I suppose this encouter with the Kraken is as good an excuse as any to show off more powers of the Strawhats, the more obvious being Luffy’s gear 3rd haki hardening, and Robin’s ability to produce extremely large hands. The more subtle ones were something like Chopper’s considerably larger size with his Guard point, and I assume that affects just about every other transformation he’s got. In the case of Guard point, the larger size really helps. Sanji also shows off his new abilities, with breakneck running due to years of being chased by transvestites (lol). Another thing is that he can pull off his diamble jambe pretty damn quick, possibly using the friction of running that fast in the first place, despite the fact that it’s questionable how you can create fire underwater. Zoro’s showing wasn’t as visually/conceptually jaw dropping as the others, but he did cut off an entire arm and sliced it into six pieces. I’d say the most interesting would be Luffy, just because it’s more haki awesome. It did look kind of gross though, as the black color reminded me of frostbite more than anything.

I’m curious about the shark though, and I’m not even sure where it came from in terms of the Kraken. And was it ever any question whether or not they would absolutely own the Kraken? I thought the fight was pretty entertaining, with a tug of war with the crew switching between abilities to protect the ship. Everyone got to insert their own personality filled lines here and there, even the psycho pirate. Anyway, due to the large volume of the Kraken, the downward pull as it falls drags everyone into the depths of the ocean, leading to the “underworld of the sea”. Though they’re 7,000 meters deep, Fishman island is 3,000 more, making me wonder what exactly this place going to look like. The crew is separated yet again, but this time with none of the powerhouses left behind. Whether or not this will take long, who knows, but Oda likes to separate his characters for extremely long periods of time. With a limited amount of air, and nowhere to be seen, what’s the power trio going to do?

Don’t worry boys, nipple lights will guide the way.


  1. Kiiragi, how could you not mention the Franky Rocket Launcher? -1 point for you (you earned +6 points for starting off with the nipple lights, though).

    RIP Caribou Pirates, we hardly gave a damn about you. Now, lets get rid of the leader and move on from there.

  2. I expect the shark to play a role in the saving/reuniting process, and it will probably have friends or family in fishman isle, maybe even ex-enemies…. the possibilities.

    It was an interesting fight to show off the ‘new’ pawaas but in the end the kraken became just a plot device to separate them yet again ~~

  3. I really hate Caribou/Coribou (whichever one is on the boat)

    The shark is probably wearing a Criminal shirt. It’s Papagg’s brand, since it’s the fashion of Fishman island – I guess the shark will take the monster trio to the isle while the rest float down on their own.

  4. I’m surprised that Sanji improved a lot from so called “Hell.” To be honest, unlike Zoro I couldn’t see anyway how Sanji could’ve gotten stronger, aside from learning a few new recipes.

    Caribou, for some reason to me, may be a temporary crewmate in the same way Johnny and Yosaku temporally joined Luffy’s crew for a while. At least until they can get to fishman island. Hopefully his Logia ability would prove some use. Either way, he doesn’t have much to do since his ship was used as a living example of “what happen if you get captured by a Kraken.”

    Poor sea cow, I hope he meets Hachi soon enough.

    code fanboy
    1. Not to mention that Sanji had to defeat the (99) cooks, who are all masters of the newkama kenpo, to learn the recipes and probably consumed a lot of “attack cuisine” during his stay. So its really not surprising how strong he’s become.

    1. Well it was thousands of her normal hands if you look closely. Also notice how she created those giant hands under water, while her power was getting drained. Just think about how strong she is normally!

  5. Robin, big hand.. noooo. not big hand, we seen this robin ability as same as their fight at Sabaody Archipelago when she knock PX head and thriller bark she grab oz hand.. worth 2 years training.. I wonder how strong luffy will be if his whole body equipped with Busōshoku Haki (Color of Armaments) in gear 2nd.. now luffy conquered and master even strength further 3 Hakis.. he will become great enemy to WG. he can easily beat 3 admirals coz he experienced fighting with them during war between WG WB & warlord..
    sorry for my english coz I’m not english man

  6. I’m hoping that big hand thing isn’t Robin’s new ability either. I thought it’d be something along the lines of her cloning herself (ie. making a copy of all of her body parts to create a copy of herself). But then again, I guess clones of herself wouldn’t be too useful unless Robin also learned some physical combat skills in the last 2 years…

    I miss Robin’s old look too. =/

    Neo Horizon
  7. I love how the 3 idiots eyes sparkled when Frankly used a ROCKET LAUNCHER~!

    And WTF is that sharkman coming out of the kraken? I was totally scratching my head there. Was it controllig the kraken or something, like a fishman island native guarding their home from invaders using kraken? Who knows.

  8. i just thinking that maybe the shark will become the 10th member of this crew..like at the water 7 arch,we never knew that franky will be one of the crew member in the first time oda reveal about him right??haha..just my thought..

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