“awwwwwww, he’s so cute”

Suffice to say, I was a little surprised at the amount of “depth” this underwater trip is taking (excuse the bad pun). Much akin to the deviant trip they took to Skypiea, getting to Fishman Island doesn’t seem like it’ll be so easy either. The first half of the chapter was more like a lesson in underwater currents than anything, but is nothing short of crucial to provide some needed realism and foundation for the inevitable troubles the crew is later to face. As Brook says, getting up to the surface won’t be so easy, as it apparently takes 2,000 years to ride the slow deep currents. ..They’ll figure something out.

Meanwhile, after a series of unfortunate events, the psycho pirate finds himself alone on the Thousand Sunny, crushed and roped soon after. Due to his fodder nature, I completely forgot that he has the power of a Logia until just now. I’m sure he’ll be quite the nuisance later on though. “Mohmoo” appearing was something I’m sure no one expected, but I’m curious if anyone realized it was him last chapter. If you did, hats off to you for being an extreme OP fan. For me, my powerlevel only went so far as to realize who exactly Nami was talking about before the mini flashback of him was shown. It almost felt like the Arlong arc was only yesterday.

It’s definitely been a while since OP stopped having a “transition” arc or an arc with a “clear goal” from the get-go, so this classic adventuring feels adequately fresh. I think it’s also the first time this type of chapter has been blogged on RC, so whip out that champagne. Before I end this, let’s just get the big horned seacow in the room out. Yes, that Kraken is ginormous. Will Luffy tame it? It wouldn’t be OP if he didn’t. Sadly we’ll have to wait an extra week to see that happen. ╥_╥


  1. I was half-expecting you to name this chapter post “Release the Kraken”, Kiiragi.

    Anyhow, Mohmoo. Holy crap, I was not expecting him to return as Mohmoo was all the way in the East Blue, last time we saw him. That’s one hell of a distance to travel, even for an animal. At this rate, I’m expecting Kuroobi and Chuu to appear. And yes, I’m going to add Arlong in there too. But in the “1% chance of appearing” category. Also, am I the only one who is expecting Caribou to play a role similar to Bellamy?

    1. Actually, the last we know is that Arlong was arrested by the marines after being thrashed by Luffy. Also, Jimbei was talking about needing to take revenge for Arlong.

      But as you say nothing was confirmed as to where he is, so anything is possible.

    1. I thought the guys drinking their mugs while saying “ah, so a mysterious current” was pretty funny. In fact, I wanted to use it as the image, but it would have shown Zoro lost an eye. I should’ve used it as a second image though. Oh well.

    1. he is faking it he did not use his logia to avoid damage (i’m thinking he is a clay logia) he said he could get out of his ropes at any time but does not feel like risking fighting all 9 at once after he saw he was alone he never used his logia to get an advantaged once his crew shows back up

      also him getting beaten with 1 kick by Sanji was just comedy

  2. I REALLY don’t want Caribou as part of the crew. He just fails as a Logia user for one thing. And finally, we got the Kraken out. It’s just not a pirate treasure hunting adventure story without a Kraken. Geesh, it took him 600 chapters to use that myth.

  3. Let’s see now…Luffy finds out about “advanced sea navigation” and then decides to tame the Kraken…Strawhats, meet nakama number 10 XD!! I can totally see that happening. On another note, I only just realised that Sanji kicked a Logia user without batting an eyelid. Looks like the monster trio will curb-stomp all the Devil Fruit users now.

  4. I kinda bummed on how everyone was like, “Hey long time no see!” And then just straight into the journey….not much a moving reunion as I hoped, but thats just prob just me.. or too girly for one piece?


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