This chapter was incredibly dense with info, mostly on the fishmen residents and life on Fishman Island, but also comes to revealing some broader things as well. First off was the fact that Luffy attained some poison antibodies, because “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” huh? If anything, it’s a surprising development that actually comes in handy.

A fortune teller character is also thrown into the mix, giving some new quirks to the story, and she reveals in the end that Luffy’s going to destroy the island. Maybe it’s one of those vague fortunes, where someone with a Strawhat will destroy the island, but it just won’t be Luffy. Either way, Luffy’s now got the entire island after him, so action should ensue. More enemies get explained, such as the person on the Flying Dutchman, and we learn how many options fishmen get when marrying other species. Again, pretty informational chapter. Depends on the individual if they care or not about setting development, but having so many details can make later developments a lot more interesting, especially when applied into fights. Also, Usopp’s humor wasn’t really on the mark this chapter, maybe just due to it not translating well to English. I am a little disappointed.

Anyway, the highlight of the dialogue is “Big Mam,” the fourth mysterious Yonkou that we’ve never even seen before (and Kaido too). Now, she finally seems within reach, and I still think she’s Lola’s mom. In retrospect, I think Fishman Island would be a lot more interesting if there weren’t so much lore on underwater cities already. It doesn’t really help that Oda uses most of that lore here.

Also One Piece 3D movie… I wonder if it will be good.


  1. I have a feeling that “the man with the ripped straw hat” isn’t going to be Luffy. Although I also wouldn’t be surprised if Luffy did destroy Fishman Isle considering he’s, well, Luffy

  2. If you notice that when they see the wanted poster for Van Der Decken; He is also wearing a hat that looks very similar to Luffy’s, and the only thing the Fortune teller said that a man with a ripped straw hat will destroy the island, she only made the assumption that is was Luffy because she literally just saw him, and not to mention that he is known for his hat.

    I also don’t think Luffy would do anything like that intentionally, if he is the one, because he isn’t that type of person to ruin the home of people he calls “friends.”

  3. I also think Big Mam is Lola’s mom.

    Also, I wonder if it really is a bad thing for Luffy to go destroying everything (if it really is him, anyways). He always destroys lots of stuff (Arlong Park, Alabasta’s Royal Crypt, Shabondy Auction House, Boa Hancock’s bathhouse… and those are just the non-marine establishments), but it doesn’t mean it was all bad – maybe he’ll blow up half of Fishman island fighting with the New Fishman Pirates, or the crew of the Flying Dutchman.

  4. I thought it was hilarious that the only source of blood for Sanji came from okama ppl. Other than that and the uber awesome fortune teller mermaid, the chapter was a bit boring for me.

      1. Your sarcasm is noted, but this is like prophecy 101 to use words like destroy that have an obvious meaning but for the real meaning to be some vague interpretation of the word.

        I guess though it would be better to look at the actual japanese word they used rather than the word destroy cause it could have slightly different connotations.

    1. My thought exactly. Destroy is in the english word chosen by the scanlation team. There could be some wiggle room in that interpretation, sure, but perhaps the Japanese text means something more definitive or it could allow for even more wiggle room. Man, I wish I hadn’t used up my three wishes already; I totally wish to be omnilingual at times like these

      1. They aren’t translating ancient Greek or Hebrew lol. Yes – there may be some wiggle room in the word “destroy” but that’s because it’s built into it natively. If you look up at the sky and count the number of stars, I’m sure that’s how many times the word “destroy” (the Japanese equivalent) has been used in Anime and Manga. They [the scantilators] have plenty of practice picking the appropriate English container.

  5. I’ve got two theories on ‘Luffy’ will destroy the island. One, he’ll someone cause some major event fighting with someone else that just rampages across the island. Or, two, we know Caribou has now escaped and since he’s some kind of fluid-based logia user, it’s conceivable that maybe he can shapeshift into Luffy and cause havoc. Just a thought.

  6. Saw a silly idea on Livejournal that Luffy will end up destroying the Candy Factory, leading to a very angry Big Mam.
    By the way, isn’t using the picture of Sanji a little bit spoilery considering it shows his other eye uncovered?

    1. Even if people did notice that the other eye is covered, that’s hardly a spoiler. There are infinite possibilities that could result in his hair being switched for one panel. None of the story is ruined or “spoiled” by that panel

    2. To be honest, I’d be impressed if anyone could even know that that was Sanji if they’ve not read the recent chapters. You can’t see his eyebrows, his hair and face being entirely black make it quite tough to recognise and his hair is all pointing up which is not how it normally is either.

  7. At the wiki there is the theory that “Kaido” may be a nickname. We know that “Red hair”, “Whitebeard”, “Big Mam” are not real names but ¿what does Kaido means? I think it is actually a name.

    Fishman island is now Big Mam’s, why “Skanks” didn’t bother to take it after the war? I’m sure right now it’s the best pimp to be under.

    “Also, Usopp’s humor wasn’t really on the mark this chapter.”

    Irony, he is a sharpshooter.

    Lectro Volpi

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