「ハルカズハート」 (Harukazu Haato)
“Haruka’s Heart”

It’s not quite the same as Amagami’s omnibus format where the story completely resets after every girl’s arc, but Yosuga no Sora employs something similar with a bit of episode overlap throughout. Using this approach, the writers seem intent on providing four four-episode arcs with only twelve episodes in total. Pretty clever. Word is that the breakdown will actually see Sora’s arc spanning five episodes and taking the finale episode of the series, while episode one depicting Haruka and Sora’s arrival serves as a common baseline. With that in mind, it’s no wonder every single girl was blushing helplessly at the sight of Haru in the premiere episode, as all the routes are pretty much open at that point. Given the rapid development between our studly protagonist and Kazuha last time, the conclusion of her arc this very episode probably came as just as much of a surprise to many viewers as the mostly uncensored sex scene at the very end. While the latter provides a somewhat sensual adaptation of the fact that this is based on an adult romantic simulation game, the decision to intertwine the stories does as well by showing that they all begin the same way but can progress down a vastly different path depending on the “flags” taken (i.e. decisions made). As the preview indicates, the next episode will diverge from episode two onwards when the story progressed down Kazuha’s route instead of Akira’s, meaning that their two stories share a common progression in the first two episodes. Next is supposedly Nao and then finally Sora, both of who will continue on from episode one with a common episode seven, before having their own conclusions. i.e. Episodes 8, 9 and 10, 11, 12 respectively.

While I can’t say I’ve ever seen this form of storytelling in an anime or any form of media before, I’m almost dumbfounded by why that is when it makes so much sense from a visual novel adaptation’s standpoint. Granted, it’s not something I’d like to see become the norm since there are pros and cons to this approach, but I’m definitely not opposed to seeing it now and then for the obvious reasons — it provides multiple endings and showcases the appeal of each girl. The game makers at Enterbrain expressed the desire to see Amagami adapted as such for that very reason, and after having gone through four arcs of the omnibus format that AIC’s decided to go with, I have to say I really like how it works out. In addition to seeing multiple endings, the arcs themselves are also short and sweet, whereas a single story stretched out to 12-13 episodes or more tends to feel like it’s been beating around the bush far too long. Comparing the two approaches, I can’t definitively say which one’s better, though if I had to pick one I’d still go with the complete reset. The reason being the obvious one, as it dedicates more episodes to each character and doesn’t terribly take away from the sense of the intertwining stories and when a path isn’t taken. What’s more, there are a lot of character traits revealed in each of the arcs that carry over to future ones, giving off a sense that it’s one story with multiple endings. What I actually like about Yosuga no Sora’s approach though is that it makes it feel more constrained in a game’s sense and the branch points are much more apparent (and potentially more meaningful) because they happen in the middle of the story. Either way, they both work for me and I’m really enjoying this refreshing new spin on romance anime.

As for the conclusion to Kazuha’s arc itself, my overall impression is that I like how it added a fair degree of drama to the series like I was hoping. In particular, there was the unilateral problem Kazuha had with her father, which was revealed to be not a problem at all once Haru did some prying into Akira’s past. The revelation that he had been secretly supporting Akira financially and deeply cares about her but had been keeping it a secret from Kazuha for her mother’s sake may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things; however, it gave that extra dimension to both the characters and the series as a whole that I like to see. If nothing else, it gives hope that the other girls’ stories will provide something similar and possibly even more compelling. In addition to that, Akira herself gave indication that she’s not entirely happy about not acting on her feelings toward Haru first, despite how she insisted that she was happy for Kazuha. “Conflicted” would probably be the best way to describe her actions, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how Kazuha will react when the tables are turned in the next episode. From the look of things, it doesn’t look like there will be any bad endings when all’s said and done, but there will obviously be girls who feel they lost out and it’s interesting to see that aspect depicted as well.

Last but definitely not least is the sex scene to commemorate the coveted end scenes that are undoubtedly one of rewards in adult romance sims. As I mentioned back in the Fall 2010 Preview, I was hoping that the nudity would be used in some tasteful and sensual way if there’s going to be any at all, so I’m quite happy that’s turned out to be the case. The scenes themselves are still pretty risqué and not suited for younger audiences, but the fact that it’s consensual makes it difficult to perceive it as merely hentai with no purpose other than the obvious. Objectively speaking, they also do justice to the source material. It’s worth noting that some scenes were censored on AT-X’s broadcast, though it’s questionable as to why that is when some more revealing full-length ones were not. I gather they want to save something for the DVD/BD releases, but viewers really aren’t missing out on too much without them in this case. Thinking back, I had my eye on this series from the very beginning of the season, but studio feel has really surprised me with both the format and its delivery. If this keeps up, we might have a good contender for Amagami for romance/drama for this year.

* In addition to that full-length spread of Kazuha, I also made one of Motoka in the omake.





  1. Once again, hurrah for Black bar censors,
    Booooo…! to White beam censors.

    Should have guess that they are doing the route-way, instead of charging all out, getting all the girls.

  2. the sex scene is somewhat strange… but oh well, considering the source material, it is understandable that they are trying to push in for that… lucky bustard, Haru… 🙂

    on the format thing though… one potential drawback is the fact that viewers have to go back to prior episodes in order to see the “complete arc” for each girl… which is sort of annoying in a way. but again, it is refreshing to see such a format… I somehow suspect this format is to secretly helping out the future DVD sales in a way…

    thanks for the post as always 🙂

      1. You make Nice Boat sound like it’s a bad thing. I personally liked School Days, especially how well written it was. When you can hate a character so much that it justifies the end, you know the writers did it right.

      2. Well written??? Yeah right, you know its not exactly hard to write a character into a completely unlikable douche. School Days is just a generic drama, whose only scene worth noting was NICE BOAT. Without it it would have been forgotten.

  3. I noticed the viola scene where Akira dozes off is like the second ending, i wonder if we’ll see more of these references in the future episodes, especially the fistfight between Sora and Nao! oh the drama….

  4. I am liking sora a bit more, she tried to help haru bake a cake for kazuha even though she loved him.

    also I think akira, like sora, is also in love with kazuha, both also helped their sis/bro get together instead of hogging them for themselves.

    if akira does like kazuha more than a sister, I wonder if they would do “something” while haru is chasing a diff. girl. and bonus for the fact they are born at the same day means they are like half twins for added twincest.

    1. Read Divine’s post more thoroughly and you’ll see the apparent layout and lineup for girls in the show. Sora seems to be going last, which is pretty fitting for the finale. I think she gets more episodes dedicated to her too, which is said to be 5, 8-12 and I think some of 7.

    2. We can never be completely sure until we actually see the episodes but I think that line up is what is expected to happen. I’m not sure how official it is. Though I guess it does seem a bit weird if they let an incest sex scene on television…not sure if its occurred before, but seeing the direction Yosuga is going…I wouldn’t be too surprised.

  5. man, it really feels like watching a porn w/ THAT scene.HAWWTTT!! and i admit i can’t actually concentrate on the plot.XDD but i do hope nao x haruka will be great! lol. and dang it,i want some yuri! *stabbed*

  6. I thought it would turn out this way considering how fast things were moving. Initially I thought that this arc was too rushed, but now that I think about it, maybe it was just because I played the VN and had certain expectations? Does anyone else think they moved a bit too fast with this arc? Well, with only 12 eps to get through all the girls, I suppose it can’t really be helped. From an objective standpoint, I actually found the episode to be pretty entertaining.

    Heh, on another note, it’s rare for anime adaptations to actually keep the sex scenes. The last time I remember that happening was in the non-existent Tsukihime anime.

  7. Hmmm very interesting way to tell the multiple stories in one series.
    The sex scene while definitely not for underaged viewers was done really tastefully.
    @ Flamestrike: lol @ the stab at Tsukihime. Fun fact: I have watched the series but never managed to get my hands on the game, so wasn’t able to fathom the fanrage.

  8. Oh sweet.. didn’t really expect that this anime will turn out to be like this. Wasn’t really expecting that they’ll show nudity scenes lol. But oh well… No idea why but I like this anime still (not because of the 18++ part of course). Maybe because I like how cute/pretty the characters are (ho ho ho)! I may consider downloading the visual novel I guess…

    Oh and good job as usual, Divine for writing this up. We love ya =D

  9. I don’t follow this series, but seeing as how you guys seem very excited in the Shoutbox about this episode, I came in out of curiosity.

    Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not viewing this article at work. lol

    Divine, next time please tag your post with a NSFW wherever necessary, just to be safe.

    Kinny Riddle
  10. Omnibus format for the win! This is the best way to do future eroge to anime shows instead of that mish-mash clusterfuck we’ve gotten in the past which either gives us a non-ending of sorts, a bad ending altogether or does pick one girl but it’s the default main from the game that few people actually like in the end.

    At least this way each fan gets a piece of the pie, and I’m all for it personally, it’s why people often want to play the games to some of these shows so they can see how the story plays out in the other paths as well.

  11. @FlameStrike
    It definitely felt rushed. Sine it will be told in omnibus format, it is kind of acceptable, but still, the way they handled the start of the relationship was way too rushed in my point of view. SUDDENLY, after a day hanging out together, kiss, and in the next episode, sex. And happy end.

  12. Well I’m glad the omnibus (or semi omnibus) format has been confirmed. Now we can stop with this annoying ZOMG NICE BOAT! comparing. Seriously, comparing(and hoping) this series to School days was stupid and asinine.

    1. What.. You never had sex after 2 days of dating? D: Or rather un-dating? Sometimes there are cases where two people just look at each other and just mutually wanna jump in the other’s pants regardless of relationship status. Seriously! I’m talkin’ from experience, mate. It’s not that strange at all.

      -> New York’s a pretty horny state. rofl

    2. It really isn’t that odd in today’s society. If it makes you feel any better though, I’m pretty sure episode 4 alone covered like 2 weeks. That’s more then enough time to let the feelings simmer, even though Kazuha was trying to deny it.

  13. I absolutely loved this shot of Sora. She looks like she was going to sodomize Haruka later on that night hadn’t he ran off. -fap- -fap-

    I knew there was no way to safely go to another girl’s love story without some dangerous events happening first. Glad that it turned out to progress like this though. For me, it’s a first despite Amagami. I have to hand it to the writers. Clever is a really good word for it. :]

    The sex scene was great. M’MAN HARUKA! Woo.. I had to laugh the mean laugh when I saw that Haruka was daydreaming about it while Kazuha was playing. THAT was just stoopid! Such a guy! xD

    *”feel” ..the company name is too ironic. xD lmao And when are those singles coming out? That insert ending theme is firebuds!

  14. In case anyone is interested the episode arcs are as following according to the BD pre-orders:

    Kazuha route : Ep 1,2,3,4
    Akira Route : Ep 1,2,5,6
    Nao Route : Ep 1,7,8,9
    Sora Route : Ep 1,7,10,11,12

    Incest fans will have to wait the longest. Also if anyone is asking why Kozue(class rep) doesn’t have one, that’s because she didn’t have a route in the actual game. She only got her route in a special disk after she got popular.

  15. After to much struggle in my room and putting the speaker on my head i can finally comment. Going for the last first,sLLLp(yum). I really felt what the main character feels about the heroine in this arc by doing fore**** and s** while adding violin music. When i heard the music it felt sadness first and when the tone rise it was like wow this is different.
    And also when Akira kissed Kazuhe i didnt feel moe but I think theirs a meaning to this.
    i guess the other story like other Visual novel that the main character search for clues about past past things and such and then charge charge charge to main heroine.(Lol XD)
    i rank this arck 8/10.
    i home they can also make this in little buster. ^_^ where every story is connected even though the arc change

    Croosboy シ
  16. Very interesting way of telling a multi-branching story, but it does make sense as long as they do it right. You just have to refresh yourself with one or two the previous episodes before the next arc. I kinda like this idea, and it’s pretty smart from a financial standpoint too.

    Nice ending to Kazuha’s route. Was a little worried Akira was gonna go dark-side for a second there, but glad it passed as a lesson. It sucks about Kozue, was looking forward to her route… then I saw she was only considered a “minor” character and figured this would happen. I was not expecting that sex scene though. I mean wow… I was expecting them, the bed, a kiss, and a fade out, not groping, sucking, and… just wow lol! This anime definitely isn’t shy. And that was what happened the night before her violin show that Haruka was remembering, he didn’t imagine it.

  17. A bit too short, but good regardless. Well, for me, I’ll take a Good End over a Harem / Undecided / Nice Boat End. And for that I certainly love the way they play this out (Omnibus format), letting every girl get their moment, sparing me from the feeling which comes when the Main Character gets paired up with girl “A”, instead of “B”, “C” or “D”. I must say it’s a waste that it only has 12 episodes, I would’ve loved to see this spread out through 24 episodes. The bed scene was indeed a bit or a surprise despite the fact that I more or less expected it, but that won`t change the fact I’m giving it a thumbs up. =D

  18. seriously, i don’t know what’s so appealing about incest. it’s apparently a very popular theme but…i still find it a bit..uhh..

    but of course, yuricest is a diff. matter. L0L.

    1. its got something to do with the fact that its even more forbidden then yuri or yaoi, they have known together for so long and for tragic drama(or just to add more characters for the protagonist in a harem).

      personally im neutral on incest, cause I sometimes see it on animes/mangas and they usually turn yandere….

      but if its twicest I definitely like it(except if yaoi).

      1. you could say that. but yuricest is actually a lot more of a taboo since it’s breaking 2 society laws.incest and yuri. X) but hell, yuricest is definitely FTW for me.L0L. i’m quite fine w/ a harusora end as long as there’s a AKI-KAZU END as well. L0L.

      2. well il be brief in this, incest relationships are a taboo because of the fact that the’yre kids have a bigger tendency to have disabilities, abnormality ,sickness and side-effects than normal children. though yuricest is still incest, there are no chances of them having babies so its proabably less forbidden than regular incest(and they can just pretend that they’re “teaching” or just playing aroud with their sisters, siblings are close so most people might just dismiss it as what sisters do)

  19. I have to admit, I was rather amused with the romantic scene in the end. During the Viola scene, I was closing my eyes and enjoying Kazuha’s lovely piece. As I opened my eyes to see the lovely romance however, I was like, “WHOA!” O_O LOL I had a good laugh at myself XD

  20. This was not what I was expecting and I don’t mean that in regards to the sex scene, I was expecting that. It flat like they put 3 episodes worth of material into one and I was having trouble following the story. I would have preferred that they sacrifice some of the story to develop Haru’s relationship with the girl. I feel that if it had been that way, the sex scene at the end would have actually meant something other than just a requirement to end the arc.

    Still it was a nice first arc and I still have some hope that the next arcs will be better. I’m really looking forward to Sora’s arc. Also will the class president have an arc?

  21. Almost-Omnibus format! Well I guess every girl, even the Oujo-type wins! Leet… Uhh, though. I want a maid ending. XD Or that Storekeeper too LOL. OR or An OVA with a Harem route end?!

    Oh god, i was riiight! XD
    Like a I said in the shoutbox…OMFG!
    I’m kind of happy that will be Amagami Style…But I’m sad because Sora’s arc will be the last x-x
    But, the sex scene was just a…hum…I can’t find a word…OH YEAH! Very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery surprising to me. Of course, I already know that a sex scene would happen, but was to explicit to me. XD
    The episode was great, and Yosuga no Sora is the second most surprising anime of the season, losing to Otome Youkai Zakuro (I already told a looot of times, OYZ IS A GREAT ANIME XD)

  23. And here I thought this would be the next Myself; Yourself, H2O, or School Days. Or even Clannad.

    Boy was I wrong. This turned out just to be a show where the lead gets to visually have sex with all the girls in the series…and it’s much less tasteful than Amagami at that.


    1. Nah, maybe not like Clannad but this certainly remained me of Myself; Yourself. I disliked H20 the only thing good was Kotoha. It didn’t remind me at all of School Days, Makoto is a huge asshole while Haru isn’t cheating on anyone, at least not yet. The omnibus format also helps. I’m rooting for him to end with Sora XD.

  24. I spent last night reading every episode review and summary of School Days that Omni wrote.

    I was so deeply disturbed I honestly couldn’t catch sleep at all and thought of it in class all day. I honestly grew a disgust from Harem anime in the short span of last night, and that from me is insane since I’m all about Harem anime…

  25. While the format is unique, it’s going to suck for people actually watching this on TV as it airs. The story is just so broken up that they will basically forget what happened in the intro arc or merge the previous arcs into the intro so that when the second, arc specific part airs, it’s not going to make as much sense or feel like a whole arc without rewatching the shared episodes every time.

  26. To be honest I am not that fond of this new arc type format for a harem anime, I agree is good now that everyone gets a ending and no one get left out, (Example: Shuffle) I always hate the idea of why in order for 2 ppl to be happy, everyone else has to get dump and be unhappy, so harem ending is the way to go or in this case different arc.
    But when u have a 12 episode or even 24 episode series with 5-6 girls then so much of the plot and story get left out, and writer tend to rush things, like Haruka arc in Amagami SS or Kazuha’s arc here in Yosuga no Sora.
    I would say in order for thing not to feel rush we would have ( ep 1 introduction, ep 2 they become close, ep 3 they go out, ep 4 something dramatic happens, ep 5 they make up and confession, ep 6 finally an ending).
    So having a relationship being build in 2 or even 4 episode feel so rushed, I just don’t get the feeling that these two ppl really know each other that well.

  27. Great to see that it takes that approach. While watching the episode, I constantly hoped that they would somehow save it from becoming a Nice Boat. This approach also makes Haruka a more likeable character, as he doesn’t turn out to be a pimp, in the end (contrary to a certain someone from a certain series with a certain nice boat…), while still keeping him quite unique from other male leads. I’m also quite happy that the rather graphic depictions of nudity serve a purpose other than fan service.

  28. Well, this was unespected but greatly apricated, because we can have a close look to all the tgirls without leaving anything behind. For me the best of the girls is defeneatly Kazuha, follow by Nao, but I can´t picture Sora with Haru, I´m not really a fan of incest.

  29. I´m with you HenDarou, It was quite refreshing to see nudity use for something different from pointless fan service, not that I have anything against it. Also I found the sex scene betwen Haru and Kazuha very touching and I expect the scenes for the other girls to be able transmit that same feeling.

    1. But it is definitely much hotter than Amagami.I think these two series complement each other. Amagami gives the emotional aspect and Yosuga no Sora gives the this and that aspect.

      Suppa Tenko
  30. Haru sure can spot a good investment when he sees one. Buying Kazuha lavish gifts of quality kimono and music box seems to be a pretty good investment. It secured his relationship with her and his financial future. What a guy.

  31. Yup, this format makes the most sense- to me anyway. I knew there wasn’t anything like school days coming up, but I was curious to see how they would handle it. I think a reset kind of destroys the drama a little but I’m not too bothered. Good ep.

  32. OMG This anime is almost hentai! lol I had a feeling it would get dirtier.

    I remember how I was watching the first ep on my ps3 (meaning big screen) and not knowing what to expect…I had my 12 year old sister who was on the computer behind me saw the scene where the twins had their kiss, my sister flinched and commented how they were so young to kiss. When I mentioned they were twins my sister was disgusted.
    Then when she saw Sora’s delusion of Haru tongue-kiss her, my sister found it sick….thankfully I decided to stop watching when it came to the bath scene coz fearing that it might get worse.
    When I watched it later and saw Sora taking of her clother in front of Haru hinting on “something” and then the Maid mastrubating…lol I mean fate/stay night was a hentai game but the anime had no sex so I never expected it.

    I dunno how much 12 year old kids are exposed to sexuality these days but I sure know that my 12 year old sis is not there yet!! lol

    Well that only means I have to watch this anime when nobody is around now lol

    1. Fate/Stay Night was like 1% sex scenes and 99% story, so it wasn’t a big part of it. This is more of a classic dating sim, so even if they cut the sex scene out so would it be rather implied anyway, like in Amagami.

  33. Been watching this and finished Ep4 just now, and I was surprised with the scenes at the end! But it expressed the terms of Love even more for the series so far! And after reading this, we’ll get to see it jump back to a new scenario I see. I was thinking it would continue one with the same relations…..guess not! The emotions in this anime are so good!


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