Part 1

「… オブ・ザ・デッド」 (…obu za Deddo)
“…of the Dead”

Going into this, I figured it was some alternative take on the series, with a enclosed story where the consequences only affect this particular episode, but it seemed to fit in with the normal plot line. However by the end, with everyone pretty much dead and no way to turn back, the unsolvable plot left hanging is something cartoons in the states do all the time. For story lovers, it’s a pain in the ass, because it just makes each episode feel that much more worthless to have seen. However, PSG has only done this once, and the point of the show is to parody, so I have no qualms.

That said, this was an obvious play on Romero’s “…of the Dead” films, with the angels trapped within a building against hordes of zombies. I’ve enjoyed Romero’s old films, but his recent ones really stink. Have you seen Diary of the Dead? The acting was ridiculous! Er, anyway, the PSG take on this is that the Devil Sisters are the culprits and origin of the zombie attack, and the zombies consist of ghouls as well. Again, I’m glad the devil duo continue to make appearances, because it will make the possible final confrontation that much better. There’s just a better transition when you have the characters at least show up from time to time, again something that American cartoons never do.

Getting away from any sort of sex joke is something PSG will never do, and this part was not any different. Instead of a gun shop, they “accidentally” wander into a sex shop, and use dildos and blow up dolls to fight. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when Panty pulled out that gigantic dildo vibrator mimicking a chainsaw though. Like I said earlier, I thought this wouldn’t be an enclosed story, so I was rather curious on how they would get out of this mess. Instead they got owned by Chuck, and then supposedly beat Garter in a gunfight (and then ate him). So no arguing there about how they “might” have gotten out of this, because unless God then revived Garter and healed the rest of the town (or turned back time), that would be it. Perhaps Gainax was being true to the genre, as there are no happy endings in a zombie apocalypse. ;_;

this cat was pretty awesome


Part 2

「一匹の怒れるゴースト」 (Ippiki no Ikareru Gōsuto)
“1 Angry Ghost”

Okay, who thought of Kuroko every time that guy screamed Judgment day at the beginning? Might have just been me after listening to 25 minutes of Toyosaki Aki mimicking her the previous week I suppose.

Anyway, the angels are put on the spotlight after supposedly murdering a ghost that was living peacefully with society, and at the attorney is “Tom Croose”. I was surprised, because the character ACTUALLY looks like Tom Cruise. Who knew he could be so easily recognizable in drawn form? Skills of Gainax I suppose (lol I praise them every episode). If they do dub any of Tom Cruise’s movies in Japan, I wonder if they hired the respective voice actor in those movies to guest star this episode. After last week’s Transformers tribute supposedly having the original seiyuu for some of the Bots, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The plot setting is a nice way to remind us of the past episodes, as if linking them together to be a single time line. For a story without much plot, the little things like this are appreciated by a story hungry person like me. Despite that, the fact that the demon duo was behind this facade was unexpected, but who would really suspect as much? Incidentally, the wife and husband ghosts are actually shaped like a certain Ren and Stimpy, for those that are familiar with the show. They sure like pulling some subtle/obscure references sometimes. Then all seemed lost for the angels, even though it’s not like you’d ever feel suspense in this show, but suddenly their attorney monkey gets electrocuted and becomes an Ace Attorney! Hmm, I wonder if they obtained his seiyuu as well, somebody check. Also, anyone get this reference? It was shown for literally a split second.

Now I’m not one to point out the “pointlessness” of this show at times, but the two episodes as a whole wasn’t too.. thought provoking, as exemplified by the shorter posts for each part. If only every episode was as awesome as the sixth.

Made a pan(ty) for ya.
11/21: Updated for fail seiyuu reference.



    1. Now this would be the time your suppose to do that iconic song after the Horatio one-liner but i feel it’s kinda silly and cliche……but i’ll make this an exception.


      (The Who “Won’t Get Fooled Again” plays)

  1. anyone thought of the show “Judge Judy” when watching the second part? (even it’s more of Phoenix Wright than anything…)

    another thing, props to Garter for having another shotgun from his afro

  2. As I mentioned before in the shoutbox, Panty’s underwear seems to be wet when she removes it. I wonder if it happened only in this episode or all the other before since it’s the first time I noticed it lol, kinky girl~~~

  3. So. Many. References! I’m not even going to try and mention all the ones I saw. I’m actually liking the parody route PnS has been taking recently. Or maybe it’s just that the show got better once the devil sisters were introduced.

  4. It is interesting to read your articles and comments at this site.
    I assume that there are lot of Cristian viewer of this show. How do you feel
    about discription of the religious part of this show?
    I want to know that Japanese stereotype image of Western angels and demons make you confuse or satisfy.
    I hope my English make sense to you.

    1. We like the way angels and demons are shown in this series. After all, it’s funny!
      It is not like real Christianity, but that’s OK! It is good to laugh at everything, including religion.

      The Japanese stereotype image of Angels and Demons is familiar and easy to understand.


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