「ツミナオトメラ」 (Tsumi na Otomera)
“Sinful Maidens”

With Kazuha and Akira’s routes wrapped up, the series takes us all the way back to the end of episode one to explore a couple of other possibilities, namely Nao and Sora. As the shared episode between their routes, this was mostly about Nao and much less so Sora, which may explain why Haru’s twin sister will be getting five episodes to tell her story. However, despite the lack of screen time that Sora got comparatively, this episode didn’t fail to reiterate her disdain towards Nao was building more and more from the sight of her with Haru. At this point, Sora’s actions straddle the line between jealousy and hate, making it hard to discern whether she wants Haru to herself in an incestuous way or simply doesn’t want him to wind up with Nao. The reason I say that is because she never showed quite the same level of stalker/yandere-level behavior in Kazuha and Akira’s stories, which includes checking Haru’s cellphone’s call history and repeatedly typing “Nao’s an eyesore” 「奈緒うざい」 on her laptop. In the latter case, I would’ve liked to chalk it up to a hikikomori’s way of quietly venting frustration, but it’s pretty hard to when I see the look in Sora’s eyes and her close observation of everything Haru does with Nao. Given her current behavior, it’s likely a combination of jealousy and hate that makes her look like she’ll snap any minute, but I get the feeling that there’s another side of the story that makes it understandable.

So far, we’ve only seen things from Nao’s point of view, where she more or less used a younger Haru for comfort sex to cope with the unrest she had at home with her parents arguing over the possibility that her father’s seeing another woman. What they didn’t show though was where Sora was at the time that happened, leaving me wondering if she stumbled upon exactly what they were doing and remained quiet about it all this time — something she didn’t do this time around. My anime intuition (if you can call it that) can picture something along those lines being revealed later on, which would explain why Sora wasn’t happy about seeing Haru with Nao shortly after moving back to Okukosomechou. It’s probably safe to say she bears a grudge; all I’m wondering now is if it stemmed from their childhood like I’m thinking it did, back when she probably developed some feelings towards Haru from their kiss. Whatever the case, there’s a lot of background story that will surely come into play in both the remainder of Nao’s arc and Sora’s one coming up, so I can see their arcs being a lot more dramatic than the ones prior. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end on a boat somewhere, regardless of all the signs suggesting that it’s a possibility.

Now despite how much it looks like Nao was a good three to five years older than Haru when she took advantage of him, it just so happens that she’s been blessed with a big bust ever since she was little. Still, I do find it kind of hard to believe that Nao is only a year older, as the end result looked like a high school girl had her way with a grade schooler. Admittedly, I’m curious as to how exactly old they were back then (I’m thinking 12-13), as I don’t recall if a time frame was ever mentioned on when Haru and Sora lived there. In any case, while Sora’s hatred continues to show with the way she’ll remove the buttons Nao sowed onto her school uniform and redo them herself, Nao has already gotten the green light from Haru after some behind the scenes matchmaking by Ryouhei and Akira. The most interesting thing I find about that rapid development is how this episode is meant to serve as an common one in Sora’s route (assuming that information’s reliable as it has been), meaning that the creepy Sora we see now will somehow turn this around and end up with Haru. This would be on top of the fact that Haru revealed he doesn’t hate Nao for taking advantage of him when they were younger, even though she figured he must hate her for it. Part of me wants to jest about how no one would be able to say no to Nao — past or present — but it’s probably fair to say that Sora’s up against some “stacked” competition, which she doesn’t quite measure up to.

* It didn’t occur to me when I wrote this post that it was already revealed in the ending sequence that Sora did see Nao and Haru together when they were younger, but it goes to show that I can somewhat see where this is going. 🙂





  1. Haru proved that once again he is quick to act… lol
    Sora looks like she is going to murder someone next episode… totally, we don’t need another boat
    and why in the world I feel the ending for omake should be the real ending theme? 😀

  2. i think this is the best episode yet. and gods, it’s quite creepy seeing sora like that. any minute, i think she’s gonna spill blo0d.nah, but that’s just a stupid idea of mine.XD i like nao.XD

  3. The last time they visited the area they said was 4 years ago. thus since they are both 16 now that would make then 12 when Haru was rapped.

    As for the possibility that Sora saw Nao rape him, yes that is true. You can see it briefly in the 1st ED of the 2. Just before the scene we see of Sora crying in her brother arms at their parent funeral at their apartment you see Sora looking through the door at Nao over Haru.

  4. This is what I wanted to see in this series right after I had seen the first episode. I think that it is finally delivering on what I was expecting.

    Saying that I was still kind of shocked that she had raped him, I was like “Wow, can they show this”?

    Anyway how is this the common episode when he already made up with Nao? Is he going to break up with her when it comes time for Sora’s arc? Also Sora, is getting a little creepy. But I don’t expect a School Days ending.

  5. looks like I was right about the fact that haru and nao had sex and sora witnessed it.

    it pains me because I want haruXsora yet I know he will end with nao(in this route) especially since you can see how angry she is getting, which she never showed on the other girls…

    the omake was quite the mood breaker….

  6. You’re not alone Sora, I (would) hate Nao too. Honestly besides her physical assets I don’t see anything really like-able in her character.

    As much as I dislike people always saying nice boat to nearly every harem anime, I wouldn’t mind one for this particular arc. Yandere Sora looks interesting. Gah get to the Sora arc already!

  7. You know even though I know this wont be a School days dont you just wish Sora would like cut Nao’s head off or something lol. Shes by far my least favourite girl in this series and i’ve been a Sora fan since episode 1 =)

    Still doesnt change the fact that this series is fantastic and I wait for it every week.

  8. The novelty of seeing nipples in tv anime suddenly wore off, I even forgot they were showing nipples at all.

    Anyway, lol, reverse-rape. Also, with Sora typing I hate Nao on her laptop repeatedly, I get an awful vibe off of it. Hopefully this series doesn’t go with “that” ending.

    Gaze of Providence
  9. When Sora walked in on Haru to ask him about the Internet, the way he turned to her was hilarious. He looked sooo sus! LoL

    I wish I could be supremely raped by Nao at that age. I’d be the most optimistic person alive growing up. Hell even having someone like Motoka completely ripping your clothes away then button mashing you with her body would be fabulous!

    I wonder how Nao and Haru will do it~? Kazuha got it normal.. Then Akira got it from behind.. Who’s doing the fellatios!? 8D C’mon, Nao! Use what y’mamma gave ya! (Ohohoho… If Nao is doing that.. Then what will Sora do..? -nosebleed-)

  10. So it seems despite being raped Haruka doesnt feel any bad towards Nao…
    Now we need to see hwo they will deal with Sora being really jealous for the first time in the arcs.I am afraid no nice boat for bad ending fans.

  11. Also, I’ve never really liked Sora, but by the way she’s acting in this arc I’m starting to feel alarming yandere vibes from her, but I don’t think this will end like School Days, at least I hope so.

  12. Ugh Nao is such a slut. I know the game probably shows her situation and viewpoint much better, thus potentially earning our sympathy. However, from what the anime presents I can state this with confidence: This Nao is an eyesore!

    Go Sora! I can’t wait for her route.


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