Well, apparently guessing by logic doesn’t help in Oda’s world because now there are Shark mermaids. Okay, but is that the best looking male mermaids you got Oda? Regardless of my species poking, this chapter makes it pretty obvious that there’s some deep issues between the inhabitants of the sea world and humans. It’s revealed that Fisher Tiger, the man who saved many slaves from the Tenryuubito, including Hancock and her sisters, died from being refused a blood transfusion from humans. I don’t doubt the truth of the story, but there’s always a chance it may be slightly skewed.

It’s funny how a running joke from Sanji is the catalyst to such a serious situation, once again bringing out the speciesism that was first encountered way back in Arlong’s arc. If anything, the situation mirrors Skypiea’s race wars, and a little bit of Alabasta’s civil war. You can bet that this won’t be the last time the problem is brought up, as it may finally be delved in within this arc, which just might be a very long one. I’ve never been one to admire Oda’s enactments of wars and discrimination, and I tend to glaze over these issues in OP, simply treating them as background noise that pushes forward the main plots. I’m not sure why, and I haven’t really thought about it until now, but I guess it’s just because stuff like this is so normal and real in our lives that they just become boring. Shocking, I know, but it’s just something I’ve seen millions of times in history class, or in film, that I’m just numbed to it. I suppose it’s mad genius to the younger demographic reading OP, but it doesn’t do much for me. Luckily for me, it’s not too much of a focus in OP.

On the other hand, Luffy getting a chance to show off his training was very impressive, dodging the net he normally would have been caught in, and effortlessly breaking into Gear Second to fire three jet pistols, instantly knocking them out cold. As if that wasn’t cool enough, a sea monster then appears out of nowhere and Luffy easily tames him with a simple hand gesture. Although, I have to say that the sea monster appearing seemed purely just to add more badassery to the momentum of the scene already, but I’m okay with that. Hey, he even impressed some mermaids.

As for the Princes that were introduced this chapter, somehow they just didn’t possess the brains to say, “HEY STRAWHATS, I HAVE A MESSAGE FROM JINBEI” right at the start, but ask questions as if they’re going to capture them. Wow, jumping to conclusions? And whose fault do you think that was, Prince Charming? Well, break again this week, so no post on Wednesday. Enjoy New Years!


    1. I don’t think he did or else some people around would have fainted. He should just be badass enough that animals cower before him. He did live on an island full of vicious creatures, so maybe some scent rubbed off and the cow thing realized it. I really just chalked it up to animal instinct

      1. Actually before the time skip he was told that he shouldn’t use it unless he can control it by Raleigh – meaning after training he can control what it applies to when he uses it. When Raleigh does it he avoids Hachi and the Strawhats, Luffy can control it like that too

  1. well the only reason they didnt shout “We have a msg from Jinbei” is because no one else is supposed to know the content of it or that Jinbei left a msg for the strawhats to the princes. I mean come on, after the war the strawhats became even more known from their previously well known status. Plus they had to be cautious to be sure it was the strawhats not the fakes.

    But one thing that doesnt make sense is that when the monster trio was fighting kraken, normally they would’ve been crushed by the pressure when two of them lost their bubbles and took refuge in zoro’s bubble but they survived..

    1. at the end of the chapter. the princes spoke to the mermaids that they were there for a different purpose. they should have told the strawhat pirates that instead of sending the army after them.

  2. I guess it’s because I grew up in Asia, racism seems a whole world apart from where I came from (seeing we’re all asians), so all this racism stuff is more powerful and dramatic for me in setting up this world. In fact, it feels so unreal that I find it hard to swallow, for a reason opposite of Kiiragi apparently.

  3. I think the princes are supposed to be that unattractive on purpose. In myth, males are typically ugly unlike female mermaids. I think Oda is just going along with that. Just throwing that out there.


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