Chaos sure knew how to pick Nymph apart piece by piece, which probably hurt more than the physical abuse she was taking.

「空に響く天使達(ウタヒメ)の声」 (Sora ni Hibiku Tenshi-tachi (Utahime) no Koe)
“The Angel’s (Songstresses’) Voices Resound in the Sky”

With the arrival of Chaos, the comedy takes a backseat this week and the emotion-filled drama unfolds in its place. Much like the first season, Nymph is the one who’s victimized again, as Chaos uses her strong emotions against her. After all the focus Nymph’s been getting since her chain was cut, I was really pleased with the way it culminated to this. That’s not to say that I enjoy seeing her getting abused though, but rather how her bottled up feelings about wanting Tomoki to be her master finally came to the surface. What’s more, it gave us a glimpse of the good side of Tomoki that the Angeloids see in him, which is easily forgotten amidst all his perverted high jinks but is his ultimate redeeming aspect. The amount of time Tomoki spends in his super deformed form usually indicates how serious an episode is, and this one only had him in that form at the very end.

As for the angeloids, I’m still trying to make sense of why Ikaros was smart enough to save Nymph by tossing her away yet still obeyed the fake Tomoki’s orders to destroy herself. What I figure is that her imprinting was fooled by Chaos’ advanced second generation technology and she couldn’t disobey his orders even when she knew better though. Whatever the case, Ikaros bought some time for Tomoki to help Nymph, and she eventually saw past Chaos’ underhanded tactics when she took her head-on with her Uranus System. On that note, it’s kind of freaky how Chaos possesses as much combat ability as the Uranus Queen and has a sadistic mindset to go with it. It did however lead to a pretty emotional battle in the sky, along with Ikaros’ heartfelt confession that the pain she feels in her reactor (i.e. heart) from seeing Tomoki with another girl probably means that she’s in love with him. She did so at a pretty crucial moment when she was taking Chaos to the bottom of the ocean with her, but it still retained much of the emotion-filled effect it was going for. It was nicely followed up by Ikaros showing the signs of an angeloid in love too.

While I highly doubt this is the last we’ve seen of Chaos, the real star of this episode had to be Astraea. She’s evidently not be the smartest out of the bunch, so it was pretty awesome to see how her simple-minded nature let her do what no other angeloid could have probably done — cut her own chain. When comparing that to the way that Nymph simply endured all the mistreatment given to her, Astraea proved that she’s not as dumb as she seems. She shook both heaven and earth after all, with the way she dealt with all the conflicting thoughts in her head from the Master in the Sky. She also showed exactly what she’s capable with her Aegis L shield and Chrysaor sword, after dealing a clean blow to Chaos’ scissor-like wings. With all the back and forth action, this was undoubtedly the best of Astraea seen to date, even in light of Daedalus’ inadvertent joke about Delta being an idiot. Overall, this was a really touching episode on various fronts, which left all three first generation angeloids realizing that they love Tomoki — something that Chaos will never quite understand herself.


All of Nymph’s insecurities come at her at once, along with a good amount of hair-pulling and stomping.

Hearing Nymph cry out in pain with no one around to help her was one of the more difficult scenes to watch. Poor Nymph.

Ikaros to the rescue just in the nick of time.

They had me going for a moment with Ikaros destroying Nymph, but she shows us she’s not a mindless angeloid anymore.

Still, she starts destroying herself as per the fake Tomoki’s orders.

Nymph is in tears and laughing about her own misfortune. Won’t somebody save her!?

…From the madman in the skies who continues to torment her.


Astraea puts off killing Nymph as ordered and decides to “help” Chaos instead.

The dumbest angeloid isn’t dumb enough to keep following orders from a sadistic master. Astraea may not understand what love is, but she’s smart enough to think for herself.

That’s right, she did cut her own chain!

Mikako smells blood in the air, whereas Daedalus reveals that Astraea doesn’t need smarts to win.

With the fastest acceleration wings out there, Astraea can get the jump on second generation angeloids too.

The ultimate shield with the ultimate sword. Who wants some!?

Astraea may not have any ranged attacks, but her Chrysaor sword has enough reach to act as one.

If only she could fire beams from her sword to deal with Chaos’ black fireballs.

The Uranus Queen arrives to show crazy little angeloids their place.

Even the Uranus System doesn’t seem to stand a chance against Chaos’ wings though. Talk about overpowered.

Toyosaki Aki sure knows how to bring out the craziness in Chaos. It reminds of her role in Seikon no Qwaser, except in a much more petite frame.

Ikaros takes the kamikaze approach to deal with Chaos’ over-sized cannon. This is the first and probably last time we’ll see the Uranus System in flight mode.

Ikaros may not understand what love is, but she already knows how to show it with the way she was willing to sacrifice herself to protect Tomoki.

The Uranus System knows how to save its queen before sinking to the bottom of the ocean with Chaos.

Along with Eishirou’s return from Synapse, Tomoki’s angeloids return safely home.

A blushing Ikaros is amazingly cute.

ED8 Sequence

[flv:Sora_no_Otoshimono_Forte_ED8.mp4 512 288]

ED8: 「踊り子」 (Odoriko) by 早見沙織&高垣彩陽 (Hayami Saori & Takagaki Ayahi)

Hayami Saori and Takagaki Ayahi sing a cover of the 1983 song “Odoriko” by Murashita Kouzou. We have a very cute sequence with Nymph’s memories of Tomoki too.


A fierce fight at a jumbo carnival? Sounds promising.


  1. BAH! They completely f’d up the setup in the chapter. Now the most touching part of the entire arc is either going to happen at the beginning of the next episode, or they’re going to put something before it. Either way they didn’t tag on the part that SHOULD have ended the episode.

    1. If you are talking about what is going to happen to Nymph they might just have NOT had enough time to include it in this episode and decided to devote more time to it. If they do it well I don’t have a problem with that.

  2. awesome episode!!!
    nice to see the emotions of all three 1st generation angeloids, and of course the battle was great too 😀
    though I wish Nymph gets her wing back as shown in the OP…

  3. this is probably one of the better harem animes ive seen, tomoki is not an idiot but a pervert though he still knows to restrain and he also has a smart and nice side. he is one of the few harem leads that I dont find annoying(most of the time).

  4. The episode was still quite amazing, but as a Manga Reader, I can’t help but feel disappointed at several of the changes they made in the later half. The last scene with Chaos was so much more epic, and a lot of the “aftermath” was cut.

  5. Damn that little nun angeloid is powerful! And she’s is more of a bitch than Nymph ever was! She’s got the ability to hack into anyone’s mind as well as shapeshift into the people Nymph cares for the most(Tomoki and the gang)! Seeing Nymph cry so much was so sad. Good thing Ikaros knew what to do to save Nymph even when she had to obey fake Tomoki’s orders.

    Just like the spaceship Moya in the Farscape series, the Uranus System (the giant spaceship thing Ikaros connects to) seems sentient, so it saved Ikaros when she was nearing critical depth (cracking on her ear protector).

    I still think even Chaos wouldn’t be able to stand up to the Uranus Cannon that she used against the Harpies in season one(it reminds me of the Macross Cannon), plus Ikaros didn’t use her Apollon arrow because it would kill everyone in Sorami City. So, she took the best course of action, by taking Chaos to a deep part of the ocean away from Sorami City. The Uranus System will go back to wherever it goes when Ikaros powers down, to repair itself, because Chaos will be back.

    I didn’t expect Astraea’s sword to turn into the Blazing Sword, Voltron style, but we know now she’s not a weakling at all, just really stupid! But she’s smart enough to think for herself, so that makes her an idiot savant! She’s free now!

    My guess is when Tomoki does the imprinting with Nymph, he’ll find a way to repair her wings…maybe ask Ikaros for help since she can regenerate with the variable wings?

    I hope they show more of what happened with Eisirou’s visit with Daedalus, maybe he has information on how to help Nymph and how to take down the Master of the Sky.

  6. this episode was promising. With just Tomoki giving a serious speech he already change the tides of battle. and also astrea being dumb very come in handy. it now change my view that being dumb is bad at all.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks this line is strange: “Master is a good swimmer, but angeloids can’t swim.”
    I mean, after 2350+ meter into the ocean it doesn’t really matter for a human, does it?
    By the way, the anime version of chaos is totally overpowered. “there’s no angeloid who can match her(Ikaros)” was it?
    Well, this was a good episode, so I don’t really care about little flaws…

  8. It was definitely very difficult to watch this episode. The abuse and emotional punches really grabbed me until the very end. Once again, it also showed how the first generation truly felt (or a confirmation) about Tomoki!
    Tomoki!!!!!! You lucky @$#@$ bastard!
    PS: I know I mentioned it before but Soraya’s VA is completely different now isn’t it?

  9. This would have been a awesome way to end series 2. Now they’ve already used it, I’m wondering what the hell they’ll do to finish everything up. Judging by the manga, I bet this will end with the Hiyori arc. But that’s nowhere near as epic imho – unless they really spice it up over the manga incarnation. 🙁

    Ninja Penguin
  10. Toyosaki Aki as in Yui?! I thought it was Iguchi Y…. oh nevermind. That aside, I hope they won’t mess up the plot, and come up with a good excuse/reason to Show Spoiler ▼

    Still the “Ai te nani?” is really reminding me of “Yaoi te nani?”. lol

      1. I probably think they would…
        Well I hope they would..
        She already made a cameo in the earlier episodes this season.
        It could also be atleast 4 eps of fun filler and in those 4 at least
        another “Festival Scenario” with Judas XD

  11. Ahem, after seeing Astrea being so awesome in the pics, I’ve undertook a marathon of this anime up to date. That makes the 13th series I am watching this season. In fact this is most packed season I’ve eer watched, with best seasons so far being me watching like 7 or 8 shows.
    Gotta love the stupid yet incredibly powerful Delta Angeloid 🙂 She is awesome in battle – when she doesnt try to think. Plus shes awesome as comical relief in the comedic parts, something akin to the “Samurai girls” hammer-wielding resident moron.
    I am in an enviable position of dont having read any of the manga, so I am not aware of any potential lost.
    What does interest me though, is the developing background on the Synapse, conflict between Daedalos and Prometheus, the origins of the Angeloids, oh and I am amazed by the secondary human characters, from the bloodthirsty Mikako (gotta love her dreams… bet she spends free time on Call of Duty?) to the razor-sharp mind of the Eishirou.

  12. Fantastic episode – this series is serious competition for Index II and The World God Only Knows for being the best show of this season. When this show gets serious its awesome, when its not serious its just as awesome. Whats not to love?!?

  13. I got a feeling in the end of the manga and probably in the third season after the movie, that those three (Ikaros, Nymph, and Astera) will fusion like in Dragon Ball Z, to form the ultimate Angeloid named Omega to save the world *saber marionettes meets oh my goddess ending*. and Tomoki. They will be reborned into real human beings as Tomoki and Sohara’s children. [THE END]

  14. Well that was Epic! Kinda wish they did more episodes like these then the perv comedy ones.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Also i forget, how many episodes is this series gonna be.

  15. Woah! No one talked about the freaking epic animation during the fight scene? That was eye candy to the max…

    Being a non-manga reader, due to the fact that I prefer the visual and audio nature of Anime, I immensely enjoyed this episode. Though I would be curious to see how they portrayed the fight in the manga as translating still images into action scenes is a pretty tough job…

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