Kuragehime – 11 (END)

「ジェリーフィッシュ・オブ・ドリームス」 (Jerīfisshu obu Dorīmusu)
“Jellyfish of Dreams”

Well what an incredibly anticlimactic solution to last week’s cliffhanger huh? To be honest, I didn’t give it much thought, and sadly, I don’t spend every waking moment wondering what the next episode of Kuragehime will reveal, but I seriously expected the Amamizu-kan to be a plot milestone this time. That said, the episode managed to tie up the series rather nicely, faithful to the manga or not (I wouldn’t know).

Kuragehime – 08

「ミリオンダラー・ベイビーズ」 (Miriondarā Beibīzu)
“Million Dollar Babies”

As it has been shown, purchasing the Amamizu-kan isn’t easy, but it has slowly become the main driving force of the story. Currently, Kuranosuke’s trying to find something to sell, and stumbles upon some ancient teasets. You’ve got to hand it to Kuranosuke for being persistent on finding things to sell, especially with the way he keeps coming up with new ideas. He might not want to inherit a political position, but he’d do well in business (or fashion business ;])

Kuragehime – 07

「金融無職列島」 (Kinyū Mushoku Rettō)
“Islands of Unemployment Cash-lending”

Don’t mind us, Kuragehime’s just delivering another episode thick with development and romance that begs many questions yet answers little, giving a perfect balance of intrigue to keep watching. Yeah, it’s nothing special this season you know, so don’t worry, because you’re only just missing out on one of the best shows this season~

Kuragehime – 06

「ナイト・オブ・ザ・リビング・アマーズ」 (Naito obu za Ribingu Amāzu)
“Night of the Living Amars”

The story continues strong this week, with an undeniable yet confusing love in the air, and reverse fake rape somehow linking towards a past trauma. Yet somehow, it all remains fairly lighthearted, but the dire consequences inevitably remain for our underdog Shuu.

Kuragehime – 04

「水族館で逢いましょう」 (Suizokukan de Aimashō)
“I’ll see you in my Aquarium”

After knowing Tsukimi for a while, Kuranosuke has never looked at her “that” way. However, after seeing her entranced in a pure state with her love for jellyfish, he now finds himself questioning continuously where these “strange” feelings are coming from.