MM! – 12 (END)

「クリスマスの願いごと」 (Kurisumasu no Negaigoto)
“Christmas Wish”

I can’t say I’m too surprised that the finale focused almost entirely around Mio, but I feel a bit cheated by the way they slipped in a completely unexpected development and made me sympathetic towards her sadistic character. Mio isn’t as nearly an unbalanced tsundere as Taketatsu Ayana’s other lead role this season either, so I even got a bit teary-eyed when I saw her crying.

MM! – 11

「失われたメモリー」 (Ushinawareta Memorii)
“Lost Memories”

With Tarou suffering from amnesia and Arashiko using the chance to lie about being his girlfriend, this week’s episode provided a few interesting scenarios for the pairing that I’ve been wanting to see. Unfortunately, Tarou’s clean slate didn’t last very long when Tomoko and Shizuka seized the opportunity to mold him into the incestuous son/brother they’ve been longing for.

MM! – 10

「サディスティック嵐子嬢」 (Sadisutikku Arashiko-jou)
“Sadistic Miss Arashiko”

After the most recent episode of Oreimo, I couldn’t help but picture Ayase when Arashiko starting taking the sadistic approach to try and win Tarou over. It sure doesn’t help when Mio is sounding more and more like Kirino either, and the only major difference at times being that the main protagonist here actually admits he’s a masochist.

MM! – 08

「BでLな変愛模様」 (B de L na Hen Ai Moyō)
“A ‘B and L’ Patterned Love”

Considering that I thought this episode would be another Noa centric one judging from the preview we got last week, I was prepared for more craziness, but sufficed to say, nothing like this.

MM! – 05

「 天才少女の暴走パニック!」 (Tensai Shōjo no Hōsō Panikku!)
“The Genius Girl’s Wild Panic!”

This was definitely the craziest episode yet, which is certainly saying something. Going from power level radars to super sayain transformations, this episode was a complete throw back to Dragon Ball Z and an… interesting parody of it.

MM! – 03

「君のためのドッグファイト」 (Kimi no tame no Doggu Faito)
“A Dog Fight For You”

Well, this sure was an intense episode. From the way it began, with Mamiya Yumi’s (Gibu Yuko) stylish introduction, you would think that this would be a mere comedy episode dedicated to her. Instead, we took a completely different turn and picked up from where the story left off with Yuno’s trauma.

MM! – 02

「似たものどうしのディスタンス」 (Nitamono Doushi no Disutansu)
“The Distance Between Similar People”

Sufficed to say, I definitely wasn’t expecting interesting character background and development in this series, but this episode pleasantly surprised me.