I don’t know what sort of heart Gauche has left, but overusing his shindan is still taxing on him.

「ベリタブリィー修道院」 (Beritaburii Shuudouin)
“Veritably Monastery”

Even with Niche momentarily out of the picture, Lag continues to stumble upon some big things on his own. This time it’s a Reverse hideout, where Connor just so happens to be smitten by a girl at the monastery selling cookies. I can’t really blame him though, seeing as the girl is none other than Roda. It’s just too bad she’s a Bee’s sworn enemy and one that even eclipses Gaichuu. Leading up to that, the extra explanation that Lag received from Niche’s sister shed some light on the nature of spirit amber. “Dark secret” might be a better way of putting it, because even Zazie wasn’t aware that they were created from small insects on the verge of evolving into Gaichuu themselves. All the while, Reverse’s plans to make use of frozen Gaichuu in Maka’s “Garden of Spirits” proceeds steadily along. The one semi-reassuring thing is that it looks like Gauche has only released one for the moment, and not the thousands that Niche’s sister mentioned would be enough to wreck havoc on the world.


As soon as Zazie wakes up, it’s lights out for Lag. “Zazie headbutt!”

Despite its origin, Lag’s spirit amber eye was granted by his mother and prevents him from succumbing to some illness even now.

Zazie doesn’t hesitate to takes his frustration on Lag, who has surprisingly finished writing the letter for his letter bullet.

After seeing the flashback with Gauche leading the Gaichuu out of the cave with a trail of his own shindan, I’d say it’s likely that all the letters Reverse have been stealing from Bees will be used to try and lure the rest of them to a specific location once they’re freed. Akatsuki seems to be the most likely target if that’s the case, given that the destruction of the capital and all its human experimentation is what Reverse would want.


I laughed at the sight of Connor’s belly sticking out and didn’t even think about his well-being.

Oh dear lord, Connor lost his appetite… for a moment.

Assuming someone didn’t know she could kill you in a heartbeat, how could they say no to that face?
Heck, I know and it’s still hard to say no to her cookies.

Connor wasn’t too found of the matryoshka-like Sunny (Kurata Masayo) taking Roda’s place, but he still loved “drinking” her cookies.

After stumbling on their hideout, Lag Seeing is ready to burst into action!

…as a little girl.

Nuns or occult fanatics? Roda is preaching to the believers to sacrifice themselves for their cause after all.

Even if Connor would have wanted to go undercover as a girl, Zazie was probably better off telling him what Lag’s up to.

At this point, I can’t help but wonder what will happen when news reaches the Hive that there’s a Reverse hideout in the town of Lament. It’s kind of hard to predict what Largo has in mind, but part of me is hoping he’ll send in a cavalry of Bees to shut it down and collect as much information as they can on their activities. Granted, I don’t really know of many Bees outside of the ones that were already here. I could easily do without Moc, so Jiggy Pepper and Aria are the only other ones that come to mind. Not exactly much of a cavalry to say the least, though I’d welcome seeing those two in action again. Unfortunately, the likelihood of that happen is probably pretty slim to none.


Little Lag Riding Hood and the Big Bad Roda. Yikes.

I honestly didn’t think Lag had much of a chance against Roda, but he did scamper around well enough to save his skin.

Plus he unleashed the Lag Rocket!

Normally this angle would be more of a spectacle, but Roda happens to wear pants.

What’s a Bee without his shindanjuu? Just a boy in a dress.

Roda’s eyes resemble the Rinnegan in both color and design.

The one thing I took away from Lag and Roda’s exchange is she happens to be another failed human experiment. With the whereabouts of Gauche’s original dingo unknown, that revelation raises the question as to whether or not this Roda was fused with her. It would explain her speed and agility, plus put new meaning on the name Gauche gave her, though I’m not so sure that makes sense without a spirit amber coming into play at some point. Whatever the case, I hope to learn more about Roda’s past sooner rather than later, since she just kind of showed up and became Gauche’s new partner out of the blue.


The evolved Gaichuu has taken to the skies. Up until now, we haven’t seen any that flew, so perhaps this is the chaos that Niche’s sister was referring to.


Will Lag get a chance to use his letter bullet next time? I sure hope so!


  1. I’m wondering if Lag’s mom is a scientist and Lag was created in a lab like Roda was? That might explain why she was “taken away” to the main city and has never come back and he is struggling (this plotline on the back burner for a while now) to get to see her. Perhaps that main city is really some sort of a research facility town?

    1. Lol! yer that was random i didn’t think Lag could do something like that or even dress like a girl lol TRAP. But what surprised me even more was that it actually worked, it seems we’ve found her weakness

  2. Wow, they managed to fill episode with lulz AND decent development/drama. As much as I love Lag for a main character, I like when the Bees work together sometimes for a change of pace.

    Damn, Lag has nice, smooth legs…I’m jealous.

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