OP Sequence

OP: 「魔・カ・セ・テ Tonight」 (Ma-ka-se-te Tonight) by 野水いおり (Nomizu Iori)
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「はい、魔装少女です」 (Hai, Masou Shoujo Desu)
“Yes, I’m a Magic-Equipped Girl”

Masou-Shoujos. Zombies. Necromancers. Pantsu. Talking crawfish. At this moment in time, if I had the power to do so, I would make every single person in the world watch this show. If not for the previously mentioned reasons, maybe just because of how ridiculously awesome this show is. When the title of a show contains the word “Zombie”, there are a lot of things that start getting thrown around. Normally when you say zombies, I think of the High School of the Dead-esque zombies – slow, dirty, and stupid corpses walking around and sucking up air. While realistic zombies provide realistic settings, I think I prefer the way Kore wa Zombie does it.

When I first heard about the premise, I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical about how this series would turn out. However, that skepticism was blown away before the beautiful opening sequence even started. It’s a great example of under-promising and over-delivering. Taking the entire zombie genre and piecing it back together from the ground up gives Kore wa Zombie this almost refreshing feel. You have Aikawa Ayumu, who was killed by a serial killer, but revived as a zombie and became nearly super human, capable of pushing his body beyond its natural limits (to the point that it breaks). Take Ayumu and pair him up with a Masou-Shoujo named Haruna (Nomizu Iori) and a cute and tiny Necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe or Yuu (Tsukimiya Midori) and you one of the craziest combinations I’ve ever seen. You have Yuu who uses a notepad to communicate and eats like a horse paired with Haruna who is a self-proclaimed genius that carries a chainsaw with her. Sounds like an interesting bunch of characters to me! But what really caught my eye was how no one gives a damn about Ayumu. While being immortal is a pretty good perk, getting sliced in-half on a whim or having your bones broken for being a nice guy doesn’t sound too fun in my opinion. Good thing you can’t die, right Ayumu?

Besides Studio DEEN going above and beyond with the slick animation to accompany the constant chainsaw battles, I found the humor in this show goes much further than the silly zombie jokes that other shows stop at. Watching Ayumu’s broken arm just dangle around him since he’s invincible is funny in its own right, but there are even funnier jokes at play here. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a guy have a shoujo transformation scene? Imagine if you were a recently resurrected human who somehow managed to steal a magical girl’s powers. Now, what happens if you needed to use said magical girl’s powers? Duh, you become a male Masou Shoujo! All joking aside, I never expected to see such a thing animated, ever. Not only was it detailed beyond belief, I don’t think I will ever be able to erase the scene of a male wearing pantsu from my head.

From a first episode standpoint, I think that Kore wa Zombie might end up being one of the favorites for the season. The fact that the popular zombie genre garners a lot of attention should help push Zombie to the top with its nice twist on the whole thing. For the storyline, I can see a few different paths emerging. Besides Ayumu trying to figure out who his murderer actually is, I’m curious as to how he actually stole Haruna’s powers. Plus, where did Haruna actually come from? Where does Yuu come from?! Judging from the preview, next week’s episode looks like a Vampire Ninja is about to get thrown into the mix. Am I excited? You bet I am.


ED Sequence

ED: 「気づいてゾンビさま、私はクラスメイトです」 (Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi wa Classmate Desu) by 山口理恵 with manzo (Yamaguchi Rie with manzo)
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  1. Great start. A hilarious take on the mahou shoujo series. Here we have a light hearted view on the genre and in contrast with Madoka where it is more serious, we have to two opposite takes. It does have the setting for something darker with the serial killer, but we also have the potential backgrounds of Yuu and Haruna. Wonder what’s going to unfold.

  2. Wow, there is seriously a shit-ton of tropes in this anime, well it’s pretty funny though especially the Kick that is not a kick, but is actually a chainsaw to the face.

    I bet their going to focus on episodice comedy content, and sideline the plot (finding his killer) until near the final few episodes.

    Gaze of Providence
  3. Multiple parodies in a melting pot. I couldn’t contain my voice laughing out loud during the pre-opening sequence. The kind of show that leaves you wondering where/when is the serious plot? Also Ayumu’s assumptions of Eucliwood’s true thoughts, him about to get butt-raped and his transformation(which turns into an embarrassing situation) were hilarious beyond doubt. Hopefully this show would keep it’s funny momentum ’till the conclusion.

  4. I almost died of laughter a number of times during this episode due to a few small things.

    Such as the magnificent transformation sequence. In my head I kept thinking “I can’t believe they’re actually doing this.”

  5. Noticed as well that the protagonist is somewhat voiced by Junji Majima(Ryuuji from Toradora,Aoki from Kodomo no Jikan). This guy is on par with seiyuu’s who give that funny man feeling like Hiro Shimono, Tomokazu Sugita, Hiroshi Kamiya, Hiroyuki Yoshino(who also seems to lend his voice to Ayumu’s friend, Orito) to name a few.

  6. I wasn’t expecting this show to be as good as the first episode has me now believing. I was hooked the second he turned toward the camera with that truck barreling in on him. “By the way, I’m a zombie,” indeed.

  7. Why do they have two separate seiyuus for “Mousou Yuu” (Mitsuishi Kotono) and Eucliwood Hellscythe (Tsukimiya Midori)? And can Ayumu (quite the girly name) be classified as a trap in his masou-shoujo form? He doesen’t look that bad in this and this. Though I don’t don’t know who is the greater pervert, a cross-dressing masou-shoujo or a naked girl with only a curtain on.

    1. Hah, I noticed it too, but like Takaii, I didn’t think anyone would know of it. I found it somewhat out of place in the shots that it was in, being iron/blue colour as well as it being fully CG rendered.

  8. the moment I saw Ayumu getting struck (by truck) and flyover – in the manner which reminds me of certain flash game involving girl hitting his boyfriend with bicycle – I am hooked.

    It’s a random mashup of numerous genres and anime characters, the best that we’ve seen last year. Oh what a start..!

    with the promise of Madoka, Beelzebub, Oniichan and this zombie madness, perhaps this season wasn’t bad afterall. 😉

  9. Likely the only show I’ll watch this season. The randomness makes just as much sense as the nonsense most other shows try to pile on us. The mystery of his killer also provides for a hook. A+, will watch again.

  10. This 1st episode was hilarious! I definitely wasn’t expecting that. ^^ I also liked the OP and the ED was pretty funny. I’ll definitely be watching the next ep! I’m sold if the next ep keeps it up 🙂

    1. No, I’m pretty sure he’s doing it Kenshiro Style cuz he said
      “The human body can not normally use 100% of their strength but [as a zombie] Hokuto Shinken can unlock the remaining 70%” WACHA! ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATTA AT~!

      Suppa Tenko
  11. Is there any significance to using “masou shoujo” instead of “mahou shoujo”? It is spelled that way in the OP text (“She is… Masou shoujo”), and Haruna clearly pronounces it “Masou-Shoujo” when she corrects Ayumu, who had called her a “Mahoutsukai” (Magic-user). The Crunchyroll subtitlers left “masou shoujo” untranslated rather than translating it to the standard English equivalent “magical girl”, which makes it really stand out; maybe there’s some pun I am missing? Or does Haruna have some moe lisp?

    1. From what I can figure out the characters “魔装” Ma + Sou is just a compound of two different kanji. Ma from Mahou (magic) and Sou from clothing. If you look up Sou, you see that when you put a character in front of it, it’s usually a type of equipment or clothing. IE: 偽装 Fake + Clothing = disguise.

      The only thing I can think that makes sense is Magical Equipped Girl. So, if you look at her chainsaw, you can almost see it as an extension of her powers. So I think the the focus is on the weapon rather then the user. (This being the first episode, who knows)

      1. I think I may actually see your point there, I myself have noticed my anime affinity leaning towards that direction when I watch it after a few exhausting days in uni. Sort of like a way to dilute the harsh, gray reality – though still, this isn’t the type of show I would want to watch anytime.

  12. “While realistic zombies provide realistic settings, I think I prefer the way Kore wa Zombie does it.”

    George Romero style zombies have rather warped what people think of when they hear zombie.

  13. I like the characters both personality and design.
    I can sense that there will be probably more awesome fight scenes and were just having the typical fanservice and comedy.

    but ayumu is a disgrace to all main character traps, I dont think ive seen a main character who is so bad at being a trap…

  14. hahahaha nanaka crash XD(thx to Zeross’s link from ore imou 10 post that i was able to relate)
    is this anime related to Princess Resurection
    masaw/masou shoujo lol now thats a new thing to hear
    still wondering whats that thing thats circulating? electric fan
    and w0w i lol many times rolf
    hope this doesnt end up like MM

  15. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this when I downloaded it (ecchi-shounen-harem isn’t my thing), but it turned out to be quite hilarious, in a childish sort of way.

    Will definitely give this series a chance.

  16. This is going to be a lot of fun! I had my doubts but thankfully my boredom got the best of me…And I downloaded this WTFLMAO first episode. Surprisingly more interesting than the first second season’s Mitsudomoe episode.

  17. This show has given me the best laughs so far in Winter 2011. It’s so random yet somehow against most expectations it’s working for me 😀

    Some jokes missed the mark but more often than not they hit. Hilarious stuff. If they can keep up the manic pace then this will be the best show this season, even if not it will definitely be the funniest imho.

    Ninja Penguin
  18. I gave it a shot, but it wasn’t my kind of show. However are these some parodies?
    The crayfish- parody of the Crab from Hitagi Crab of Bakemonogatari?
    The clothes vanishing?- First episode of Toaru Magisitu no Index, where Index’s clothes are destroyed by the protagonist’s right arm?
    Ayumu “Stealing and using” the shoujo’s power- Ichigo using Rukia’s borrowed powers?
    Any thoughts?

    1. That which has been is that which shall be; and that which has been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

      Also, maybe you’re just overanalyzing this.

      Gaze of Providence
  19. Hands down the best opener of the season for me so far. I haven’t laughed out loud like that from a show in a while.

    I know its too early to judge, but most of the humor in the first eps. this season haven’t really been hitting home with me until this rolled around. Very much looking forward to what it shapes out to be.

  20. You’re spot on Takaii, I walked into this show not expecting much, but I was seriously overwhelmed with how great it turned out to be. The premise is funny and nothing I would of expected, I could barely stop myself from laughing the whole time. Glad I decided to watch the show due to boredom one day. I also love how no one is generically in love with the main character too. 😀

    Funniest scenes for me was Ayumu imagining how the necromancer acted in his mind, the mysterlein kick that wasn’t even a kick, and Ayumu’s transformation scene when he was moaning a bit, haha.

    1. It’s nice that despite him liking all the gloomy stuff (like bad weather, graveyards, black coffee, and whatnot) he still retains the emotions and feelings of a *ahem* healthy young man. He definitely has a nice contrast to the other characters so far, balancing with Yuu’s quietness and Haruna’s loud sassy attitude 🙂

  21. nice episode!
    now I see why this show gets so many comments…
    After Taiga obtained a dragon’s mark, Ryuji obtained a status as Zombie? Toradora S2 spin-off… here we go XD
    Vampire ninja? that should be awesome!
    and OP is so SHAFTY for me for some reason 🙂

  22. So this show is a rather bold re-interpretation of what Mahou Shoujo would like if it’s a young boy taking on the role?

    Will try this show, if it amazes me in the first episode then chances are I will be following this for the rest of the season. Already picked Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Infinite Stratos and Yumekui Merry, Kimi ni Todoke S2, and Gosick.

  23. https://randomc.net/image/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2037.jpg
    WHAT IS SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN. AH! My virgin eyes!

    Man, this could turn out to be a surprise hit, at least for its comedy. Winter 2011 season’s been lacking a bit in the comedy department, after all, which is what I really crave for. I must be getting old, to prefer such silly comedy over serious harem drama in other series.

    First the Nanaca crash parody, then Ayumu thinking he’s about to be buttraped, and finally him transforming with transformation scene intact. lol

    Kinny Riddle
  24. Ha ha ha. This one makes me laugh. Just when you think there is nothing worse than being turned into a zombie… BTW, the magical girl reminds me a cross between Card Captor Sakura (with the mushroom hat) and the Monster Princess (with the chainsaw).

      1. Sorry, wrong blogger … still, I hate this show, not funny at all IMO. I don’t enjoy shows that’re nothing but watching the main character get tortured in cruel and inventive ways by copies of the same lame tsundere archetype. I’ll be giving this show a very wide berth this season.

  25. This is one the funniest series I´ve seen in a long time. From where I stand I judge that the poor Ayumu has some series mental issues concerning Yuu (who I find very cute for a not speaking character)and the mahou shoujo clothes only help destroy his mind further. I feel a little bit sorry for him, but It´s to funny to not laugh like a hyena.

  26. Wait, what the heck!! Did I just hear Ayumu’s moan in his transformation scene? gross..

    Hilarious… is what I should describe this first episode. Im definitely hooked and the plot itself is actually intriguing. Although Idk what to think about zombies getting dried up by walking in the sunlight.

    The ED sequence is so cute, Im lovin it!

  27. I personally, like the direction this show is heading, it could very well be a favorite of mine, also at the seen where his classmates took out there cellphones to take pictures of the perv, made my day lol

  28. This was easily the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my life.
    Does anyone know if there is an English translation of the light novels or if there are plans to translate it? I don’t think I can wait a full week in between episodes.


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