Feeling left out of all the chaotic “fun” last time, Mikako puts on a show for us starting with herself. Kimonos and swimsuits are a very alluring mix.

「激闘!夢の一本釣り(ジャンボカーニバル)」 (Gekitou! Yume no Ipponzuri (Janbo Kaanibaru))
“Fierce Battle! The Fishing (Jumbo Carnival) of Dreams”

This series never ceases to amaze with the ridiculous ways the characters kill time. Lately, it’s been all Mikako’s doing as well, so her latest idea deserves special praise for being right out of the book of something I’d expect from Tomoki. Tied up girls in bikinis floating helplessly in the water by their arms and hormone-pumping guys going “fishing” for the one with the biggest rack? That’s like combining the kinkiness from bondage with the embarrassment from exhibitionism and feeding the end result to a bunch of perverts. While not to the same degree as uncensored scenes, this was some “beastly” fan-service in its own right, given how suggestive the sight of a bunch of girls shrieking from getting caught is. It was absolutely criminal in the very literal sense of the word, and clearly trying to make one’s imagination run wild by objectifying women without a care in the world.

I guess I could look at it as a game of cat and mouse with fishermen and fish, except I can’t really vouch for any of the girls getting enjoyment out of the chase when their arms are tied behind their backs and completely at the mercy of their captor. This goes for Nymph too, who was bright red at the thought of getting her breasts measured by Tomoko before she was tossed back into the water for being a “small fry”. Between being insulted in such a manner and getting her breasts measured with ink prints, I’m inclined to believe that Nymph would’ve secretly preferred the latter so that she wasn’t singled out. Incidentally, I would’ve liked to see Astraea and Sohara’s reactions to Tomoko plucking them out of the water, but Mikako took the honors for the former and the latter was depicted as the ultimate catch. In Sohara’s case, I didn’t really mind since I love it when this series kicks the comedic melodrama into high gear over the silliest things. It sure didn’t hurt to see Ikaros in a wedding gown either, which seemed totally irrelevant at the time yet proved otherwise in the second half of this episode.

Much like this series tends to do, some story-related progression comes from the over-the-top antics, so Ikaros’ ongoing attempt to understand love was front and center again. As such, I felt kind of sorry for her when when no one was able to give her a proper explanation. After all, it was just last episode that she was in tears fighting Chaos and suffering more from her inability to comprehend love than her actual injuries, so I was hoping to see someone help her out in that regard this time. Unfortunately no one did, leaving Ikaros even more confused over an emotion she’s already experiencing. While I hope that Tomoki will ease the pain in her reactor (i.e. heart) sometime soon, I do enjoy seeing this love sick side to Ikaros. It’s very cute and endearing and has me looking forward to the moment that Tomoki will sincerely reassure her that she can stay with him forever. Granted, he nonchalantly did just that this very episode, but it was only to save himself from getting his face smashed through the wall any more than it already was. What Ikaros really needs at this point is a hug, so hopefully Tomoki catches on sooner rather than later.

Other than that, Chaos is still kicking around as suspected, so it’s probably only a matter of time before she’s brought back to the surface. It’s kind of creepy how she’s convinced that inflicting pain to others is how one shows their love, though it does go hand-in-hand with that sadistic personality of hers.


The yo-yo fishing idea blew Tomoki’s mind, yet he somehow had the “decency” to change to Tomoko before plucking helpless girls from the water.

Life preservers on their arms with their hands tied behind their backs. If that’s not worth catching, then I don’t know what is.

Tomoko’s hands are surprisingly not touching anywhere they shouldn’t be.

Tomoko may not feel that Nymph’s worth catching, but I beg to differ when she’s flustered like that and at everyone’s mercy. She’s totally worth measuring.

A full-length view of Astraea’s body for all our sizing needs.

It’s too bad Tomoko and Eishirou can’t do anything about Mikako constantly getting in their way.

As Eishirou explains, there is only one fish worth catching and it’s the legendary one that trounces all others in size.

Now this is what you call a legendary fish. This one’s definitely worth catching from the front.

No more messing around. Tomoki decides to man-up for his final catch… ever.

The white wedding dress puts the angel back into angeloid.

Tomoki was dragged into the whole mess, but goes out in style like a dried squid.

It may just be research to them, but Nymph looks like she’s pretty into Tomoki’s porn.

Nymph is overjoyed about receiving an allowance, whereas Ikaros wants to be as close to Tomoki as possible — even if it means putting his face through the wall.

Did someone request a bath with Ikaros?

Things progress down a rather sweet note as Ikaros asks around on what to buy Tomoki. Nymph on the other hand already got him a candy apple to show her love for him.

Ikaros will figure it out in due time. She’s got a new watermelon to help her through it.

I’m hoping that Chaos stays at the bottom of the ocean, but I don’t see it happening.

ED9 Sequence

[flv:Sora_no_Otoshimono_Forte_ED9.mp4 512 288]

ED9: 「夏のお嬢さん」 (Natsu no Ojousan) by 野水伊織 (Nomizu Iori)

An ending theme sung by only Nymph has a very cute ring to it.


Peeping into the Fantasy Field? Sounds like voyeurism.


  1. The previous 2 episode arc was much better. I know some folks love these over the top perversion episodes but I like ones that have more plot development and less fan service. The second half (after the fishing scenes) was much better with Ikaros trying to comprehend what love is.

  2. lol at yet another festival filler…
    the wedding dress was so out of place when it appeared… but still sweet 🙂
    Chaos is still as creepy… so she will be a returning boss for later?
    more plot please… though I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this 😀

  3. fear the prez really so “EVIL” & up to something
    another fest/JUDAS time run tomoki
    this time it’s fishing for doobi yo-yo
    tomoko back for fishing but also “blam” by prez & JUDAS
    legendary fish aka sohara
    tomoki mention proposal
    ikaros wonder what to get & get watermelon everything ok

    but oh $h1t that creepy little chaos nun is now show her version of “love” yikes run fishies yea called the exorcist on this.

    yea really i mean someone called an EXORCIST on that creepy little chaos nun

  4. SO…..Tomki doesn’t see Ikaros in that way because she’s like kinda “not there”(cant find a better word right now) but if she became completely normal and dropped the ‘master’ act, you think Tomoki would go for her?
    I dont know how the series ends but I doubt it ends with them together.
    CUz she apparently is the only big-breasted girl that Tomiki will HIT on da head for coming in the bath with him(totally out-of-character).

    AND LASTLY another annoying take from Sohora…. I hate seeing her now, she will never get with her “lover” if all she can do to express her feelings is hurt him… her gags are played out….times ten.

  5. lol @ Mikako getting angry for not being able to cause havoc and destruction in recent episodes…
    The whole fishing contest was simply biggest fetish fest ever… bondage, boobs and water!
    And one quote hovered in my mind: There is always bigger fish…
    I am surprised at Sohara making Tomoki karate chop practice target, yet unsure of herself in face of Ikaros, arguably the biggest rival for the Tomoki’s heart.
    It is official – Chaos scariness is over 9000! Chaos is so creepy it is off-scale… and of course she went for totally wrong conclusions in her search of love. I hope she will be made to understand what love is before destroying whole Earth.

  6. Guess it’s understandable they went for Tomoko, instead Tomoki, for this yo-yo shindig, the anime played out the change pretty well.
    The anime also makes an attempt to have an overall continuity within the series too, which is a plus, but could have really been done better.

  7. Couple edits, Divine.

    “the ridiculous ways the characters to kill time” can be either “the ridiculous ways for the characters to kill time” or “the ridiculous ways the characters kill time.”

    trying to make one’s imagination into run wild

  8. Didn’t do something like this in season 1? Hm, maybe i just read the manga and thought i saw it before. Anyway, a side form the ‘out of place’ occurrence this episode had. (This happened at a different time in the manga.) I thought it was rather amusing to say the least. Though i wish Sohara wouldn’t of come in and wrecked everything, like she always dose.

  9. Mikako forces her way into the series to get more screentime…no complaints about her kimono/swimsuit dressing style, but the yo-yo contest was something Tomoki/Tomoko would think up. The club room reminded me of Burns’ conference room in The Simpsons, with Sohara (the legend keeps growing!) playing Smithers’ role.
    I like how they put the reason why Ikaros didn’t participate in the contest and how the 3 angeloids realized that Chaos is capable of taking out all of them if they don’t work together. The wedding gown thing seemed random, then foreshadowing? It seems like love for Ikaros is something she’ll decide for herself, just like she decided to get a watermelon with the allowance Tomoki gave her. You never know, but we get the face smash scene from the 1st season opening explained!
    I have a really sick feeling that Chaos will show everyone, and she means EVERYONE, not just Tomoki and company or even the rest of the world, but also her Master and Synapse what she thinks love is!
    It seems like either the Uranus System has been destroyed or it went back into another dimension after it disappeared. I like to think that each angeloid has the ability to regenerate whatever it was designed for. They just need the will and some food; Astraea and Nymph are always hungry!
    For Ikaros, after enough time has passed, I think she can call upon the Uranus System again. In Chaos’ case, she can repair completely by eating a lot of fish and grow up to be a smoking hot psychopath in nun clothes ready to show everyone her LOVE!

  10. Okay, is it just me, or was Ikaros insanely cute in this episode? Wedding gown FOR THE WIN!!!


    It was obvious that we hadn’t seen the last of that loli creature from hell, but her relevation that love is pain was some nicely executed foreshadowing that sent shivers down EVERYONE’S spines!

    2000 yen? That’s about 20 bucks. What kind of watermelon costs 20 bucks? I bet it’s the watermelon Chuck Norris eats.

    Boob Fishing > Stripe Bass Fishing

  11. https://randomc.net/image/Sora%20no%20Otoshimono/Sora%20no%20Otoshimono%20Forte%20-%2009%20-%20Large%20Snapshot%2003.jpg

    ‘Tomoko may not feel that Nymph’s worth catching, but I beg to differ when she’s flustered like that and at everyone’s mercy. She’s totally worth measuring.’

    Nice comment and screenshot, Divine. By the way, how did you know the price of melons in Japan? You live there or somewhere else? Please tell me.

  12. Re: Nymph: I haven’t laughed that hard at a joke in a while. It was like a train wreck I could feel coming in my bones, but watching it unfold was a unique experience. They executed that brilliantly. I appreciate comic genius, whether in the service of ecchi humor or not.

    Re: Judas: I think I read a little bit of the manga (events covered by the 1st season) up to his first appearance, and if anything, he was even more awesome there than in the anime. They’re doing a pretty good job with depictions though.

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