「涙と涙」 (Namida to Namida)
“Tears and Tears”

Bakuman takes a refreshing turn this week, deciding to focus on Mashiro and Azuki’s ever confusing and “drive me insane” relationship. As I’ve said week in and week out, it’s been killing me inside knowing that Mashiro still doesn’t know Azuki’s e-mail address. I mean, ever since the beginning of this series, our lovey dovey couple decided to communicate solely through e-mail. Not only that but for some reason physically speaking with each other was off limits as well! So when Mashiro goes through all the effort to draw pictures and write notes just to talk to Azuki, he decides to ask some really silly questions instead of actually getting her e-mail address. Things along the lines like “What’s your favorite color?” or “What’s your favorite season?” What blew my mind was how he actually got her e-mail. Somehow by asking a single question about if she wanted to wait for their dreams to come true, he gets in return a flood of tearsand her e-mail address. Completely random right? Of course a man can never leave a girl who’s crying alone, and Mashiro once again shows his amazing skill with Azuki by somehow understanding her totally hidden message in giving him her e-mail address. After furiously running to her house, phone in hand, ready to send her a message, he opts to not send it – instead telling her in person with a note that he’ll try messaging her if their seats change later. For some reason I just couldn’t grasp the entire romantic situation this week. It came off as both of them being terribly stubborn. Plus, I CAN’T believe that when I saw Azuki cry, it didn’t pull a single emotion out of me.

Back to the real reason why everyone watches Bakuman, to see two kids realize their dream of becoming successful mangaka, there were some pretty big developments this week. Hattori seems to be much more than just a good editor, but a caring one as well. It looks like our dynamic duo really grabbed his attention with the manuscript they brought in – since it looks like their manuscript is the only thing on his mind. I don’t think most manga editors for big time companies like Shounen Jump Jack would take the time to think about how to nurture and care for their writers emotionally. It really made me smile when Hattori was worried about how small praises for their manuscript or the harsh reality of it not winning the grand prize would adversely affect our duo. Most of that worry was for naught though as Takagi and Mashiro decide to accept all the bad news and not only continue to make manga, but have created a new plan of attack. Instead of trying to get serialized immediately, they are going to try to win the Tezuka Award – a monthly award given out through Shounen Jack to aspiring mangakas. What’s great about this turn of events is since the contest is a monthly one, our duo will have to step up their game quickly to get something done on time (looks like more mangaka action next episode!). It gets me a little giddy to see what kind of name they will think of this time – especially if the whole finished project is shown with voices!

When I first saw Nizuma Eiji I was pretty disgusted. He makes those ridiculous sounds while he’s working, looks terribly stupid with his arms flailing all around, and I just don’t like his attitude. When you guys pointed out that this was our dynamic duo’s main rival, I was blown away. This kid who has some kind of superiority complex, which was obviously shown when he requested that he could win the right to “eliminate” any one series from Jack that he chose? From everything I’ve seen so far I’m rooting for Mashiro and Takagi to destroy this guy. I think with Hattori as their editor and their drive and passion for creating manga, they will defeat Nizuma way sooner than anyone expects. If I were to guess on where the series is headed (i don’t read the manga), I hope that our dynamic duo’s submission for the monthly award will blow Nizuma’s out of the water.




  1. “Hottori” typo, last paragraph.

    You’ll be surprised at Eiji as the story progresses, I really hated him at first but later on readers (well in this adaptation, viewers) will see him more than just the seemingly obnoxious genius rival.

  2. yes, it is rather slow progression on the relationship front, but at least Mashiro can yell “e-mail address get!!” 😀
    it will be interesting to see the school front next week… Takagi is in a pinch school-wise?

  3. Haha i was watching this with my friend and he freaked out when he saw the weirdo-Nizuma Eiji make his pretentious claim, “dude, if i was the rep for shounen jack i would’ve went, ‘sorry, we’ll just find someone else’.”

    Don’t be so shocked Takaii, i’m pretty tuned into my sympathetic node as well, but her character just hasn’t been developed enough for me to go, “Mashiro, you made her cry with your flippant, inconsiderate remark ya jerk!!”

    1. I don’t think it’s intended for us to get angry with Mashiro there. I think it was more to highlight Miho’s emotional involvement in Mashiro with even a hint of breaking their promise opening up the floodgates. I think the message with the e-mail was that she wouldn’t turn him down if he wanted to break the promise an start dating now, but her tears showed that she wanted them to keep the promise.

  4. Yeah, I think Eiji initially came off as a bit of an ass… and actually might be. He’s just… blunt? Tactless? Something like that. I’d compare him with Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory (if anyone here watches that show), only nicer. Still just as annoying sometimes, though.

  5. Agreed that it was very refreshing, as much as the main storyline about their manga was intriguing, we definitely needed a new change of pace to shift towards the relationships side, yet in the end the only thing that changed was the fact that he now has her email (well, mainly the only thing.) Of course, I’m still curious about Eiji’s relationship future as well.

    I wouldn’t put him in the same group and call him an ass, but rather an overly ecstatic character. I mean, there has been more than my fair share of times when you just put effort in something, see it get shot down, and more than ever want greatness to finally be achieved. He holds more RL characteristics which makes him a bit more understandable .. at least to me

  6. I don’t really get the whole no talking only emailing thing – I tend to just dose off when it gets to those bits but as the manga progresses that element does seem to take the sideline with it only being mentioned every now and then.

    The story does become more interesting though – (I don’t think this is a spoiler but just in case)
    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. when Azuki started crying in this episode, I felt worse for Mashiro, his guilt for her reaction… I dunno, it seemed like an innocent/legit question to me, but I can understand her take on it. Either way, yay! email address!

  8. Yeah, I was pretty disgusted at Niizuma too. The faces he makes. His attitude. How he never changes his clothes. He ends up getting pretty funny, though. Don’t hold too much of a grudge

    1. Why spoil for people? You read it I read it just keep it to yourself; though you didn’t really spoil that match. Anyways the only thing I hate about Eiji in the Anime is the weird sound he make when he draws.

    1. From what everyone said, it’s not about the rights for the content but the station it’s being broadcast on. Since it’s “public” television (like PBS if you live in the US) it looks like there are certain rules with like items that are “sold”.

      I’m not sure if I’m 100% correct about this, but this is what everyone has generally said in the past few weeks, so take this with a grain of salt but;
      Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, etc are all “public” domain. Like, everyone understands who made it and there isn’t a problem with just using their names. Shounen Jump is a item that is “sold” in the market and since using the name would be indirect advertising, it’s not allowed?

      1. It’s not that it’s a Public Domain but because “One Piece”,”Naruto” and such are just mere anime/manga titles,But Shounen Jump is different since it’s a Brand,and NHK refuses to specify/tell it to the audience since they will break their own charter. (Yes,it’s on their charter!)

        OT : Among all public broadcasters,NHK has always been the strictest in terms of these matter,even the BBC would specify a brand if it is necessary.

  9. I haven’t read the manga, so I don’t know what is in store. However, when Eiji demanded the right to end one series he didn’t like I felt immediate threat. I’m heavily anticipating the plot point that after our dynamic duo get their first serialization, it will be canceled by Eiji.

  10. I hated Eiji the first time they introduced him, but I was certainly surprised at how much I ended up liking the character. I was pleasently surprised to see that the writers didn’t go with the “rival who is a complete ass” approach.

  11. That’s the same why I felt, first time I saw him I didn’t like him at all and thought he was an asshole. Don’t worry, after a while he turns out to be an awesome character, especially when he meets Ashirogi Muto for the first time.

  12. “Refreshing turn..” I haven’t watched an episode of Bakuman that wasn’t refreshing. The notes and doodles in class thing is classic. I love being able to draw like I do and see thing differently than most people because drawing things like that in class are great ways to make new friends and have fun. I’ve done it countless times during Math class in HS. XD So many laughs. Nowadays, my best friend does a horrible (but accurate lol) job on me. Damn that writer.

    Speaking of which, “my” Takagi told me that he had a spurt of creativity last night and wrote a heap of story for the comic. After watching Bakuman, I was driven to draw through half my sketchbook! I love this show!! All we need now is a studio. <3

  13. Lol,when Eiji appeared first in the manga everyone thought he would be a super bastard.
    Actually he’s awesome XD he’s the best character of the manga,love him

    “I haven’t read the manga, so I don’t know what is in store. However, when Eiji demanded the right to end one series he didn’t like I felt immediate threat”

    Emn…Ok,maybe it’s a spoiler but Eiji actually helps the duo alot,even too much IMO,Eiji is the kind of person who enjoy to compete

    *In the popularity poll Nizuma is the most popular♥


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