Now there’s a pet I wouldn’t mind having, even if Nymph isn’t too fond of how Astraea lowers the image of angeloids.

I don’t know what would be worse: Tomoki continuing to trick girls as Tomoko or discovering that he’s packing a pretty hot body of his own in that form.

There’s simple minded and stupid minded. Then there’s Nymph who just figures it’d be fun to hang out with the dumb kids.

It’s one thing to lack morals, but it’s another thing altogether to be radiating evil.

「決断せよ!天国と地獄(アップダウン)」 (Ketsudan Seyo! Tengoku to Jigoku (Appu Daun))
“Make A Decision! Heaven and Hell (Up Down)”

Astraea encounters “Tomoko” for the very first time and unknowingly lets her feel up her body in all the wrong ways, after which Mikako figures it’d be fun to abuse the Satsukitane wealth and make a game out of Tomoki’s stupidity. This week was a classic SoraOto affair with no formal introduction of Chaos just yet, but it did slip in a very interesting turn of events at the end to indicate that she’ll arrive soon. Before getting there, this episode was a matter of manly pride when Tomoki received the title of the most undesirable guy at school for all his perversions and overall stupidity. I couldn’t help but wonder what intelligence had to do with popularity — especially when newcomer Astraea’s lack thereof didn’t affect what sex appeal could overcome — so part of me wanted to blow the sexist whistle.

That of course would have only been applicable if Tomoki hadn’t dug his own grave by being a master pervert that he is. So ultimately, this was more or less an attempt to publicly embarrass him and lower his image to “worthless trash” levels on a town-wide scale, which would have backfired nicely if Tomoki didn’t show the world that he won’t betray his ideals even to the bitter end. It may not sound like a lot, but with his goal in reach and the opportunity to show all those pesky girls that he can have a piece of manure on his head and still come out laughing, passing up on it and taking another plunge into a vat of animal crap sort of puts things into perspective. Not everyone could have remained true to himself even when tempted with the easy way out, and even less probably could have accepted going for a monstrous “shit dive” without even flinching. Tomoki, you are an exemplary example for men everywhere, even if it was in the completely wrong context. (We’ll just conveniently overlook how Ikaros rigged the latter questions in Tomoki’s favor.)

As for the head-to-head idiot games between Tomoki and Astraea for the rest of the episode, it was actually pretty cute to see those two “bonding” without even realizing it. It kind of blows my mind that Astraea was able to trick Tomoki into owning himself in Othello, because I had always figured that Tomoki wasn’t actually an idiot and simply enjoyed behaving like one. Getting outsmarted by Astraea must be like hitting a new all-time low even in Tomoki’s case, which goes doubly for losing to her overall in their marathon of games. However, it did come off as the beginnings of a beautiful relationship between them. A relationship built on the idiocy wavelength resonating together, but a beautiful relationship nonetheless.

In typical Tomoki fashion, he did prove to be the more sensible one in the end by admitting defeat and welcoming Astraea to come eat with them anytime though. It almost seemed like he had won over that small processing power of hers with that gesture, but evidently not just yet. I gather that will change once the second generation angeloids come into play (e.g. Chaos), whom the Master of the Sky has made clear to Daedalus will be replacing her precious first generation ones. The secret is out about how she’s been connecting to Tomoki’s dreams and the one who sent the Ikaros to him. Oh yeah, so is her name after one and a half seasons.


On paper it’s a quiz game show, but in reality it’s just another form of entertainment for Mikako.

Now there’s a face of distress we don’t often see from Mikako. It’s kind of alluring in a way, mini octopuses and all.

It seems rather sexist that Tomoki gets the manure punishment, but it sort of offsets how he violates the girls from afar by revealing what kind of underwear they’re wearing.

Even with a piece of crap on his head, Tomoki is in a position to look down on all those girls.

Tomoki’s angels arrive to guide him to the correct (perverted) path.

Before the girl’s changing room, the Tomoki way of life is to peek!

Nymph walking away with the win was the only realistic outcome, despite Tomoki’s valiant (albeit rigged) push at the end.

It’s amazing how distracting Astraea’s figure is, particularly in that kneeling position. (See full-size.)

Someone has foosball and table hockey confused, but at least they got the Nintendo Wii right.

It’s rock-paper-scissors punishment game and Astraea makes good on her swing when Tomoki’s life isn’t at stake.

Being called an idiot by Astraea. Talk about hitting the lowest of lows.

The sign of a dishonest angeloid. Now there’s a side of her I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

It’s a side that always good to see in Nymph too. Mmm… yakiniku

One and a half seasons later, the creator of the first generation angeloids finally has her name mentioned in the series. It’s Daedalus!

At least Daedalus was prepared for the moment the sadistic Master would be onto her.

Second generation angeloids are here to stir things up. Will we see Chaos next time?

ED6 Sequence

[flv:Sora_no_Otoshimono_Forte_ED6.mp4 512 288]

ED6: 「ソルジャー・イン・ザ・スペース」 (Soldier in the Space)
by 保志総一朗&鈴木達央 (Hoshi Souichirou & Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Manly episodes need manly ending themes. I guess it’s no secret how Ikaros got Sohara’s three sizes.


Arkanoid with a scantily clad angeloid in the background. If only they had this in the 8-bit era!


  1. oh how I got so excited about after credit portion… hopefully next episode we get more serious plot advancement 😀
    the episode was funny but why do I feel that the whole contest parts serves little purpose rather than making people laugh?

    1. sora no otoshimono, one of the most random series to be adapted from a manga that actually has a solid plot, people dont notice cause the randomness of it all is just that awesome XD

    2. When its all said and done, the 2nd half of the episode where Tomoki tells Astrea to come over and eat when she’s hungry is a turning point and partly leads to something important later.

      Zaku Fan
      1. The girly pronunciation (half-famished version) is “Bhaaka! Bhaaka!”

        It’s true that you bond when you share something in common with the other person. For Tomoki (99% pervert thoughts) and Astrea (99% food thoughts) that something common is their bottomless stupidity. Epic way to bond.

  2. It was weird that they only answered to questions that they were obviously bad at, well whatever as long as it was entertaining to watch.
    I liked the way Tomoki and Astrea bonded at the end, it was, I found, a really nice way to bring them together. Two people (idiots) going all out against each other as they play.

  3. Sohara’s really hit and miss. This episode, she was on the dot as the punisher when Tomoki needed to get punished but sometimes she does it for the most unreasonable things. That and showing her fail in “airpul” creates a more likable character.

    Ikaros was quite alert to remove the “poison” after Astrea was distracted, not to mention rigging the contest so Tomoki didn’t look bad. Too bad the anime isn’t likely going to reach Astrea’s do-re-mi scene.

    Zaku Fan
  4. There going to be Sora no Otoshimono movie according to ANN

    my wild guess, Forte will end at chaos arc, the movie will focus on Hiyori arc
    BTW, i heard this the hottest series in japan TV. Can anyone confirm this ?

  5. Technically, that first round between Tomoki and Astraea shouldn’t have counted since he was showing her how to play and ended up winning for her. But guess its punishment for Tomoki being an idiot and not realizing that.

  6. i’m really liking the parallels to the story of icarus and daedalus. daedalus makes his son icarus some wings, icarus subsequently falls from the sky… daedalus the angel makes ikaros herself and then causes ikaros to fall from the sky… pretty neat.

    though i’m wondering what she means when she says beta/nymph lost her imprinting? is she talking about nymph’s chain being severed? i guess i don’t really understand why she would be glad astraea is still chained to the master commanding her to kill tomoki when daedalus seems pretty partial to tomoki herself.

    diet otaku
  7. @damrod:
    It’s an obvious comparison, but SnO is the way better anime/manga IMO. The serious parts and the funny one’s.

    Oh, and regarding that Chaos shot, they way she stands in the shadow, the anime studio really made her silhoutte look like the one of Index. 😀 Wonder if there’ll be more, similar seiyuu jokes with her in the following episodes.

    1. Didn’t really think something of it until i rewatched both series including the ova’s while both felt more familiar then normal to eachother.

      Any way, are there more first generation angeloids besides those 3 or are nymph, ikarus and astrea the only three types of the first generation?

  8. @Divine
    Its been a while, but I finally came back after episode 5 of last season. You might remember me from then on how I dropped this show, but I came back after hearing season II and now I am watching it daily. I had watched the first five episodes and I wanted to tell you my status earlier, but I might later have said I dropped it again. Now I think I have no reason to drop this show with experience from other shows with the same endeavor as Sora no Otsihimono, so yeah I can back! I told I do not give up on shows easily, nor do I just let it come uncompleted!

  9. Edits I caught, Divine…

    “part of me wanted to pull out blow the sexist whistle.” I think you’re missing an “and”
    won’t betray his ideals link goes back to image 1

    Overall, this episode was full of win. I like that the trip they offered for the game made reference to the island in Season 1.

    Also, I have to question Daedalus’ judgment given she entrusted Tomoki of all people with her “daughters”. I’m not sure I’d trust anyone halfway decent looking with him considering… well, hilarity ensues, so I guess it’s ok.

  10. It’s the reappearance of Tomoko! I’m surprised he didn’t revert to a man when he was feeling Astraea up! Sohara doesn’t forget that Tomoko is Tomoki’s alter ego! Then it’s the biggest idiot quiz! A rare moment to see Mikako in distress, since she’s usually in control of events like this. It’s funny how Ikaros rigged the last set of questions to help Tomoki win, but his inner manliness won out in the end! Then they play again for the biggest idiot games, and Astraea wins! Ikaros is demonstrating tactfulness and patience as she looks out for Tomoki and makes Astraea feel welcome. Maybe Ikaros can smile on her own soon!

    The Master of the Sky has found the “mother” of the three, Daedalus, and he’s sending the 2nd generation angeloid “Chaos” to kill Ikaros and Nymph, along with Tomoki. Can Daedalus warn Tomoki in time? I wonder, will Astraea help Tomoki and her “sisters”, or her Master?


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