「将(ジェネラル)の帰還」 (Shou (Jeneraru) no Kikan)
“The General’s Return”

First off, congrats to Kanetsugu for winning the first Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls popularity poll and getting an official wallpaper to commemorate the occasion. It looks like I’m not the only one that’s grown really fond of our idiotic samurai, who managed to edge out the top spot from the very adorable Jubei. It’s usually hard to anticipate what kind of character stereotype fans will like the most, so Toyosaki Aki deserves special praise for making stupidity reign supreme. Kanetsugu seems to take the lovable quirky side of Hirasawa Yui and combine it with haughty attitude to make all the well warranted abuse fun to watch. In fact, she’s so annoying to the other characters that even a super masochist like Hanzou can’t resist the urge to stomp on her and enjoy doing it. One would think that the joke’s gotten old after all these episodes since Kanetsugu’s arrival, but it really hasn’t when just about everyone who comes into contact her has a sudden urge to shut her up by knocking her out. It’s even better considering how that gigantic hammer of hers has been used more on herself than anyone else.

While the slapstick humor continued this episode, so did the ongoing plot revolving around Sen and Yukimura’s orders to Hanzou and Matabee to form a pact with Muneakira and become master samurai. It didn’t become too pivotal of a development, but did provide a means for Gisen to take advantage of Muneakira’s dilemma. After her sudden and suspicious arrival, plus the huge ruckus she caused seducing Muneakira and fighting Sen, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that she’s one of the antagonists in the series. Like I mentioned last time, the opening sequence was probably the biggest giveaway, as she’s notably absent from the group shot. Admittedly, what didn’t occur to me at the time is that Charles de d’Artagnan (Koshimizu Ami), a.k.a. Nia, is there. On top of the revelation that Gisen is a master samurai herself who’s intent on getting Jubei to retract her pact with Muneakira and form one with her master, the really big twist is that Yoshihiko isn’t even the antagonist of this series, suggesting that Nia will be fighting alongside Jubei and the others before long. Despite having kidnapped all the descendants of master samurai in hopes of artificially creating new ones as part of the “Izanami Project”, word of Amakusa Shirou being the real shadow being cast over Great Japan actually makes Yoshihiko’s actions somewhat understandable. Granted, he still seems to have a few screws loose with his questionable methods of protecting Great Japan from its supposedly greatest threat. Coincidentally, another twist came from the fact that there are currently no “real” master samurai left and that the world is fooled into believing there are so that Japan isn’t attacked by foreign countries. This naturally raises some questions as to exactly what Sen and Yukimura are after making a pact with Muneakira, plus what Yoshihiko was alluding to when he referred to Jubei as the natural one. From the sound of it, I presume that Jubei is someone that has the potential to become a “true” master samurai (whatever that means) and drive back the Amakusa threat. It would also explain why Gisen is interested in taking Jubei back to her master as well, who is likely Amakusa himself.

Given the series’ focus on the comedic aspect thus far, this big twist does serve as an awesome way of reigniting interest in the overarching plot. I’m still a bit wary about exactly how much of this will be covered in the remaining three episodes, but am secretly hoping it reaches some intermediary conclusion that leaves the door open to a sequel. After all, this latest development doesn’t appear to be something that was merely added for the sake of having a twist, seeing as Amakusa Shirou actually led the Shimabara Rebellion against the Tokugawa shogunate (a.k.a. Bakufu.) According to some sources, Shirou was related to Toyotomi Hideyori as well, which those familiar with some Japanese history will remember was at odds with Tokugawa Ieyasu. This leaves me wondering where Yukimura stands should that connection come into play, given that the Sanada clan is a vassal of the Toyotomi clan and why Hanzou was after her in episode one. As for the whole resurrection thing, I suspect that it might have something to do with the fact that Amakusa and his followers were largely Christians. The power of God versus the power of master samurai? I can see that being the epic clash they’re going for.

* The actual Tokugawa family crest, Maruni Mitsu Aoi, can be clearly seen in Yoshihiko’s secret lab.
* For those with seiyuu-honed ears, Yoshihiko teasing Nia in the bedroom may sound like Suzaku’s having his way with Kallen (CODE GEASS).




    1. I’m still waiting for Muneakira to get off his ass and make those other girls master samurai’s, but alas that might not happen. Who knows though!
      Anyone know how many episodes are in this series?

      1. Guess I shouldn’t have jumped the gun and stopped reading earlier to try and get a first post..and I definitely read the preview.. too long ago though.. XD

        Yes part of me is wishing for an open-ended ending for a second season. I think it is possible.

      2. I personally don’t want any more Master Samurai. I’d prefer it if Muneakira actually fought himself. But as I remember this whole “General and Master Samurai” thing, a general normally doesn’t fight on the battlefield .__.

  1. I just want more of Kanetsugu and Charles de d’Artagnan. Kanetsugu is just hilarious and awesome and Charles just looks cool and cmon, she’s a master samurai that changes mode. What i don’t like about her is that when she fights, she always swings both swords at once rather than at different times.

  2. Gisen has a geass? wait, this is not code geass 😀
    lol at Suzaku having Kallen for dessert 😀 nice call there
    so apparently this anime adaption took a different course from the novel. hopefully it will still be epic 🙂
    and for the first time, the ink spot starts getting annoying during the fights

  3. This week’s revelation totally blew my mind away. I thought that Yoshihiku was definitely going to be the final boss. With how they depict him in the opening, all evil and laughing. I suppose it’s a nice revelation to see that Sen doesn’t have to fight her own family – except for the fact that her older brother is a complete jerk.

    I don’t know how cohesive that comment up there sounds since I’m really tired as I write this, but I want MOAR SAMURAI GIRLS! Especially with this being a series that I wasn’t watching originally, I’m super glad that I started watching it. I’m not a huge fan of boobies all in my face but the ink splatter fixes that problem in a pretty nice way. As I watch each episode, I usually forget that every time I see ink, it’s censoring something.

    I want more samurai girls now ._.

    1. I am definitely a fan of the way they spatter ink on the screen, even when there is no boobs about to be shown.
      For example: https://randomc.net/image/Hyakka%20Ryouran%20Samurai%20Girls/Hyakka%20Ryouran%20Samurai%20Girls%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2016.jpg
      For me it makes me feel more involved and draws me in to the battles.
      Now perhaps if one of the girls deals a fatal blow to someone else, I think they should definitely have a blood colored ink splatter. They probably wont do that though..

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        though I do agree, ink spots for the most part is a good stylistic way of making the show more entertaining.

  4. Of all the new series from this past season this show is my favorite. Most likely the season will end with the 2 groups polarized to one side or the other and end on a cliffhanger of some sort for there to be a 2nd season. I’m guessing the brother might die and it will be up to Sen, Muneakira and their friends against Amakusa and their evil allies?

    Its also possible that the season will end with Jubei being captured or kidnapped (or possibly Sen or Muneakira kidnapped). It will be some sort of a cliffhanger type plot device to make us want another season (and we do).

    1. There have a couple of really good shows to me this season, this one, Ika Musume, and Milky Holmes. Funny thing is, they were all last on my list of shows I was looking forward to watching, as I thought they were stupid…but then as the season went on I realized they were all rediculously funny, and now they’re my favorites :D.

  5. I still think Yoshihiko is an antagonist, maybe not the final one. I think the voice on that recording he had in his files was Amakusa’s voice. That makes it seem he’s up to something himself and his experimenting is classic mad scientist.

  6. hmmmm… Yoshihiko is not real “big bad”. I really didnt see that coming. Makes for a nice way to Sen to reconcile with her brother, but his methods leave a lot to be desired – but “desperate times call for depserate measures”. Regarding action, it was really worth seeing both Gisen and Nia show their true potential. I assume Nia was created as secret agent for undercover operations in Europe? I am wondering if our girls are not “real” master samurai, then what is the power of genuine ones? After all creating not-so-small tornadoes is rather a feat…
    I expect that Muneakira’s harem will eventually succeed in creating master samurai, and Yoshihiko will fail because he lacks “bond and trust”. And isnt it coincidence that there are 7 girls in total? (Yagyu, Sen and Hanzo, Yukimura nad Matabei, Kanetsugu and finally Nia)

    1. I agree… It’s kinda surprising to see that there’s another ‘villain’ other than Yoshihiko
      And “desperate times call for desperate measures” indeed…
      after watching the eps, I had to think objectively to understand that what he’s doing is right, in a way.
      He’s just trying to protect the country…
      though his behavior, and the way he thinks of other people as mere ‘tools’/pawns are… well, you know… >_>

  7. Well, Yoshihiko has stolen a page of the book “How to make artificial Newtypes for retaliation” here. The whole aspect is very 0079 here: Muneakira and party are the White Base crew (in the middle of things), Yoshikiko is very Federation, and Amakusa looks omniously as a Zeon general (all with his own “Devil” with Gisen)

    The comment for the “real” (maybe “original” is the right word here) is likely about how much power Jubei can gain, contrary to Sen or Yukimura who just recently were made MS and are still learning how to use their powers.

    Nia is way too overkill right now, and the way Ami Koshimizu is voicing her reminds me of more of Simoun’s Paraietta than Kallen.

  8. I think they are going to end up fighting Yoshihiko anyways because on what he has done. Nia on the other hand will leave Yoshihiko as you can see it in her eyes during the bedroom scene.

    1. I just wanted to add that none of the other characters really have female names either. They’re all taken from historic samurai, swordsmiths, etc. who were all male. It’s homage to them since these girls are supposed to be their descendants.

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