The ultimate counter for invaders from the sea! Creepy dolls!

Johnny & Depp huh? And Johnny’s the girl.

(Ningyou Janai ka? / Giwaku Janai ka? / Tozan Shinai ka?)
“Isn’t That a Doll? / Isn’t it Suspicious? / Won’t You Go Mountain Climbing?”

Creepy dolls, invisible American scientists, and mountain climbing. This wasn’t an overly hilarious episode, but still had its moments when Ika was scared to death of Eiko’s old doll (as opposed to ghosts) and received a beat down from a king cobra in the mountains. In addition, one skit even broke away from the usual Ika hazing and focused on Chizuru instead. As Cyndi’s new alien interest, Chizuru’s hair and blood samples were the objective of that one, except it was ridiculously short-lived thanks to her threatening reverse psychology. Lesson of the day? Don’t mess with Chizuru or she’ll slice you up.


The doll… It turns around on its own at night!

“It’s the infrared sensor, not a supernatural phenomenon!”

I don’t know what happened to the Ika who wasn’t afraid of anything she can’t see, but Eiko got the frightened reaction that she was looking for back in episode three. This time, she wasn’t purposely trying to scare Ika either, which kind of added to the humor. Granted, the technical side of me was still irked by how Depp could be reacting to Johnny’s presence in the storage shed, seeing as infrared communication needs a line of sight to work. Between that technological oversight and a cursed doll, it may have made more sense if the latter were the cause. You know, assuming that you believe in curses and whatnot.


Childhood Eiko was jealous of how Depp was paying more attention to Johnny than her…

…so Eiko’s parents had to get rid of her.

The mystery behind Johnny’s disappearance has been solved! She was stuffed into a box and locked in a storage shed for years.

I’ll be the first to admit that I find dolls creepy to some degree. Regardless, I actually liked how Johnny’s disappearance played out like an unsolved murder mystery. The screenplay was nicely done with the music, the flashbacks, the decrepit hand sticking out of the box, and everyone’s initial reactions, and made it pretty easy to see where things were headed. Predictability didn’t ruin the fun one bit, as the horror movie parody was exactly the effect they were going for. Great stuff.


“Peeping tom stealth camouflage, switch on!”
Where will the advances in science take us next? The girl’s changing room, that’s where.

It never occurred to Harris that this is a stealth mission. Floating glasses isn’t helping his cause.

There’s “someone” here.

Not even invisibility can slip past Chizuru’s senses. She can smell fear anywhere.

If an invisible man can’t get the job done, send in the remote-controlled fly.

I guess they didn’t see Chizuru slice a fly in half with her hand earlier.

When all else fails, Martin becomes Chizuru’s fan and asks her nicely for hair and blood samples.
Amazingly, she agrees to.

Tentacle tickle torture. Now there’s quick way to feel the burn in those abdominal muscles.

Chizuru is fine being the “king of aliens” Ika’s made her out to be, if it means she gets to eliminate the human threat.

Ika’s is touched by how Chizuru can subjugate anyone and bring them to their knees. The true makings of an invader!

“Mountain climbing? Count this squid out.”

Unfortunately, that isn’t happening on Chizuru’s watch, nor is the use of Ika’s tentacles to hop from tree to tree.

Seeing as Ika hates using her hands and feet, I got a good chuckle from her laziness when she tried to bail on their mountain climbing excursion. To her credit, she did manage to find her second wind when Eiko mocked her endurance and invasion plans. The best part of that was how it lasted only a minute or so, before she was completely gassed again. It’s always fun seeing Ika talk the talk, but be unable to walk the walk. Ika’s misfortune means our enjoyment after all.


Monkey problems. If only Ika knew that her squid tentacles are considered food.

Chizuru probably could’ve scared the bear away with one look, but it was more fun to see Ika get chomped on while playing dead.

“Bring it on snake! Kakatte kuru de geso!”
Ika takes a page out of Gorou’s book to try and look cool.

Forget mankind, Ika has to learn how to conquer over snakes first.

Having people talk about them behind their backs is a cause for celebration from the three idiots. Ika could probably be considered the fourth one after arguing with her own mountain echo.

Isn’t Sanae a bit too cute in that summer dress?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Ika’s not happy about people taking the cable car up the mountain when she climbed it by foot.

As mentioned, this week’s episode didn’t have any laugh until you cry moments. However, it did give us a few different looks with the horror parody and Ika in the wilderness, before hitting us with the somewhat depressing news that the next one will be the last. On the plus side, it looks like it’ll focus around a beach volleyball tournament, where Eiko and Ika will be teaming up and Chizuru will be around to destroy the competition. The still nameless daughter of the Minami Kaze manager makes an appearance as well, which never hurts considering how cute she is. Anyway, I still prefer the indoor variety of the sport, but whenever an anime has a volleyball-related episode, I tend to look forward to it. After seeing Ika in the baseball one, this should prove to be a lot of fun… even if it’s for the last time. Sequel? Please?



It’s the finale and there’s beach volleyball. I’m psyched to see Ika playing another sport.


    1. True. That new bill is going to cut over half of the anime titles. What I like about this is that the characters look plain simple yet so cute. Thus, the anime itself do not rely on the so-called “moe market” to sell. This stuff’s rated G.

  1. The doll was ugly but the part where they show that the doll changed its own facing was a good mystery for a little while. I thought it was Chizuru at first.

    The arguing with her echo part was very cute 🙂

    Zaku Fan
  2. gesu gesu gesu – laugh very cute
    to think ika wasnt afraid of ghost but she was afraid of doll. The doll kinds of remind me chucky

    wow chizuru’s chop can be used with anything. from useful to deadly

    to think that chizuru can be more deadly in this episode

    it makes me wonder how the cobra defeated ika

  3. It sucks how even clever anime like this, with massive amounts of source material, has to stick to an arbitrary 12 episode limit. The show has fantastic, developing characters and an interesting premise. It doesn’t just deserve a second season, but fully ongoing status for years to come.

    Manybe if the anime industry stuck with a few quality projects instead of making numerous 12-episode series and moving on, then they’d make more money. These days most shows end not long after you start liking them.

  4. The mystery character at the final episode is not the daughter of the manager of Minami Kaze. She appeared in the manga at chapter 40, and she plays and interesting and short role concerning Ikamusume’s questioning of invading humanity.

    1. LOL, while that’s totally true, I’ve seen cobras used all the time in many places instead of more common snakes (movies, anime, etc). For some reason, ppl know for sure that they’re looking at a snake only when they see a cobra.


    2. RL king cobra is extremely venomous, I wonder if its venom works on squids? Still the bear had good judgement in fleeing from cobra.
      Really best slice of life comedy since Lucky star, and thats something!

  5. Haha, looks like squidgirls are immune to cobra poison, at the very least XD.

    Good as usually,e vne fit he first bit was sorta creepy.
    Sad that the show’s almsot over though… T_T

  6. I’m hoping that there WILL BE 2ND season of this one. This is really a funny anime and the characters have unique personalities. I never get bored watching this one since Lucky Star and ______ (I forgot what the name of that series).

  7. Oh my God, those dolls gave me chilllss. *shudders* I hate those creepy ones with the HUGE REALISTIC EYES that really really fail at looking realistic and end up just staring at you with that insane smile…. guh. Hate’em hate’em hate’em! I’m so glad they put that skit first; Ika’s “geso geso geso” laugh helped wash out the bad memories.

  8. Giving the dolls he names Johnny and Depp is weird enough. Making Johnny the GIRL is even weirder. Seriously, sometimes I just think the mangaka only wants to make our brains explode.

  9. Did anyone already mentioned what appears to be an cameo from a classic around the start of the 2nd part of the show? The 2 customers in the Lemon on the foreground pack a striking resemblance to 2 support characters from Ranma 1/2(Tendo Nabiki and Tendo Kasumi).

  10. The doll freaked me out. I was going to go to sleep after getting my weekly dose of Ika Musume. I just can’t sleep…I hate dolls in the first place and to have an entire segment like that…When he said “Good Morning” I jumped and had to look behind me.


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