「ジェリーフィッシュ・オブ・ドリームス」 (Jerīfisshu obu Dorīmusu)
“Jellyfish of Dreams”

Well what an incredibly anticlimactic solution to last week’s cliffhanger huh? To be honest, I didn’t give it much thought, and sadly, I don’t spend every waking moment wondering what the next episode of Kuragehime will reveal, but I seriously expected the Amamizu-kan to be a plot milestone this time. That said, the episode managed to tie up the series rather nicely, faithful to the manga or not (I wouldn’t know).

Since the Amamizu-kan wasn’t the real focus anymore, the direction turned to Tsukimi and Kuranosuke, with their jellyfish dresses finally going somewhere. It felt a little quick the way they went from nobody to partaking in a fashion showing, but I guess you could thank the ridiculous coincidence that the girl from the last ep was a model and chose them because she recognized Banban-san (and other reasons I’m sure). The contest was a big character movement for Tsukimi, as she realizes Kuranosuke just may have changed her, with metaphors of jellyfish memories flung left and right all throughout. At this point, it seems all matters of Shuu are dropped, and Kuranosuke is still in denial that he likes Tsukimi. While a lot of these issues are left hanging, the jellyfish dress plot still manages to give a good conclusion without feeling cheated. Compared to the first episode, Tsukimi’s gone far, starting up a pending relationship with Kuranosuke and their intertwined “destiny,” and has maybe understood a little more about her mother’s words.

Inari and Shuu have not been forgotten either, and I am quite amused at Inari’s complete change in character after being slapped. It’s cute that she’s completely filled with thoughts of Shuu, acting like a teenager in love again, starkly contrasting her previous mature and sexually manipulative self. Again, despite the interesting development, they’re left off traveling in an airplane together into the unknown.

And in the end, the Amamizu-kan plot returns with Chieko’s mom showing up for a somewhat “full-circle” feeling. The appearance of her mom looking almost exactly like Chieko forced me to pause the show to recompose myself, but the news she came with removed the worry that the Amamizu-kan was going to be sold (which was actually never really played off as a huge problem). I’m not too sure how that affects them still needing to buy the place, but with Inari busy rekindling her one sided love fantasies, I don’t know where the story could go. As mentioned last post, the timing of the plot for the series finale is impressive, and even courageous in anime’s usually constrictive and difficult pressures to make decisions based on business. But as expected, check another one down for a quality Noitamina show.

Also, this > this. I hope they go with Kuranosuke’s in the future.


Final Impressions:
Similar to Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, the two shows I started off blogging this season were pretty much last minute choices. While I had a little taste of what PSG was before beginning, Kuragehime had me going with nothing except pictures and descriptions. However, the first episode was nothing short of intriguing, and I soon realized I had landed on a good series.

So let’s rattle off the obvious. Kuragehime had a great plot, several of them in fact, nicely told throughout each episode, probably mostly in thanks to the experienced director of DRRR!!. “A great plot? Since when was that impressive?” Well, since it’s so difficult to find these days. In addition, the characters were probably the best part of the show, perhaps even outshining the story they were within. The whole cast is absolutely charming, and even though most of them stayed relatively the same development wise, they gave the show a lot of spunk. The story really liked throwing the characters against each other in different situations, usually leading to a lot of laughs, and a general good time.

Kuragehime is sort of like the definition of a solid show. It does everything well, but nothing really “incredible,” highly due to the extremely limited time slot of eleven episodes to tell its long and still ongoing story. This doesn’t mean that it’s in any way mediocre, as it’s like reading a really good book, but only up to a semi climax. The lack of completion many may feel from the last episode is inevitable, and I came into the episode fully prepared for that. Although the directors decided not to pull off a stunt to finish the show with a bow on top, the plot ended at a great point, providing what I thought was enough of a conclusion to satisfy. Animation stayed pretty consistent throughout, but if you’ve read my posts, you’ll notice I’ve never really cared to talk about it, as it’s just not that important for this show. The same goes for sound as well, but the soundtracks are fitting, and I grew increasingly attached to the ED song as the weeks went on.

For those that have been waiting for this series to end before starting, rest assured, the eleven episodes provide nothing but quality entertainment. You may not get the greatest ending of all time, but you’ll more than likely leave with a smile on your face, perhaps even wanting more. For my own full-circle, I’ll have to interject by saying the series did become a diamond by the end, if only just without a ring, being still beautiful, just not complete.



  1. So any idea if sales of the DVD (etc) were good enough that this is likely to see a second season? Of course that presumes there’s an equally good stopping point about 11-12 chapters further into the material…

  2. Woot! Great episode, great series! Sooo sad it’s over!!! I loved how the model (Sara, I think her name was?) was also in this episode and had a bit of a role, she’s so cute (“AFRO!!!!!!”).

    While I still wholeheartedly prefer TsukimixShuu to TsukimixKuranosuke (the latter character just doesn’t appeal to me aside from comic relief, frankly), I’m still very interested in the (mis)adventures of the other Amars. I’d like to read the manga eventually.

    Thank you so much for covering this series!

    1. Tsukimi and Shuu are somewhat smitten by *projectons* of each other. They really don’t match up well, not to mention that 12 years is quite an age gap when the younger person is 18. I think they paired the right couples.

      It would be great to see more, but aren’t there only 7 volumes of the manga so far?

      1. Oh, I understand that. It’s not that I think they’re a good “match” per say (yes, esp. with the age difference), I just prefer that “pairing” to one with Kuranosuke. It’s simply a matter of me liking the character of Shuu more. …and I really don’t like the set up of Shuu and Imari’s “relationship.”

  3. it’s a shame that the show had such a short length. Things could’ve been explored more throughly and the ending could’ve been better.

    Still, like you said, solid show. It could’ve been an excellent show, but it ended up being solid. I think that’s the most sad thing about it


      1. Yeah, I can see that trend in their shows. I guess it has to do with the whole quality over quantity, but most of the time these really great ideas fail to be fully explored and fleshed out due to the time constraints. It really is unfortunate.


        Still, new year. Hopefully the new noitamina shows manage to get past this issue.

      2. Well, they should just stop picking shows with ridiculously long running volumes. *cough* Hourou Musuko *cough*
        Noitamina should just stick with short stories, or come up with original series. *cough* Fractale *cough*
        I suppose it’s a great way to get a “taste” of the series, and then make you go read the manga.
        Some people view anime as just a fancy way of advertising. When you look it at that way, it’s kind of depressing isn’t it?

      3. Right, well I think it would be fine if they would create sequels to these shows that are ongoing that wouldn’t be much of an issue but like you said anime is treated as an advertisement to the original product. Which would be true considering how many producers approach it as such.

        It’s depressing, because I’d like to think that the staff who create these shows are putting a lot of love and care into them, but my rational side tells me otherwise.


        Still, I’d like to see what they do with Fractale. Considering how Yutaka Yamamoto is putting his job at stake here, I’m sure it’ll be something at the very least.

        off to sleep

  4. And so we say to farewell to another wonderful series. I’m sure i’ll find some comedy to entertain me in the next week or so, but I doubt if anything in the winter lineup will have the charm Of Kuragehime.

  5. Its shows like Kuragehime that makes BrainBase my fav animation studio. They may not have the flashiest animation nor the most wow-inducing story but they do enough of the minute detailed things right to make even the ordinary seem extraordinary, especially when it comes to characters.

    I could kinda live without a Kuragehime sequel as long as they make a 3rd season of Natsume Yuujincho…

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!! BOOZE IS GOOD!!!! with that said!
    What a waste of potential this series ended up being, soo pissed.. i mean WTF is the point of having all these eclectic characters when YOU NEVER UTILIZE THEM!?!? its like making a action flick with a Character that has the ability to totally destroy every bone in a humans body, YET THE FU@%ER NEVER FIGHTS?!?! *exhales………………* well i see people are saying it was just a taste, sample etc…ohh well..i still liked where it was going, so that’s something at least.
    THANKS fo blogging this KIIragi its appreciated, BTW- doesn’t the singer that sings the ed theme sound like a Paul McCartney clone to the fullest LOL!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. I hate the 12 episodes format… it is not enough to give conclusion to any story, unless you are doing a masterpiece of compression like Yosuga no sora 😛
    Other than that, it is like ending of the New hope (Star Wars epIV), rebels (amamizukan crew) are safe for now, but the Empire (landsharks) are still out there and ready to strike back…

  8. The last few episodes it became kind of clear that they weren’t going to be able to wrap everything up nicely unless they had some giant plot device suddenly. It’s still somewhat disappointing though. Brain’s Base consistently makes great characters for all their shows, now they just need to shore up some of the plot components to make some truly great ones.

    Also, you should make another relationship graph now that it’s over 😛

  9. One of the best shows, if not the best, this season and definitely a contender for best show 2010. To bad about the open ending, but I agree that it ended on a high note.
    Now, time for a season 2, or maybe raid some bookstores for the manga! 🙂

  10. Incidentally, is there something wrong with the replies? I’m noticing that mine and Kiiragi’s are ending up as the last comments no matter how many new replies that are made.

  11. Happy new year! Anyways,even if the DO decide to do a second season, it would take another 2-3 years until the manga has accumulated more volumes, or has finished :\. Overall, I feel like the series was a sort of letdown, but solid, like you said. 🙂

  12. What have I been missing?!!? I started this right after new year and I finished it the day after. I thought the fall season was a bit dry but I can’t believe I just missed this gem to vot for in the best anime poll. THis goes to show that I should always trust noitaminA.

  13. while I was a ittle disappointed with the ending, I think it ended the way it should’ve: there was no way the creators were going to get Shuu/Miss Thang and Kuranosuke/Tsukimi to all hook up without looking like a rushed ending.
    To me, this even feels open-ended, in an odd way; as if to say: now read the manga (which is very slow on translation-release too… Thank you to all Translation/Sub teams, though !)


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