「実に微妙な辰野トシ子」 (Jitsu ni Bimyona Tatsuno Toshiko)
“The Amazingly Strange Tatsuno Toshiko”

This week’s episode was surprisingly refreshing. Having a change of pace, it focused on Tatsuno, Hotori’s little brother Takeru (Tamura Mutsumi), and Hotori’s little sister Yukiko (Sendai Eri). All three were pretty funny in their own respect, but I found Takeru’s story a whole ton funnier than the others. Starting with Tatsuno, she wins two movie tickets to a small time movie premiere all in the hopes of trying to get Sanada to go on a date with her. Unfortunately for Tatsuno, she tends to lose all of that cool and calm reserve she normally totes around when she’s within a foot of Sanada. Managing to completely butcher anything she tries to do to get his attention. The greatest part during Tatsuno’s story was when she tried leaping down the stairs (minorinesque) and destroyed Mr. Kameda’s foot with a landing an Olympic track star would be proud of. Somehow managing to dodge the infamous long winded lecture by pulling out her kawaii attitude, she leaves Mr. Kameda standing in awe as she briskly walks away. I was really starting to like Tatsuno, but the way she slyly gave her movie tickets to Hotori and got Maid-chou to leave the café to make room for her to talk to Sanada alone really annoyed me. I think it comes off as extra selfish especially since I know that unlike Hotori, she isn’t an airhead and meticulously planned the whole thing through.

Not that Tatsuno’s wasn’t interesting or anything, but Takeru’s story was a lot more fun to watch. Not only do we get a dose of Kato Emiri invading in the form of Isezaki Eri, but Futaba appears again! She looks amazing with her leather jacket and loosely tied tie. It’s not like I think she’s the best character or anything (>>). For some reason, Eri seems to suffer from the same symptoms that Kirino has but backwards – attempting to live different lives in and out of school, where in school she’s normal (boys are gross) and out of school she’s weird (she likes Takeru). While she is an elementary school student and most of her friends probably think boys still have cooties, I’m surprised she actually managed to ask Takeru out. I’m doubly surprised that Takeru accepted it, especially when you’re a guy and have to deal with “guy” court if you get caught with a girl. Makes me feel old thinking about how long ago elementary school was :(. I guess in Japan calling a girl by her first name must be extremely tough seeing how hard it was for Takeru to even say her nickname Ebi-Chan instead of Eri-chan. Of course, seeing how girls are evil Eri has no hesitation to start throwing punches at Takeru during their “date” whenever he manages to say or do something wrong in her eyes. He manages to get punched pretty hard in the stomach by calling her by her last name then punched again in the SAME spot by not being aggressive enough when suggesting a place to go. Deciding to stick with it, he manages to give in to her charm after she buys a booster pack of “Demon Colosseum” for him. Unlike Kirino, Eri looked genuinely happy to be with Takeru and Takeru looks like he might be, dare I say it, falling in love? But just like Kirino, she’s totally the opposite at school. As Takeru catches her in the corner of his eyes, he goes over to say hi only to recieve an extra strong punch to the stomach.

While Yukiko didn’t get a huge part in this episode, the fact that Hotori dared her to find her “secrets” was just plain stupid. Little kids are experts at finding things, especially things like your middle school diary full of secrets. Look at that innocent smile on her face, she knows exactly how much dirt she has on her hands. The reason I even bothered to mention this though, is Hotori’s other secret is that she has a pretty nice figure. Plus the whole towel only look and freshly washed hair makes her look SUPER cute. I don’t care if you disagree with me, but I don’t believe you need to have huge boobs to look cute – and Hotori pulls it off well. Also, even though Hotori didn’t have the spotlight on her this week, I can’t help but feel that some of the scenes wouldn’t have been as funny as they were if she actually wasn’t in them. Maybe, when Hotori isn’t being air headed she’s even funnier?




      1. I think tsundere is definitely the right word to describe her. In fact, I’d venture that the popularity of the tsundere character is because it reminds of that awkward elementary or middle schooler with a crush. Which might be why you see the tsundere personality so often applied to small, young looking characters, e.g. Shana, Nagi, Taiga, Louise.

    1. I originally had a whole paragraph in the post about Martin Luther, since I actually remembered a lot of things about his whole grievances with the catholic church and his refusal to retract his papers and statements about the Pope and the sale of indulgences. That and how he ended up being excommunicated for his beliefs..

  1. “Women are such mysterious creatures.” – Takeru. Ah I understand that sentiment oh so very well. And this show is such a tease with Futaba screen-time (The ED is the only real source of Kon-senpai still!) >_<. Still a good decent episode nonetheless.

      1. Having only read the beginning chapters of Soredemo MwM, there really isn’t a lot of Futaba exposure, but I’m with you all the way, anything for more Kon-senpai goodness!… Is the full ED out too btw? I’m just hooked to Rieka Hazawa’s voice already x_x

  2. I just watched the episode using subs from a different group. Takeru was punched a second time because he used the work ‘boku’ instead of ‘ore’. Earlier in the episode Ebi said that she hated the word ‘boku’. The rest of the episode poor Takeru is like ‘Bok…err (changes it to ) Ore etc etc’ lol…


  3. I’ve always found Hotori to be more appealing to me than Tatsuno with her silly but still funny and cute antics. This week show was a lot of fun to watch and I did enjoy the skits with Hotori siblings.
    Although I do think if a crown had to be given for babe of the show, it’d go to Futaba.

  4. Just love the animation and the characters even the kids look like kids and act like kids, there is no need for extreme ecchi scenes and the towel thing was great fanservice for once.At the start of the fall season the only other good animes where Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai and arakawa under the bridge x2 but now they have failed oh so epicly so THIS IS THE ONLY GOOD SHOW THIS SEASON think for a second about that.

  5. @gnomtastic: i’m guessing you did’nt dig “Bakuman” huh? However, i do agree about this being a excellent show (Bakuman and this are my favorites this season. I finally caught up to the recent episode of Star Driver too..which is overrated and kinda boring imo, but it does has it moments..as ridiculous as they may be).

    1. Nope bakuman isnt my type of anime at all and the animation of it creeps me out a bit i know everyone has their taste but i have high standards when it comes to anime because the first animes i saw where neon genesis evangelion, cowboy bebeop and flcl so i kinda expected it would only get better but nowdays there are so much crapy animes im thinking of quiting watching them all together but then what would i have the real people shows are trash except House. I only hope that Japan starts to realize that other people watch their animes not their crazy oversterssed japanese people who dont give a crap what they are actually watching they just whant to se some flashes and some boobies.

  6. super late, but whatever. i just had to comment about tatsun being selfish. the joke there was she wasn’t expecting to be alone with sanada that day. get it? she had the chance to ask him to go see the movie but cannot coz she gave the tickets away.


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