「BでLな変愛模様」 (B de L na Hen Ai Moyō)
“A ‘B and L’ Patterned Love”

Considering that I thought this episode would be another Noa centric one judging from the preview we got last week, I was prepared for more craziness, but sufficed to say, nothing like this. In comparison to the Super Sayian stuff, I found this much more enjoyable, thanks to the wonderful master hypnotist Mio. If this episode made anything clear, it’s that you can take the man away from the M but you can;t take the M away from the man… or something like that. Whatever the case, it’s pretty clear now that Tarou is simply a natural freak and even if you cure one thing another will pop up. In this case, it was him becoming a bishounen playboy, donning an outfit eerily remenicent of Chiba Mamoru’s, even plastering on the same smirk. Watching Tarou run around trying to hit up girls like a true pervert was great, and the only thing that could have made it better is if Mio actually started to dere when Tarou hopped on top of her. Of course, the highlight of the episode was Tarou’s sudden turn to B Love, falling for his best friend and life partner Tatsukichi. Admittedly, it was somewhat disturbing watching Tarou drool over Tatsukichi while straddling him on the track field, but I almost bust a gut when that rape face popped on screen all of a sudden. The most disturbing part though was probably when Tarou decided to play Tatsukichi’s game and turn into a cross dressing bishoujo, which nearly lead to Tatsukichi giving into Tarou’s advances. Oh, the horror.

The most interesting part of the episode was probably Yuno’s tearful plead to Tarou not to start liking boys though, which almost resulted in a confession on her part. I’ve said it before, but it’s kind of amazing how far the two have come in the span of eight episodes, and it doesn’t really feel forced at all. Of course, that’s not a very difficult accomplishment in a romantic comedy, but I still find their progress sweet and entertaining to watch. In hindsight, I probably enjoy this show the most when it focuses on Yuno and Tarou’s relationship. That said, I’m a bit disappointed that Mio is so accepting of Yuno’s feelings, because it makes it all the more difficult to determine whether Mio really sees Tarou in a romantic light or not. There has been bits of indication throught the series thus far, but nothing concrete enough to make a definitive stance on whether she truly likes Tarou. As I’ve said before, the series has always avoided addressing Mio’s personal life as opposed to Yuno’s development, but hopefully that will change soon, as the prospects of a true love triangle between Mio, Tarou, and Yuno is interesting. Looking at the preview, next episode seems to be a TarouxMio centric one, so hopefully we’ll get some development on that side. Of course, last week’s preview was a red herring, so perhaps this one will be as well. :p




  1. Bunny girl Yuno ftw! Man, there really is something wrong with Taro for not even feeling a tingle when he saw her like that… Also, a fap first worry later stance on traps should be applied.

  2. Even though I’m pretty sure it won’t happen because the op always shows Mio and Yuno in parallel, I can’t help but feel that MM could end with Tarou choosing one of the two over the other.

    Still, the most likely scenario is that the show’s plot ends up like so many ravu-comedy anime shows—unfinished. <.<

  3. I hope Yuno and Tarou end up together. I just hope this is one of those animes that actually have a resolution to the romantic comedy. Anyway this episode was hilarious. Tarou’s face animations were hilariously unexpected. Especially when he confessed his love for Tatsukichi to his mom and sister.

  4. I definitely busted something watching this episode. The artwork was excellent. Really brought out the craziness. When Tarou just exploded into that hot girl, I was in tears. x’D His pose ultimately killed me and I couldn’t see my screen anymore. lmao I mean I couldn’t even keep a straight face reading your post!

    This is one great show, I tell ya. And the DBZ stuff never ends. 😀 This time, they cracked on Majin Buu! xDDD

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