「騒乱だらけのマイホーム」 (Sōran darake no Mai Hōmu)
“My Mayhem-Filled Home”

Now this is my kind of episode, a simple love comedy involving Yuno and Tarou; well, maybe sans the simple. While Shizuka and Tomoko may be deranged fam-cons, I much prefer this to the Super Sayian shenanigans we had last episode. That aside, we finally got a full episode dedicated to Tarou’s family, and I must say that it’s been one of the funnier episodes so far for me. Watching them go through Tarou’s phone and then scheme to destroy his relationship with Yuno was great to watch, and their arguments with each other throughout just made the whole deal even more hilarious. Even though up until now we’ve only gotten a few glimpses at Tarou’s family members, I was always somewhat partial to Shizuka and Tomoko before this episode because they seemed so crazy for Tarou, and actually watching them for an entire episode has resulted in me liking them even more; they’re definitely the best comedy duo the series has introduced thus far.

Looking at it a bit more seriously, I wonder if there’s a specific reason for why they developed their complexes for Tarou? Was there a legitimate event, or events, that resulted in them unnaturally loving Tarou or was it just put in for the lulz. My head is telling me it’s the latter, but my gut feeling tells me that someday, whether it’s in the light novels that this is based off of or by some miracle makes it into the anime, that we will see a more serious side of these to at some point. It seems like every character in this series is just plain silly, but in reality have legitimate reasons behind their actions (except Noa), and I feel like it’s the same with these two. If you ask me, it probably has something to do with Tarou’s father either dying or abandoning the family.

That aside, this episode also emphasized just how close Yuno and Tarou have become, sending text messages (or as Japan calls them, emails) back and forth to each other every day, all day, and apparently walking to and from school together regularly as well. To say that they’re already a couple is not a far stretch, and it’s only further backed by the fact that Yuno basically told Tarou’s mother that she and he would become a couple eventually, saying they’re just not a couple “yet”. I have to wonder if Tarou was actually paying attention to Yuno’s response, because I would imagine he’d be more surprised at her not flat out denying they were a couple than his family acting normal, although considering how strong their “bond” seems to be, it may be warranted. Also, the atmosphere when Tarou and Yuno sat down together in his room was really something, and has me wondering again if Tarou is paying attention to anything Yuno is saying or if he’s really just that dense. It’s probably the latter, but it’s not hard to tell that a girl likes you when she starts saying “If it’s with you…”. It doesn’t seem like Tarou was even thinking about that after Shizuka and Tomoko busted in the room, so it’s his loss. He’d better hurry up and realize Yuno’s feelings soon too, there’s a reason she told you her dream is to get married and have a family, Tarou!


「真夏のトライアングルラブ?」 (Manatsu no Toraianguru Rabu?)
“A Midsummer’s Love Triangle?”

I had mixed feelings about this episode in that enjoyed the first half of it, but found the second half lacking in amusement. As I’ve said repeatedly, I simply do not like the outrageousness of the Super Sayain transformations, and I felt that Noa’s house of love of was annoying, or at least Noa herself was. Admittedly, some parts got a chuckle out of me such as Noa pretending to be Tarou’s mistress and claiming that Yuno and Tarou’s relationship is nothing but a S&M farse, but overall I thought it was more annoying than funny. I’ve realized that whenever Noa shows up, I either find myself feeling dry towards the comedy or just feeling completely annoyed. The sudden Super Sayain transformations just don’t work for this series and feels extremely, unnecessarily forced. At the very least, it only lasted about two minutes this episode, and the sort-of love triangle between Noa, Tarou, and Yuno was a little entertaining, although the only part that really caught my attention was when Yuno was telling Noa about how close she is to Tarou, which I found incredibly cute and really emphasized the point that I was making above about the two of them already seeming as if they were a couple. Still, if I were to be completely honest with myself, I would say that I wish Noa would take a backseat from now on and not show up too much anymore, but unfortunately, judging by the preview for next episode, that wish will not be fullfilled. Hopefully, we at least won’t get any Super Sayain shenanigans.

However, like I said, I quite enjoyed the former half of the episode, with everyone just chilling at the beach and being able to see more of the dynamic between the characters, and even getting a very subtle hint at what could potentially be jealousy on Mio’s part while she’s watching Yuno and Tarou in a boat on the water together. Considering that, from a romantic aspect, Yuno has been at the center stage the entire way through so far, it’ll be interesting to see if Mio ever has any meaningful development with Tarou. To be honest, I’m surprised at the relatively little amount of time that we’ve seen from her thus far, and we’re seven episodes in now. It doesn’t feel like we’re any closer to her character than when the series started, and the only bit of background we got on her was very vague in nature and no where near the level of exposition Yuno got for her character. This starch contrast in focus makes me think that Tarou’s relationship with Yuno is actually a red herring, and the relationship between Tarou and Mio will take the forefront eventually, even if it’s not within the confines of the anime, which only has 5 more episodes to develop the characters. For now though, it looks like the only on really catching Tarou’s eye is Yuno, and they might as well have been in their own world at the festival.

Oh, and we got our first look into Yumi’s pursuit of Tatsukichi, which was hinted at in episode 5 when he received a mail from her in his locker. I’m wondering how far this sub-plot will go and if it will have any significant effect on the Tarou-Yuno-Mio dynamic somehow but, judging from Tatsukichi’s reaction to Yumi’s advances and his facial expressions when he talks about his previous relationship with her, it’s probably safe to assume something worse happened than the explanation Tatsukichi gave Tarou last episode about why he and Yumi broke up. While I’m more interested in Tarou’s relationship with Yuno and Mio, I’m still looking forward to seeing how things work out between Tatsukichi and Yumi and whether it could foreshadow later events for Tarou and the girls.




  1. Aww come on now, I like Nao. Though the super saiyan stuff does seem forced it always gets at least a chuckle fro me just because of how ridiculous it is and the Nao body change was weird… not really funny just weird.

    But boy do I love the Yuno/Taro scenes. Always great.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. quite honestly, I think I am rooting for a TarouxYuno ending… but if both the op and ed are any indicator, the show will certainly left it open… 🙁
    I can see the they try to emphasize the dark childhood of Noa (though she still seem to be in childhood…), but just couldn’t see her charming point as much as the Mio or Yuno…
    ps. Wish Tarou has a healthy relationship though… S&M is not the right way… 😀

    1. Unfortunately, as it has been the case with other triangle/harem shows (LvB, Daimaou, etc.), it is very likely that this open ended triangle will remain. The only times I’ve seen a clear cut female protagonist is when she is the main one featured in the OP/ED (Clannad, Toradora, etc).

      It doesn’t mean there won’t be a resolution, but when the main plot is a triangle, I lose hope that there will be a clear cut end. Doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it. Just means I don’t get my hopes up.

  3. Episode 7 kind of bothered me being titled about a triangle I don’t feel Nao fits in and it really gave me a confusion what I wanted to see a harem or a triangle. A bunch of mental complex put all together though keeps me watching for a running gag, oh and cosplay mio more please 🙂

  4. No picture of Tarou’s sister and mother in school swimsuit and naked apron in ep6? =3=
    At least a screenshot of Michiru picking up the two in chibi mode.

    And I think when Noa appears, we get Super Saiyan shenanigans. So I guess we’ll also expect one next episode xD

  5. Off topic, to my knowledge there exists no such thing as our western textmessaging system SMS in Japan. They jumped to e-mail directly.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    On topic, the Sadou family are my favourites. Pure win, especially with the seiyuus voicing them.:)

    1. I’m not sure myself, but I meant that in Japan the equivalent to text-messages are referred to as emails. I suppose I should have been a little more clear.

      And yeah, Kana and Sayaka are both great seiyuu. As I said in my first episode post, one of the most surprising things about this show is how solid the seiyuu cast is.

  6. To be honest, I can’t get enough of the Saiyan gags. I still think it’s funny. But if they rely on it for laughs, then it’ll lose it’s initial charm. Somewhat like Takuto’s “Itsa Piiiiinch” line. For now, I’m thoroughly enjoying the show. In contradiction to what you say about Noa, she’s actually coming to be my favorite character. At least she’s going for what she wants and not dragging the story on with (for lack of better words) indecisiveness. NOW THAT’S ANNOYING..

    +I never really thought much of the word “Anata” until Yuuno said it. 8}
    +Yuuno looks better in anything Mio wears. Haha

    1. Eh, I wouldn’t really call it “indecisiveness” in this case, because it’s been shown that when Tarou and Yuno actually get a chance to be alone together, they aren’t tsundere about expressing their feelings (or at least Yuno isn’t). They’ve just never had a real chance to talk about their relationship, and the fact Yuno is androphobic doesn’t help either. :p

      1. I knew the daggers where coming. I knew it. xD I tried putting up a net (for lack of better words) but my net was too big. lol I still find their potential relationship entertaining. Getting a little bothered by it’s standstill-ness doesn’t bring down the show’s quality in my eyes.


        lmfao I just thought of something. I’m probably jealous. I want Noa to just rape him like Noa from Yosuga no Sora!! XDDD

    1. Highly doubt that; but that can easily change; So far we’ve seen everyone have a certain quirk. So Masochism, Androphobia, superiority complex {being a ‘god’?}, a cosplay-fetishist, crossdressing, 2d-ism (lol), Lolicon, incest presented so far. Yumi, I’d say has yuri tendencies but if that counts as normal then… she’s ‘normal’? Also don’t know how to describe Noa’s quirk. I also hope Taro does get cured, but alas that isn’t happening. 😛

      1. “I also hope Taro does get cured, but alas that isn’t happening.”

        Mio forgot a long time ago to cure him, she just enjoys it now 🙂
        Noa’s fetish is probably to like other fetishes, that and she’s a loli so she’s a fetish herself

  7. “Also, the atmosphere when Tarou and Yuno sat down together in his room was really something, and has me wondering again if Tarou is paying attention to anything Yuno is saying or if he’s really just that dense. It’s probably the latter”
    Well, it’s really hard to tell cause even if Tarou wants to make a move on Yuno, he just can’t. Yuno’s “fear of man” is getting in the way, and he think himself as a disgusting hentai… What I want to say is their relationship is full of trobles, and I don’t think they can solve it all in the remaining episodes.
    By the way… It looks like Yumi don’t know about Tatsukichi’s crossdressing hobby. Maybe it’s a hint about their story.

  8. Tarou seems a little on the oblivious side, indeed. I mean, Yuno was practically FIGHTING over him with Noa and that didn’t even seem to register as something more profound. I hope they don’t try to make up for the lack of Mio by suddenly swapping YunoxTarou for MioxTarou…Yuno is so much nicer T.T …I guess it’d be better than if he ended up with Noa, oh god…<_<

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