「サイバディの私的活用術」 (Saibadi no Shiteki Katsuyou Jutsu)
“Personal Use of Cybodies”

It was only last episode that I was hoping to see Sugata show everyone who’s the ruler around these parts, and this very next episode delivered when he decided to use his King’s Pillar to even things up. After witnessing that and how he took Head’s words to heart about using abilities one’s been blessed with, I’m already looking forward to the prospect of seeing Samekh in action before long. Aside from the eventual fight at the end of this episode, there was a fair bit of interesting plot development as well. For whatever reason, Simone’s relationship with Takashi is something that’s caught my eye since episode three, so it was nice to see more of that coming into play here. Leading up to that, Simone detesting Kanako was the real surprise, which stems from the fact that Kanako’s husband Leon is actually her and her sister Mylene’s (Ogasawara Arisa) father.

My immediate reaction was how weird that is — having a classmate of yours as your father’s current wife — except Simone’s situation is even stranger since she’s serving as Kanako’s secretary both publicly and as a member of Otona Bank. While Mylene did eventually reveal that Simone (real name Pamela) was saved from a traffic accident thanks to Kanako’s use of her Cybody’s abilities and that their own mother suggested that Kanako become Leon’s wife since he needs those abilities, it still didn’t shake the odd feeling of it all. I’m not the only one that thinks so either, as Simone herself still can’t bring herself to like Kanako’s seemingly perfect ways. Looking back, I can’t foresee this background info becoming a significant subplot in the grand scheme of things, but I’ll give it credit for being one of the most unique ones.

As for Simone and Takashi’s combined effort to defeat Takuto, it was nice to see a rematch between the two guys. Better yet, it was nice to see that that Simone’s Daletos actually seemed to have a chance of winning, rather than the usual second phase Cybody lining up to get a licking from Tauburn. At least, that’s what a lot of the Kiraboshi members thought while they were watching from the sidelines. Because of that, it made Sugata’s intervention even cooler. Incidentally, Kanako looked like she was more worried about Simone’s well-being rather than fearing her becoming the new leader of the brigade, despite what Simone had us believe earlier. Judging from that, I’m inclined to believe that she actually does care about Simone, even though she doesn’t tend to express it all that well.

The preview for the next episode seems to suggest that she’ll be the next person to challenge Takuto, which may or may not have been prompted by watching her Otona Bank members get defeated. This in turn leaves me wondering what’s become of the plan to locate Mizuno as the western maiden and reach the third phase. I gather Marino’s in no rush to see her Ayingott repaired when her sister’s enthralled with a lead role in the drama club’s next play, so perhaps there will be a lot more second phase attempts to go before things get back on track with the maidens. On that note, I am enjoying Mizuno’s Innocent Blue song a lot more, which she just loves to sing on top of a bus when she senses a Zero Time battle coming. Wako’s “Komorebi no Contact” is pleasant as well (largely due to Hayami Saori‘s singing), so I wouldn’t mind hearing that as the “battle theme” later on.





    To think that this is a show where enemies level up and takuto needs help as well.

    Fish girl. now i kaw Mizuno = Bus girl and Wako = Food Girl

  2. the song’s starting to get to me but I still prefer fish girl’s song.
    im interested to see if kanako is gonna fight now. if she will be next, that will leave keito and the head to yet fight.

    1. isn’t there another one from that set of 3 drivers who where part of of vanishing age that has yet to fight. Their going to have to get repairs done soon because they are fast running out of pilots who haven’t fought him. Also Takudo will need one hell of an upgrade soon because i expect head is the one hes going to lose to at some point.

  3. 2 maiden song in 1 eps = great eps.

    wah really looking forward to next episode with more of Kanako. I really started to like Kanako recently. But I hope Kanako will not fight so soon…haha

  4. Well, if you consider all the facts, they are going for the west maiden rather than wako because takuto is always around her. They need 3rd phase to defeat him and then wako to free them from zero time.

    That being said, Sword boy is also marked meaning he’s still holding back but even if it was temporary, he was fighting in the third phase state. He’s the rival character.

    1. Wait what do mean you holding back? What does having the mark mean, I can’t remember anything on it. Does having the mark mean you can use the third phase? So does that mean Takashi can use the third phase?

  5. Should I give this series a chance, although the talk about the “Galactic Pretty Boy” was getting on my nerves (along with the FABULOUS meme) in episode 1? Is it anything like the masterpiece RahXephon or is it not serious enough for that?

  6. https://randomc.net/image/STAR%20DRIVER/STAR%20DRIVER%20Kagayaki%20no%20Takuto%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2034.jpg
    Tenshou Kouyokuken!

    Boingman, this series is awesome in that its not emo at all like RahXephon, its quite positive and a break from all of this depressing real robot and and super robot shows like NGE and RaXephon… and Gundam too.

    Does anyone notice how part of Takuto’s Ginga Bishounen transformation scene looks sorta like the first Kamen Rider henshin pose?

    Suppa Tenko
  7. is it just me or that giant star sword gives a GN Raiser sword vibe?
    Sugata, you rock by listening to Head’s advice 😀
    I am a bit surprised that Head is a 3rd year student at the school though…
    Like the illegitimate Child bit of back story, the ending was so over-used though…
    Can’t wait for next episode… looks like Takuto is going to put up some serious fight here

  8. So here’s the thing I don’t understand. Do all the Crux’s members have to remember to change and put on their masks before each battle? Seems like a hassle to me. I guess if they don’t put on their masks they just won’t enter zero time though (I guess that’s why Head is never seen in it?)

  9. My only problem with this series right now is that there’s no surprise when it comes to the fight between Kiraboshi and Takuto. Takuto will always win. It’s like I’m just watching it to see beautiful animation, waiting it to finish and Takuto taking the victory. The Sugata and Takuto fight was worth something because it’s unusual. There’s no tension between the fights. How I wish they just make him lose one fight to catch me off guard.


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