Tomoki’s mysterious dreams of Daedalus turn into nightmares when Chaos invades them.

“I caught a Delta!”

「西瓜(トモキ)喰います」 (Suika (Tomoki) Kuimasu)
“Eating Watermelons (Tomoki)”

You would think that if you paired up the smartest first generation angeloid with the dumbest, some middle ground would be reached in terms of collective intelligence. However, things don’t quite add up that way in practice as Astraea brings out the worst in Nymph. Stealing from Ikaros’ watermelon garden. Now that’s just stupid. The real kicker was Nymph trying to spur on some rapid growth with her hacking when Ikaros came home. Why she would listen to Astraea’s suggestion is beyond me, but it sure made for some slapstick fun when Tomoki got dragged into the mess and was transformed into a second mutant watermelon. For that, we can thank Nymph’s “brilliant” idea of planting the Tomoki’s seed after he was eaten alive and spat out. Angeloid stupidity must be infectious or something. With Nymph’s attempted cover-up and Ikaros coming at them Terminator-style to protect her master, the best part of it all was how Tomoki was a complete victim this time around and Mikako was nowhere to be seen. All that was needed were a couple of angeloids who weren’t smart enough to use a card to materialize themselves some food, and the high jinks got rolling almost immediately. Given the refreshing and hilarious change of pace from seeing Nymph fall to such levels, I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more humor from her in future episodes.

The real treat this week was that all of the above happened on top of the formal introduction of Chaos (Iguchi Yuka Toyosaki Aki). As someone who hasn’t read the manga, I was a bit surprised to find out that she wears a nun’s habit. It was only a couple of episodes ago that I was poking fun at how Index is an angeloid, but I wasn’t really expecting her to look like a smaller evil version of her. Funny how that worked out as if to say the joke’s on me, because it sure felt that way to a certain degree. (Edit: It looks like everyone’s suspicion that Yuka was going to play Chaos was quickly put to rest.) As creepy as Chaos is, the latter half of this episode had some really good character development from Nymph, as well as overall story progression from Eishirou. In the latter case, I actually got a good laugh out of how Eishirou was making complete fools of the Gamma harpies by diving in and out of Synapse up until Nymph was lured away by Chaos in disguise and put him between a rock and a hard place — namely, pointblank with a Prometheus cannon. Even at times like that, the comedy was front and center like it should be. In the former, it was nice to see Nymph’s longing for a master brought up again, simply because she brings a surprising amount of emotion when she’s dwelling over the thought of being unwanted. I couldn’t help but feel bad for her when Chaos went on to toy with the delicate state she’s already in, so I’m really looking forward to the moment that Tomoki, Ikaros, and the others swoop in to save her again.

Judging from Nymph’s tears after thinking she destroyed Chaos with her Paradise Song, it seemed like the emotional damage she sustained was harder to take than the strangulation she received shortly after. Of course, that won’t be true if she actually ends up biting the dust, for which Eishirou will hopefully be able to do something about now that Daedalus is with him. Good humor and good story progression. It looks like this sequel is finally picking up steam on the more relevant side of things.

* A Sora no Otoshimono movie was recently announced on the official website.


At least Astraea realizes she’s hit a new lowest of lows. Getting her skirt pulled off was just adding insult to injury though.

Nymph is still my favorite one to watch this season simply because of her constant outfit changes. Astraea on the other hand finally shows us exactly where the fridge scene in the opening sequence comes into play.

This is the beginning of a beautiful (whiny) relationship.

OMG fatties! Watermelons are 92% water by weight, so those bellies are pretty ridiculous.
(See the full-size version of the right one.)

“I spy with my little eye, something that is evil!”

Whether it’s insects or watermelon thieves, Ikaros can lay the beat down with her Artemis arrows.

Like really, is there any reason to believe that one of Astraea’s bright ideas would actually pan out? Hacking plants. Now that’s just dumb.

You rape reap what you sow… Vine style!

So I’m thinking that Nymph should have just booked it after Ikaros’ hand came through the door. For added effect, the Uranus Queen should have just walked right through it.

There probably wasn’t much point trying to cover it up at this point, but that doesn’t mean Nymph wasn’t going to try.

It’s time to play the blame game! Too bad the Artemis laser beams have already been sent flying.

Tsundere angeloids are a handful. Or was that mouthful?

Ikaros is the only one smart enough to eat faster when the food stealing starts. Oh how I love croquettes. They’re sooo gooood.

Holy crap Astraea! How insensitive can you be!?

Little girls in nun habits spell nothing but trouble.

Poor Nymph. She’s literally a bird who had her wings clipped…

…and Chaos uses her longing for a master against her. How cruel can you be!?

I guess it’s all this guy’s doing. Eishirou on the other hand could sure use and escape route aaaanny second now. Wait for it…

There it is! Daedalus to the rescue!

It’s pretty twisted how a perverted Tomoki is much less menacing than an unexpectedly nice one, but that’s how the real master pervert rolls.

Toying with people’s emotions. How despicable!

Second generation angeloid, Type Epsilon Chaos has arrived! Quick, someone sound the loli alarm!

She made Nymph cry! Someone stop that crazy bitch!

Well, it’s probably safe to say that Chaos won’t be joining Tomoki’s harem. Stupid angeloids are welcome, but the crazy ones can stay home.

Nymph may be in trouble, but I like the prospect of Daedalus intervening in some way.

ED7 Sequence

[flv:Sora_no_Otoshimono_Forte_ED7.mp4 512 288]

ED7: 「帰らざる日のために」 (Kaerazaru Hi no Tame ni)
by 保志総一朗, 早見沙織, 美名, 鈴木達央, 高垣彩陽, 野水伊織, 福原香織
(Hoshi Souichirou, Hayami Saori, Mina, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Takagaki Ayahi, Nomizu Iori, Fukuhara Kaori)


Creepy angeloids are creepy.


  1. Nymph, it’s a pinch… wait, this is not star driver… my bad 😀
    love how the crazy nun can stir things into a more serious ground… can’t wait to see how Tomoki and Ikaros or Daedalus saving the day…
    and Eishirou, you know both English and Spanish?!

  2. LoL @ Eishirou fail to run away.
    Ikaros sure is smart, gulp down everything before they start stealing hers.

    Delta eating squids instead of worms? I remember she ate fishing worms,could be wrong.

  3. another dream but a nightmare
    well fishing for astrea
    watermelon eating with nymph & astrea which cause watermelon monster
    tomoki got eaten & now tomoki-melon monster
    best way to stop is bazooka the melon
    eating potato madness baka
    chaos meet tomoki

    sugata goes travel jump while nymph keep checking
    “tomoki” grab nymph
    but it a imposter aka chaos & attack nymph

    indeed chaos + nun suit + face = creepy

    & now in a to be continued OH NO!!!

    1. Not possible if they keep to the manga. She might get an intro in the final episode but more likely it’ll have to continue in the movie which should run about ~4 episodes length (90 minutes), enough to flesh out her arc fully

      Zaku Fan
      1. They tend to swap around manga chapters a lot and I suspect it will take just 1-2 more episodes for Chaos arc to resolve. So, unless they’re going to stretch Chaos episode to at least 3-4 episodes or put more filler contents in, chances are fair that the next Angeloid arc will be in this season.

  4. Chaos’s eyes remind me of Lelouch and her hair reminds me of C2. I think the animators did some pretty creepy hybrid over there. And I see that Aki Toyosaki is slowly building her reputation since K-ON!

  5. For Chaos, its always “run with scissors” type insanity. I liked Astrea’s floor rolling and Nymph’s chibi petulance scene. Out of the entire bunch, Ikaros is always the one with the best strategy.

    Nymph’s too confused by her emotional circuits to plan though to be fair she saw straight through the harpies ploy in season 1 in the manga (while the anime went with the standard “i’m easily deceived” road)

    Zaku Fan
  6. “All that was needed were a couple of angeloids who weren’t smart enough to use a card to materialize themselves some food . . .”

    At the beginning of the series they had food cards, but they used a card to ‘make everything a dream.’ So none of the food cards exist. I guess that also explains why Ikaros always goes out shopping instead of simply using a card.

  7. Holy crap, the storyline got a good kick this time around. Chaos on Earth, Eishirou saved by Daedalus and Nymph in dire trouble while Ikaros’emotions are really starting to show…
    On a side note, I’d love to eat Ikaros food! I NEED an angeloid at home!!!!

  8. Plenty of story involving the plan for the Master of the Sky’s revenge in this episode, with lots of comedy mixed in, but surprisingly no Tomoki pervertedness takes place!

    Looks like Astraea’s’s stupidity wins out against Nymph’s intelligence when hunger’s involved! She and Nymph whining together and growing (literally) closer was surprising. Ikaros gave me the Jack Nicholson’s “Here’s Johnny!” flashback from The Shining; that must’ve freaked Nymph out! Ikaros is also showing more common sense than the others at the dinner table when stupidity breaks out!

    Astraea unknowingly hurt Nymph’s feelings providing an opening for the new angeloid, Chaos, radiating with the creepy vibes, plus she can morph into strangely nice Tomoki with the creepy smile. According to the Master of the Sky, Chaos’ power exceeds all the 1st generation angeloids. I can’t wait for a big showdown!

    I remember from season one Tomoki used the cards to make food, money and obtain invisibility, then accidentally wished everyone to disappear. When he took all that back to wish it all away as a dream, all those abilities seem to have been lost. That’s the only reason why Ikaros has to go shopping for food with Sohara, and they seem to be on a tight budget.

    Another Terminator reference was when Mikako’s dog started barking at the creepy nun girl.

    Eishirou gets saved by Daedalus from the Harpies, so maybe she’ll tell him her side of the story and about Synapse!

  9. In the OP they show Nymph with her wings back on so I’m assuming somehow they get regenerated (Daedalus maybe)? If they end up going to war with the synapse then Nymph gonna need her wings back.

    Maybe this season ends with Icarus, Nymph, and Astrea having Tomoki for a master? Mixed in with his perviness and stupidity is a guy with a good heart and some stones.

  10. I like Chaos actually (I know, I’m not loli). She brings a great twist to the story part. Even though she is creepy, and scary at times, she is the cool awesome creepy that I like. I makes all the other angeloids look bland. Well, except for Nymph. She is having a really good character development right now.

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