this work is unrealistic’

      2. Later in the light novels Kyosuke begins to “feel feelings for his sister that go beyond that of her being his sister.”

        Is that evidence enough? I doubt the anime will go any differently considering it’s pretty much its main selling point.

      3. Volume 6 is the answer.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      4. Not quite.
        Show Spoiler ▼

    4. Kind of have to agree with you there guy. I mean look, it’s not hard to see right through to what this show is really all about even by watching the first episode alone. 3 episodes though lead me to believe that what we have here is Studio AIC’s gambit for establishing the next big moe idol with otaku in Kirino. See that picture of her up their at the top pouting? There’s your concept and there’s your show in it’s entirety. Underwhelmed? The answer’s probably no for the average person posting comments here, but for me the answer is “god yes”.

      Dissecting the show in it’s essence, our moe idol to be (Kirino) is built from the ground up to as always include nothing but desirable and popular moe traits (at least among otaku) such as tsundere, jailbait character design, overachiever status, otaku hobbyism (popularized by past moe idols such as Konata Izumi of Lucky Star) and just about all the things that make her whole image marketable. Unfortunately this leaves her with an equivalent personality of sandpaper once you get past all of the scenes of her being “this cute” and into attempts at real dialogue (oh boy) and character drama.

      Mind you there are other characters of course, The gothic lolita character is in there as an alternative design for otaku idolization that picks up where Kirino leaves off and has an equivalent personality of likeness to sandpaper. Kyosuke is pretty much window dressing that serves to advance what I guess passes for the storyline and to be the foil for the reasons this show exists.

      The father is a hilarious caricature of how I assume otaku (or at least the people who make this show think otaku) must think of their family members who disapprove of their hobby. Kyosuke’s confrontation with him this episode (which is needlessly adversarial and very unfortunately written IMO) struck me more as the unfolding of a wish fulfillment fantasy where the otaku viewer in Japan gets to vicariously tell off their dad through Kyosuke for “just not understanding the otaku lifestyle” as opposed to any sort of sincere character drama. Obviously it’s all constructed to illicit a sort of one-side sympathy for Kirino (adds to the moe value) in how it depicts the father as an uncaring anti-otaku monster, but spare me please Ore no Imouto. Especially when there’s such a conflict of interest inherent in the very production of the show.

      Anyway add in some implied incestuous tension that isn’t really there to give it a risque bent and you’ve got yourself Ore No Imouto.

      I can’t say this has been anything special thus far, but I can absolutely see why it’s popular with today’s anime fan. The production values are solid for a TV show, but the characters and scenario writing leave more than a little to be desired for folks like me who aren’t sold on the moe moeness of Kirino and the forced drama that comes with shows like this. Weak drama that inevitably gets sandwiched between episodes and episodes of fluff and material for marketing it’s character designs. This is one I’m going to be following through the pictures from now on. They tell the….err….story, just as well as watching the show has so far.

      Kaioshin Sama
  20. As long as it doesn’t end the way those others like it to end. I keep on watching this. Mei is still the best sister ever, Kirino is just a third, while my sister IRL is a plain second.

  21. https://randomc.net/image/Ore%20no%20Imouto%20ga%20Konnani%20Kawaii%20Wake%20ga%20Nai/Ore%20no%20Imouto%20ga%20Konnani%20Kawaii%20Wake%20ga%20Nai%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2022.jpg
    “Venting one’s frustration on a Drum Mania type game isn’t a bad way of going about it. There’s that pissed off, staring you down look again too.”

    Taiko no Tatsujin – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiko_no_Tatsujin

    Amusing game and every iteration seems to have a few anime tracks along with jpop and classical music. 😉

  22. Agreed that the “dad drama” felt a bit forced and hard to watch. But it did come off pretty emotional all the same.

    Each episode can practically be standalone, haha. Each one could itself “end” the series. Think about it… even the first episode alone would have pretty much done it.

  23. Some how, watching anime and I feel Kyousuke and Kirino not relate by blood. Why kirino has blue eye and blown hair like westerner. Look at mother and she does’nt fit well in family.

  24. Dyed hair. Eyes…I mean it’s anime!

    I thought this was overall better handled than the manga, but
    1) really…why should he let her have things she had to use underhanded tactics to buy? It makes more sense to make Kyousuke to throw them away at the very least!
    2) Kyousuke is pretty vulgar toward his father. “You have a small @$* ****”. Quite the insult in Japanese……..

  25. Kyousuke’s dad: “Oh? You were in your sister’s room, using your sister’s computer to play a game about doing indecent things to your sister?”

    Oh god this anime is hilarious.

  26. Lol, I’m really enjoying this anime myself in particular this season. I’m not into eroge but otherwise I completely empathize with Kirino’s situation. I joined an anime club back in August and only recently was really accepted into the social circle. It really is a unique joy to talk about the most otaku-ish things in public while having a completely natural conversation.

    For healthy brother and sister relationships… I have yet to see such an elusive creature. My own little sister and I have never gotten along, *especially* once she hit her teen years and became an absolute nightmare >.> You don’t want one.

  27. I can’t help but say this, but Kyousuke truly has *uses Duke Nukem’s voice* BALLS OF STEEL.

    Aside from that, great episode, I wouldn’t be able to do that, that’s for sure.

  28. in the manga, Kirino attempted to knock her father out with an ashtray XD
    good idea, bad execution. anyway, it seems like Kyousuke went way overboard with the speech when all those dramatics weren’t required and got punched as a result. there should be an outtake of that scene where Chris Tucker stands over a barely conscious Kyousuke and says, “You got knocked the f*** out!”

  29. What if Kyousuke just argued; “Kirino doesn’t buy the eroges for the sex/hentai scenes in them, she buys them for the actual ‘art’. She doesn’t ‘use’ eroges the way they were created for, but rather just to collect them like collectors collect paintings and memorabilia. Think about it Dad, she’s only 14, I don’t think she thinks about H at all!” If he didn’t want to go the “I’m into incestuous porn Otaku!” lol. Having only read up to Ch 10, I don’t know where the story goes now. Good watch nonetheless. Deredere ftw!


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