「ナイト・オブ・ザ・リビング・アマーズ」 (Naito obu za Ribingu Amāzu)
“Night of the Living Amars”

The story continues strong this week, with an undeniable yet confusing love in the air, and reverse fake rape somehow linking towards a past trauma. Yet somehow, it all remains fairly lighthearted, but the dire consequences inevitably remain for our underdog Shuu. Perhaps a pivotal plot point in the story, as the “seed” is planted by Inari, Shuu is drugged and then convinced that he had some hot and wild drunk sex. Inari’s plan is quite obvious, most likely involving blackmail with the pictures she took, but she could not predict Shuu’s reaction.

Although I laughed at first to Shuu’s seemingly innocent nature to go so far as to push Inari down, it’s revealed that he’s had a phobia of women from a young age. Whether or not that explains his virginity, you tell me, but I’m totally hating on his dad right now. Apparently he had some sort of affair with Lina, Kuranosuke’s mother, and Shuu had found them while they were “in action.” But before judging anyone, there’s a ton of questions surrounding this event. For example, it’s possible that his father had a good reason, although that’s very unlikely. Hell, maybe they weren’t even doing anything sexual, but again, not likely. It also doesn’t explain Kuranosuke’s situation, and why exactly he can’t see his own mom. I mean think about it, he’s not HIS son, so why does he get any right to say what Kuranosuke can and can’t do (this goes for crossdressing as well)? However, if he IS his son, then that’s one hell of a situation. That would mean he had an affair with Lina, kept quiet, and only Shuu knew (and well, the driver too). Lina couldn’t take care of the boy, so she had to give it to him, which explains his angst towards Kuranosuke. This would also explain why Kuranosuke doesn’t know anything about his mother, but when he finds out, shit’s going to hit the fan. Though oddly enough, he already knows about the affair now, but he wasn’t angry at all. Maybe it will just take time? (or maybe he just doesn’t know enough) As for Shuu, I suppose he’s just caught in the middle again, keeping his mouth shut. You’d think he’d bare some sort of hatred for Kuranosuke, but I suppose he’s a “bro” isn’t he? He’s just a poor guy whose been traumatized by his father’s poor actions, yet forced to follow him in politics. Like I said last time, Shuu’s totally being written as the innocent bystander. Still, having relatively good reasons for him being the way he is doesn’t hurt to help me empathize with him.

On the more lighthearted side, Kuranosuke, who was the main source of laughs for me this week, has been slowly but surely falling for the Princess of Jellyfish, Tsukimi. Although he’s been in a number of high tier relationships, he still becomes embarrassed as he finds out he can’t stop seeing Tsukimi in a cute light. But it always seems to be when she’s in makeup form, right?! Haha, I won’t bring that back again, but keep it in mind! Honestly at this point, I’m very surprised with Kuragehime. Although they went for the house eviction plot, it’s nothing like I’d assumed, and the character relations are coming along nicely. You’ve got Shuu and Kuranosuke liking Tsukimi, but they’ve warped into completely different situations. I did notice a lack of focus on Tsukimi having her own plot, but it’s completely possible they’re just taking the time to develop the other characters before coming back to her in the last couple episodes, so we’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t see any of the support characters such as the Amaz to be getting anything in depth, so I was pretty wrong on that one, but who knows? If there is a sequel to this series, then it just might happen.

Tsukimi makeover looks like a cross between a hot librarian and .. something else that I can’t really place my finger on. Bayonetta? LOL




  1. Paranoia – when you check the drink for spiking when drinking to the mirror :p
    Other than that, Inari deserved that pushdown and probably a lot more. Can somebody make her lose all the money she earned using guys like that? (OK, probably none were as innocent as Shuu…)
    This series is the forgotten gem of this season. And the complete makeover of the NUNZ was great! I went especially lol @ the one that didnt need any makeover, just better looking friends 😛

  2. FANTASTIC episode! I laughed out loud when Shuu pushed Inari and ran away. Yes I also thought Shuu would have harbored some sort of resentment towards Kuranosuke, but perhaps he is too troubled with his own issues to feel that way. By the way, disheveled-looking Shuu (when he goes to see Tsukimi)is too adorable. …And that uncle is a total riot.

  3. Such an awesome episode! I couldn’t wait for it to be reviewed. What I think is funny about Tsukimi’s makeovers are that they seem to be getting closer and closer to how she typically looks. The first time she was barley recognizable, the next had her hair up, now she’s wearing her glasses. I don’t know if this is subconscious on Kuranoske’s part or I’m just thinking to much.

    Stephs a Geek
  4. Mayaya falling down in her High Heels made me laugh so hard xDD I remember my first time in them xD Kuranosuke is right: Highheels are a woman’s armour – very literally as well sometimes.

    d’awww, Tsukimi ordered the cheapest pizza <3 she's such a good girl! Kuranosuke's smile after that – lovely!

    Shuu without glasses is hot! *__* And I really feel with him, too. I went through a similar thing. I found it really, really touching when he went to see Tsukimi just to shake her hand. That scene was incredible. Although I think that Kuranosuke is the right one for Tsukimi, I feel that Shuu needs her more. This episode made him so much more likable to me. I really adore him a lot now.

    https://randomc.net/image/Kuragehime/Kuragehime%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2034.jpg that look killed me ;__;

  5. Last episode, I was starting to dislike Shuu for the whole not recognizing Tsukimi thing, but this week’s episode got him back on my good size. To having to see your father, someone he obviously loves and respects very much, doing something like that must have been awful. I’m glad him and Kuranosuke are on good terms though.

    I love this series.

  6. about kuranosuke’s situation. i think its more of a high standing political figure taking in a male heir. even though he has shuu theres nothing wrong with another son? so it was most likely he was taking from lina instead of her giving him up, that explains why kuranosukes not aloud to see his mother though he knows of the affair/situation.

    kinda like tamaki from from ouran koukou host club

  7. Why does everyone talk about Shuu like he the main character? Give me a break. That man got traumatized at a young age and now he is 30 years old. Come on, get over it, before you die an old single man. Now Kurounoske( I guess that’s how you spell it) he is so funny, getting aggravated because he looks at Tsukimi in a romantic way. He is not used to liking someone like that.

  8. I need to check again to see how old Kuranosuke is, as Shu might have witnessed his brothers conception hehe. For Shu’s trauma I would normally expect the child to hate the father over it, but likely he blames Lina for stealing his father away from his mother, leading Shu to believe all women are wicked temptresses. That can also explain why he (and Kuranosuke for that matter) like Tsukimi so much, as she has no clue about her feminine side and is completely innocent.

    For Shu’s molestation; Kiiragi I wouldn’t call it “reverse rape”. Rape is rape regardless of gender, just like racism is racism regardless of race. Adding the word “reverse” to it is just , excuse me for saying so, ignorant (and/or sexist or whatever). I know that wasn’t the intention but I see that kind of phrase used more and more these days, and its incorrect. I can’t even imagine what a true “reverse rape” would be… forcing someone to NOT have sex? /shrug

    1. You’re right, reverse rape would be implying that normal rape only applies from men to women.
      In all honesty, I don’t care much about standing up for men in this world, as women still have it pretty bad with equality in society.
      But yeah, I just pulled the term from my head without thinking about it as I had read it elsewhere.

      1. Well, it is still a fact that rape is widely associated with a man assaulting a woman. So reverse rape just serves to make the point completely clear as to who was raped. So I don’t object to the term. Especially in a mostly light-hearted review site such as RC.

        On a related subject, anyone linking current and possible future events to the wedding scene in the OP already?

  9. No worries ^_^ I just try to point that stuff out whenever I see it, as you mentioned yourself, that phrase is popping up more frequently. I’ve even seen Fox news use “reverse racism” and I nearly had a seizure hehe.

    Perceptions can be a funny thing sometimes. Even with this anime; when you hear the word “Otaku” you imagine the fat Simpsons/South park nerd. When I mentioned Kuragehime to my friends I purposely left out the part about the otaku’s being girls just to hear their reactions. They were suddenly much more sympathetic to the characters plight when I mentioned their gender lol.

  10. I’m…honestly more than a little creeped out by the number of people talking about how “funny” they found the scene where Shuu woke up after being raped, bewildered and unhappy, and fled the room half-dressed and half-conscious; or how “cute” he was afterwards, all miserable and shellshocked and disheveled. If someone had raped one of the Amars, I can’t imagine such a response from the fans. Rape is rape, and although it is more often M->F than otherwise, there’s no reason in the world not to stand up against ALL of it.

    Personally, I was touched to see a series portray the rape of a man as a villainous and cruel act, with serious emotional consequences, and even go so far as portraying the characters who reacted with a cheerful “Hooray, the male virgin got some!” as insensitive, foolish and/or misinformed.

    Great episode, though. Both tragic and comedic, and touching overall. ♥


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