「失われたメモリー」 (Ushinawareta Memorii)
“Lost Memories”

With Tarou suffering from amnesia and Arashiko using the chance to lie about being his girlfriend, this week’s episode provided a few interesting scenarios for the pairing that I’ve been wanting to see. Unfortunately, Tarou’s clean slate didn’t last very long when Tomoko and Shizuka seized the opportunity to mold him into the incestuous son/brother they’ve been longing for. To make matters worse, everyone was dropping information out of context without telling the poor guy that he’s hopelessly masochistic. I actually started feeling bad for Tarou when he kept thinking he was an uncontrollable beast that will impregnate anything on two feet. No one was really doing him any favors by only reminding him of the horrible things he’s done either. Granted, the humor was pretty funny at times because of it, like when Arashiko said that she’s not pregnant with his child… yet. I’m just slightly disappointed that Arashiko’s efforts were put to waste because of everyone’s interference. It was pretty clear from the onset that this wouldn’t lead towards any sort of a permanent relationship, so that disappointment mainly stems from the fact that they didn’t even get an opportunity to act like a couple. She did manage to convince him to skip class and go to the zoo with her, and Mio was effectively out of the picture as a stranger, which made it seem like some sort of development should have been in store.

In lieu, it was nice to see Arashiko stand up against unwarranted abuse on Tarou and question Mio about her feelings, before declaring that she likes him. It’s just a shame that Tarou didn’t remember any of it when he got hit with Mio’s baseball bat and cured his amnesia. From a viewer’s perspective, it’s pretty obvious that Mio feels some sort of attachment towards Tarou even if she won’t admit it. As such, it kind of sucks to know that someone like her is competition for Arashiko, who’s honest with her feelings but simply unable to express them. In this particular series, the thought of Tarou growing more fond of the main heroine is even more disagreeable, since Arashiko is the girl he actually likes and would probably ask out again if he could cure his masochism. Mio on the other hand is just a wedge between them. She was supposed to help but is actually making things worse in more ways than one. If it isn’t clear now, I’m all for the Tarou x Arashiko pairing, even though it’s the less likely of the two possibilities. If it wasn’t for her androphobia, I’m willing to bet she’d already be ahead though. Of course, given that this is a lighthearted romantic comedy, we’d be lucky to see Tarou hook up with any of the girls who are vying for his attention. Next time is the finale and I highly doubt we’re going to get any sort of closure, but I’m curious to see if they’ll make this Christmas episode interesting. Go Arashiko!




  1. Wow I think it was a pretty nice episode overall. Too bad next week is going to be the ending though 🙁
    From the previews it doesn’t look like the ending is going to disappoint us XD

  2. So Mio is supposed to be some kind of genius I imagine? Nothing else would explain the god complex she seems to have. And yet all we’ve really seen from her in regards to curing his masochism… is being sadistic towards him. That’s like curing someone of their obesity by force feeding them. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. The part about Tarou being a beast and going after anyone from his family to his best friend was really hilarious (^A^)
    It’s sad how they seemed to always leave out Mio though, especially since I am on the Mio camp.

  4. its kinda surprising that when Suzuku still wrote MM, he was rooting for mioXtarou, while when Divine is now blogging it, he chooses arashikoXtarou.

    well I prefer mio, its kinda rare to see a tsundere that relishes in dealing pain to the main character rather than just hitting him because of embarrassment or jealousy. and, unlike arashiko, she developed her feelings slowly(the way I like romance to take) rather than just as quickly like arashiko.
    plus I have a soft spot for characters who try to keep their feelings in check because they know that they would only put more problems for the main character and her friend(like sekai from school days)

      1. Agreed, it’s why something like Amagami SS is so refreshing in that NONE of the girls are quite tsundere at all. Closest would be Ayatsuji, but she still doesn’t go hitting Junichi constantly just to hide her embarassment and things like that. =\

      2. Well, it seems that Mio hits Tarou not to hide her embarrassment at all but more because she’s an S? Sometimes I root for Tarou and Arashiko but other times it’s Tarou and Miu just because uhhh… they complete each other.

      3. Ayatsuji is a tsundere heroine. But she is of a type B. and type B tsunderes have been used so rarely lately that poeple forgot about the type and mostly start calling them yanderes isntead. Still Ayatsuji is a tsundere albeit of a Type B rather than Type A.

      4. well yeah, tsunderes are usually there nowadays but its kinda rare to find girls that hit the main character(or anyone else) just because they relish to do it aka sadists.
        I get annoyed by tsunderes that hit the main character just cause they’re jealous and/or embarrassment.

        btw, arashiko is a type B tsundere…

  5. I don’t expect any kind of resolution either, but I was actually thinking the exact opposite. I’m a big fan of Mio, so I was kinda hoping she’d come out the victor, but I think her inability to verbalize her feelings is going to leave her in the dust. And honestly, even though I like Mio, I find Tarou/Arashiko to be a much better couple and I see it having a better possibility of happening. I don’t think Tarou views Mio as someone he could date, she’s also older than him, which is another barrier, so I don’t think he’s really seeing Mio in that light.

  6. @Divine: Natsuko did another live in Paris yesterday, it was so awesome. She sang a new song which isn’t out yet and every song from her album Movement of Magic except More More Lovers!!. She sang it for the encore. She was very surprised and happy everyone knew the some of the choregraphy from the PV, and we all had glowsticks.She also did a sign session saturday, and sunday after the live. Here’s my signed CD
    I’m so happy.

    1. The sad part is both trap look better than any of the real girl in this show, well maybe except the nurse. Who here can sad if we didn’t know it beforehand that we wouldn’t mistake them for a real girl.

  7. eh, pretty non eventful ep, i find myself watching this show just to hear the purple hair girl say ..TAROU!!!! the loli popping out of a creature is always a treat…a 35 second treat

    BROOKLYN otaku

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