When high school idol Nakagawa Kanon (Touyama Nao) turned out to be so self-centered that she needed everyone groveling at her feet to feel successful, I loved watching every minute of Keima not giving a crap about her and staying absorbed in the 2-D world. In the back of my mind, I was all, “Yeah, you ignore her Keima!”, but had to draw the line on denying her existence and making her disappear. Now that’s just going too far. o_O Leading up to that, Keima was like a thorn in her side who adding insult to injury when Kanon increased her popularity in all areas of showbiz and he still wouldn’t give her a moment of his attention. Given how he got tasered over and over again for minding his own business and had his PFP’s screen signed on while he was frantically trying to save his game, I don’t think anyone could really blame the guy for giving her the cold shoulder though. Consequently, the whole “idol going after the one who got away” bit was pretty nice to see, simply because it wasn’t Keima working his ass off for a change. It’s about time the girls put in some effort of their own, regardless whether or not it was for the completely wrong reasons!

Keima is winning over these girls for the wrong reasons after all (i.e. saving his own neck), so it was befitting to see the tables turned just for the hell of it. Incidentally, not once did I feel any sympathy towards Kanon because of how into herself she was, but I suspect that was the sentiment they were going for in the first episode of her story. The only thing that slightly improved my image of Kanon was Elsie’s absolute love for her in contrast to Keima going the Zeon route of belittling the evolution of idols altogether. Still, his construed personal outlook on life doesn’t really warrant the abuse he received, so I was still on his side the entire episode. The icing on the cake was Kanon’s private concerts to make Keima a fan ending up all for naught, while he still had a game plan in mind to (reluctantly) win her over and force the escaped soul from her heart. For once, Keima was in the “better” position to make something happen in the romance department. As such, I was a bit disappointed to see that he didn’t get the chance to leverage it. On the plus side, Kanon’s sudden disappearance does set things up nicely for an unexpected finish.

At the moment, I still have a hard time seeing the good points in a character like Kanon though. I’ve never liked the conceited type — which she made herself out to be this entire episode — but I am open to the idea that my opinion of her will change next time. It sure looks like that’s the setup the writers were going for, so seeing what redeeming traits she’ll surprise me with next time is what has me looking forward to the follow-up the most. As for this episode, I’m all for the various outfits she was in, but she’s clearly trying too hard to win over the wrong guy. 🙂

* I would’ve expected Keima to think more highly of Kanon after the voice work she did, but I guess not.




  1. “I’ve never liked the conceited type — which she made herself out to be this entire episode”
    Kanon’s not really conceited.
    She’s very insecure of herself (evidenced by how often she tells herself that she’s now finally an idol, that she’s doing well now, etc).
    So coming across Keima who doesn’t care about her, is bringing up that sense of insecurity “Why doesn’t he pay attention to me? Am I worth so little?”.

    So naturally the way to solve it is to taser the guy (stick) and hold personal concerts (carrot).
    Well, naturally, if you’re Kanon…

    1. that’s the impression i got – insecurity, not conceit. she’s devoted her life to becoming an idol but she can’t reconcile the idea of an idol that is not universally recognized and loved. “if someone doesn’t recognize/love me, i’m not an idol, and if i’m not an idol, i’m worthless.” i felt bad for her more because she doesn’t realize that keima’s disinterest has nothing to do with her and everything to do with him being one of those “3DPD”-type otaku who just hate real girls as a whole.

      diet otaku
    2. Yeah, it was immediately obvious to me in hearing her talk to herself that she was severely insecure. Though her aggressive behavior borders on narcissism (though she seems more the former than the latter). Narcissism is also rooted in severe insecurity, but the symptoms differ; narcissists construct a huge but brittle ego to conceal their insecurity, and generally react (generally metaphorically) violently to any challenges to that ego. Someone who is merely insecure, on the other hand, would be more likely to just suffer in silence if belittled.

      And as I stated in another post, insecurity can be cute; in fact I initially thought she was cute for that reason. That immediately changed when she pulled out the tazers, when it became obvious that she was not only insecure but downright crazy.

  2. its actually still going according to keima’s plan but with some surprises he didnt expect.

    after the recent events of the manga, she is starting to go up my ‘like’ list of the girls in Kami nomi zo shiru sekai

    1. i’m not a fan of kanon either. but due to her development in the actual story, the misunderstanding of her character becames her charm that will be eminent enough to consider her as one of my top girls in twgok,,,

  3. I’ve never liked the conceited type — which she made herself out to be this entire episode

    It might appear that way based on just this episode. But further onwards you find that Kanon is really just akin to an insecure puppy desperately seeking her master’s approval.

    If the manga is a reliable guide (and the anime has been pretty faithful) her personality will get much better.

    Ninja Penguin
  4. To be honest, I have to agree with Divine on the fact that I don’t quite like Kanon… for the reason stated above…
    but again, I am sure there will be more to it than meets the eye… like she did make indications of how she has changed from before…
    what I am particularly interested is this shot
    Maybe the people in the shot had something to do with her potentially traumatic experience that made her the way she is now?
    definitely looking forward for the next episode for the cliffhanger…
    and as always, thanks for the post even in the early morning, Divine!

    1. Actually runaway spirits feed on negative energies. The reason it managed to enter her is because of the gap in her heart. Not about being loved but loving back. Which is how these spirits are expelled.

      Anyway Elsee did not explain in the anime like in the manga that the reason why these spirits inhabit girls was either to be resurrected to their original form or reincarnated as the girl’s baby.

      1. well to be exact, the main reason is that: Show Spoiler ▼

        well i like cute too /pif

    1. haven’t read the manga, I would take a wild guess by saying that she is probably just too busy with her idol works to even know that…
      then again, if Keima haven’t been so cool all this time, she wouldn’t really notice him either…

    1. Same here man, I was disappointed that it wasnt Jun Fukuyama that’s voicing Keima cuz ever since I started reading the manga years ago, I thought (and perhaps a lot of people thought as well) that Jun (VA of Lelouch) is the best for Keima. Especially since Keima is similar to Lelouch. Also Keima get’s into the God Mode, which I thought would be perfect if he was voiced by Jun. Oh well, I guess I got used to the current VA, dont get me wrong, the guy is good as well, but I just thought that Jun is more suitable to voice Keima. Just IMO.

      Other than that though, I’m very satisfied at the VAs for the characters, especially Elsee and Shiori. Im even liking Kanon’s VA.

      1. I completely agree, although I haven’t watched geass, I just don’t like Keima’s voice actor. He’s kinda changed a little personality wise from the manga too I think. I’ve liked a lot of things that they’ve done so far, especially with the music, which I don’t think has been talked about enough, but some of the things I’ve been dissapointed in like Keima, especailly his fasinations/pictoral examples or whatever they are. Even when I understand their parody I think they are a little annoying IMO.

    2. I have to disagree with you but i respect your decision.
      IMO, if Jun did Keima, it would sound so boring and cliche to hear him and most Jun fans just want to hear Lulu, not Keima.

      Keima is Keima. Lulu is Lulu. Both characters are very different and unique in their own way.

      1. I have read the manga. When i read it, i never imagine Jun doing it coz it sound silly(blame that on Lulu’s “FABULOUS” moments). Hiro was perfect for the role thanks his over the top and large ham moments without sounding like Lulu.

        I think you have to accept the fact that most people that once thought Jun should have play Keima have now accepted Hiro as Keima and likes the way he voices him.

    1. That font makes me think it just means “quiet”. ppp is a music term short for “pianissimo possibile” which means “softest possible” in regards to volume.
      By the way, p is soft and pp is very soft.

    1. well i dont care about the auto – bust changer… we’re still talking about kaminomi here while its true i prefer that kyoani or JC staffs should take this anime for better art, the story alone is still there.

  5. So,

    are they gonna be animating the disciplinary committee girl? (likes cats, beats up bullies). From the rate its going the girls shown in ED will run out like at the seasons half-point.

    1. I heard that there is a 2nd season confirmed already and thats thanks to the TRAILER FOR A 1ST season.
      proof(got it from tv tropes) :

      # Beyond The Impossible: The reception for the sneak preview of the first anime episode was so well received, it got a second season even though the first season’s first episode had yet to be aired!!

      and here for confirmation:

      1. WRONG!!! and RIGHT!!! just for the record, Show Spoiler ▼

        source: 2 years of experience working as an manga assistant 3 months of that 2 years as assistant of wakaki tamiki himself… believe it or not…

  6. See, I don’t really think he really cared if Kanon voiced characters- she was still the real-world idol who would come to age. So, he would prefer to stare at the galge character, rather than acknowledge the talent of the real world individual.


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