Instant déjà vu back to episode nine of season one.

Mikako’s pretty sadistic with angeloids in her own way now that I think about it.

「死闘!零下1.4度の温泉(カッセン)」 (Shitou! Reika 1.4 do no Onsen (Kassen))
“Life and Death! The -1.4°C Hot Spring (Battle)”

Last week was a pro wrestling debacle and this week is a snowball fight pitting the guys against the girls. Mikako doesn’t look like she’s grown tired of messing around with Astraea just yet, but unfortunately the same can’t be said about being Eishirou’s New World Discovery assistant. That turned out to be only a precursor of things to come too, as Mikako went on a bit of an unassuming rampage that put Tomoki at the center of it all. Along the way, our student council president’s nonchalant, cheeky remarks about Nymph being a piece of junk were almost as good as the subzero war that raged on, though it’s pretty hard to top Tomoki and his elite guard’s blitz on Sohara where they didn’t hold back one bit as they buried her alive. Super powerful angeloid? She’s not even worth worrying about for good reason. Still, I have to hand it to Tomoki for salting wounds with the way he cast Astraea off as utterly harmless before victimizing her and the other female prisoners with his perverted interrogation. Not once did he ask a question, but I imagine the elephant he drew around his crotch said it all.

Amidst Ikaros and Nymph’s search for a natural hot spring at Mikako’s request, the betrayal by the popular guys with girlfriends, and Tomoki’s refusal to go down without a fight as the general, I had forgotten about Sohara completely. However, her eventual return as the abominable Sohara snowman was nice to see, as it finally made sense of what the heck I was seeing in the opening sequence. Unsurprisingly, the take-no-prisoners slaughter followed suit, which was amusing in its own right because Astraea was even taken back by how cruel Downers are to one another. I guess she needs to hang around Tomoki a bit longer to see that this is more of an everyday thing in his case before she’s no longer fazed by it. In any case, I can’t even recall the last time I’ve seen Tomoki in his non-super deformed form, but they actually slipped in a bit of seriousness that warranted it. The way Tomoki pitied Astraea for following the orders of her sadist master in the sky will likely snowball (pun intended) into her eventual decision to leave the Synapse, much like it did for Nymph in season one. I somehow don’t see that happening until the later portions of this season, but don’t particularly mind either as it’s fun watching Astraea try to kill Tomoki yet fail so miserably.


With Mikako’s resignation as Eishirou’s assistant, it looks like a new Pretty-kun is in order.

Tomoki’s very existence is a running gag if he’s super-deformed even while dreaming of peaceful days.

One of the generals is a willing participant and the other isn’t. I’m going to take a wild stab and say the guy strapped to his chair doesn’t want to be there.

The embodiment of samurai general or a sexual predator? You decide.

Ikaros and Nymph are sent away hot spring hunting to even the playing field, while Astraea gets to take part in the snowball fight. Everyone sure is blunt about her stupidity.

Snowball catapults from higher ground? I’m not buying the whole “all’s fair in love and war” bit.

It’s all about knowing who the threat is and addressing it accordingly, which doesn’t involve Astraea in any way.

And Sohara thought she would be able to take unsuspecting guys out from the sidelines. The snowball barrage was one thing, but burying her alive was something else.

This was probably more like rubbing salt on open wounds and smearing it all over to add insult to injury.

Mikako has a knack for striking gold which I’d love to get in on. I think I’ll just watch Tomoki’s interrogation methods though.

This looks more like some perverted, tickle torture role play.

An elephant on his crotch and the kanji for “breasts” on her forehead. You know, just so that there’s no confusion.

A hot spring scene even during a snowball fight. Anime will always find ways to add it.

“Bros before hoes” apparently doesn’t apply when girlfriends are involved.

A pretty valiant act by Tomoki and his elite guard to go out fighting.

So this is what I was seeing in the opening sequence. It’s the abominable Sohara snowman!

Eishirou sure jumped ship pretty quick in light of Sohara’s vengeful aura mixing with the snow.

An avalanche inducing karate chop. Who would’ve thunk it?

The “death” of Tomoki probably needed a bit more slow motion for a goofy dramatic effect.

Kind of like when all his men were slaughtered.

A Delta angeloid at close range! Even falling on Tomoki would probably kill him.

That’s if Ikaros “senpai” didn’t have anything to say about it. Her lack of emotions makes her even scarier.

It’s starting to look like Eishirou would make a pretty good master for Astraea.

The mysterious angel from Tomoki’s dreams, who still remains nameless in the credits, is referring to the angeloids as her daughters now. *hint hint*

ED4 Sequence

[flv:Sora_no_Otoshimono_Forte_ED4.mp4 512 288]

ED4: 「ミラクル・ガイ」 (Miracle Guy) by 福原香織 (Fukuhara Kaori)

An ending theme by Astraea training out in the mountains. Well at least we know she’s good for one thing — being a tree for Mikako’s dog to pee against.


Ikaros doesn’t have any clothes on and is in tears. This is just asking for a misunderstanding.


  1. After Sohara treated Tomoki pretty badly last episode, we have her being the poor victim this episode. Getting ganged up when the poor girl only has a snowball in hand does make it seem like she’s being terribly bullied

    Being Sohara, the victim status doesn’t last too long though.

    I liked how the final mob character was looking at the sky and everything being faling under the barrage of snowballs and the ending sequence tha looks like those old jackie chan martial art movies. Also Tomoki doesn’t seem to have any qualms about sexually harrasing Astrea that he has with Nymph and Ikaros.

    Zaku Fan
    1. well he doesn’t pick on Ikaros cos she’s too vunerable, she wouldn’t know whats happening to her and he’s not that into loli’s, astrea, well I think he’s accepted that she has big boobs and puts up a fight when being harassed

  2. I think the whole bet should have been cancel because they have traitors that switch side, the whole point of the snowball fight is boys against girls, not boys against boy and their girlfriends. At least the ppl that should be punish is the traitors that broke the rules of the game, make them do the hard labor afterward and not tomoki’s group.
    I just have such big hatred against betrayer and traitors, they should be horribly torture before death.

  3. Not a bad episode. I was hoping that the Snowhara scene would have had as big of an impact as it did in the manga.

    It’s a give and take. Some parts better in the manga. Others better in anime. Both very worthwhile.

    Samurai Pumpkin
    1. it might that eishirou father discovered synapse and everyone in their family did agree or eishirou was born on synapse without wings thats why he wants to fly or even it might be that he didnt want to go home because of family related things

      Croosboy シ
  4. I wonder if all the angeloids will suddenly turn into dollfies, and the blue-haired angel is the mother of all dollfies…idk i just thought the “daughters” part reminded me of that xD

  5. I was getting Sengoku Basara vibes when Tomoki was getting fired up about the snowball fight, and everyone calling him lord, but mainly because he shares the same voice actor as Yukimura.

  6. Aieeee!! SNOWHARA!! Astraea still stupid and adorable as ever, especially when Tomoki confronted her about her orders from the Master in the Sky (presumably Ikaros and Nymph’s old douchebag of a master). Naturally, Ikaros was there to set Astraea straight. The unpopular guys song was great!

    The whole “battle” orchestrated by Mikako was ridiculous, but very entertaining, and Astraea has definitely become her plaything; maybe she should become Astraea’s master; the Jackie Chan homage ending was hilarious. It’s weird how Mikako consciously hurts Nymph’s feelings be calling her a piece of junk. There’s something strange how Eishirou talks about Mikako’s desires in the past and amazing luck in making those desires come true. But then, I think that Eishirou’s seemingly random comments are leading him onto important things that will help keep the group safe. Mikako’s right though: sometimes he doesn’t know when to shut up.

    I thought that from season one, Eishirou wass actually the “betrothed” to Mikako, but something happened to him or his family and he got kicked out, so he lives next to the river close to his house. That was when Tomoki found the house with Eishirou’s surname on it, but the people there said they didn’t know anyone named Eishirou. Mikako’s father still addressed him with respect when the group stayed at Mikako’s house.

    Maybe we finally get to meet the girl in Tomoki’s dream, and how she’s related to the Synapse!

  7. Wow, i just realized that Tomoki’s horse was actually people disguised… slowpoke is slow.

    All in all, i kinda liked how Eishiro left Mikako without words in the end. Getting tired of all the “just as planned” going around lately.


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