With a ninja war imminent and all the major villages coming together under a common “shinobi” insignia, the way things played out in this latest chapter was like those movies where mankind bands together a common alien threat. Except here, we have an alliance of ninjas against a bunch of people who should be dead already and their army of creepy looking clones. Seeing as that description fits Madara and Orochimaru as well, this may as well be seen as a war against the undead ninja. From all the deceased Akatsuki members and Jinchuuriki to a handful of previous Kages, the twist was the bunch of nostalgic faces from Kabuto’s last batch of coffins. While I question what to make about the inclusion of Tsunade’s lover Dan, Zabuza, and Haku, it was pretty interesting to see them among the likes of Kimimaro, Chiyo, and Asuma. In Dan’s case, it’s simply because his abilities have never been revealed, whereas Zabuza and Haku are guys that Kakashi, Naruto, and co. defeated over three years ago. While the latter two will probably still overwhelm the vast majority of nameless “fodder” ninjas, I can’t imagine them being much of a match against any of our protagonists who have become much more powerful since then. For nostalgia sake, it’s cool seeing a lot of familiar faces though, which should make for some interesting reunions if Shikamaru ends up having to fight Asuma, and Gaara or Sakura against Chiyo. Story-wise, I’m admittedly not a big fan of how “Orochimaru” can revive just about anyone as he pleases, but I do like the prospect of seeing those potential match-ups as a result.

Other than the setup for the war that will probably be front and center for many chapters to come, the appearance of Sasuke after god knows how many chapters actually reminded me of what he’s been up to. It’s been a while since his long string of chapters, so I had completely forgotten that he agreed to have Itachi’s eyes transplanted into him. I gather that brief scene was intended to foreshadow how he’ll be joining the battle sometime later on, and in all likelihood wind up fighting Naruto with his Mangekyou upgrade. Mangekyou or not, I’d still like to believe that Naruto has the upper hand with the Kyuubi’s chakra under his control (somewhat), but I can just see Sasuke being complete “hax” with his new eyes. I haven’t ruled out the possibility that Madara may have given him Nagato’s other Rinnegan either, though I’m less inclined to believe that will happen since Sasuke fans probably won’t be happy about Kishimoto giving him mismatched eyes and becoming a power hungry freak like Madara. (Funny how that reasoning has nothing to do with plot, but I feel strongly about it.) I gather Sasuke still has a lot of pride as an Uchiha as well, and would probably rather inherit both of his brother’s eyes than take a Rinnegan for one of them. Anyway, fourth ninja war here we go. I’m looking to the leaders of each group to be the major players in the upcoming battles, which of course means that Gaara will be on the hot seat. It should be epic.


    1. I believe that’s Neji’s father not Hinata’s father. Remember, Neji’s father and Hinata’s father were twins and Neji’s father sacrificed himself to give his sealed body of byakugan as payment to the other village.

  1. so kabuto and madara have been sneaking around graveyards digging up corpses like tony robinson and time-team. (some of which OP points out have long been at the mercy of wormies for a good while)

    their super secret ninja gaff must stink something mad. or at least reak of formaldehyde… i’m suprised the kiba clan didn’t sniff them out long ago.

    ^_^ having said all, assembled ninjas looking badass. go team gaara.

    guy sensei still spaced lolz.!

    1. That resurrection technique really is overpowered. Do they really need the original body to perform the technique though? I thought they just needed some sacrificial bodies.

      I can see why Divine considers Kabuto a potential final boss now. That poison in his possession could have rendered Madara’s army useless. I can imagine him slithering away with a smirk when Madara gets defeated.

      On another note, Guy’s loss to Kakashi this round is gonna hurt for a long long time.

      1. Not the whole body; just part of their remains + a living body to sacrifice as a vessel. (The artificial body being made of earth and ash.)

        And it won’t help that there’s very high chances that they’ll keep talking to him too, like apologizing and things like that, which will up the emotion even further.

  2. The evil wins, in the end we get some ubber move from Naruto, the end. To me this is hopefully the last arc of Naruto. In my opinion the manga is just getting worse.. (whereas One Piece kicks ass all the time^^)

      1. Do you remember back when Oroshimaru fought the 3rd? He summoned the 1st and 2nd Hokage, and was about to summon Minato too, but the 3rd stopped him. So there is a high chance that Kabuto will summon him. He is a strong shinobi (his flash technique is amazing), but the emotional side wont have much of an impact on Naruto, since he met his father a while ago and it was a somewhat happy good bye.
        But for Shikamaru vs. Azuma it will be a really hard clash…
        Or Azuma vs. Kurenai-sensei…. Kishimoto is one evil bstrd – so many broken hearts and he will trample on all of them for sure 😛

  3. I’ve been down on the series ever since Pein decided to hit the reset button on Konoha. Series was getting all sorts of epic and then it just screeched to a halt and hasn’t been the same. I mean… zombie armies? Really?

  4. i think they will be even match until sasuke pull out some hack technique and then he will have an upperhand on naruto UNTIL the secret power that itachi gave naruto come into play. I believe that will be the turning point of the battle between them.

    1. your assuming it was a power, just because Itachi give his eye powers to Sasuke, someone who had the ability to use them, doesn’t mean he gave Naruto “powers”.
      I’m guessing it was one last way for Itachi to talk to Sasuke after Sasuke learn of his full streingth. The same as Naruto talking to his parents.

  5. Hmm.. THE WAR!!

    Question: How did Mandara get hold of the 1st hokage body when Orochimaru had it? Imean Zetsu was with Akatsuki before the begining of Kabuto and Mandara alliance.

    1. Madara nor Orochimaru actually had the full corpse (or at least it was never said they did), but merely DNA, which could be gotten from things as small as dried skin and such. You don’t exactly need big chunks of a person to get DNA. Madara could’ve easily gotten it after his “death” at he Valley since I’m certain that their blood would’ve been covering the land by that time, lol (besides weather and such washed it away). Orochimaru most likely took bits from grave-digging though and cultivated it in labs.

  6. vaguely remember Zabuza being implied at around the same level as Kisame (something about 7 ninja swordman). So I guess it sort of makes sense to include him. Then again, might as well recycle every single character design for the lulz

    1. Recycling them is also very convenient for the plot. Imagine having to introduce a whole new swarm of powerful, evil ninjas, each with their own personality. Using mindless zombies made it that much easier.

      1. They’re not exactly mindless, as we saw with Deidara, Kabuto allowed him to have his personality while following orders. So it makes sense that others might have some awareness to what is going on. Orichimaru used tages to wipe the minds of the kages, but I think Kabuto will let most have personalities.

      2. Yes Deidara is just like before clueless as ever, rather than contemplate what just happened to him, he just goes along with being his old self. Doesnt he know that he just died and is now a zombie? Probably not. And how exactly does Kabuto give him a little of free will? How do you quantify free will.

  7. Hmm I don’t feel like some of you get what Kabuto did and what Madara is trying to do. For one Edo Tensei is a very very extreme jutsu. It requires a live sacrifice and extreme preparation. If Edo Tensei could be spammed then why did Orochimaru only try to use three agianst Sandaime? No this is suppose that I suspect either Orochimaru was doing before he died or Kabuto has been planning this for awhile.

    Second off if your a big badguy a zombie army is rather smart if you think about it. They can’t betray you (itach), they can’t get cocky and get killed (Sasori, Hidan, etc) and they can’t try to take your eyes and run off (orochimaru). Lets face it Akatsuki had some badasses but they were all deeply flawed in there own way. But here he has a loyal army that will obey him no matter what. Its smart rather than convenient. It plays to how Madara has been shown, a master planner with infinite patience.

    Now as far as they guys Kabuto choose to Edo he choose that last bunch not for physical power but for psychological effect.

    How do you think Tsunade is going to react to Dan being on the battlefield? Or Neji to his father? Shikamaru to Asuma? Those guys were picked for there mental effect. Kabuto is very smart and he knows how to play people.

    Now as far as Haku and Zabuza we never really saw them fight full out. Haku played with Sasuke, and wasn’t defeated by Naruto even after the kyubbi punch. He sacrificed for Zabuza. And Zabuza is an ambush type, he was at a disadvantage the second Kakashi knew he was coming.

    Either way I think this is a great turn of events for Naruto and I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg of what Kabuto/Madara have planned.

    1. “he choose that last bunch not for physical power but for psychological effect”
      this is why the last bunch fail I mean we are talking about a war of 100000 vs 90000 ninjas who give a shit about the psychological effect they could had agaisnt 5 or 10 KONOHA ninjas
      seriously they could be eradicated be anyone. this is a war not a bleach 1vs1 fight showdown
      Kabuto should had chosed more people with wide range attacks(like Deidara)

      BTW how come noone is talking about how the Tsuchikage can lift an island…
      if I were him I would just throw that island in Marada’s hideout

      1. HAHAHAHA… you should send that to Kishi as a suggestion. That would be an epic way to kill off Madara.

        (In hell)
        Random hell mate: So, dude, how did you die?
        Madara: Well, you know, someone threw an island at me.
        Random hell mate: Oh, oka- WAIT WHAT?!

  8. A super reset button of sorts! Please tell me after this Arc is over, it’ll be finally FINALLY over?! I wish Sasuke would die and NOT get redeemed by Naruto at the very end, otherwise, Naruto would really be just lusting after him even after the war is over. Though Show Spoiler ▼

    I hope it’s not that predictable.

  9. Epic? Thats not something I would use for Part II naruto.

    The PEACE alliance is ridiculous and highly unlikely (What, one whacko shows up, says he does war to them and they all just forget their feuds and go sing kumbaya together?)
    The Kabuto/Madara alliance is ridiculous.
    THe revivals are ridiculous
    Naruto’s stupidity is ridiculous.
    Madara’s zetsu army is ridiculous.
    madara’s first’s clone is ridiculous.

    This is not a war, this is digimon -__-

    1. I’m not following you at all on how this is ridiculous. A single man and his organization basically brought the ninja world to its KNEE’S. In the course of a year they successful took EVERY tailed beast but two. There ranks included some of the most notorious and wanted ninjas in history.

      One of the men in their organization DECIMATED arguably the strongest ninja clan in the Narutoverse.

      He then announced to basically the world that he was going to dominate the world using the tailed beast and his power.

      How could they NOT team together? Everyone was getting spanked by themselves.

      And if you remember Kabuto forced Madara’s hand with a still unknown 6th Edo Tensin coffin. But Madara knows that with his elite force dead he could use another hand.

      If any of this sounds familiar the words Axis vs. Allies might jog your memory.

  10. Sorry, I just can’t resist anymore. 🙂

    Suggested future chapter names:

    – Dawn of the Ninja Dead
    – Ninja Deadrising
    – 28 Bangekyou Sharingan Days Later
    followed by its sequel:
    – 28 Bangekyou Sharingan Weeks Later
    (Though to the outsider, both stories take place in less than a fraction of a second)
    – Left 4 Villages Dead – No prizes for guessing which village is the last standing
    – Attack of the Ninja Clones

    Feel free to add to the list

    With so many ninja coming back from the dead, perhaps the living ninjas can consider calling Soul Society for help – provided they’ve recovered from the epic farce that was Aizen-gate, that is.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. im excited for this upcoming battle. it kind of makes up the loss of bleach even though there startng a new arc. (exhales) well i hope Naurto at least ends soon and has a good ending. Bleach i just want them to finish but at the same time im interested in what is going to happen especially what is happening to Ichigo and everyone else

  12. Are Kushina, 4th hokage, 3rd Hokage, Jiraiya, Orichimaru, Danzo, someone’s dad, someones mom, someones pet animal, etc. all gonna show up as zombie too?

    Dame! speak about HOTD its the new Ninja’s Of The Dead.

    I bet even after Madara is defeated, he is gonna make a come back being Madara of the Dead.

    1. Kushina, Minato, Shodaime, Nidiame, and Sandaime can’t be Edo’d because there in hell because of the Dead Demon Seal.

      Orochi isn’t quite dead yet as part of him is sealed in the sword of Susanno and the other half is in kabuto.

      Oh yea and Jiraiya isn’t dead. I’m calling it. HE WILL BE BACK.

      1. didn’t the 3rd stop Ochimaru from Edo’ing Miniato way back when?
        Even though Minato was sealed with the Dead Demon Seal, with 1/2 of the nine tails chakura?
        Everyone has been assuming that someone sealed with the Dead Demon Seal can’t be Edo’ed, but it that doesn’t with with what we know now.

      2. If they were to be among them, they most surely would’ve shown them. The fact that none of them are there, especially when you consider that at least the 4 Hokages were considered among THE most powerful shinobi to ever live, when they surely would’ve tipped the balance of the war in their favor makes me believe that they are unable to bring back souls that are eaten by the Shinigami.

  13. This may sound weird but i have the feeling of being in Gundam 00 EP 25 while reading this chapter, specially whit the United Shinobi Army = Earth Sphere Federation.

    First Setzu = Bring/Divine and now this lol
    BTW, this chapter is so epic in so many levels, I need the next chapter NOW

    I hope not to see a zombie Jiraiya up there in the upcoming chapters

    1. They brought Asuma even after showing all the funeral crap. so i guess Jiraiya is just door step away.
      Also, zombie Diedara was same as the old Diedara. Then will Zombie Asuma be the same imean he is a good guy so how will he c konoha or other as his enemy?

      1. Even if Asuma is a good guy, he have to do what Kabutomaru says…. that’s what i think at least.

        so we can expect to see a Asuma vs Shikamaru fight soon, and that¡s going to be a epic fight.

  14. Oh GOD this ws so epic XD!!
    New Ninja teams, old enemies coming back, this’ll be so fun XD
    I don’t think anyone thought we would see anything about Zabuza or Haku again XD We all know we’ll be seeing a Kakashi vs. Zabuza rematch.
    Cannot wait!

  15. Well, well. Looks like it’s time to Give Naruto an new Name. Naruto: War of the Ninja/Ninja Wars

    And looks like we losing here the Naruto focus. Now we don’t have 1 Main Char (or 3) Now Naruto will be 1 Side char. And The War itself, will be Main player.

    Well, to much distraction, and your Main sink to the ground…

    And seriously, Using 2 Ninjas, as living Batteries for a “Naruto Wars: Clone Wars!” (Star Wars: Clone Wars!) alike…

    yes, as you can guess. I drooped Naruto last Episode.But was looking in what direction it turns out.. and my fear gone true…

  16. I’m curious about how Pein will fight. I doubt that he’s getting his Paths back.

    Maybe Madara stuck the second Rinnegan in his forehead as a trump card. Explains the tomoe hole there in his mask. After Danzo’s Arm O’ Sharingans I’ll believe it.

  17. I’m not sure what the point of summoning Chiyo or Sasori is, though. They’d need their puppets to be of any real use, and all of those have been completely destroyed.

    …Though it does appear that the summon is Sasori’s puppet body, so I wonder how the technique pulled that off.

  18. I wonder why Jiraiya, Kisame and Konan weren’t revived. I guess from a plot standpoint, the battles with the latter two happened too recently for them to be brought back with any interest, but Jiraiya would have really stirred the pot. I did notice that there were zombies out of frame, but I doubt they would have revived Jiraiya without showing him.

    The fact that there are so many underlying relationships among the zombies, supposing Kabuto selectively gives them some consciousness back, I’m curious if there would be any conflicts internally. Hanzo and Nagato fighting on the same side? UGH and would Nagato have the Rinnegan? What is he without it? And do we still not know the person in the mysterious coffin from last time?

    There are so many goddamn questions. I don’t see how the alliance has any chance unless Sasuke switches sides and begins sealing zombies left and right with Susanoo.

    1. The souls brought back through Edo Tensei are brought back in the body they had when they were at their most powerful along with all of their Kekkei Genkai and other abilities they possessed, so Nagato will more than likely have the Rinnegan and Itachi with the Mangekyo Sharingan, and whatnot like how Hashirama still had the Mokuton and Tobirama with his extreme skill at Suiton jutsu and such.

  19. I still don’t see why people don’t see what kabuto did. He brought back some of their power (akatsuki), abilities (Jinchurikki), and the rest we’re brought back for strategic reasons. Each of the guys he brought back from the third group will bother someone emotionally on a deep level. (Although I think Haku and Zabuza were brought back for fan service).

  20. Yeah this must be easy for Kishi to do, just draw a bunch random battles each week. He can probably help sell an entire year of volumes without any story progression, maybe he can also spend that year think about what to do with Sasuke’s EMS

  21. Hey Divine, you mean “in all likelihood win up fighting Naruto with his Mangekyou upgrade”
    You mean, winD up fighting right? Or are you playing subconscious games with your readers? 😛

    Epic is the best word for this chapter, imo. It reminds me of dramatic Hollywood trailers.

  22. this was just plain ridiculous!!! Kabuto hit the cheat button and resurrected everyone and their mamas!! I mean come on, if kishi is this tired of writing naruto to make sense. Then he should just pull a hunter x hunter and take off for a few months until he comes up with a story that makes sense. Don’t dragonball us with kabuto magic wish jutsu that can raise anything and everyone!!! That’s terrible!!

  23. As a reminder they never showed the third coffin in the Oro vs. Sarutobi fight. So we have no idea who was going to be res’d. The anime was the one that hinted that it was the fourth

    Reference: Chapter 115, page 19

  24. Besides power in some cases (Akatsuki, Kages, and notable powerhouses like Hanzo), it’s also meant to be emotional, as mentioned.

    You know that, in Naruto’s case, he’ll be FAR too emotionally involved with the ones like Haku, Zabuza, Asuma (and Shikamaru, Ino, and Chouji), Chiyo (and Gaara, Sakura, Temari, etc), Dan (and Tsunade and Shizune), Hizashi (and Neji), and the Jinchuuriki to be able to keep his focus on what must be done because he’ll be all about wanting to “save” them, which will drive him to hold back and be pissed off at Kabuto, which will even further distort his focus, thus causing him to be unable to fight at his full potential and get his ass kicked by them until someone or something smacks some more reality into him.

    In terms of the Jinchuuriki, I wouldn’t be surprised if Madara now uses the Gedo Mazo to instill the Bijuu chakra into them (if only temporarily).

    Also, as mentioned, a bit of a surprise that Jiraiya wasn’t shown among them which either means he’s a hidden trump card, isn’t truly dead, or Kabuto simply didn’t find any of Jiraiya’s remains. It’d also be fun if they brought back Sakumo, Kakashi’s father, to mess with his head and show off his abilities as he is said to have had a reputation as great as the Sannin or something before he committed suicide.

    Hanzo will fun to see more abilities from given this is the guy who gave the Sannin their title after beating their faces into the ground in their prime.

    And in terms of Madara giving Sasuke the other Rinnegan, I don’t think so as he had already done the eye surgery on Sasuke before he had left to get Nagato’s corpse.


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