Part 1

「天使が水着に着替えたら」 (Tenshi ga Mizugi ni Kigaetara)
“If the Angels Wore Swimsuits”

Okay so it’s no question the demon sisters aren’t going to be leaving the plot for at least the rest of this season, but no complaints there. After all, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be getting a volleyball match of celestial proportions. I suppose you can consider this your typical swimsuit episode, but in terms of PSG, that’s kind of weird isn’t it? Whatever the case, it was an excuse to show a TON of pans (none of which I captured, because they kept moving), showing off various states of dress and undress. So who’s a happy camper?

Now, while an episode about volleyball may have not been in my mind the greatest plot to revolve around, there were several things that make this part one of the best in PSG so far. Hmm, maybe I should make a “top episode list” when this series ends, since they’re all episodic anyways.

First off, there was a surprising use of good animation. Though subtle, it’s probably the work of a different animation director, and I’m definitely impressed, which makes me wonder why this guy isn’t used in all the episodes. Practically all of the physical movements of the main characters were fluidly animated, with great attention to them twisting and contorting on screen while still maintaining a 3d figure. There was also a particular flash tween feeling, and if you’ve ever animated with flash before, you’d know what I’m talking about. The viewpoints and framing of the characters on screen are also constantly being switched up throughout, ending up with a very dynamic and entertaining episode. Also, the characters had less cartoony bodies this time around, due to either the different animation director, or because the fanservice required it. Either way, who’s complaining?

You know how in anime, they pull off those fancy crazy moves that are just epic, not just because they defy physics, but because they just look so damn cool? Yeah, that would be the second reason why I enjoyed this episode. Although it wasn’t the animation sink that was the sixth episode, there was massive potential within this one, yet they didn’t use any of it. Most of the game was traded with stills, although they put in some nice looking moves here and there (especially the heart finisher). Still, I can’t help but see that this could have been the coolest choreographed animated volleyball game ever. Someday I wish I could watch an anime that would just surprise me with a random battle and say, “to hell with it, let’s just make this one hell of a looking fight, even though it’s not important.” Honestly, closest I’ve gotten is Index season one. Who would’ve expected shit to go down right at episode two?


Part 2

「ゴースト ~ダテンシティの幻~」 (Gōsuto: Daten Shiti no Maboroshi)
“Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City”

Getting more excuses to see things that we would normally never see, such as Stocking actually being sappy for love? Sweet, but too bad the one she fell for is utterly repulsive, giving a sickening feeling almost akin to that of an NTR. It’s funny how deep it gets, with the forbidden love between two members destined to kill each other, soon even boiling down to Panty trying to protect her younger sister and the whole “you can’t understand my feelings” ordeal. It’s Pocahontas condensed into 12 minutes, and yet actually manages to hold some seriousness.

I’m not kidding, the show actually goes sentimental on us, and it’s surprising how well it worked (well, to some extent). They don’t explain why Stocking fell for him, but it doesn’t even matter. They also included a new song for Stocking, and, again, evoked some emotions while it was playing during the ghoul’s passing onto heaven. I mean holy shit, look at all those emotionally packed twinkling lights with the background soothingly intertwining, “chocolate chocolate, how sweet are you~” (I ACHE for this OST) And look at those heart string tugging sparkling eyes that feel like they’re about to burst into tears at any moment! You know that made those last episodes of After Story flashback in your head.

I feel like there’s some witty moral here, but frankly, it is what it is. You’re really just going to have to see this episode. To be honest, I think I’m just more sensitive to things at night so I was more readily to be “emotionally in sync” with the characters or something. Our wavelengths matched, you know, that type of stuff. So protip, if you want to get the most out of your emotion driven shows, watch it at night. (half asleep is good too, your brain waves are even more relaxed)

LOL till next week folks.

I wonder how many new Stocking fans this episode just created.



  1. lol… NTR is definitely not approved, but the ghost story here is in a league of its own…
    sorry but I was on Panty’s side for once…
    though the volleyball episode was funny, but we had another unresolved ending here like the zombie one…
    this show is still entertaining to watch… waiting for another showdown between angel and devils like the first time they met 😀

  2. Somehow, I think someone from Gainax is trolling tvtropes… seriously, we get at least another category every week…

    …going sideways, *shedding manly tears for that “otaku ghost”* (that’s the impression I’m getting from it anyway, and an arrogant one too)


    I was surprised how sentimental the second half became. I kept telling myself that this is PnS and the guy just gave her a POOP RING…but it was still sad. It’s probably one of the few episodes without action that was good

  4. Just thought I let you know I saw the episode today and found the OST online. The song is called Chocolat (no ‘e’ at the end of the word). It is beautiful. Also I just have to say it…

    (for those who dont know who Nia is go watch gurren laggen now!)


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