「全自動楽団」 (Senjidou Gakudan)
“Full-auto Orchestra”

I think I’ve created the perfect formula for having a great slice of life. It needs to have a character who everyone LOVES, some sort of concert involving instruments being played, and some kind of pantsu shot (being tasteful wins bonus points). Sounds like Sore Machi to me!

While I still don’t like Tatsuno, I find everything she does just outright funny. With her egotistical, almost stuck up attitude, it never fails to make me laugh when something just doesn’t end up the way she wants it to. A great example is how she acts around Sanada. Because she goes into 110% dere mode every time she’s within twenty feet of him, I don’t think she will ever be able to get her true feelings across. Good thing Sore Machi isn’t a romance anime, seeing how it’s always funny watching her stumble through her words or unintentionally changing her thoughts mid-sentence, causing Sanada to totally miss the fact that she’s madly in love with him. At the same time, I love how she tries to exert her superiority over Hotori even though she really doesn’t have too much on her. While she may have the edge over Hotori with book-smarts, she’s totally lacking in the street-smarts department. Other then books and maid skills, I think she’s on the same level as Hotori. Another great example – as she comments about how stupid Hotori’s idea was to take off their clothes and toss them in the dryer because they were soaking wet AND standing in-front of a laundromat, she accidentally knocks over the rain cover they’re all standing under and drenches everyone with water. In the end forcing everyone to take off their clothes to dry them in the dryer. It’s moments like these that make me glad that Tatsuno exists. Even though she isn’t my favorite character, I’m glad that she helps spur on all the jokes.

On the other hand my favorite girl in the series Futaba finally makes her awesome return. After a few weeks without having a lot of screentime, this week’s episode really managed to provide some of that extra “Futabaservice” I’ve been dying for (thank you rain!). While she may not have the biggest chest in the group, her feisty attitude completely makes up for it – especially when she smacks Hotori for commenting on her “size”. As an added bonus, the show finally puts her into a maid outfit! In the name of creating a “rock band”, our four girl group plays some pretty interesting instruments for a rock band. With Futaba on bass, Hotori on accordion, Tatsuno on Violin, and Haribara on drums, I must say that I wasn’t really expecting any of them (except Futaba) to be able to play any kind of instrument. I know the ending of the show has them in a band all together, but I never thought that the band was real!

INS1: 「そうは言っても世界は終わらない」 (Sou wa Itte mo Sekai wa Owaranai) by Maids
Watch the 1st INS: Streaming ▼

I don’t know about you guys but I think Futaba’s voice is simply amazing. When her voice gets a little raspy or she puts a little too much attitude in the lyrics, I think it fits her character perfectly. While the violin and the accordion gave the entire song a country feeling in the beginning, I felt it slowly go away as the song progressed. By the end of the song, the whole band is just exploding with all sorts of energy as they finish the song together. This song just gets better and better the more I listen to it! While the band itself probably falls short of Futaba’s original idea, I think that our four member “maid band” created a pretty catchy song. I can’t wait for the single to come out 😉 Nevermind. It’s already out with the ending single. I NEVER NOTICED. +_+

* While I didn’t talk about it in the post, I really wish Japanese vending machines would make it stateside. I could really go for some instant udon. Add eating it together with Futaba and that company would make tons of money off of me.




  1. Another tasteful nude scene plus a nice shot of Futaba, more points in my book, lol I guessed that the unknown lady at the start, walking in the rain under the umbrella was Haribara, I don;t know why they gave her such an abstract face->?.

  2. Futaba is simply the whole package xD great personality, looks, damn she plays bass (I love bass) and she as a great voice. “I could really go for some instant udon. Add eating it together with Futaba and that company would make tons of money off of me” couldn’t agree more Takaii xD

    1. I agree shes great, plus i re watched the episode yer her voice is pretty amazing actually but i prefer long hair, I wonder what she would like like with long XD. Another one goes onto my list of characters i wish i could see with long hair

  3. Haha, the ending made much more sense now that I’ve watched this episode. Ohmygosh, this episode is freaking’ hilarious. Especially when Hotori and Tatsuno were fighting, lol.

  4. Just a note about the music, it reminds me of our new style celtic music with those instrument arrangements. That’s the first damn time i’ve heard it with japanese lyrics! Definitely feels celtic though. The could throw a bagpipe in any time at all lol.

      1. mmhmm especially the insert song this episode, it’s like Irish Descendants or something but there’s flute to go with it. lol Futaba puts that extra punky yelling umpf at the end i roared laughing. Seriously the difference in the starting and ending themes, when i first heard the ending i was in shock lol. I love it, both are so creative.

  5. Kon-senpai in Maid outfit = WIN. <3 the screens. That and Rieka Yazawa really does complete her. Smitten again, and Takaii, I agree, my usual preference is long-haired leads, but an exception for Kon anyday. The full ED is entertaining to hear too. Need more future Rieka roles! Finally… Sanada has been branded an oldophile LOL.

  6. Fun, fun and more fun again this week. So many funny jokes. And now the ED’s lyrics makes much more sense, blowfish cheeks, training my legs etc.
    For some reason I can’t help but think the Kon panty shot will still be censored in dvd/bd.Damn it.

  7. I knew they were going to do the band thing for the school festival, I just expected it to be the season finale and they would perform the end theme instead of something different. Now I think they will perform again as a promotional gimmick for the cafe.


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