OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「SHINING☆STAR」 by 9nine
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「アインゴットの眼」 (Aingotto no Me)
“Ayingott’s Eyes”

It’s the midpoint of the series and with it come new opening and ending sequences featuring songs by 9nine and SCANDAL. That’s not all though, as the plot moves forward with the highly sought after third phase in sight, and some on screen confirmation on who the fourth and final maiden is. Much like the bus scene back in episode eight foreshadowed, the end of this latest episode has all signs pointing to Keito (Ivrogne) as the east maiden. Somewhat similarly expected was Marino’s lie about there being no west maiden, after Ayingott was revived and its eyes were used to search for the identify of the remaining two. While not specifically shown in her visions, the Kiraboshi meeting at the very end suggested that Marino saw Keito as well. If that’s the case, the question now is why she and Head are keeping that fact a secret instead of having her release her seal and reaching the third phase right away. Evidently, there’s some sort of a conspiracy going on between the Vanishing Age and Bouganville leaders, which is the sort of plot device I was hoping for to re-spark my interest in the series. It’s been pretty apparent that each of the divisions have their own motives for bringing the Cybodies out of Zero Time and are only really working together out of personal interest, so I’ve hoping to see some indication that their precarious relationship can breakdown any minute. To me, this served as the first sign of that, more so than Marino’s inside job to try and protect Mizuno.

The twist just prior to that revelation is that Marino may not actually exist, and is possibly some existence conjured up by Mizuno’s powers, like her visions of her sister’s solitude past seemed to suggest. Going on that assumption, this would mean that Mizuno knows much more about what’s going on than she’s let on, which would also explain a lot of things such as how she knows always knows what flavor of ice cream Marino bought and how she likes Takuto too. It’s possible that their level of understanding’s been masked under a guise of being twin connection all this time. It’s a clever way of going about it since most viewers (myself included) have probably chalked those things off as a close sibling relationship, given how unassuming it’s been in the overall scheme of things. Is it possible that all of it was subtle foreshadowing towards this moment, or at the very least, something for us to look back upon and feel a bit flabbergasted? I’m starting to think so, in which case Star Driver would be a prime example of one series that purposely misleads the viewer into thinking lowly of it (e.g. with the Cybody battle of the week), only to blow them away with plot twist that brings everything together in some meaningful way. As someone who was intrigued by the director and writer behind this original series back in the Fall 2010 Preview, I’m on the side of the fence that still feels this series will end up being a lot better than its first half indicates. The series did have a pamphlet outlining the premise, characters, and Cybodies in great detail prior to premiering, so I’m inclined to give the planning that went into it the benefit of the doubt. (A translated version of the pamphlet can be found here.)

Anyway, I like the direction this particular episode took by showcasing Ayingott as some sort of evil Cybody that even caught the Kiraboshi members by surprise. As a series that the director and writer’s said will have no casualties, I’ve already opened up to the possibility that the ultimate antagonist will be the Cybodies themselves and not the high school students trying to harness their powers. The new opening and ending sequences already show Takuto battling against what looks like an evil Tauburn, plus an enormous Cybody that I can only imagine to be Samekh at this point. On the character side of things, it doesn’t looks like we’ve seen the last of Sakana-chan, a.k.a. Fish Girl, whom I had a hard believing wouldn’t make a return at some point. Meanwhile, the romance department gains some steam through the next play the “Night Flight” drama club will be putting on with the promise of a kissing scene between Takuto and Mizuno. It’s easy to lose sight of the high school portion of the series with the Cybodies garnering much of the attention, so it’s nice to see that aspect make some strides as well. While all that’s going on, I’m admittedly curious what Sugata will make of Head disappearing during Zero Time. Anyway, things look like they’re finally getting interesting, and I don’t just mean in the Cybody recovering process where the Star Driver has to endure having their body ravaged to test their libido, regardless of how kinky that is.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Pride」 by スキャンダル (SCANDAL)
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  1. I assumed that what Marino went through during the regeneration wasn’t what usually happens and is instead the reason why the cybody had already been crushed by someone.
    Specifically due to the fact that after the eye moves across Marino’s body and the cybody goes berserk She is once again coated in blackness.

    1. I don’t think it is head cybody because if i am not mistaken head star sword was white based on eps 1.

      Personally I think that was samekh because the sword looks like tauburn sword powered by sugata 1st phase in a split second during the op.

      1. Hmm, the same birthday thing is an interesting thought. It would blow my mind if Takuto turns out to be some existence created by Sugata. Doubtful, but I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence they were born on the same day.

  2. really nice new op and ed. Though i like the new op better..
    This eps really advance the story quite a bit by existence of evil cybody and other.
    I think it pretty much settle on the issue of who the four maiden. While Marino was using the Ayingott eyes to search for the maiden, I think Keito image was shown in a slip seconds after wako and before mizuno judging from the hair.

  3. Somehow i like the new opening its more alive than the last one.
    also the apprivoise seem has a new bgsound very nice.
    its seems that there will be a new enemy for takuto that looks like tauburn

  4. Hmm, as for why Keito hasn’t revealed herself just yet, isn’t it because each maiden corresponds to a different phase? The north maiden to enter 2nd phase, the west maiden to enter 3rd phase, etc? Really can’t picture her singing a song before each battle though…

  5. interesting thought about the relationship between twins, never would have realized that there is only one girl in the flashbacks…
    looks like we are in store for some sibling fights next episode…
    looking forward for the evil tauburn fight now

  6. Watching the OP a few minutes ago, I would say Marino is likely the other side of Mizuno or at least something created by her based on maybe who she wants to be. Possible it could be that her sister died too when she was her baby and now its that real to her – that she never really died. Probably over thinking things.

    1. no i would say your probably very close to the the truth. Their probably 2 parts of the same personality -also the cybody that looks like the mc’s is probably either heads-his star saber might just be a blue tint because whites and extremly bright color and might have been done for artistic reasons or its Sugata’s cybody. Also im fairly certain that the cybodies are not what the people of GC think they are and i suspect that its fairly obvious from the second opening and the giant hand crushing that other one that there is probably something really big sleeping on the island-i kind of think that the cybodies -all of them were sealing one big one -but thats just a theory

  7. I never even considered that Marino and Mizuno are not twins but actually one in the same. But now that I think of it, it’s highly possible, sadly enough. I say it’s kind of sad because I’m really hoping they don’t pull off Marino disappearing in the end. She’s one of my favorite characters, so I really don’t want that to happen. The next episode looks intriguing with Mizuno showing emotions we haven’t seen yet from her.

  8. after thinking about it for a while, Keito kept her maiden secret quite well, as she got someone else to pilot her Cybody (as well as pulling the plug herself). But now I’m curious on the fact that the Kiraboshi is only obsessed with finding the western maiden and not the eastern maiden as well…

    btw, we might be seeing the effect of the “infection” of Ayingott…(yes, I’m pulling that one out of my butt)

  9. You always write something negative about each episode :|, I think Star Driver is one of the best shows out there, I mean it takes a different approach of not having this giant plot that sucks you in and leaving you for more, but it does give you awesome-ness every episode…

  10. I get the feeling that the other Kiraboshi division leaders know that Keito is the East Maiden. When talking about reviving Ayingott, and at the meeting afterwards where Marino lies, they only seem to want to find out who the West Maiden is. It seems strange that Marino would claim that there is no West Maiden, then leave without saying anything about an East Maiden. Maybe it’s just because there’s a defined order that they need to use the maidens in, though.

    The “Evil Tauburn” in the OP, based on the blue trim, is Sugata’s, I think. We still haven’t actually seen Samekh, and the third-phase Cybodies probably look somewhat similar to each other. Makes me think of D.Gray-man, where the second-level Akuma were very unique, but the third-level ones were all pretty similar, with different colors. Also, Takuto’s Tauburn as shown in the OP looked a bit fancier than the current one, so I figure he’s going to go fourth phase pretty soon.

    I’m pretty sure Mizuno is going to get captured and her seal will be broken in the next episode. Kiraboshi saying that the third phase must be getting near, and seeing her in the preview not only being pissed off at Marino, but also on the ferry… Maidens can’t leave the island, but Fishgirl took the ferry off after her seal was broken (and Head released her).

    1. Regarding the blue Tauburn, it’s more likely that the Cybody is Head’s which is called Reshbal. Given the hinted connection between him and Takuto, it would be rather fitting. The plume on its head is even in the same place as the one on Head’s mask.

      Samekh is likely the huge Cybody that is the focus as Zero Time seems to disappear. All the imagery that seems to reinforce the trio and the friendship between Takuto and Sugata makes me wonder what the chance of him turning still are, though I suppose it is still possible. Or it could be sentient like Ayingott or get controlled by someone else.

  11. I believe that the blue tauburn is actually samekh due just because in the opening his sword grew really big during the downward slash which is much like what Sugata did for Takuto in a previous episode.

  12. [Beautiful.]

    The Zero Time sequence leaves me feeling like I’m in the middle of some awesome action movie because of the lack of a song. S’pretty damn cool. Though Mizuno’s singing is always welcome. I’m glad I can still be treated with her humming though. <3

  13. Got to catch up and watch episode 13 and 14 yesterday. There’s something I don’t get, the people at Kiraboshi wants to unseal the maidens so they’ll get to third then fourth phase so they’ll be able to beat Takuto. But won’t Takuto also go to third phase at the same time? It’ll be the same in the end. If a level 50 pokemon can’t beat another level 50 pokemon, it wouldn’t change anything when they’re both level 100 no?

    I’m not trying to find plotholes or anything, just saying that.
    But to tell the truth I think it doesn’t matter since they could get to at least 3rd phase whenever they want, maybe it was just a way to motivate the others who didn’t know they already have one of the maidens with them. It’ll probably won’t matter anymore. Their real plan must involve something else.

    1. Well as of now Takuto is already at the third phase since he is able to pilot Tauburn without cyberbasket. All the crux members are still at phase 2. So it really wouldn’t do them justice considering they are basically fighting without their hands. They think they can defeat him once they are on the same level in terms of cybody

    2. The kiraboshi main goal is not to beat Tauburn but to reach 5th phase and something called “departure”. Beating Tauburn is merely condition for one to be their leader, though it kinda necessary to beat Tauburn to reach their main goal. Plus isn’t it better for them to fight on equal ground than fighting in disadvantages condition.

  14. After watching nearly 30 episodes of Gundam 00 between the previous episode of Star Driver and this one, it finally hit me who Takuto’s VA is. As soon as he said something, I was up and all “Setsuna?” Sure enough. I think it’s awesome how VA’s can do so many types of characters, so many different voices, and sometimes you can’t even tell it’s the same person because the voices are that different. Beast mode


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