「ミリオンダラー・ベイビーズ」 (Miriondarā Beibīzu)
“Million Dollar Babies”

Earlier in episode three, I had speculated Hanamori, the driver, might be an important character later, and while he doesn’t seem to be heading that direction within this season, the man is a riot. Here’s a guy who created a melodramatic scene about how he and Shuu were childhood friends, and that he would go against orders to spy on him, but topples over in a split second with the bribe of a Benz. Though a Benz isn’t anything to scoff at, the man is a little obsessed with the car, being able to draw a perfect sketch, and yet not a face. But hey, I can’t blame him, cars are much easier to replicate anyway.

For Shuu, things aren’t going so swell. Inari’s now made it pretty obvious that she plans on blackmailing to get what she wants, but since Shuu’s childhood friend spilled the beans, he’s got a private investigator to track what’s happening. Somehow because of a sneeze, Hanamori ends up calling up Shuu instead of the PI, leading to the funniest scene in the entire episode. Frankly, I can’t see how Shuu’s going to get out of this, but it’s not going to be easy. The forecast for TsukimixShuu doesn’t look so swell either. Shuu’s life is just all bad, but otherwise, not much development for him this week.

As it has been shown, purchasing the Amamizu-kan isn’t easy, but it has slowly become the main driving force of the story. Currently, Kuranosuke’s trying to find something to sell, and stumbles upon some ancient tea sets. You’ve got to hand it to Kuranosuke for being persistent on finding things to sell, especially with the way he keeps coming up with new ideas. He might not want to inherit a political position, but he’d do well in business (or fashion business ;]). One thing leads to another, and he ends up selling Tsukimi’s handmade Clara terubozu (who wants to bet these things will appear as plushies somewhere?). They sell like hotcakes, everyone gets called over, and the scene soon turns into a showcase for Tsukimi’s passion of Jellyfish and Chieko’s godly sewing speed. Kuragehime has this way of making me say, “well I didn’t see this coming,” because well, I really didn’t see this coming. Selling them for 500 yen wasn’t going to cut it though, so although Kuranosuke mentioned a plan of selling the Clara doll on the internet, I figured there had to be something more.

After seeing frills again from making Clara dolls, Tsukimi can’t help but reminisce about her mother, who had promised her a dress with the frills of a jellyfish. Tsukimi then imagines the dress and wraps sheets around her, and of course, Kuranosuke walks in on her, leading to more of “seeing a side he has never seen.” The love he possesses is unmistakable, and is now at chest pain levels (HNNG), so much so that his gender is almost found out, but thanks to the general stupidity of the Amaz, they think “she’s” just flat chested. Now if only he would admit and confess. Personally, I can relate to Tsukimi’s entrancement with frills, as I imagine they really are beautiful when fluttering in the water, like many things in nature. Even if they aren’t, the frills are her connection to her mother, a symbol of purity, and the reason she might have went overboard on her hobby with jellyfish in the first place.

Being curious as to why Tsukimi would drape herself like a princess (I’m sure there’s irony in there somewhere), Kuranosuke lands at the impression that she might have taken an interest into fashion, and imagines whether or not she would enjoy seeing his mother’s closet. While it may not seem like it was much, I read that statement as if he wants to “share” something I consider pretty personal with Tsukimi, which shows the care he has grown for her. So as Kuranosuke attempts to return the frilled cloth, he accidentally stumbles onto the promise Tsukimi’s mother had made, and instantly comes up with the idea of making jellyfish dresses to sell. At first when he said, “let’s make the jellyfish dress,” I thought it was just an action of love, but then he said we could sell it to purchase the Amamizu-kan (and apparently become famous and billionares, but given the track record of this show, I doubt that’s going to ever happen in the story). While I heaved a sigh for a split second, I realized this was a pretty cool idea. It’s as if both their personalities and interests have intertwined into a single “dream,” with the result being a jellyfish dress. Aww, it’s like they’re having a hobby baby!

Random Thought: You know, the Amaz avoid the Stylish like the plague, but seriously, EVERY single female that aren’t the main characters are drawn attractively with no flaws. If the world was perfect like that, and I wasn’t, I’d be running away constantly too.




  1. The driver this week was really the best part of the episode. I loved the look on his face when he was eating the donut, and the investigator gave him the extra as well. Guy likes Benz’s and donuts. But seriously, wait for a response from whom you’re calling before you just blabber away!

    As far as TsukimixKuranosuke I felt their relationship development in the last half was really forced. I can understand why Kuranosuke would question why he liked Tsukimi, but he’s being incredibly dense about it. (I’d say blatantly in denial, but that requires some acknowledgement in the first place.)

    Tsukimi was also characterized oddly here. Earlier in the series she rejected the makeover as not part of her, but here she seems like she wants to be pretty still. Reinforced when they show the reason for her embarrassment at being seen was that she didn’t look good and had some dirty sheets on her, not that she was playing dress-up. I mean it’s not like she was really being presentable for most of the time she sees Kuranosuke so it doesn’t really make sense to me.

    It’s still a fun ride overall, but I felt the main characters weren’t given much this week. Still a ways to go though so hopefully it finishes strong.

  2. never caught his name
    Hanamori-san the benz freak XD he made the funniest scene on this episode lmao:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I thought Mayaya came rushing to Tsukimi to tell that Kuranosuke is a guy lmao. And that detective guy was literally just standing there taking pictures of Inari, talk about fail.

    PS: Tsukimi is getting prettier every episode :3

  3. Benz bribes ftw!
    The detective has hide in plain sight on +40 or Inari is blind…
    The veil scene reminded me of Toradora one…
    Oh and Nunz dont notice a man even when they literally do a checkup on him 😛

      1. Don’t worry I’m sure one day you’ll get the chance to, you could try these

        a) Steal one
        b) Hire one
        c) Become the the personal driver of a rich political family
        d) Make jelly fish dresses to sell,rake in the dough, get famous and become a billionaire

    1. she’s annoying but last week’s rant about Kuranosuke’s fake breast (and how she then went ahead and even did hateful graffitti on a street wall) was hilarious ! oh, how about the way she immediately flashes her cell phone each time she speaks to Shuu !!!! hahhaha!

  4. @ Kiragi
    I was reading another anime blog and someone made the comment that maybe the Amars intentionally blind themselves to the obvious fact that Kuranosuke is a man, becoz that would mean they had been getting along with a man ALL THIS WHILE (God forbids, right ?!). While they freeze up near stylish people, we’ve watched time and again how they eventually relax and do what they do best: in this episode, the Speedy-Gonzalez sewing, Tsukimi wearing nicer clothes and make-up as if it’s natural, all the Amars actually agreeing to be outside… and then for them to have to admit to themselves that all these changes are due to a GUY??? lol

    what’s your take on this?

    1. I think within just this season, it’s not really important that they find out Kuranosuke’s a male or not, because it really doesn’t matter. I suppose the irony in it all is up to the viewer to interpret. However, the fact that he IS a male, is really the point of his character, and makes a better dynamic than if he were just a normal girl helping them all out.

  5. I feel like they’re forcing a Tsukimi and Kuranoske pairing. I’m tired of seeing him blush and act like a love struck clown because of his own self involved concepts. Come on, I’m in love because she isn’t fawning over me. Bleh… If this is how they’re going to force this “romance” down our throat I’m gearing up to stop watching.

  6. I don’t think the romance aspect is forced at all. Though in a lot of shows it is often the characters being portrayed as being really unrealistically dense, I think in this case it is the opposite. The characters are a little too self aware. Kuranoske can’t really imagine being attracted to a girl who can be considered kinda plain, frumpy and nerdy most of the time considering he’s been with the most beautiful women in Japan basically. As far as Tsukimi goes I don’t think she can imagine a beauty like Kuranoske being interested in her and really just prefers to think of him as a girl because this much interaction with a handsome guy would make her brain explode.

    Stephs a Geek
    1. so : otaku + bishonen = system error, following function is not plausible in RL
      Probably being held back by her deep rooted idea that she isn’t the beautiful princess her mother talked about and in life only beautiful people can make a couple.

    2. Stephs a Geek, that reply does make a lot of sense. I assume it is because of the overly portrayed self-awareness that has me shaking my head every time they’re on the screen. I just think that Kuranoske’s feelings are so shallow and superficial. I would prefer she not end up with any of the two brothers than to see a forced Kuranoske ending.

  7. This is probably my fav anime, its so damn funny, every episode makes me laugh out loud! 😀

    But just an idea, you said that all women in the anime that isn’t an Amar is drawn as incredibly beautiful. Maybe this is another way to put the audience into the “amars” perspective? We can all tell that they really have an “us or them” perspective on the whole thing – they see the Stylish as some magnificently beautiful enemies who should avoid at all costs! So maybe all the other women are drawn that way so they are portrayed as the “Amars” see every other female (In other words, they overlook the stylish’s flaws, and so their beauty is exaggerated because all they think is “STYLISH -> MUST BE INSANELY PRETTY -> WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT -> TURN TO STONE.”) So maybe thats why evey other woman seems to be very pretty? I may be over-analyzing though. Just a thought!


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