「背負った十字」 (Seotta Juuji)
“The Burdened Cross”

The Hagane battleship captained by Daitetsu Minase (Shibata Hidekatsu) and vice-captained Tetsuya Onodera (Horikawa Jin) arrives on the scene, and with it the SRX team as well. The Choukijin that came and gone have become the focus of Bullet’s investigation, while the subtle reintroduction of Kusuha Mizuha in his prized photograph sort of foreshadows what will come from them. Where the story takes us now is the recovery of a piece of the Aerogaters’ Judecca mobile weapon — better known as the “White Death Cross” — that was destroyed in the Earth Federation’s L5 Campaign that drove back the alien threat. Also, Ryuusei Date (Miki Shinichirou) of the SRX Team is tasked to test out the new prototype R-Blade against Latune Subbota (Hirai Riko) in the prototype Wild Falken. Now in my mind with the Alpha games as a basis, the R-Blade was a shoddy replacement for Ryuusei’s R-1 personal trooper and the extremely agile and Tesla Drive-equipped (i.e. flying capable) Wild Falken should have flown circles around it. However, Ryuusei’s hot-blooded and unorthodox piloting style proved to be the deciding factor beyond what specifications would indicate, making it clear that the super robot fanatic is the better pilot. Incidentally, the prototype testing did little more than set the stage for the Neo Divine Crusaders to swoop in and steal the Wild Falken, which fans of the SRW games will know becomes Seolla Schweizer (Kakazu Yumi) personal trooper of choice. As such, it didn’t come as too much of a surprise when they successfully snagged the new unit at the very end.

Story-wise, this episode did mention The School for the first time in this sequel, which was an Earth Federation facility tasked to “train” children into personal trooper pilots. Needless to say, it was probably more akin to finding the next King Bradley candidate in Fullmetal Alchemist, seeing as there weren’t too many surviving graduates from it. The School was scrapped and later salvaged by the Divine Crusaders, hence why Seolla and her partner Arado Balanga (Kaichi Kazuya) are with them now, whereas Latune was rescued by Earth Federation pilots when her “line” of pilots was deemed failures. Designated Latune-11, Bronzon 27 (Seolla) and Bronzo 28 (Arado) were a couple of friends she made at The School. As such, Seolla didn’t really want to fire on Latune to steal the Wild Falken, but did so once some good ‘ol brainwashing kicked in. In any case, this was more or less another introductory type episode revolving around the SRX Team and The School graduates, with the only real bit carrying on from the two episodes prior is Lamia’s ongoing suspicious behavior. She definitely isn’t a good liar, and Kyousuke looks like he’s more than aware of that fact. One of the highlights though had to be Kai Kitamura (Saizen Tadahisa), former member of the Earth Federation Army’s “Aggressors” unit, laying the “Jet Magnum” beat down in his green Gespenst Mk. II M Custom like nobody else can. Don’t mess with the instructor from hell.

In addition to some fan-service from Excellen, as well as the butt shots of Lamia and captain Villeta Vadim (Tanaka Atsuko) of the SRX Team, the series doesn’t look like it’s going to shy away from interesting shots of pilots in their cockpits either. Mecha with a mix of fan-service. Hmm, no complaints here as long as it’s used sparingly. Anyway, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Shadow-Mirror joining the mix next episode, if this show of Lemon Browning is any indication of things to come.




    1. Try the game super robot taisen original generations 2 and you’ll find it. Don’t know from the back of my mind if she also has that name in the first game or if it is only in the second game.

    1. There’s a robot in the starting with a tiger head on it’s chest and a dragon like helmet….that only counts as a tease i guess 😉 i vote third from last! for an epic mega battle

      1. Even if you have not played the games before, the Dragon-Tiger robot should be already obvious based on the last episode. The Tiger contacted Bullet. So, that leaves the Dragon to synch with someone close to Bullet. >_>

      2. Which becomes even more obvious since the other pilot appeared with Bullet in the OP, Excellen constantly teasing Bullet about his “girlfriend”. And of course Bullet’s dopey picture with her in this episode.

        So really the only real question is when the Kusuha actually appears.

  1. 7th screenshot is so much LOL, that ultra tiny scrap of green cloth, covering the butthole, ahahahahahaha !!!

    Also, why the hell does EVERYONE have those stupid giant colorful crystals on their knees and other places ?? I’d expect it from someone like Masaki or something, but Latooni with giant crystal balls ? Wtf, Obari ?!

    Oh, and Jet Magnum depiction sucked.

  2. Nice episode, towards the end the pace gets faster like with the last one, but they seem to know what they’re doing so I don’t think they’ll screw something up. One thing that makes me worry is that Ibis still hasn’t showed up.I hope to see her in episode 5 at best.
    The sexual kind of fanservice is good, Kai is awesome, Latooni screams, nice brainwashing, I am pleased.
    Kai isn’t the only hell instructor, Villeta is quite strict too, especially at Ryuusei.

  3. I always love Villeta Vadim thou she is one of those hot mature sexy beauty, but I feel so weird knowing who she actually is ><, such complicated feelings.
    She and Mai is my favorite female cast.

  4. Spoilers

    Show Spoiler ▼

    * Edited with spoiler tags. -Divine

    1. Don’t hope for much. The show is already swamped with a ton of mecha, I doubt they’ll be adding anymore than necessary. As much as I like the Vysaga, Angelg is practically iconic for Lamia. Also the absence of Huckbeins is largely to prevent copyright problems with Gundam.

    2. I highly doubt Lamia will use a different unit (eg. Vysaga) when she is already piloting the Angelg. They could introduce the Ashsaver as a boss unit, though. As for the lack of “real” Huckebeins (not mass produced ones), you can blame copyright issues on that. Hajime Katoki made Gundams and just called them Huckebeins.

    1. LOTS of awesome mecha with even more awesome mecha to come. And despite what people have been complaining the fanservice of SRW has ALWAYS been in the games. The fights, so far, are well animated and it highlights the featured mecha’s capabilities.

      The story is very good, but it can be complex and confusing, especially to newcomers. There are also alot of characters with complex back stories which makes it even more confusing. Let’s just say it involves alternate dimensions and wars.

      A basic summary of the first season. It will help give a better understanding of the setting.

    2. there are mecha with swords that are excesivelly large even by anime standards and mecha with more crazy attacks and weapons plus all sorts of crazy enemies – major SPOILER at one point they basicly will be a few against the entire army and have to take on the opposing army that vastly out numbers them with high powered mecha pritty much alone. Its going to be good. Plus the enemies will come in large numbers in cool looking mecha and get blown up a lot.

      also i know the Huckebeins are mean to be gundam stand ins i mean how can you not tell that i though Brooklens looked like a blue gundam in the game im a little surprised his isn’t custom colored like the game version but it looks just like the generic one you get in the game. i just hope they get a few of the mark 3 huckbein and don’t get stuck using nothing but gespeds all the time.

    3. well thx for the info. i heard that this was a game in PS one. i didnt like the graphics though but they say that the game is good(hope this is the one). I guess i will prioritize star driver first(download) then after 4 episode of this, download.( fell like gundam seed where episode 1 lacks charisma in the first release not that it is famous or anything )

  5. Yay, even more people to keep track of after this episode. 🙂
    This series is growing on me and is starting to become my favourite show this season.

    And thanks once again Divinte for the background info that a SRW beginner like myself have no clue about!


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