As far as the discussion potential these days for the only three manga posted on this site, OP is trailing behind these weeks. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, because there doesn’t always need to be a stir of remarks and retorts every chapter. OP’s having a pretty relaxing adventure in a new place, and Oda’s just giving the environment time to really soak in to the viewers. He really likes to give “character” to settings (don’t know if that makes any sense), and they all feel memorable and unique from each other. I don’t know why, but I’m pretty impressed at the breadth of this undersea adventure, what with all the different creatures being shown (great art) and new ideas such as lights behind the Thousand Sunny’s eyes.


I used to think Caribou might have posed a threat later on, such as now, but changed my mind after seeing how dumb he is by being caught by Franky (and laughed pretty hard too). His logia power still isn’t revealed though, so I don’t think he’ll leave the story until a makeshift final confrontation occurs where he battles someone and loses horribly.

Anyway, this chapter is probably a prime example of how ridiculous One Piece can get sometimes. The crew gets chased by an enormous angler fish, an umibouzu then punches the angler, all while The Flying Dutchman comes from behind. All of a sudden, you think they’re screwed, but the Kraken comes back from nowhere and punches the umibouzu, with Luffy controlling it, just like he said he would. While there’s a ton of logic questions on how a ship like The Flying Dutchman can sustain life, the undersea volcano begins erupting, leading to another cliffhanger.
Fishman island next chapter?! Doubt it. (I’m jinxing it)


    1. I actually thought it was the Blackbeard crew member!

      Maybe the Flying Dutchman crew is the new antagonist? (Who might turn out to be the good guys…) I thought they might have been zombies…but salt kills zombies, right? Maybe they’re fishmen.

      Bad Kiiragi for jinxing it!

    2. Yea They’re probably the same species, which would explain why they’re thousands of times bigger than a regular giant. And I think the species is supposed to be called “umibouzu”, thats not his name. Umibouzus are like Japanese folklore giants that live under sea to attack sailors. I like how Odas been doing his research, the flying dutchman + Kraken + umibouzu?!? Dam that month break payed off.

  1. Kraken Puuuunch!!!!!!

    im a little lost as to why the fish killed itself eating the jellyfish, other then it must have missed eating the crew’s ship, but that seems unlikely

    and even thought its not really in OP style, i would like to see how luffy befriends the animals (probably using haki) and how his and sanji’s bubble broke

  2. I liked this chapter =D

    The only reason for people to discuss so much about Naruto and Bleach is to complain about how far they fell. One Piece, on the other hand, is just preparing the field for a new and amazing arc, as always.

    OP is number 1!

    1. If you look at the scene where Franky finds Caribou, the barrel Caribou choose to hide in is oozing out at the top (and the lid is strangely up due to Caribou’s head), tipping off Franky. The second tip was probably when he looked inside the barrel before sealing it up and noticed it was nothing but mud and Caribou’s head, which would be an ideal characteristic of a normal Logia-type Devil Fruit. I say “normal Logia-type” due to the fact we have already seen an irregular Logia-type with Blackbeard’s YamiYami Fruit.

      So yeah, Franky didn’t exactly get a new powerup for his eyes. It was a combination of some basic Devil Fruit knowledge and Caribou’s stupidity. Seriously Oda, KILL OR SEND OFF CARIBOU ALREADY. He has overstayed his welcome and he’s getting on my nerves.

      I personally want to know where (or who) Franky learned Morse Code from. As if his Nipple Lights weren’t crazy enough, he can make them type out Morse Code now. That’s just….awesome.

  3. I’m torn on whether I want Van der Dekken and the Flying Dutchmen crew to be allies or enemies. It mainly hinges on the fact that Devil Fruit users can’t really fight underwater, so they’ll either have to postpone this fight until whenever they reach Fishman Island or Oda will have to pull something ridiculous out of his bag of tricks.

    So, is Surume (the Kraken) going to be the new crew member that eventually takes on Sanjuan Wolf, or will they win over the Watadsumi (the umibozu) and make him part of the crew, or will it be an entirely different person? They need someone that’s capable of fighting it out a giant, who isn’t part of the big three.

      1. I think he’d actually fight Van Augur, since they are both snipers/gunners. Plus, they made it a point to show how vastly superior he was to Ussop back when he was sniping the seagulls from an island away.

  4. Oh… and was I the only one who notice Nami starts off the chapter in a big winter jacket but then decides to randomly strip down to her bikini top by the end?

    I guess that’s Oda’s way of showing that the underwater volcano eruption is about to happen? That or he just wanted to throw in some extra fan service at the end.

      1. Randomly as in one second she has the coat on and then the next panel she’s in her bikini. All while they’re about to get attacked by a pilot fish and then an umibozu. So… yeah… it was random. I even gave Oda the benefit of the doubt by mentioning the fact that it may not have been just fan service. Calm yourself.

    1. common dude .. use some common sense..its not that hard , SUDDENLY it was hot, and u can se Ussop taking off his coat in one panel.. so its totally normal that Nami would do the same.. in fact.. u CAN SEE Nami, below that panel,taking off his coat.

  5. i wonder why caribou still thinks he can defeat the whole crew.
    is he just that reckless and stupid? (seriously, he vs 6 pirates from a distinguished crew?)

    i have the feeling he’s someone who fights reaaally dirty (lol no pun intended)

  6. My bet is on Caribou becoming a new crew member(though I would not approve of it). But he lost his crew, and he would bring something different to the crew along the line of abilities. I guess he would just be completely awestruck and submit to join them. Maybe planning to attack them in the future but then changing over completely. I mean it’s not the first time in a series that a bad guy has converted to good guy (bad guys to less bad guy?).

    1. The way I see it, there’s no way he’s going to join the crew until he shows some sort of empathy or sympathy in the story towards something. Every single crew member joined so far has had some form of justice within their actions, such as Franky fighting for his own beliefs when first meeting Luffy. Caribou has none.
      And another thing, Buggy walks pretty much the same line as Caribou, yet he’s never going to come close to joining Luffy’s crew. Caribou may turn out to be like another Buggy, but I doubt it. I think people are putting too much importance on him lol.

    2. I second Kiiragi here. This is Oda we are talking about, his use and re-use of characters throughout the story is genius level but I dont think Caribou is a viable candidate.

      If anyone was to become the 10th member of the strawhats it would probably be Perona, she showed a more caring, if not bratty, side when she nursed zoro back to life and her new character design seems a little bit more detailed than your standard OP side character. Yet even she is a long shot at best.

  7. I don’t see why people assume Caribou might join the crew simply because he lost his crew. Stranger things have happened and we have seen other people lose their crew too (and eventually get them back, like Buggy for example).

  8. BTW, if the Kraken really is a form of giant octpus, why the F does it have a mouth under its eyes? Octopi have ‘beaks’ at the inner vortex of their tentacles. I know Surume would not have looked nearly as cute if the anatomy was correct, but still… a marine biologist’s nightmare!!!

    1. Well, considering it’s a mythical creature and it’s not supposed to be a giant octopus (it apparently only vaguely looks like one) a marine biologist wouldn’t really be having nightmares over it.


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