「天文台(ベルヴェデーレ)」 (Tenmondai (Beruvedeeru))
“Astronomical Observatory (Belvedere)”

There was a fair bit of build-up in this episode towards about the Croce di Pietro, which Touma and Tsuchimikado had a fairly long talk about, so hopefully it won’t be simply brushed aside with a new development as well. After the Stab Sword turned out to be a “plot feint”, I’m starting to become a bit wary of these twists that don’t really feel like one. The only thing worst than lengthy exposition to build suspense is lengthy exposition that I take the time to understand, only to learn in the subsequent episode that I didn’t really have to bother to do so. This episode moved fairly slowly for me because of that, with the only scenes that had a somewhat quickened pace being the two minutes of Kuroka drooling all over Mikoto’s mother, and the the two minutes of Touma and Stiyl getting their asses handed to them by Oriana.

Be that as it may, the slow pacing didn’t really bother me all that much as my interest was piqued by their suspicion that the Roman Catholic Church is using the stars to create an astronomical magical circle to use the cross’ powers. With Oriana moving about Academy City, its large-scale deployment also gave off a bit of a Fullmetal Alchemist vibe to it. The strange imbalance was only really noticed when I was taking the screen captures and found that half of them pertain to the last few minutes of the episode. Looking back, I do wonder if so much time needed to be allocated to Tsuchimikado’s lengthy explanation on how the cross can only used in certain places and on the day St. Peter was crucified, when Orsola’s phone call made light of it almost instantly by saying it can be used anywhere at anytime. The only portion of his explanation that really needed to be emphasized is that there are conditions on its use and Orsola was able to figure out the possible locations given the current date, leading us to the suspense from the race against sundown near the end.

I will say that I still feel a bit shortchanged by Stiyl‘s build-up at the subway station about how things are going to get ugly from hereon, as it was just the same girl that Touma punched in the face two episodes ago. Without any indication that more Roman Catholic Church members were going to show up, it was kind of hard to see how this was going to be Touma’s fight of his life. After all, he’s just doing what he does best by going to lengths to confirm that Oriana deserves a beat down before he actually gives her one. I felt kind of sorry for Stiyl who probably laid on the ground listening to him after getting kicked in the face, when he could have used it as an opportunity to get a jump on her. Touma’s preaching used as a distraction? Now there’s something I’d like to see. In terms of fairly useless exposition, I question whether it was really necessary for Tsuchimikado to make a big deal about the aerial surveillance at the airport, when the three of them just darted out onto the airfield anyway after a plane flew by. All things considered, between that and giving Touma an extra minute to say his spiel, I guess that was a blessing in disguise.

Plot-wise, I’m actually curious if Himegami nearly getting killed is going to driver factor for the outcome of this fight. It works for Touma because injuring innocent bystanders is enough to set him off on his righteous movement, but it’s kind of odd how Oriana almost has a sense of guilt over what happened too. Despite what she says, it’s kind of weak to see a religious activist’s resolve get even remotely shaken by someone she may have killed. Thou shall not kill? Yeah, I don’t think so. If that somehow causes her to ease up on Touma and allow her plans to be foiled, I’m going to be a bit disappointed in her character. She doesn’t need to show any sign of weakness when Touma’s here telling her not to take away everyone’s happiness from the festival (lol). Anyway, with Oriana making mention of Kaori, part of me still wishes she’d show up and end this so Touma doesn’t have to punch her in the face again. Let another girl do it for a change.

Note: The To Aru Majutsu no Index II broadcast is on break next week. Episode 13 airs on January 7th.




  1. Things are pretty getting serious here.
    it was fun seeing kuroko drolling over mikoto’s mothers making me understand that kuroko has that kind of fetish.
    i guess the his father already understand toumas situation(not full though)

  2. Correction, What Tsuchimikado said was that the conditions that the Cross was activated the last time does not match their current conditions (ie location and timing) which got him confused as to how they would activate it using the constellations.

      1. Massive spoiler.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        But someone we all know will get a HUGE powerup later this season.

        Gaze of Providence
      2. It’s rather funny how Touma is still classified as level 0. It seems to me that his ultimate negation and skill in it’s use should put him quite a bit higher then that. A fair number of people knows about him so it seems a bit odd that no official records of him having a power has showed up. I wonder if there is some cover up going on?

      3. Officially, it’s because there’s no way to measure his ability, it’s neither Esper nor magic and is completely unknown in nature.

        Politically, since Level 0s are treated as powerless humans, Touma can be used for whatever scenario, this can’t be done if they start labeling power levels to him.

      4. @ewok40k

        A.)Why would they use pitiful guns when they have something as convenient and yet more destructive as magic or esper powers? Why the hell would they use technology when they have something that can do it for them. They have something similar to Google Earth without the need for PC’s, internet and satellites.

        B.)If one hasn’t noticed yet, no one even knows Touma’s ability’s potential the first time he meets him. In fact Index doesn’t even know about Imagine Breaker even though she has the knowledge of 103,000 grimoires within her, she just guessed on how his power negated his luck as well and brought him misfortune. Stiyl didn’t even know it’s name only after Touma lost his memory. Many magicians underestimate Touma’s power (or should we say underestimate Touma himself), believing it to be limited (which it is and is shown) and allows them to try and attack again.

        Also, I agree with Chaos2Frozen’s points regarding magicians, as of now, no one is actively pursuing Kamijou Touma as a main target yet. Sherry doesn’t count since she was targetting several individuals and only needed to provoke the sides by harming them enough, she was not all prepared for Touma.

        Gaze of Providence
      5. Oh well,seems it is plot armour to keep Touma alive… If I were a combat mage I would always carry a gun. Think backup weapons most soldiers carry in case their main weapon malfunctions or gets damaged. My DnD mages always double as archers, in case they run out of spells (which is all too often…)

  3. I am getting fond of Oriana, while shes pretty determined in her actions, she has some conscience. Plus shes quite talented magician, given Tsuchimikado, Styil and Touma together have hard time going against her. Someone call Kaori? I was also amazed how Touma is trying to keep Index and Mikoto from getting involved.
    Last but not least, I loved the scene with Kuroko and Mikoto Mom. Doujin fodder?

    1. “Last but not least, I loved the scene with Kuroko and Mikoto Mom. Doujin fodder?”

      Well, I’ve already been clamoring for a mother-daughter threesome doujin with Touma, Mikoto and her mom, but I’m sure it will be funnier if Kuroko makes an appearance near the end of that doujin. (Think Kuroko teleporting in just after the threesome is done and going pale with shock upon seeing the spectacle of her onee-sama and Mrs. Misaka having done “it” with “that barbarian.” Cue Touma being at the wrong end of our teleporter’s anger and going, “Such misfortune!”)

      Ahh…Kuroko… (*smitten sigh*) Your psycho lesbian antics never cease to amuse me. It’s really nice of J.C. Staff to make the most out of her appearances in the Daihaseisai arc.

  4. kuroko jumps is pure win… she should have made to the Olympics… XD
    nice that touma finally got kicked for a change… and seems like there will be more of it next episode…
    it would be funny if they set the alarm at the airport… though how come the nun didn’t set the alarm?
    I am so waiting for the touma punching the nun though… lol.

  5. ” Touma’s preaching used as a distraction? Now there’s something I’d like to see”
    they are too genre blind to ever try something like that or to keep atacking without talking.

    1. One can say that for the majority of this arc, however, the animation quality of this episode is practically better than the preceding episodes (last 2 episodes) of this arc.

      Gaze of Providence
  6. There’s a theory going around about how Touma’s fights are in essence a clash between ideals, so him having a stronger ideal and weakening hers, because she feels guilty, might have quite a bit of impact.

    Michael Chandra

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