I’d like to see this sleeping posture when Lag and Niche are a bit more grown up.

「アジサイ色の絵テガミ」 (Ajisai-iro no Etegami)
“The Hydrangea Colored Picture-Letter”

As Lag struggles over what to write in the letter bullet, the series starts progressing down the episodic route with a request by Ray Attlee (Takayama Minami) to find out who’s been delivering hydrangea colored paintings to her. It was a pretty unassuming story much like most of the ones I’ve come across in this series, but turned out to be surprisingly touching when Lag discovered that Ray’s big maid Kimidori was behind them. It even threw in a short-lived disturbance of sorts when the older maid Colbasso decided to take credit for the pictures after overhearing Kimidori beg Lag to keep it a secret. It was a bit hard to really take Colbasso seriously when she turned out to be an old hag though, primarily because I figured it’d be all resolved in this very episode.

Be that as it may, it was still nice to see Lag jump to the chase and get things cleared up right away with his Red Needle shindan, which revealed that Kimidori was also from Ray’s hometown of Medium and had lost the hairpin she had given her. What caught my a bit off-guard emotionally during that flashback sequence was Kimidori expressing how she’s traveling to Central to attend to the sickly Ray, even though she felt she had no right to be her friend anymore in light of selling the hairpin to pay off debts. I really didn’t expect to react to anything this week, but that’s exactly what I love about this series. The mini stories with newly introduced characters seem to have their way of creeping up on me.

As much as I enjoy the laid-back feeling of these type of episodes, I’m looking forward to the next one that will actually feature some Gaichuu. Jiggy looks like he’ll be around as well, while Lag helps out at a lighthouse. Hopefully a bit more of the overarching story revolving around Gauche and Reverse comes from it, but I’m not holding my breath this early into the new season.


Lag thinks he has it rough staying up and writing. Pssh…
Connar and Zazie on the other hand are pretty demanding freeloaders.

I’m still wondering if the letter bullet will be fired before the very end of this sequel.

I seriously thought Ray was guy from the preview last time.

Niche was ridiculously cute when she suggested using Lag’s shindan to find out who the sender is. Too bad lag deemed it an invasion of privacy. Stupid morals.

A translucent watermark on paper? It’s like a hologram on money!

It’s Lag Holmes and Niche Watson in town investigating the clues.

Kimidori shakes up Lag. Talk about rocking his world.

Colbasso is a greedy old hag who takes credit for other people’s work.

This is the first time Lag’s busted out his spirit amber this season.

The flashback between Kimidori and Ray was pretty unassuming…

…until we got to this scene.

Leaving everything behind, Kimidori made the long trek to Central to find Ray.

A touching conclusion that amply ends with Colbasso getting fired.

Lag’s masterpiece of Gauche and Roda. Yeah, there’s no way this is getting through to him.


A lighthouse and a giant Gaichuu. Don’t mess with Jiggy Pepper!


  1. The touching moments that just happen to creep up on you really make this show worthwhile.
    Can’t forget to give credit to the laughs though. Lag’s drawing was really just .. wow. xD
    Looking forward to Jiggy and some Gaichuu action next week as well.

  2. Lol lol, did you know that “Kolbasa” (Or “colbasa”) means salami in Russian? xD When I heard that old hag’s last name, I was like ‘whut’ O.o
    Can’t wait for the next episode. This one was not that interesting, but it was really beautiful, I enjoyed every minute of it.

  3. Well this is actually part of an arc that we see Lag doing deliveries with all sorts of letters other than written ones to help him in writing his own letter. Unfortunately I feel like the letter bullet will be near the latter end of the season with a few more seasons or ovas to come.


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